Monday, April 1, 2013

President Obama STUBBORNLY REFUSES to Freeze North Korea's BANKING ABILITY Like George W. Bush Did -- IMMEDIATELY Getting Kim Jong DAD to CAVE!!!

LATEST: Democrats have been URGING President Obama to FREEZE Kim Jong Un's BANKING, but Barry Bam-Bam CONTINUES TO REFUSE TO DO SO.
What's up with THAT???
>>> BOTTOM LINE: Since President Obama REFUSES to use the SAME TOOL George W. Bush used in the middle of his terms to IMMEDIATELY cause North Korea to BACK DOWN, and DESPITE the URGING of several Democrats, I believe the House of Representatives should IMPEACH HIM AS A TRAITOR today.
This (Mr. Obama's REFUSAL), is ALL ABOUT furthering AMERICANS' FEARS so that his CIA/Republican NAZI illegal NARCO-TRAFFICKERS BOSSES can win MORE for Banks and Wall Street via SPENDING UNNECESSARILY on FALSE SECURITY!!!
* * *
>>> EMAIL TO MR. RANDY BRIEFS of Briefs, Gumpshun, & Gree(d), LLC, Chicago, IL :

Dear Mr. Briefs,

I have a lot on my plate today (including waiting to see if President Kim Jong Un will indeed invite me to North Caro -- I mean KOREA (this really WAS an honest typo, self-caught-in-time). And as I've promised you SECRETLY, I am on the side of RESOLVING our matter of the ILLEGALLY-FILED action in Cook County Courts so that everyone's feathers become re-un-ruffled.

I consider you, Ms. Gumpshun, and Jaime Southheimer to be PAWNS in a bigger situation. I intend to RESCUE all of you and NO, sexual bennies are NOT actually expected -- although they COULD happen spontaneously some day. Please ask Ms. Gumpshun of Greed, Gumpshun & Gree(d), LLC, that if SHE wants some, to bring a bit of Viagra to our eventual bed.

So I will POST this notice on blog that I intend to REMOVE all offending materials ASAP today -- although I must first shower. I must ALSO pay rent and POSSIBLY buy a new refrigerator -- mine maintaining only 33 degrees Fahrenheit in the freezer for two days now, and me unable to fix things no matter what I do. So much for some furniture I had hoped to buy this week, but that is NOT your problem and can wait until I've made the changes in blog.

I STILL have received NO NOTICE from you regarding THE AMENDMENTS to the suit a judge allowed you to make a couple of weeks ago -- NOR have I called the Clerk of Courts or others to discover WHAT'S GOING ON -- because the suit being ILLEGALLY FILED, I know I have the UPPER HAND in the long run.

I just want to do ALL of you a HUGE favor because you've helped contribute so MUCH to my story, nes pas???

I'll write back as soon as I've achieved this VERY WORTHY goal. Expect to hear from me within a couple of hours -- and then y'all can let me know what you find I've missed. I'm human, so DO make errors, but let's PUT THIS BABY (like Kim Jong Un) TO BED!!!

This in NOT an "April Fools' Joke", which you will discover shortly.

With great love and smirkiness,
* * *
Thanks for this, Jane, but you have NOT defined your terms. Any FOOL can claim someone has "abused" them -- this is the kind of FALSE BS that Republican TYPES (and frustrated people in general, who DON'T self-examine), use to bully people. So please DEFINE the word "abuse" as you are using it -- and give a couple of quick examples of HOW I bullied (I meant to type "abused" here) you or others in our family that INCLUDE the logical reason anything I said HARMS someone.

I've only believed I've been under a near LIFETIME load of lies that had been previously GENERALLY believed to be true in our family -- and similar in society in general. True that I was often STRIDENT and suffered lack of medical help (2010) of as little as $17.50 to clean and dress an open wound or to replace a three-sided filling here in Mexico (so much cheaper than in the USA -- and equivalent care) -- and EVERY ONE OF YOU (my parents and siblings) REFUSED to help me with $17.50 USD or 200 pesos.
YET Mom DID send me about $1,200.00 to drive back to the US then with ALMOST NO DELAY when she thought she could put me in a mental hospital in North Carolina -- but then on my arrival, after I challenged a social worker who had had NO problem with me until after Mom and Dad INSISTED they talk to that person AFTER I had and BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, he THEN suddenly diagnosed me as BIPOLAR even though he was NOT credentialed to diagnose.

Had he said he SUSPECTED Bipolar Illness, I would have had no problem with him. But even though I AGREED to see the doctor HE scheduled me to see, I also went and scheduled an evaluation with another "public service type" mental health organization (to get a more HONEST evaluation that did NOT include Mom's BULLYING me and mental health workers with her "Germanic Way", previous to diagnosing.

It was only a few days later that I awoke to Raleigh Police telling me that Mom and Dad had FILED AN OFFICIAL COMPLAINT and that I had to leave IMMEDIATELY and would be ARRESTED if I set foot on their property for a year -- ALL THAT without ANY kind of altercation of harsh words between us in recent days -- and it was a couple of days AFTER the day that began around 3:00 AM with a TOTAL lunar eclipse and I had caught Dad SHOOTING my windshield with his BB gun just after the celestial event (which i FORCED him to pay to repair and HID his BB gun!!!).

I call THIS behavior on Mom and Dad's part "abusive" -- what would YOU call it???

Now, if you THINK about it, since I've PROVEN since then (2.5 years ago), that I can take care of myself well enough to remain un-committed, shouldn't a then 59-year-old who has a PROVEN record of ACHIEVEMENT -- beginning a retail store on $1,600.00 borrowed dollars that grew to be the TOP CELEBRATED beach store in New Jersey, working 18 YEARS commission only selling intangibles (ad space) and making up to $54,000.00/year doing that, writing a memoir that even though it had POLITICAL troubles, DID get rave reviews of the TOP Drama Critic in the WORLD in the English Language (John Lahr), as well as many OTHER Tennessee Williams scholars.

I mean HOW OLD and with track record must a person BE to have his parents let him LIVE HIS LIFE IN PEACE without doing SNEAKY, LYING THINGS to COMMIT him to a mental hospital -- ESPECIALLY since I have NEVER threatened nor acted violently toward myself or others???

Circumstantially, I think this is TOP EVIDENCE that Mom was INDEED America's TOP NAZI, since the REAL PROBLEM was I knew so much about her NAZI-LIKE behaviors (and those of her political associates), and would NOT shut up about that.

You know I was ALWAYS so PROUD of you breaking out of your NC State job as a determination person for Disability Claims, and making more than $100,000.00/year working for Mark and selling software to vets -- and when that was no longer a viable situation, you became a real estate agent. That went DECENTLY for you for a while, but in my OPINION, you suffered from Mom's early-life bullying in that job, in that you mostly knew people who STRUGGLE, so your listings were nearly all "bottom end" as far as "inside the beltway" goes. Sill NO PROBLEM, but those people are MORE likely to have difficulties and complications -- and then when the market COLLAPSED (except high-end -- which you had never broken into), your sales collapsed as well.

NOW, you are back at your old job deciding on Disability Claims, making relative peanuts, yo-yo-ing as the State goes back and forth on allowing overtime to catch up work-loads), and waiting to retire with a "North Carolina" pension (and all the money you WISELY socked away when you were flush).

As a WRITER, I truly ENJOY my life, finding it even SPIRITUALLY rewarding. And as a person who has BEEN INDEPENDENT but now back SEEKING SECURITY instead, you might/could be a little RESENTFUL of how our lives have gone in different directions in recent years. Just something to think about . . .

Since it wouldn't be fair for me to ASSUME what you mean (especially since I don't think I've abused ANYONE by how I define it), I look forward to your response by this evening.

Have you spoken with Mom about her and my GREAT UNDERSTANDING, now???


On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 4:21 AM, Jane Kenan wrote:


I didn't say you had abused me; I said I would continue to take your phone calls but asked you to please not abuse the family during those calls. I didn't say you had abused me. I meant in our conversation. I do not wish to sit there and listen to you trash the rest of the family. so if you continue to do that in any conversation we are having, I will hang up.
You went so out of control that there was no chance of communicating w/ you so I hung up.



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