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WORTH REPEATING (quickly -- and surely . . . )!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Message in a Bottle (literally!!!)

I always think of this as "Mr. Boney's Statue", as one of the Boneys is in my Discovery Class at First Presbyterian and the statue, at Third and Dock Streets, is half a block from church. I always salute it when I pass it. Now I'm thinking of going TOTALLY politically incorrect and have looked into joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but the dues are $30.00 -- and money like that I have FAR higher priorities for now!!! See what Wikipedia says about the statue -- it is QUITE amazing:,_North_Carolina)

The last 24 hours have been amazing, and I don't know how much time I'll have to report things before running to pack up my computer at U-Haul's storage before it closes early today.

>>> YES -- I'm MOTIVATED to get PAST being homeless. I hope politics takes a back-burner now so I can get WALKING ON GLASS out in print and get to marketing it better. I NEED AT LEAST A FURNISHED ROOM WITH HOTPLATE AND WIFI. I have food stamps and many organizations help with free bulk foods. If I no longer pay the total of $145.00/month rent on shelter and U-Haul (I've been getting enough in donations to pay this plus "walking-around" cash to keep me from "asking for sponsorships" -- an activity some might call "pan-handling" -- ALL the time), I've got SOME of the funds needed.

Your contribution or payment for my book would be a help for this SELF-EMPLOYED WRITER. I am NOT unemployed, and work nearly eight hours a day writing -- nearly every day. (Writing is not just a vocation -- it's an addiction). Please use "DONATE" button in upper-right of this blog. Thank you.

>>> MIRACLES: Two "miracles" in the last 24 hours (one regarding the statue pictured above, the other being the chance meeting of an old friend). I write "miracles", although I think Nature is too super already, so do NOT believe in the so-called "Supernatural" -- or miracles, per se.

>>> I JUST RETURNED FROM HELL!!!, aka Mel Smith's Christmas Extravaganza for the Homeless -- held at the "old" Coastline Convention Center. About 400 were served, as they say.

When I entered, Mel was taking invitations and exchanging them for raffle tickets. I don't believe the following action was a mistake -- given that I restrained myself from making ANY KIND of a scene, even when I left. I said to Mel (after introducing myself): "I just came from Sunday School Class at First Presbyterian with BIG LOUD Fred -- whom I believe you know." Mel said: "Oh!" (That was all I said, but Fred might get a kick out of it if he hears.)

Anyway, whilst in line, I learned that everyone had already reacted to the rumor that had been circulating on the street for at least a week that they would give HDTVs to a few in the raffle, by deciding if they 1. Would keep it (some had generators in their camps). 2. Would sell it. Since I did NOT remain to the end, I have no idea what was raffled off, but I presume the rumor could not be true. That SAID, I was totally amused that so many thought it WAS true and were prepared to receive one!!!

>>> ADDED LATER: Part of what was raffled off were some nice collections of foods -- staples, primarily. Unfortunately (so I'm told), the biggest winner did NOT have a kitchen or even a storage place, so ended up disposing of the winnings. You'd think Mel and Co. would consider WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HOMELESS for most (but not all) of us before putting together the prizes!!!

I missed the first couple of sentences of the first speaker (due to a distraction), and this fragment of a sentence was what I first heard: ". . . after Jesus comes inside you." All I could think was that the event was guaranteed to be HIGH comedy for homos (of an irreverent bent).

It wasn't. It was an attempt by a group of seemingly insincere people doing a VERY LONG and UNIMAGINATIVE dog-and-pony show to force a MASS CONVERSION on a bunch of too-bored-to-care Over-Its. I found it not only insulting and boring, but embarrassing, and finally left after those who were "saved" were made to raise their hands, then stand, and a bevy of "pray-ers" descended from the stage to do whatever it is those people do. That's when I quietly left.

That said, the food was EXCELLENT and JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT. Thank you Mel!!!

>>> NEWS:

1. I have been contacted by a couple of people who cannot get in touch with Sean Blackwell (see: ). I am trying to contact him and his wife, Ligia Splendora) through his paid NING (internet community) and find out what the problem is.

2. Last night, I ran into my sister Jane's BEST FRIEND from when she lived in Wilmington (1991-92???) and was working on her masters at UNCW. Peggy, who is Egyptian -- and seems much a re-incarnated GODDESS or at least QUEEN -- is now President of the Healthcare Management Services company she founded some years ago.

This was from "the old days" when Jane was dating a black guy while living in my parents' house and Dad was having a FIT!!! But Peggy, Jane, and I rose above all that non-sense had some of the BEST TIMES together that I've ever had (however brief those times might have been).

I look forward to meeting up with Peggy and catching up.


Yesterday, after leaving First Presbyterian Church after early service in the chapel followed by a most stimulating Discovery Class and picking up a GREAT, WELL-FITTING sweater from Ernie Thompson, who'd said someone had left it "for a big n' tall recipient," I walked by the statue pictured at the top of this posting.

There, I noticed that some reveler (presumably from the night before), had left a wine bottle in the crook of the arm of the standing soldier. After chuckling, I thought How cool if there was a "message in a bottle".

I walked up to the statue, found there WAS a paper rolled and inserted in the bottle (which had been re-corked). I grabbed the bottle, deciding that since I'd found it -- and it was past 11:00 AM, so if it were intended for someone else, they had slept in too long -- it HAD to be for me!!! (Besides, it had taken FIVE HOURS to find a corkscrew.)

Well, in reading it, it is difficult to say if it was intended for ANY specific person, although at times it SEEMS to be; at other times it seems not:

My Dearest,

If you are reading this now it is because our paths have taken us different directions -- at least for a time. I've got some discoveries to make on my own and I guess you do too. Know that though we travel apart for now, you are not alone. Someone who loves you unconditionally is at the helm. Divine Love surrounds you, nurtures you, sustains and protects you. Go in Peace, my beloved. You are as ready for your independent journey as you will ever be. You are well equipped for the adventures awaiting you.

Divine Substance -- which is our Only Reality -- provides abundantly. But you must ask. Ask for help, supply, guidance, and grace. (Scott: I'd say affirm them) Ask to catch the wave of Divine will and surrender to the currants of the natural flow. Ask to fly above life trouble for a gull's eye view of suffering, sorrow, and pain. Find comfort in this new perspective and let go, surrender to the Angels' wings as they embrace you, filling you with healing Divine Love. Release your expectations as I have released this bottle. Be surprised by the joy that arrives on the next tide. Give thanks. Wait. Open your arms as wide as you can to accept all the miracles with your name on them. Never forget, my love, that all you have is all you need.

Remember the path is a spiral one. If you get stuck, look to the wider vista and see how far you've already traveled. Find and honor your own pace. For the parts of the journey when the far horizon is in sight, remember to love yourself, nurture yourself, be content with the simplest of pleasures and beauties along the way. Self-Love is a sturdy vessel, strong enough to withstand all storms. Her billowing sails are spiritually designed to take advantage of winds blowing from either side of real life -- the shadows and the light.

Your wise and loving heart is your compass. Check it daily. Trust it to keep you steady on your course. Love will not fail you. Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in the One who believes in you. All things are possible to those who believe.

Navigate by the stars. Search the heavens for yours. Follow it. Keep on the lookout for soulful markers -- they surround you. The soul's awakening is gratitude. The soul's essence is simplicity. The soul's serenity is order and harmony. The soul's passion is beauty. The soul's purpose is joy.

Pray your journey is a long one. Blessings on your courage. Savor the ports along the way -- they make the journey meaningful, memorable. All the colors inside yourself that have not yet been invented will be conceived on these foreign shores. You're headed for some place you've never been before.

Set your course for Authentica.

Legend has it that once you reach her shores, you'll not leave as the same person. For it is on this Isle, you'll remember what you've always known. You'll discover who you've always been. No longer will you see things as they seem -- you will see things as they are. Through the parting of the mists where doubt and faith meet, you will see your authentic self -- made visible.

Believe in me. I believe in you. I do exist and I love you with all my heart and all my being.

Until we find each other again: Godspeed, my beloved.

Your loving Soul Mate

* * *

>>> Could I have said it better had I not found this distillation in a bottle, held in the arms of the memorial -- a legacy of Gabriel James Boney??? I doubt it.
As Love remembers -- and humankind embraces -- Heaven is revealed to be RIGHT HERE ON EARTH -- on this land that has been hallowed -- made sacred -- by all those who have gone before us.
And so it is.


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