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Mexico's Former Presidente Vincente Fox Just Declared OUR MEXICAN VICTORY on Seattle, WA TV!!!

Vincente Fox!!!


Scott Kenan
47 seconds ago via The Huffington Post

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Two Email Exchanges (as I continue to wind down from the "fight") . . .

Daliah Saper -- as seen on FOX NEWS!!!


Re: Orders and Additional Copy of Amended Complaint

Scott Kenan
11:07 AM (35 minutes ago)
to Clerk, anthony, Team, KIE, scoop, 60m, editorial, wilmjourn, whqr, Jeffrey, Daliahjfaulk001, kenan5, Jane, jane, d.vak, editor, daniel, Alisa, Able, stacey.abrams, Sean
Please re-send WITHOUT the Malware attached.

From YOUR email address I have now received THREE emails of Court Papers that EACH TIME screwed my computer and made my anti-virus so CORRUPTED it would not function -- nor could I get it to without MAJOR difficulties.

Also, Malware ATTACHED to these same three emails I have received from THIS EMAIL ADDRESS have caused my computer's WINDOWS RESTORE to NOT function!!!

We both KNOW the suit you filed (ostensibly) for Jed Clampon of Windy City Wazoos was NEVER served to me LEGALLY, and your ONLY reply to that was via Emerson Oertel, who apologized if I was "uncomfortable" with that -- and NO further discussion or change of YOUR illegal activities on behalf Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama's CHICAGO DRUG MAFIA.

I will put EVERYONE in Saper Law, LLC's office in FEDERAL PRISON (length of sentences depends on severity of each individual's crimes), for what you have done to me.


Thanks so much!!!
Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 6:01 PM, Clerk <> wrote:

Mr. Kenan:

Attached please find a copy of the orders entered by the court on 5/24/2013 and 5/28/13 in your case, as well as a copy of the amended complaint filed with the court on 3/15/2013.

Thank you.

Saper Law Offices

* * *

>>> PLEASE NOTE, FIRST, that Joe gave me his business card when we spoke in spring of 2011 and he gave me the money ($10or $20 -- I forget which -- but blogged it specifically before).
At least he admits he is a DEVIL WORSHIPPER -- he's so STUPID he thinks I have been saying NICE THINGS about President Obama!!!

Re: Please stop

Joseph Campese
11:49 AM (3 minutes ago)
to me:
You have me mistaken with some one who cares. Obama and people like you with your whacked out liberal agenda are what's wrong with this company. That was not me at the gas station. I don't give money to bums. Get a job. Get a life. Stop emailing me.
On May 31, 2013 12:40 PM, "Scott Kenan" wrote:

Fuck You for not caring about the NAZI/Republican Party taking over the US Government.
Please notice that I was calm and not shrill when I condemned you.
You might have passed Thomas S. Kenan III's many tests before being allowed to work on his and others of his relatives homes on Figure Eight Island -- but you have turned into a Chrislamist Traitor. This has been your CONSCIOUS CHOICE, and no one else's.
But I DO, again, thank you for the cash you gave me so generously and quickly that day we met at the base of I-40 at the gas station. You and your family seemed so human and caring then. It is not I who will have to answer WHY you have changed.
But there is GOOD NEWS TOO!!! Since you DID give me some money (and a GENEROUS amount, as well), I will comply with your request.

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 11:20 AM, Joseph Campese <> wrote:
I would greatly appreciate it if you would take me off of your mail list. I get about five emails a day from you and l. Don't. Care. So please, please, stop.
On May 31, 2013 12:07 PM, "Scott Kenan" <> wrote:
Please re-send WITHOUT the Malware attached. (This is the email at the TOP of this posting.)



The WORST Hacking of My Computer Occurred While I Was Composing This Posting -- WHY???

My favorite photo of Annette Saddik, Williams Scholar, but we'll get to her in a minute.


Talk about yer Tea-Party Republican TERRORISTS, Brian -- already LONG a scandal for his BEYOND erratic behaviors when I arrived in Wilmington on Dec. 30, 2010, survived on City Council SOLELY because everyone must have wanted to GET INTO HIS PANTS (kinda like Danny Hansford in the book/movie MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL). Look how HOT he is in that "Ted Cruz" sort of way (but better):

I went back and added this pic of Brian Berger. Is he not hot, Hot, HOT enough for Wilmington Council to KEEP HIM despite his DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS for two years???

They must have ALL been imagining Mr. Berger's FABULOUS MALE BOD with Pinga Excellente!!! -- each wanting it for his/her own self.

There is SIMPLY no other explanation for having put up with this ANIMAL for so long.

I don't blame you. I feel the same way.

No shirtless or "sex scandal" photos seem available on the Internets.

* * *


1. First the Internet connection went to hell and stayed there until 9:00 AM today.

2. THREE attempts to use Windows Restore EACH said they could NOT restore my computer successfully because my Avast Pro anti-virus BLOCKED Windows from being able to access one of the files it must use to perform Restore.

3. This never happens except it DID happen one time before --also repeatedly -- and I'll get to that in a moment.

4. But checking my anti-virus, although I had received NO WARNINGS about this and all icons of the program on my screen appeared NORMAL, when I tried to open the program it claimed it HAD BEEN TURNED OFF, and worse, it was IMPOSSIBLE to turn it back on.

5. I discovered that the ONE-YEAR subscription that I had bought the first week of THIS May was shown to NOT EXIST and it claimed NO EVIDENCE of my having ever subscribed. I had ALSO had a subscription for a year immediately before this new one.

6. So I went and found in downloaded email files (I still could NOT get online), the confirmation email with license effective NOW. The email was there -- BUT THE LICENSE FILE HAD BEEN REMOVED and it had ALSO been stripped by hackers from the two OTHER places I had saved it on this computer.

7. But the STRANGEST part of it was that the SERIOUS problems ONLY happened when I tried to OPEN the files of Court Action that Saper Law in Chicago had FINALLY emailed me (this time with no promise of snail-mailing them as well -- which they have ALWAYS done in the past. I guess they hope to save postage to Miami MBE.

8. And the ONLY time this has happened before was the LAST TIME (first week of this May), when Saper Law had emailed me the SAME documents from the last Court Action then. BOTH times it prevented me from accessing and viewing those documents -- and not only that, but the five-hour repairs I had to do to this computer a few weeks ago began with having to BUY a small program to remove DEEP ASPECTS of anti-virus programs because Windows and Avast's own programs WERE BOTH UNABLE to successfully remove Avast from this computer.

9. Yesterday I discovered that THIS program HAS ALSO BEEN REMOVED from my computer by hackers -- or did Saper Law ATTACH MALWARE to their emails to me these two times???

10. This has NOT clarified yet, but they DO know AT THE TIME THEY SENT IT that my Bank of America Visa debit card was lost and someone HACKED BoA's computers so that it is coming 2.5 weeks REGULAR mail to me instead of six-day "UPS overnight".

11. The point being that I should TOTALLY PANIC not knowing what is in the Court Finding SPECIFICALLY, since I ALREADY KNOW they got a CONVICTION IN ABSENTIA of me -- still pending final approval by Judge William Maddux, who having heard all of MY side and AGREEING, will now BY LAW have to recuse himself.

12. The FUNNIEST THING is that since there was NO COURT HEARING, the Court seems to ASSUME my statements were LIES, which they are NOT. The Plaintif bears NO BURDEN OF PROOF that I was lying -- and my postings are ONLY about what Jed Clampon BRAGGED TO ME about his $23,000,000.00 average per month INCOME, which I assumed had to do REALLY with the narco-trafficking he also bragged about -- ESPECIALLY since Jed's employer, who does business with Wells Fargo Bank's CHICAGO OFFICE had in 2010 received the LARGEST FINE EVER IMPOSED by the United States Government for MONEY-LAUNDERING of DRUG MONEY!!!

13. Readers of my blog -- which is NOT a "Legal Record Blog", but a LITERARY one -- even STATING AT THE TOP for YEARS now that my first priority is HUMOR and that there is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE between "FACT" and "TRUTH" -- so ANYONE should ask me to CLARIFY my statements into "evidence suitable for court" and "evidence that is true but NOT provable in court".

Another example of this is that it is a FACT that Barack Obama is married to a woman and has produced two children, but it is TRUE (and a fact as well), that Obama has LIFETIME membership in at LEAST one exclusive, private-membership Gay Bath House in Chicago (where Jed Clampon TOLD ME -- doesn't mean Jed tells the TRUTH!!! -- he's seen Barack Obama when he was a Senator from Illinois), and the FOREIGN PRESS has reported on Obama's MANY homosexual affairs MANY TIMES for at least a year now, reports the SAME Chicago Exclusive Private Gay Bath House membership for Our President.
Not only THAT, but the WELL KNOWN FACT around Chicago that Rev. Jeremiah Wright was NEVER some kind of Islamist Extremist -- but RUNS the most exclusive CALL BOY SERVICE for BLACK men -- who are married and have children.
It is ALSO reported that Jesse Jackson, JUNIOR used the same call-boy service, and THAT is why he is diagnosed BIPOLAR -- just like Patrick Kennedy, ANOTHER gay guy sometimes pretending that he is NOT gay, went to give Jesse Jackson, Jr. COMFORT!!!

They never did, but I STILL COMPIED with every request and they STILL never SERVED THIS LAWSUIT LEGALLY, so it is ALL a MOOT POINT, but the Chicago Drug Mafia and Fox News, Chicago's employee, Dahlia Saper, continued to press it and Judge William Maddux CONFIRMED that there is NO LEGAL WAY to kick an illegally-filed suit OUT of court before it reaches VERDICT.

Judge Maddux TOLD me how to strip them of their Law Licenses and possibly have them convicted and IMPRISSONED -- but I must be PATIENT, continue to collect the evidence, and then GO AFTER THEM LIKE THE ANGRY GOD OF THE OLD TESTAMENT after it all concludes.

I will take Judge Maddux's advice -- and ALSO enjoy seeing how HE acts when HE is expected to rule on my case on June 10, the 63rd Anniversary of my parents' CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE!!!

14. If history repeats itself, I have about five hours of work ahead of me to restore this computer and my anti-virus, etc. -- although there WAS one other time I got papers from Saper Law ALSO having MALWARE ATTACHED and also giving these same symptoms.

THAT TIME, the ENTIRE MESS corrected itself -- even restoring my anti-virus to its usual functioning WITHOUT MY EFFORTS, simply by accessing the Internets from a location that is NOT my house.

I might try that first. I might be back online today.



Thursday, May 30, 2013

PROVEN (inadvertently): My Tennessee Williams Memoir NOW QUALIFIES for Mainstream Publication (although I might choose OTHER avenues)!!!

Paul Harris at 2009 Meyer Family Reunion.
Kristin (Meyer) Harris at ditto.
Copied from here at very bottom: , but Paul Harris's comment is "image captured" in case he REVOKES it, later -- like the LAST person like him. Here is where the COMMENTER later WITHDREW -- see very bottom COMMENTS: .

Scott Kenan said...

Blessings to you as WELL, Paul!!!

And thanks for explaining why you are CLEARLY not only a AVID READER of this blog -- but have IMPRESSIVE CREDENTIALS to know what is going on with not only my book in the United States, but my reputation in Puerto Vallarta among People of Your Ilk!!!

I notice you have CONSCIOUSLY DECIDED to HIDE your info on Blogger -- which they do NOT recommend (except for criminals, of course). But you use your REAL NAME so I am going to assume you are married to my first cousin, Kristin (Meyer) Harris of Birmingham, AL.

As you KNOW, Kristen -- the love-child daughter of my Aunt Patricia (Hahn) Meyer of Dothan, AL while she was married to Robert J. Meyer, DDS who gave her my three BLOOD cousins, is NOT my blood cousin -- but I love her as one, just like my Uncle Bob treated her as his child even though he ALWAYS knew better. Uncle Bob later being MURDERED by my mother with help of the US Veteran's HOSPITAL in southern Mississippi, where they FORCED Bob to take double-strength Lithium for a "MonoPolar" diagnosis invented JUST TO KILL BOB!!!

(This because Uncle Bob had allowed his daughter Janet to marry a JEW!!!) 

It does not EXIST now -- and there's NO LOGIC in a pole with one end, so it was CHRISLAMIST "Science Journals" that published articles on it for only a few years -- until Bob was DEAD of the Chemical Diabetes he contracted.

But I want you to know I ESPECIALLY APPRECIATE the info that my book is being GIVEN AWAY IN THE USA LIKE CRAZY!!! According to several CEO's of publishing companies whom I met after their talk at the 2009 Decatur, GA Book Fair, publishers are ONLY interested in books, now, that are STOLEN AND GIVEN AWAY quite widely (people love them enough to STEAL them, risking prosecution).

This proves MY BOOK is ready to be marketed to MAINSTREAM PUBLISHERS!!!

 I am humbled to have come so far.

Thank you, sir, for letting me know -- and for your DEEP and EXTENSIVE interest in BOTH my book and this blog -- and for tracking me ALL OVER the Internet(s) in both Mexico and the US of A!!!


* * *
The FIRST TIME I kissed a taller man, 1953.


When Push Comes to SHOVE, Democrats WORSHIP the Faggotry of Barack Obama!!!


And just WATCH (listen) -- the Democrats will BRAG of what they have done and say NO MORE is possible now.

But who's AGAINST it???
And since WHEN does RESTORING CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS need to "pause"???

NOT the Koch Brothers -- David Koch is one of the LARGEST donors in support of Marriage Equality. And nearly EVERY significant Republican Strategist, THINK-TANKER, or Pundit SUPPORTS MARRIAGE EQUALITY.

Surely these people ALSO support equality of Immigration Rights, no???

The TRUE OPPOSITION is from the MARRIED FAGS LIKE OBAMA, who are afraid the more free society is -- the more LIKELY their LYING LIVES are to be EXPOSED.

And of course "Christians" , who holler "Hate the sin but LOVE the sinner" continue to rape, murder, and KILL gay people -- IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!

My posting on Facebook this morning:

23 minutes ago via The Huffington Post

  • Well it's about TIME my Gay Brothers & Sisters WOKE UP to realize that the HOMOSEXUAL PRESIDENT OBAMA and the Democrats who continue to allow Obama to pretend he's straight despite HUGE evidence of his past gay activities, HAVE TO ONLY BE USING Gays for their money and are MORE hypocritical than the Chrislamist Republicans!!!
    * Donor: "stop investing in Democratic cowardice" * Concerns that marriage provision would scuttle immigration bill * Schumer focused on finding Republican support By Rachelle Younglai WASHINGTON, May 29 (Reuters) - Some disappointed activists say they are yanking their support for the Democratic Pa...

    · 23 minutes ago via The Huffington Post

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* * *
In other news, little is happening in MY life at the moment, yesterday being the day I learned that:

1. The Chicago Drug Mafia -- headed by Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama, but profiting the CIA/Republican NAZIs and Episcopal Church, managed to get a $50,000.00 plus REMOVE all or some of this blog decision in Court late last week -- got ME CONVICTED IN ABSENTIA of SLANDER!!!

And NOW, Judge William Maddux WHOM I HAD TOLD THE ENTIRE STORY OF HOW I WAS NEVER LEGALLY SERVED AND HE AGREED, is scheduled next month to APPROVE and FINALIZE the decision (best I can tell).

STILL, I get NOTHING from Daliah Saper of FOX NEWS, Chicago, who ILLEGALLY FILED the case or from either Daliah's flunky who handles correspondence with me, Andrew Cook (ironically a graduate of Kenan University at Duke), or Jamie Sutherland of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago, who is nominally suing me (has sued me???).

At least we are keeping GOOD RECORDS so that ALL can "come out in the wash" once Rahm Emanuel and President Obama are UNMASKED as little more than NARCO-TRAFFICKING FAGGOTS!!!

2. Although Joseph Faulk (interesting that he knew it happened IMMEDIATELY, no???), informed me that my review of my friend Tony Narducci's book, IN THE FRIGHTENED HEART OF ME had been REMOVED -- this a couple of days AFTER Tony Narducci sent me THESE words:

"I just read your review of my book. I appreciate your insights about my point of view and your endorsement of the book…by the way, you are an excellent writer. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. You are able to condense a lot of information and details that add context for the story, prosaically. Your observation of our relationship “being in a bubble” is so true. Also, your comment that the book doesn’t get mired in the politics of his life at that time is an insight only you could have…and also so true. I did, however, know John, Skylar (phonetic spelling), Helen and the fired agent. Originally, I had more detail about them, but I was encouraged by my agent to take most of it out to stay focused on the main story line (me and TW) which I think added to the romantic quality and made the point of the story (TW’s fear of dying alone, unloved) succinct and clear.

"Tom wanted to escape his life and instead, create a new life with me in Australia, but as you can see, I prolonged answering his question til the end of the story. I couldn’t sacrifice my life for his. However, I truly wanted to find a way to have a relationship with him that got us both what we wanted without any sacrificing either of our lives, but it wasn’t meant to be. In the end it’s a tragedy. Older man – younger man, and the frightened heart that couldn’t escape its isolation.

"With all the background you have, I think even more so that we should figure out a way to market our stories in tandem. Combined, they make a richer story…we owe it to Tom to tell the story that was the tragedy of his life."

Given Tony's take on my review and the FACT that he suggested that he and I MARKET our books TOGETHER, does NOT indicate that Tony would have REMOVED the review.

Even though Joseph Faulk VEHEMENTLY INSISTED that Amazon allows NO LINKS to "competing books" like mine, I simply mentioned my book in the original review but DID include a link because I AT THAT TIME read Amazon's Rules about Reviews -- and they ARE allowed if in Amazon.


So for now, its REMOVAL remains a mystery -- but in AN ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION, I re-wrote the review (without the link), and reposted it last night: .

3. I spoke with my mother, yesterday, CALMLY telling her WHY I have dropped my interest in even pursuing Sewanee/Episcopal Church and District Attorney Benjamin R. David in Wilmington, NC for their crimes against either Tennessee Williams' Estate or me -- so I can CONCENTRATE on bringing BOTH my parents as well as my siblings, Michael William Kenan, Jane Ann Kenan, and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy to AMERICAN JUSTICE for deliberately HOUNDING ME with their NAZI-affinities.

I told her I hope she has a FAIR TRIAL and that she is EXECUTED BY THE STATE, after which I will dance and spit on her grave (or urinate if no one is watching).

Mom did not FLINCH, and then indicated that she prays that I will come to know how DEEPLY she loves me. Clearly, my mother's PAPIST NAZI GOD is NOT A-WORKIN'!!!

She might-could study the words of "Jesus" who was a LOVING JEWISH PROPHET instead, no???

Same goes for that manipulative BITCH stuck in Mexican Jail. SHE claims TOO to pray to her MORMON GOD -- and THAT ain't a-workin' EITHER -- she being WEEPY which PROVES she has no confidence in Mammon or whomever it is Mormons pray to -- it AIN'T the Jesus of Christianity. Mormon Mythology is ALL ABOUT Jesus's ROMP across North America, although NO Native American Tales tell of such an impressive guy AT ALL!!! (although this Mexican Jail thing seems completely crazy on BOTH sides for now -- let's hope some clarity comes to us all on this matter, today).

4. In the PETTY HARASSMENTs OF SCOTT department, Bank of America's computer system was HACKED AGAIN to slow up my access to cash. In phone conversation with Joseph Faulk a couple of days ago, I'd told him how my car had suddenly unlocked itself the other night -- and the following night several DEAD plants had been ripped from pots that flank my front door -- their was more dirt on the walkway than in the pot, almost. NO REAL "plant rustler" would have stolen DEAD plants and made such a HUGE MESS.

Just yesterday morning I found they had scaled the wall to my back garden and unplugged some electrical cords -- as they also did about a week ago. They have NOT entered my house and can't -- and I laugh at their silly attempts to unnerve me.

Although they have not unlocked my car since I lived on Calle Jacarandas a year ago, I KNEW something was strange when this business sold me my 2009 Pontiac Vibe for about $10,400.00 when after searching the cars repair history, etc. its value was actually about $14,100.00 -- and it had INCLUDED a $600 or $800 discount because the head salesman MISSPOKE the price and IMMEDIATELY said he'd have to honor his misspeaking, I EXPECTED he had to be giving me a car that the DRUG MAFIA had somehow compromised.

I'm LUCKY it didn't BLOW UP on me -- but that someone just has a set of keys.

And that same salesman spoke at length with his close male friend on the phone in front of me -- and as he was hanging up said into the phone "I love you, Baby."

Now, with Wilmington ALL SEIZED UP in Racial HATE and Homophobia, I SEE how he might have made a deal with the MOB to keep from being OUTED and losing ALL HIS BUSINESS!!!

5. Well, with so MANY things coming to my attention yesterday, I think I handled all WITH APLOMB -- even if my Victory Dinner was interrupted by EAR WAX/LIQUIDS being mini-vacced on CNN.

6. AGAIN, today, GMAIL/CIA has shut down my main email since yesterday about 5:00 PM -- and because I've cleaned up my email list, I had a TOTAL of 15 bounced-back emails all day. GMAIL's rules is that they shut you down TEMPORARILY if you have 100 or more bounced-back emails in ONE DAY.

I must ASSUME they do it because of my CONTENT, no???



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Still Awaiting Tony Narducci's Decision of WHEN It Is Best for Us to Meet!!!

Whilest my Victory Dinner tonight was interrupted by a CNN Wax Vac commercial (this being a more APPETIZING image from it), I thought of what to do next!!!

>>> THAT's RIGHT -- I FIXED and REPOSTED my review of Tony Narducci's IN THE FRIGHTENED HEART OF ME :

1. Who knows if this refers to Tennessee Williams' heart, Tony's heart -- or that of several Episcopal Bishops???

2. This business of the Mormon Woman whose husbands' hair-usually-do is too HIP for a father of SEVEN LATTER DAY CHILDREN but was nabbed and detained in Mexico after a bunch of pot was found under her HUSBAND's seat and it was ABSURD to think anyone would carry that much on a commercial bus??? -- I mean the WHOLE THING is one giant question, no???

3. But consider ALSO the weird dealings of the Russians over the info re; the guys in the Boston Bombing -- and then they dispel an American Diplomat who was so CLEVER he usually wore women's FRIGHT WIGS to remain inconspicuous.

4. Are other countries just PICKING ON BARRY BAM-BAM and the JOKE of our Federal Government???

5. Maybe, but I'd BET MY BOTTOM DOLLAR that the gay Presidente of Mexico, Mr. Enrique Pena Nieto is as SMART as he's HANDSOME AND SEXY!!! (He has a wife but all Mexicans know he's actually gay and don't care). I think he's been fingerin' his BIG MUSKY BALLS and decided to treat a few AMERICANS like Mexicans are treated in the USA!!!

Yep, I'd bet my last dollar on that one -- but that said, I hope this resolves one way or another. The gal's a MORMON, so no telling what she and her husband were ACTUALLY up to . . .

* * *


Most Helpful Customer Reviews
By Scott Kenan  
It is an unusual challenge to review the book by someone you once worked with -- and who has included YOU in it as a significant character. Please keep this in mind as you read my comments here.

 IN THE FRIGHTENED HEART OF ME rings TRUE in every word (much I witnessed and I see not a single false word), and better yet, it is well-written and QUITE informative -- that due largely to Tony's writing it as if he both experienced that time with Tennessee Williams and his life since then (including the writing of it), while isolated in a bubble of his own preoccupations.

And in THIS rare case, that WORKS WELL for ALL of us -- and especially the matter of straightening out the record of the end of Tennessee Williams' life when the forces that Jackie Kennedy Onassis had WARNED Tennessee Williams about (in front of me), at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party, January 11, 1982, had entered Thomas Lanier Williams's life like a SWARM OF LOCUSTS.

 This was the first time Jackie recommended Tom change his will because she had heard that Sewanee (The University of the South), was already plotting to kill him first, as they had heard the rumors he was thinking of CHANGING his will to leave all to someone else. Jackie thought this would STOP THEM, but it is a matter of public record that Tennessee DID as Jackie suggested, but that did NOT stop the death that was made to look accidental -- and then Sewanee BRIBED several people that both Tony Narducci and I knew to LIE about Tom's competence when signing the Codicil to the Will.

This included Leoncia McGee, Tom's maid who had ALSO served Ernest Hemingway discretely -- Hemingway having told Tennessee that he TOO had sex primarily with men (something that is obvious to anyone reading Hemingway's work in which no one relates well to women). Gary Tucker and Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt were two others, they living in Tennessee's compound the second half of the time I worked for Tennessee.

 Unfortunately, Tony only uses first names in this book -- but maybe he never researched anything and did not know their full names during his experience with Tennessee. Tony nevertheless tells his tale truthfully and with MANY IMPORTANT INSIGHTS. It is DEFINITELY worth the read to anyone interested in Tennessee Williams.

 Tony also gives away something in the telling of his callous choosing to go to a Gay Circuit Party rather than STICK WITH his commitment to have dinner with Tennessee and his sister Rose, who'd had the second pre-frontal lobotomy ever performed in the United States. Tennessee's relationship with Rose and his sorrow over the loss of her proper brain functions due to their mother having been upset over Rose's "sexual precociousness" (many sources paint this in different ways -- and I don't claim Rose was not somewhat unhinged), was in fact the STRONGEST reason Tennessee Williams was such a close friend of President and Mrs. Kennedy (and Jack's siblings too) -- THEIR crazed "Christian" mother had had Rosemary Kennedy lobotomized TOO -- and according to Tom, for the EXACT SAME REASON: that pubescent young women openly interested in sex were a CHRISTIAN SCANDAL too much for GOOD CHRISTIANS to have to bear, so CUT THIS OUT OF HER HEAD!!.

 Tony's having no awareness of any of that even when he recently wrote this book is a large part of the reason I wonder about Tony's "deep interest" and "hero worship" of Tennessee Williams -- and yet the story of their relationships is TRUE IN EVERY WAY that I have first-hand knowledge of. It's a mystery!

 Tony has written me suggesting that he and I market our books about working for TW together -- and I've replied that I think that would be perfect. Whatever the peculiarities of Tony's consciousness, his story and mine do NOT conflict at all and have some overlap. My book can be bought from -- but be certain to buy Tony's first!!!

 And to read more about my view about the politics and TRUE STORY of Tennessee Williams's murder (Tom's brother, Dakin Williams -- 'til the day he died -- as well as others of Tennessee Williams's friends have also claimed that John Uecker murdered Tennessee, on behalf the Episcopal Church/Sewanee -- a theory I offer much EVIDENCE OF), google my name for my political blog "The Weather Up Here" (I'm 6' 11").

 But please buy and read Tony's memoir. Despite its several peculiarities, it is FRESH, TRUE, and -- to my observation -- ENTIRELY DIVORCED of any political influence, THIS a RARITY given the storm clouds gathering on the TRUE STORY finally coming out!

 You too will find it well-written, naively charming, HIGHLY informative, and ultimately: DEEPLY DISTURBING. What MORE could you ask for in a book???