Thursday, April 18, 2013

SURPRISE!!! -- It's DOUBLE-YER-MONEY Thursday (WHATEVER yer thinkin' -- DOUBLE IT!!!)!!!

>>> ADDED at 8:55 PM, CDT: EXTRA BONUS!!! ( right up front -- NO WAITING!!! ) :
Today's (last 24 hours), top search keyword that found this blog: "jimmie rodgers in the jailhouse now". My FAVE 78 in my mother's Aunt Matilda (Meyer) Foley's attic --Aunt Til a "shamed Catholic divorcee" (WORSE!!!: she had NO SENSE OF SMELL at ALL -- and COOKED for everyone!!! ), who lived with her daughter Jeannette who had the mentality of a six-year-old at age 35 -- her son, Cletus Foley being "normal and married as well as breeding" in Indianapolis, I believe and SCARED THE CRAP out of me at age five by taking me to see the movie THE H-MAN about residue from "The Bombs" creeping through sewers eventually WORLD WIDE, dissolving unsuspecting people as they stood waiting for the light at the curb, then GROWING ITS MASS, thusly,
Yes, "retarded" Jeanette Foley FIRST told me the TRUTH about the Republican Party of TODAY!!!
>>> GETTING BACK TO THINGS . . . Jeanette's FAVE FILM that she had ALREADY seen THREE TIMES on the free perma-movies-pass the church gave her (got ME in free, too!!!), was FORCED into my eyeballs in Batesville, IN, the "Casket Capital of the World" (due to Hildebrand Industries).
Jimmy Rogers performing "In the Jail House" in 1928 (something AYE learned ALL ABOUT in 1990, 2011, and 2012 -- with a PRE-TASTE in Cape May, NJ, 1978!!!) :
>>> YEP, THAT'S RIGHT: Mary Lily Kenan was known to be the owner of the LARGEST amount of Standard Oil stock after Henry Flager left here EVERYTHING (the $5,000,000.00 that Robert Worth Bingham got to BEGIN his Louisville Courier Journal, etc., PUBLISHING EMPIRE -- as well as Democratic Party Political Career -- he was SOON appointed by a Democrat to be US Ambassador to the "Court of St. James" -- look it up-- was just the TINIEST drop in the bucket to the Kenans. They cared about the PRINCIPLE of the thing!!!

THIS is WHY the Kenans-with-Money went REPUBLICAN and for SO LONG (before coming to their senses when Bush/Cheney PLANNED 9/11 with the Saudi Royals and Bin Ladens (second wealthiest family in Saudi Arabia, I believe, whose nephew Osama had gone "under cover" as a "wild boy" (some say having sex with BOTH men and women) -- AND to very sophisticatedly with Saudi Royal help -- to do Bush/Cheney bidding.

See how I TRAPPED a 10-year Fox News and its "sister network" TIME/Warner CORRUPTED CNN into ADMITTING that EVERYONE in "network news" KNOW Bush/Cheney PLANNED 9/11 with their MANY-YEARS allies, the Bin Ladens:

HA, HA, HA!!!

THIS is WHY the Kenan Family ABANDONED the Republican Party -- THEY WERE SCREWING AMERICAN OIL COMPANIES to GROW Arab oil imports -- PROVEN during the George W. Bush Administration when NEW DRILLING in the USA fell EVERY SINGLE YEAR (but they STILL yelled "DRILL BABY DRILL" (maybe because Todd Palin is one of the MOST NOTORIOUS cock-suckers in Wasilla, AK -- see my bogging about THIS many times after meeting the US Marine in Wilmington, NC on leave who was Todd and Sarah's Son's BEST FRIEND in high school: .

Sorry, I got side-tracked.

Anyway, Mary Lilly (Kenan) Flager was declared "THE WEALTHIEST WOMAN ON EARTH" after Flagler left her all his stock, by the NEW YORK TIMES -- but here's the RUB:

BOTH Kenans and Flaglers had for (the Kenans, at least) generations been very CLEVER at hiding most of their wealth -- and although Mary Lily was KNOWN to have the largest block of S.O. -- the entire Kenan Family was VERY invested in ALL Flagler's enterprises. But THAT SAID, you've only heard the HALF OF IT, because:


When Standard Oil was PROPERLY broken up (like banks should do today), everyone got proportional shares in ALL the companies (Standard Oil of New Jersey was Esso then Exxon, Stanard Oil of Ohio became SOHIO, Standard Oil of California became Chevron, etc.), so Mary Lily controlled ALL OF THEM!!!

But guess what happened when the stock was split up??? THE PUBLIC LOVED IT -- and THAT drove prices up FAST. Over a ONE-YEAR period, the average of ALL S.O. derivatives MORE THAN DOUBLED (and stayed there), making Mary Lilly Kenan Flagler TWICE as rich as "the wealthiest woman on earth" -- and the Rockefellers less so.

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt depicted as the infant Hercules grappling with Standard Oil in a 1906 Puck magazine cartoon -- see:

>>> CORRECTION!!!: Standard Oil was ordered broken up -- confirmed by the Supreme Court in 1911 -- two years before Henry Flager died and left Mary Lily Kenan Flagler his entire estate.

So the sudden DOUBLING of Kenan money happened PREVIOUS to the Kenan Family inheriting Flagler's estate (although they had PLENTY of Standard Oil stock WELL PREVIOUS to that as Flagler had been very generous giving MANY Kenans large blocks of stock -- even before his marriage to Mary Lily in 1901, which had been LONG DELAYED (they had met ten years previous to the marriage), due to Flagler's being married to a woman declared insane and permanently institutionalized (I've never seen that this was anything but REAL mental illness), and FINALLY Flagler controlled the Florida Legislature enough to get them to pass a law allowing the DIVORCING of PERMANENTLY INSANE spouse.

And the NEW YORK TIMES didn't know the HALF of her and other Kenans' wealth. THIS IS WHY I believe my distant relatives are ABSOLUTELY the wealthiest family in the United States -- and POSSIBLY the World.

>>> BTW: Under BARACK OBAMA, domestic oil production has RISEN EVERY SINGLE YEAR, so that TODAY, the USA has risen to the SECOND biggest Oil Producer (behind Saudi Arabia), and POISED to REGAIN the spot as World's TOP Producer within months or three years (depending on source of estimate).

That said, Exxon-Mobil needs to GET WITH THE CLEAN ENERGY PROGRAM (Chevron is FAR ahead of them in that) -- as well as TELL THE TRUTH and CLEAN IT UP RIGHT over that recent oil spill in Arkansas!!!


Click image to get YOUR Advantage (supplies ALL Costcos in USA for ten years now. Like (where my nephew Connor Kenan works), Costco has NEVER given a donation to a REPUBLICAN POLITICIAN!!!
(not even blackmailed "nig-fag" Barack Obama!!!)

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