Monday, April 15, 2013

Telling Georgia Congressman Rob Woodall OFF (via a call to Chase Murray)!!! !!! !!!

Meeting at Georgia Congressman Rob Woodall's Office
Left-to-Right: Freddie Waltz, GACTE President; Matthew Gambill, GACTE Executive Director; Chase Murray, Legislative Aide

>>> ADDED at 6:57 PM, CDT: Hits to this blog in the last 24 hours from Russia have ALMOST "naturalized". They've taken a HUGE dive to only 70 in the last 24 hours. They are neither in top nor second position -- but FAR from the bottom.


1. The funny thing is, I REALLY hadn't expected to begin being more AGGRESSIVE toward Traitors and Narco-Traffickers in Georgia until tomorrow, AT LEAST!!! But "the Lord" (aka Quetzalcoatl of down here, MEH-hee-co way, whose followers had in their sacred scripture the prediction of the EXACT YEAR Cortez would show up -- something NO OTHER scripture ANYWHERE had: a SPECIFIC date on their calendar, and not only that, TOLD them to SUBMIT and suffer many years of HARDSHIPS, only to EVENTUALLY rule the Earth, benevolently -- as is their nature.

Clearly Quetzalcoatl is a HIGHER God than Jesus or his Dad, no??? At least he's SMARTER!!!

And don't forget, I know that SOMEWHERE in yer Judeo-Christian Bible it is written: "The meek shall inherit the Earth." This is what they mean there, but of course not all Mexicans are "meek" -- and not all NON-Mexicans are NOT!!!

So don't worry about it if you are NOT Mexican, but cool otherwise, OK???

Anyhoo, ALL "Gods" are of the ONE GOD, manifesting in different cultures differently. So YOURS is probably JUST FINE -- but one is better off speaking DIRECTLY WITH THE TOP, no???

2. So that is what I did when I became "for literary purposes" ENRAGED and called Georgia Congressman Rob Woodall's office -- after AGAIN googling and finding that my LAST calls to Mr. Woodall's "top assistant" whose name I cannot remember ARE MISSING FROM MY BLOG as I reported that about a month ago as well, then.

I thank the CIA/Republican Party/Episcopal Church, USA/papist DRUG MOB for that. As you know, President Obama, the complicit or BLACKMAILED BISEXUAL LEADS the Chicago Drug Mafia with Rahm Emanuel and connected intimately with Al Gore and Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles as well.


3. After spouting connections and telling an actually GOOD NUTSHELL of things to the FIRST young man who answered, I was put through to Chase Murray, who I do NOT believe was to whom I previously had spoken. I YELLED into the phone I was feeling so FULL of GOD's FURY!!!

After detailing the John Linder/Patrick Stansbury, Michael Massicott, Lee Gosney link and all the CASH I saw passed and can TESTIFY IN A COURT OF LAW ABOUT, I told him I would see all this is RELEASED TO THE PRESS IMMEDIATELY (actually, I've released it MANY times and I don't expect them to report it NOW, either. HA!!!).

I told him to tell "Fuck-Face Woodall" (yes, a direct quote of me), to SHUT THE FUCK UP -- and to sit down and "vote responsibly."

I then hung up, pitying ANYONE -- especially someone who knows little or nothing about the drug operation -- who got a call like that from SOMEONE LIKE ME (especially ACTUALLY from me).

>>> DUE TO THE STRESS OF THIS EXPERIENCE (and to give him a chance to DIGEST THIS BLOG POST as well), I will NOT call Gov. McCrory until at least tomorrow afternoon.



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