Friday, April 12, 2013

Winklevoss Twins to Replace the David Twins (District Attorneys in North Carolina) -- SHIRTLESSLY???

Winklevoss Twins
David Twins


1. At least I've found a COIN LAUNDROMAT, as I HATE to have others doing my laundry, and it is DOWNSTAIRS from the US Consulate so if anyone there would like to discuss any problems they might have with my GRAND CORRECTIONS in the most previous post, they can find me there later this morning.

Ditto any assassins of body or character. Handsomeness or suggestions of "Florida Grande" move to the head of the line!!!

2. I made some clarifications to the most previous blog. I recommend that NO ONE read them.

3. I YOU had no idea who the Winklevoss Twins are, you are in MY COMPANY, but research shows they are Harvard Graduates, sculling partners as well as OLYMPIANS, are SUING Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg:

Zuck CLEARLY wins in the Chest Hair category, but tends to GRAB HIS CHEST like an Old Chrislamic woman when she views my blog. I would not bet on the winner -- yet!!!

And NOW the Winkleheimers -- who have REAL girlfriends instead of marrying FREAKY-LOOKING ASIAN WOMEN like Zuck:

are said to be BIG IN the "BIT COIN" business -- whatever THAT is!!!

And for anyone paying NO ATTENTION AT ALL, the definition of "Chrislam" is that POLITICAL MOVEMENT that hides behind TAX-FREE Protestant Denominations in the USA and teaches its adherents to DO THE OPPOSITE  of what "Jesus of Nazareth" taught humanity to do -- and worry NOT A WHIT or WIT about any CONSEQUENCES because if they have "taken Jesus as their Lord and Saviour", they are FORGIVEN ALL SINS past, present, and FUTURE, so no reason to think about ANYTHING except voting like an ignoramus.

4. But this morning, I actually woke up with NANCY BABCOCK on my mind. She had become my best friend in Atlanta the year before I moved -- and SHE absconded with her four-or-more cats to California in 2009, shortly before I ran off to Puerto Vallarta in 2010 IN TERROR as Republicans GALORE and CHRISLAMISTs had just tried to commit me to a mental hospital FIVE TIMES in one month. GOOD THING I had Gen. Collin Powell's (retired) Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman, on my side, no???

And for the RECORD, it was CARRIE MENKE (who can be reached at her PRIVATE BUSINESS "Brunswick County (NC) Mental Health Court" -- which SOUNDS like part of Government, yet business databases PROVE it is a private business, DESPITE her occupying office space adjacent to District Attorney Jon David's in Brunswick County -- you can reach her by calling Jon David's listed number), who after ILLEGALLY DEMANDING TO KNOW HOW I WOULD FIGHT MY CHARGES and getting my answers which she said were quite smart and would be effective, took about TWO WEEKS to conclude that since I had told her I would come after her VIA A LAWSUIT if she lied in her report or in court, claimed I had THEREFORE threatened her PHYSICALLY (we spent about an hour together, quite respectfully -- both in good humor), and RECOMMENDED that I be IMMEDIATELY committed to Cherry Hospital (part of the North Carolina AMERICA's MENTAL HEALTH GULAG System), and be FORCE-INJECTED with Cane-Toad Juice until I was "ready to stand trial(s)".

See: .

4. But let's get back to Nancy Babcock:

You can SEE her influence on me, no??? See more here: .
The AMAZING THING to me, is that after "Californicating", Nancy -- PAIRED UP WITH T. Boone Pickens (who had FINANCED what is probably the BIGGEST POLITICAL LIE IN HISTORY -- the so-called "Swift-Boating" of Presidential Candidate John Kerry, see: ), and his wife Madeleine in THEIR fight to STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF HORSES!!!

As you SHOULD recall, a few years ago T. Boone Pickens was promoting WIND POWER, but when the economy faltered, he went HOG WILD fracking for natural gas!!! And speaking of GAS BAGS, Al Gore (whose family made their money in Appalachian coal), was LAWYER to Armand Hammer's Occidental Petroleum, and managed to INHERIT much wealth from that company in a way that MOST would consider "inappropriate" at best. It is NO WONDER that the Republicans CALLED THAT UBER-HYPOCRITE about the WASTE of electricity at his Tennessee Spread.

And it is NO SURPRISE EITHER that Al Gore with Rahm Emanuel, then President Clinton's ballet-dancing WALL STREET ADVISER, and Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles met with the TOP BANKERS and WALL STREET CROOKS before the 2008 Primaries and SOLD Barack Obama's SUPERIOR rhetorical skills, cry-on-demand fake empathy, etc. to the Republican/NAZI Party -- and have KEPT HIM IN PLACE by blackmailing him with Obama's PROFLIGATE PANDERING in Chicago's most exclusive gay bath houses WHILE he was a US Senator -- and use of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's CALL BOY SERVICE for married black professionals (only).


But how ALL OF THIS came to mind this morning, is that SecDef John Kerry has popped up in Seoul, Korea this morning, bearing FRESH CLEAN DIAPERS for Miss Kim Jong UN, no???

The WHOLE THING has devolved into a COMEDY OF END TIMES, no???


My laundry basket. Guess I'd BETTER GET GOING!!!

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