Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We're all ADULTS, no??? (my latest NEUTRON BOMBS to various!!!)

Top result googling for "We're all adults".

1. I have to assume they are up to SOME kind of trick in Chicago District Court, today, Judge John P. Kirby being presiding judge and looking FURTHER at papers, I see that Daliah Saper (of Fox News talkin'-head fame), ACTUALLY originally filed the suit, so DALIAH SAPER is the REAL CRIMINAL here -- NOT Randy Briefs!!!

2. I spoke this morning to a Mr. Wayne Whited in the offices of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago, after the woman who answered Jaime's phone thought I should speak with Jaime's BOSS. He was VERY respectful -- and that LONG before I disclosed that my relatives OWN Bank of America (among other things), and I'm a close personal friend of the TOP Sinatras who sold controlling interest to my Kenan relatives. I ALSO made sure Mr. Whited knew I am NOT any kind of representative of BoA -- nor am I in any kind of real communications with them -- although I bank there.

>>> I JUST EMAILED this to my CORE list of 500, as well as the 40 or so North Korean Top Government Officials, with the following note, which I will expand on:

I apologize for sending this early -- but SOME of you need to stay on top of what I publish today since I NO LONGER BELIEVE I should have to WAIT FOR JUSTICE in either Cook County, IL or New Hanover County, NC.

I MUST have Governor McCrory's answer TODAY (although he might not yet know what he can offer me financially).

I spoke with my 9th grade friend, Hal Peters of http://www.ferrumfinancial.com/ -- actually I DIDN'T as he is NOT answering any of my seven calls, so I left him some messages. I hope he calls me back (he has before, so knows how to call Mexico), and I can STRAIGHTEN ANY ERRORS on my part out on blog. His website shows EVERY SIGN of his being a front for NARCO-TRAFFICKING -- and Hal made it CLEAR to me several times a month ago that he believes FULLY in Republican politics of COLLAPSING the economy to enrich the FEW WHITE PEOPLE (although Hal would NEVER put it that way).

>>> ADDED 11 APRIL 2013: This is probably either OVER-REACH or PARANOIA on my part about Hal Peters -- and should be ignored!!! Scott
And I have reason to believe that Mr. Whited (who has NO ONLINE PRESENCE -- NOT EVEN at Wells Fargo Advisors, where he is said to be Jaime Southheimer's BOSS. Jaime is MANAGING DIRECTOR of Investments for Wells Fargo Advisors (he LOST his Vice President position right after I INITIALLY blogged about his OWN CLAIMED TO ME narco-trafficking in 2010.

Jaime's degree is in Chemistry and he first worked as a chemist until he was TRAINED in his current skills at organ Stanley in the World Trade Center. Jaime has NO university training in financial matters WHATSOEVER (Just like Rahm Emanuel who heads the Chicago Drug Mafia for the CIA/Republicans who either agreeably enlisted or blackmailed as a RABID HOMOSEXUAL President Obama into supporting the NAZI/CIA narco-traffickers.

President Obama CONTINUES to REFUSE TO USE what President George W. Bush used to SHUT UP Kim Jong Un's father in the mid-2000s when HE was last threatening the World with Nukes. This PROVES that the North Koreans are IN LEAGUE with the NAZI CIA.

Also, my friend Evan Fish -- murdered on Sept. 3, 2011 by Wilmington Police at Ben David's direction, told me that all the friends of his who kept electro-sending him money -- former clients in Maine and other places -- ALL USED WELLS FARGO MONEY TRANSFER, and Evan told me at the time that Wells Fargo is the bank that ALL his narco-trafficking friends use -- especially to wire money.

I believe that American Express is actually BIGGER in narco-trafficking than Wells Fargo due to their BREAKING THE LAW by calling me a few minutes AFTER I had confronted my TOP Atlanta nemesis, Christal Presley, and TOLD her I knew of her CRIMES, including the FAKED series of articles in a Virginia regiojal magazine about her trip to India -- which I found all Christal's comments on luxury hotels in India THANKING them for taking such good care of her parents and Christal -- she having claimed she went alone on a PILGRIMAGE!!!

And Christal's LATEST BOOK (ACTIVELY promoted by CNN online, the AJC in ATL, etc.), is FULL OF LIES as I know Christal's Dad and he is HEALTHY and LOVES telling amusing and other anecdotes about his service in Vietnam. Christal's parents ACTULLY own a huge historic home in Virginia and buy antiques from people displaced by Republican FINANCIAL policies -- although they STARTED off as TOTAL trailer-trash!!!

But Christal got American Express to robo-call me at between 10:00 - 11:00 PM on a Sunday night (illegal for a bank to do that then in Georgia), and drop my Credit Limit by $24,000.00 to $243.00 -- without reason, and I'd had a SPOTLESS credit record since 1990.

Well, I guess I will drop THIS into my blog and expand on it. it's a NICE OUTLINE of today's points, no??? And I'm going to include those top 40 officials in the North Korean government -- wouldn't YOU???

Thanks for readin this -- and I'll get to Gov. McCrory mid to late afternoon. NO answer IS an answer!!!

Scott David Kenan, Cyber-General FIVE STARS, USA & Mexico (self-appointed)

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