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His HBO TV Show "THE SEX INSPECTORS" Now LONG GONE -- Michael Alvear Turns up on HUFFPOST!!!

Grant Henry (Sister Louisa), and Christal Presley with me in a bar in Atlanta, fall 2009 -- AFTER I had spent more than $2,000.00 on Grant's "Sister Louisa" paintings, and BEFORE:
ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE (now more for THEM, HA!!!) !!!


CODE 500: Like a "Sweet Evening Breeze" , Michael Alvear has deigned to blog on HuffPost again!!! In 2010, Mike was PROFESSION​ALLY BUSY, but lately, he might be narco-traf​ficking with other "Atlanta Friends" whilest experiment​ing with MORE RADICAL "brow-dos"​.

Scott Kenan
8:28 PM (6 minutes ago)
to info, shockingrealli., Christal, SusanHaber, amorris, christianb, kimw, grant, Team, scoop, editorial, Jeffrey, Jay, bcc: me, bcc: Scott
A BRITISH IMPORT (of Atlanta Boy, Michael Alvear)!!!
LIES, LIES, LIES (with these sorts of people)!!!
Hi Michael Alvear-- I see you're now known as "Mike"!!! Christine Amanpour is now "Christiane" -- so why NOT???

Last time we met in person was either when you co-taught at Hollis Gillespie's BLOGGING CLASS, with Christal Presley the sort of FEATURED STUDENT -- who with Hollis and their GOOD FRIEND Sean Hannity of Fox News got not only my "Bad News Bears" contract with Alyson Books/HERE! Media -- but got American Express Bank to DROP MY CREDIT LIMIT by $24,000.00 a few minutes after I confronted Christal with her MYRIAD LIES, late on a Sunday night. American Express SUED ME in absentia for $25,000.00 in August 2010 and WON -- but a few months ago the Dekalb County, GA official online database CHANGED THAT RETROACTIVELY to show "DISMISSED" --fancy that, no???).

Here! HERE!!!

AS YOU'VE PROBABLY HEARD, I used my MEDIA CONTACTS to force CNN to REMOVE the info from CNN-online about Christal Presley's book about her father's PTSD that he NEVER HAD!!! And I forced the Atlanta Journal Constitution to REMOVE IT AS WELL -- even though they had BACKED HER for two years!!!

And what became of it??? I spent two months in a North Carolina Jail on false charges, now all dropped, twice committed to a NUT HOUSE but immediately released, FIVE POISONINGS, a year and a half HOMELESS, and NOW Christal and Hollis's BEST FOX NEWS BUDDIES with Obama, the Clintons, and the Cheney/Bush narco-traffickers who ONCE RULED THE LAND are falling FAST -- like a "Biblical Prophesy"!!!


And to think that YOU and Grant Henry (Sister Louisa the painter-ish Person), were RIGHT IN THE THICK OF IT -- the NAZI planning for the TAKE OVER OF AMERICA, as documented in the attached pic at WSB Radio studios in Atlanta. I'll forgive Grant Henry if he lets me SUCK HIS COCK (he can wear a barf-bag). YOU, I have no interest in that way -- and I'll get to that in a minute.

Then I saw you, too, at the Atlanta Church of Religious Science a time or two -- that when "Rev." Paul Gonyea was screwing (female) churchgoers and trying to install ONE OF THEM on the Board of Directors -- while still married to Leslie and there are questions about embezzlement as well.

But that's not YOUR problem.
"Mike" Alvear now writes books that EVERYONE (I'm mean), including "possessive women", should go out and SPEND GOOD MONEY ON!!!

I was just so glad to see you are FINALLY blogging again on HuffPost as its Managing Director Jimmy Soni is also on the KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS (and why they and I reached agreement in early 2010, that I should NOT leave comments there due to my family's association with HuffPost).

Anyway, for old times sake, I found THIS old post of mine that mentions YOU and many of your friends. I hope it brings back GOOD MEMORIES!!!:

This has strike-throughs that someone HACKED IN and added in the last month (how long since I've been there to read it, and I am UNABLE to remove them through Blogger's Dashboard, but if I paste in the material, I might able to REMOVE that here. Let's see:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exposing "Devils" (which I don't even believe in)

From: Scott Kenan
Subject: Re: Document I signed to join Hector and Fernando in the CIA
Date: September 7, 2010 12:57:30 PM CDT
To: Jeff Coates
Cc: ANIBAL RIVERO , Connor Kenan , Max Kenan , Max Duffy , Taylor Kenan , Jan Opperman , Andrea Opperman , Margie Rose , Susan Cannon ,,, Jeremy Bird , Eric Gray , Tom Houck , Richard Lugar ,, Sue Hobbs , Dobbs Agababian , Craig Gras , Berenice , Cornelio Prada Diaz , Rubén Fernando Gómez Merino , Enrique Rojas , Gloria Sue Jew , Debbi Egan ,,, Mauricio Rodríguez B , Sinead O'Day , Marc Lafont , Jeff Lux , Steve Poynter , Rife ,,, Nan Nash , Steve Wells , Code Officer Johnson , Robert Thomas , Jacki Smith , J. Neil Alexander

Dearest Jefferey Dear:

1. You need to pay more attention to how you are playing this bullshit game with me. I have sent you approximately twelve (12 in both US and Mexican systems of numbering -- except for floors of buildings), emails and EVER SINGLE ONE OF THEM (EXCEPT THE FIRST) has come back to me thus:

From: postoffice
Subject: Returned mail: User unknown
Date: September 6, 2010 3:05:23 PM CDT
To: Scott Kenan

The original message was received at 2010-09-06 15:01:30 -0500
from postoffice.(null) []

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----


 -- no longer important info removed --

3. And what is WRONG with you people??? FOUR FRIGGIN' DAYS AGO, two Mexican leaders in PV and one, lived-here-14-years Americano all came up to me on the beach to tell me I am now the most influential man in Puerto Vallarta. I'm not certain this is literally true -- but I DO have the biggest balls (huevos).

4. AND I GOT IN THREE DONATIONS ALREADY TODAY (I checked at 9:00 AM). Thank you, Williams people!!!!! Not the biggest, but that is not what counts most.

I will begin posting credit on my blog (or not -- I've decided if anyone requests anonymity, I'll give it. No need to worry about how your email address would look if published.

5. Jason L. Greene: You are welcome. The thanks of one is all I've required, although I've gotten the thanks of HUNDREDS of Mexicans and even a few WHITE AMERICANS here in PV -- and quite a few other people from all corners of the globe, I might as well also let you know. Donations have been flowing beyond my expectations!!! (Three donations before 9 AM.)

(redacted obsolete info)

>>> ADDED 1 August 2013: When I wrote this, I was getting a few people buying my memoir directly BEFORE I published it on Amazon on Memorial Day Weekend 2011 from Wilmington, NC. And I got a couple of nice donations, but not more than a couple (except I got really GOOD at pan-handling when I was homeless -- due to "keeping up appearances" in dress and cleanliness, etc.), so what actually HAPPENED is that I allowed myself to be overtaken by "Faux Positivity" and thought that if I BLOGGED that I was getting donations -- I would soon GET THEM!!!

This did not work, however.


6. Jane's Book Club needs a "fair bit of scrutiny" if you ask me! In fact, I bet its absurd discussions (I sat in on one a few years ago, remember???) had NOTHING to do with literature. I suspect that like my mother's "Bridge" games, it is coded narco trafficking -- no offense.

Of course I might be crazy and the Pope might be the Vicar of Christ! (Stranger things have happened.) I don't feel I can take you off my list, but you LIKE THE OTHERS ABOVE can simply set it up so that my emails go direct to your trash and you will have to think of me no more.

In fact, I'm going to re-insert several others who requested I take them off "my list." First, I don't HAVE a list. I add each recipient in each category individually (except on rare occasions when I've "replied to all"). Thee assholes are so big, I'm making each one an item.

Pray this doesn't happen to you.

7. Hollis Gillespie : partnered with Christal Presley and Sean Hannity to handle my difficult self. Her mother engineered/ designed NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the US and abroad for the US DEFENSE DEPARTMENT!!!: .

8. Grant Henry (Sister Louisa): : A TOTAL ashole who sometimes pretended he liked and agreed with me, but was fucking me by feeding Hollis and Christal info about me.

9. Michael Alvear: : Self-proclaimed sex-advice columnist who is literally Hollis's business partner for money and drugs. 'Nuff said. (I CANNOT prove this in a Court of Law!!!)

10. Beverly Molander: : Pulllllleeeeeezzze!!! Anyone who has a network of people taking only "next steps" is an Entrapment Devil. Just keeping everyone in the process without getting results. "Nuff said -- almost.

This fucking bitch was appointed by the Board of the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta to keep my friend Ken Wilcox believing he had a chance at becoming the head minister. They only wanted him to fill in giving talks mid-week for "free" and lots of other work in the office. They knew he would risk or ruin his regular career to have the opportunity. They didn't give a damn what happened after that (except to themselves -- and wait until they see what I, the man whose writing career Ken all but launched, does to THEM, once I can get a round "tuit.")

Well, thanks for reading! I've got a bad cold and might take a breather, but then again, might not.

And again: Thanks to all who have donated!!!

Posted by at 10:59 AM


Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and that I hope you are doing well!!! Check my blog for how I'm putting in PRISON probably EVERYONE in the upper pic EXCEPT Clark Howard (whose hairy "tennis-legs" I fancy). The REST are complicit with the Cheney/Bush/Clinton/Obama Chicago Drug Mafia -- connected to my former employer of 18 years, Pentagon Publishing, Inc of Snellville, GA, who DISTRIBUTES all the illegal drugs brought into Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL.

Check my blog for my RECENT testimony to ALL US Senators and ALL House-ators on the Homeland Security Committees:

As for YOU, while I APPROVE of trimming eye-brows, I could never be interested in a man who obviously SCULPTS (non- Salvador Dali-style) his eyebrows like you at least did BACK THEN!!!

That said, I'd make exception for a particularly ALLURING drag queen who is HONESTLY ONE!!!

Please write back to inform me of your current "eyebrow situation" -- and NO, that doesn't mean you have to DO "ANYTHING" -- I'm CLEARLY NOT your type AT ALL!!!

This email might appear on blog, soon.

All Best,
Scott Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in Political Exile from the United States of America


Let's Enjoy a Few YUCKS (a re-post: "Miss Fetile Buns")!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Miss FERTILE BUNS Dropped Back-By, for a LATE DELIVERY!!!


>>> JUST IN at 8:23 PM, CDT (Blogger being based in GMT) : March 2013 hits were 53.5% HIGHER than February 2013 hits.

Not bad, EH???

* * *


A certain person let me know I have the HIGHEST EARTHLY connection now that completes the TENNESSEE WILLIAMS estate (+ fake history)/Sewanee/Republican Party "roasting" -- and all that implies. So it is clear that I will be able to work with Harvard University to undo those illegal previous finaglings -- no unseen major obstacles now (and all that given confidently) -- if Harvard wants to proceed.

But it would not be right to do that BEFORE I speak with Gov. McCrory of North Carolina, and just last night I realized that tomorrow is APRIL FOOLS. Well, when one is dealing with me, there are already too many fools around, so I had better wait until at least Tuesday morning to make ANY sort of serious calls (frivolous might come sooner).

In the MEANTIME, I'm thinking I might raise some MONEY by method my mother told me about when I was about three. She had for some time been a nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati (where I was later born), and had a movie star who was as HOT AS A KARDASHADOODLE is today (but male), and like THEM, generally, unmemorable, now, Mr. Sunny Tufts

I had never researched him before, but Sonny was from a serious BANKING family and his ancestor came to America in 1638. Tufts University is named for his relative (although he was a member of "Skull & Bones" at Yale -- JUST LIKE THE GEORGES BUSH, BOTH of them!!! ). 
And Dick Van Dyke (on his TV show), MISTOOK Sonny Tufts for a UFO!!!
For some rather entertaining info on him, please see: .
Anyway, when he propositioned my MOTHER, who (via a painting Mom still possesses of her painted during her college days by a fellow student), looked like VERONICA LAKE:

Mom, being a non-nonsense GERMANIC woman, reacted like Miss OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND!!!:

She was so AGHAST by Sonny Tufts suggesting she was silly NOT to save his finger and toe nail clippings that she had just removed as she sat on the side of his bed -- as "personal souvenirs", or to SELL ON THE OPEN MARKET!!!

So THERE's my idea: selling my nail clippings (but it will be a while since I clipt n' tossed just two days ago).

And poor MOM, didn't get over the SHOCK of such MALE PRESUMPTION until rather recently, best I can tell.

This is a TRUE STORY.

NOT YET, but Mom got my Dad's male lover soon after that -- which was PROBABLY coincidental . . .

* * *


This will likely be the LAST of my blog posts that I email to all of you -- and this so you can SEE the depth of my SUSPICIOUS NATURE.

Please be sure that President Kim Jong Un understands that I was just kidding around about the sex/anatomy stuff (although I'm open to almost ANYTHING), none of that is required.


* * *

>>> AND FOR THE RECORD: ALSO the sister of Eva Marie Saint AND the sister of Rosemary Clooney were my SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS, occasionally, at St. Martha's School in Louisville, KY -- COOL, no???


* * *

Originally posted here: .

* * *


A recent tally of hits from TOP TEN countries.



Statue of ATHENA (Greek Goddess of Reason, Arts, and LITERATURE), in Colima, Colima, Mexico -- where SAME-SEX Civil Unions were JUST APPROVED after the Colima Estado Constitution was amended to do so.


And there's more than ONE WAY to "pluck a pollo" , no??? (See this posting's title.)

It was while living in Colima June - mid-July 2010, that I met Dr. Waldemar Salazar, the BEST FRIEND of former Mexican Presidente (1988 - 1994), Carlos Salinas, who TOLD ME of his and the then-Presidente's "crying jag" over having NO IDEA how to get the American CIA narco-traffickers OUT of Puerto Vallarta (so I thought I  might give it a whirl!!!).

Dr. Salazar (my age, 62, but on a cane and NOT healthy, and looking at least ten years older than me -- possibly just caused by practicing heterosexuality all his life -- a LEADING cause of "AGING IN MEN" -- had (only a year ago now), been called to a NARCO-TRAFFICKING CENTER for a medical emergency, but finding NO ONE THERE, all doors open and lights on, he proceeded inside and ESCHEWED the many automatic weapons he found, but stole a handgun for his own protection.

Finding kilos and Kilos, and KILOS of "white powder", he ignored it all and went on to find the MANY MILLIONS AND MILLIONS in US DOLLARS (in one-hundred-dollar bills), taking enough to BUY HIMSELF a BRAND NEW LUXURY AUTOMOBILE!!!


And half a year ago when VISITING Colima to see my Godson, Diego, I met Martin Lamb who erroneously thought I had "THE KENAN MONEY" to invest, BRAGGED REPEATEDLY that he accepts George W. Bush's jet on his Private Island with Jet-port off Panama MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE'S and that he is IN FACT the largest money launderer for the BUSH FAMILY's DRUG PROFITS!!!

* * *

>>> ON MY MIND (currently) :

1. Things in the USA are in FLUX due to Congress soon adjourning for six weeks. I will wait until NEXT WEEK and contact ALL MEMBERS of the HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEES (both House and Senate), to get their TAKES on MY TESTIMONY TO THEM by telephone calls, in their HOME OFFICES where they will be BARRICADED against the US Patriots who NO LONGER trust ANY Republicans and FEW Democrats!!!

2. I'll blog other matters LATER, but re-publish my TESTIMONY TO THE HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEES, which was sent SECURED SERVER and I received LEGAL CONFIRMATION each Senator and House Representative DID receive my messages IN THEIR WASHINGTON CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES!!!:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Contacting (individually), the Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs (enough is ENOUGH!!!)

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 11:28 PM, CDT: I just emailed this to all 500 -- and it came back BOUNCED from 44 addresses (although an earlier email today to the SAME LIST bounced back from only EIGHT.

I am one of the 44 -- even though I DID also get it, regularly.

Senator Chiesa is one of the others it bounced back from.

I will NOW get this out to the OTHER Senators via Secured Server Contact Forms.

Thank you,

* * *

>>> THIS EMAIL WILL BE COMPOSED ON BLOG, then sent by SECURED SERVER to the following US Senators -- IF I can maintain an "Internets Connection" (it's DUBIOUS!!!) :
It will go to the following:

Dear Senators on the Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee:

This message to you was PROMPTED by Representative Peter King (Republican), who on CNN this morning had the GALL TO SAY that NO ONE has ever been harmed by the NSA/CIA spying on Americans -- fancy THAT!!!

Let me tell YOU about what Our United States Government (in conjunction with "lower" governments), has done to ME, the oldest son of America's TOP NAZI, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC -- who ADMITTED TO ME several months ago that my political blog, caused Mom and her then boss, Pope Alexander, to RESIGN SIMULTANEOUSLY.

It was "Key Atlanta Jews" Fay Gold (of the art gallery), and Bernice Weinstein who in 1990, FIRST confirmed my mother to be TOP NAZI in the USA -- that when I had gotten into EARLIER trouble in 1990, after DOCUMENTING and delivering to not only Newt Gingrich's Congressional Office -- but CNN HQ in Atlanta and the Carter Center as well, that my mother was bringing illegal drugs by train from Mexico into Stone Mountain Park (immediately behind my home, then). I watched as they were, in a restricted area I had snuck into, loaded onto Sysco Food Service and Inland Seafood trucks -- one of which I followed to a Krystal hamburger joint on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain and GIVEN in huge bags to DRUG DISTRIBUTORS who had lined up and ordered or paid NOTHING before getting their large bags.

Little did I know that this operation was RUN by Newt Gingrich who LATER tussled with Bill Clinton over a "Monica Job" -- while screwing his current wife and married to his second of three serial wives (and of course NOW he claims to be CATHOLIC!!!). Worse, it was Bill Clinton who HUGELY expanded the CIA protections of narco-trafficking actually run by my mother, Dick Cheney, and Barbara Bush to enrich the Republican Party so it could (as REAL NAZIs), bamboozle us all and TAKE OVER OUR GOVERNMENT.

I DO think Pope Francis I is doing a BANG-UP JOB so far -- but now that we have a REAL POPE, what are the "Republican" Supreme Court Justices TO DO??? Previously, they FOLLOWED the Nazi Popes and my mother's instructions -- AS A MATTER OF FAITH!!!

NOW, they will have to BREAK WITH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and declare themselves OUT-RIGHT NAZIS -- don't YOU think???

As some of you know, my mother was Dick Cheney's boss for many, many years -- and in charge of the NAZIFICATION of the United States of America. Let me explain more of who I am and my Kenan Family as well:

I am a United States Citizen who loves and respects the United States Constitution -- that's all you need to know, although more can be found in my blog.

I have been ENTIRELY UNABLE to get the FBI or the US Attorneys in Raleigh, NC or Chicago. IL (still trying to get Mr. Shapiro's attention), as the North Carolina and Illinois Courts have been used UNCONSTITUTIONALLY to SHUT ME UP by jailing me on UNFOUNDED CHARGES five times on EIGHT false charges (all now DROPPED after an unnecessary YEAR's wait -- and NOW a Vice President of Windy City Wazoos, Chicago, Jed Clampon, has successfully sued me IN ABSENTIA for libel (he had admitted to me that he's a big narco-trafficker here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I live -- for Wells Fargo Bank, and as you ALL KNOW my wealthy Kenan relatives with the heirs of Frank Sinatra control Bank of America).

Other pertinent facts:

1. I was NEVER legally served this suit -- so it is just a SHAM (but DESPITE Presiding Judge of Cook County District Court William Maddux AGREEING WITH ME -- and I can court-prove this -- Judge Maddux APPROVED this sham of a suit continuing -- and it's penalties ENFORCED!!!

2. While in North Carolina, I was twice in 2011, committed to Mental Hospitals -- but got out immediately because the Head Doctor (Martin), realized it had been ALL LIES!!!

Having next to NO CONFIDENCE that any of you will LISTEN TO ME, I simply direct you to my blog for more details -- and CERTAINLY KNOW you would NOT respond to me -- a humble citizen living in POLITICAL EXILE and protected by the Mexican Federal Government.

Be forewarned that I have used "impolite language" to make my points STRIDENTLY at times. Although I'm sure MANY will take "Chrislamic Umbrage" at my language at times -- it GREATLY BEHOOVES YOU to read it.

All best,
Scott David Kenan

Please contact my attorney in Wilmington, NC, Jennifer Harjo, Chief Public Defender in New Hanover County Courts, if you would like my direct cell phone number.

 * * *

Blessing to each and every person who READS THIS!!!

"Mahalalel" (aka "The Prince of Peace" ) follows Kenan ( "Cainan" in some translations), in 1st Chronicles in the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Bible scholars have given TWO meanings to "Kenan": 1. The VULGAR over-amassment of Wealth -- that leads to Spiritual Transformation of the World (this one favored in "progressive Biblical scholarship"). 2. The "Sadness".

I have sometimes referred to myself as the UBER-KENAN or the POST KENAN (Mahalalel), due to the mission THIS THING WE CALL GOD appears to have PUT ME ON (voluntarily).





Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BLESSINGS -- Hither and YON!!!

My GENTLE READERS will PLEASE RECALL that Arianna Huffington was once married to a REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN (Michael Huffington), in California and SUPPORTED all his RIGHT WING CAUSES -- until she CAUGHT HIM IN BED WITH A MAN!!!

The rest is HISTORY and I am PROUD AS PUNCH that the number TWO person at, Managing Editor Jimmy Soni SITS on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS at the KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS at Kenan University at DUKE, Jimmy's (and Andrew Emerson Cook's of Saper Law, Chicago) alma mater.
1. I have been listening to Stile Antico's recording of GREGORIAN CHANT as I write this blog, lately. I love NOTHING MORE than old Catholic music, art, and architecture -- even though I am only catholic now.

It has an EMOTIONAL HONESTY that the Jingo-Pig, Racist, mostly WHITE Protestants CANNOT MATCH!!!

2. It is now FIVE DAYS since I left TWO VOICEMAILS in the Offices of the US Attorney in Chicago -- and I EMAILED THEM SEVERAL TIMES to four addresses there as well . . .
But STILL no response WHATSOEVER!!!
Ditto for ALL Senators and Members of the US House who sit on "Homeland Security" Committees-- although only TWO DAYS have passed since then.

Is ANYONE ALIVE in US Government???

I have been sleeping long, and reducing cigarette, alcohol, and marijawanna intake ENTIRELY SPONTANEOUSLY the last several days -- after a DREAM in which Goddess/God told me that I need to conserve my strength, but that He/She/It would TAKE GOOD CARE OF ME -- because I have been FAITHFUL TO OUR MISSION so far.

ALL Praise Quetzalcoatl (or Friar Tuck) !!!

3. I don't think that Luis Melgoza will be SENT BACK to Puerto Vallarta to murder me for the CIA and the TOTALLY SELF-LOATHING NIGGER-FAGGOT Obama Government. He's too STUPID, and NEW TACTICS must be devised to SHUT ME UP!!! !!! !!!

4. So I will CONTINUE to enjoy this "HEAVENLY LIFE" under protection of the Mexican Federal Government -- and just HOPE I do NOT have to ACCEPT the offer (casual one, actually), of OFFICIAL POLITICAL ASYLUM in Mexico.

If I DO have to accept it for my protection, I will ABSOLUTELY renounce my US Citizenship.




First, a definition: The term is most commonly used in reference to the Book of Revelation, also known as The Apocalypse of John, the final book of the Christian New Testament. The two terms are synonymous in their original meaning - "revelation" from Latin and "apocalypse" from Greek, both mean a lifting of the veil, a disclosure of something that had been hidden.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My New Life on Calle Easy (Easy Street) -- While White-Ass Jingo-Christians DESTROY North Carolina!!!

Entrance to Easy Street at Mex 400 in Conchas Chinas leads down a steep lane to parking above the beach -- where I slept MANY A NIGHT IN MY CAR, homeless, in 2010 -- until my car was broken into and my wallet, passport, and dirty boxers were stolen while I was on the beach one day.
Conchas Chinas is one of the MOST AFFLUENT areas here.
And it's ACROSS THE STREET from where CIA/US Special Forces operative Benjamin Shields HELD ME CAPTIVE and had REMOVED MY CAR from my possession. While I have PREVIOUSLY REPORTED that Ben used to have long conversations (I witnessed three -- and I could tell that parts of them were instructions on how to deal with ME), with my mother -- THEY DO INCLUDE the one RIGHT BEFORE he GRABBED my car keys and told me I had to sell drugs on the street in Puerto Vallarta to pay him for food and shelter.
Benjamin Shields was SO BAD THEN that the CIA itself had to run him out of town eventually (if I can believe what Luis Melgoza told me -- Ben's METH habit was taking over him COMPLETELY when I knew him.).
Luis Melgoza and Salvador Fuentes had offices in the building with the OXXO convenience store there -- and Sal's deli, Deli Baguette, had been sold to him by Luis Melgoza and was ALSO in the same building -- but it CLOSED DOWN a few weeks after I moved here a year ago, and the space is now for rent.
And it was while sitting at the tables of Deli Baguette, that Salvador Fuentes and an older woman CLAIMED to be descended from my great-grandparents and that the woman WITH Sal's Mom was Walter Cronkite's producer the last 12 years he was on CBS NEWS -- and INDEED!!! -- the MOST awarded woman in ALL OF TV NEWS!!! -- Didn't I KNOW of her???
Well, no, but she said she did special assignment for 60 MINUTES and rapid-typed everything into her laptop as I SPEED-spoke for 45 minutes, telling my story (then about 10% the size it has GROWN TO BE). About twenty minutes into, she stopped to say she was amazed at the complexity -- and that everything I said that she knew about was correct. She thought they'd probably want to do TWO segments.
Then maybe ten minutes later, she said she really thought there'd be a good chance at three.
To show you how the NAZI associates of my mother (etc.), are REALLY GOOD AT IT, knowing I was Jew-philic, she ended with the sweetest, most sincere Shalom! I've ever heard -- and it was that sincerity that held me able to believe the story for two years, long after reason was telling me something was wrong.
And earlier, Sal's Mom had a LOT of Kenan Family info!!! We talked about SEVERAL historical family events/"The Line". When I said how Flagler's personal physician, Owen Hill Kenan (who had received the FIRST EVER French Medal of Honor awarded to a NOT French citizen -- for bravery in WWI before the US got involved), was the "last survivor of the Lusitania". She shot back that one of our relatives was the LONGEST LIVING survivor of the sinking of the Titanic, too!!!
I believed her and then later realized that that would be the girl in the MOVIE TITANIC -- so told everyone that THAT TOO -- not just my great-grandparents (and a great-grandparent) in THE OLDEST CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL.
These people were ALL extremely smart, PREPARED TO FOOL ME, and DAMN GOOD AT IT!!! The US Taxpayers are GETTING THEIR MONEY'S WORTH OUT OF OUR WELL-TRAINED CIA!!!
I NOW think that "Beachbum" is one of Luis Melgoza's many identities that he uses in his CIA/Narco-trafficking work. He words those few emails EXACTLY like Luis's email of just 10 months ago THREATS OF LEGAL ACTION -- AND NOTHING HAPPENED, even though I got MORE STRIDENT!!! -- and according to his personality -- and it makes PERFECT SENSE that Luis had to go back to Washington, DC for a week (where he claimed he would now be), partly getting NEW INSTRUCTIONS on how to deal with me.
Luis sent me emails when I FIRST BLOGGED (just about a year ago -- and I published his emails and my response. Google RARELY gives me FULL ANSWERS when I look for things like this in my blog, so I'm NOT gonna try now -- and it is LOGICAL for the CIA to REMOVE materials generated by the CIA from this blog -- Luis in summer 2012 -- before I realized what he was up to, -- reconditioned my computers and REMOVED ALL PHOTOS of Fernando Merino (son of the TOP cocaine exporter in Colombia -- and Godson to Hector-the-Engineer, the SECOND BIGGEST CIA narco-trafficker in Mexico, who Fernando CLAIMED many times had placed the BOOBY-TRAP in the Chunnel in the English Channel so the CIA could FAKE another terrorist attack there (but it was discovered and removed in 2010).
(Afterthought: It is possible that I simply have not yet found those photos because the file trees got really scrambled in photos and a couple of other places BEFORE -- but I DID see them on this computer in Wilmington -- and SOME of Fernando were posted on this blog and THOSE POSTS HAVE DEFINITELY BEEN REMOVED -- not by me!!!)
It was a lovely quiet day in Conchas Chinas today -- and the weather and surf were EXCELLENTE!!!
1. Funny that right after emailing out the last post, I saw Pope Pancho's words about "judging gays". I'm not so SURE he's saying much new -- and he'll no doubt clarify all that soon -- but he DID ratchet back the rhetoric a good deal (and SQUASH hopes of women being ordained priests).
Pope Pancho should read his EARLY CHURCH HISTORY where he will find that women DID play much bigger roles in the early church -- and many gay people were SAINTED -- one Roman church still stands that is DEDICATED TO TWO GAY LOVER-SAINTS.
On the OTHER HAND, the early followers of Jesus were all JEWS LIKE JESUS -- who only fought to reform Judaism, and for MANY YEARS after Jesus's death, converts had to convert to JUDAISM, getting circumcisions -- and it was the PAIN OF SO MANY MUTILATED PENISES that caused them to STOP circumcision which meant NO RABBI would consider them Jews -- so LET'S START A NEW CHURCH and the Christian Church was begun DUE TO MEN HATING PAIN!!!
(I'm not exactly sure that the pain was what caused all this --but I'd like to hear WHAT WAS from someone more scholarly than me in this area. There is NO QUESTION the Jesus movement was ALL about Judaism for years after Jesus died.
But I meant here only to say that I did NOT mean that George W. Bush (in the last posting), should proposition Catholic Clergy who all take vows of celibacy -- rather "street Catholics".
2. I had another GREAT CONVERSATION with my mother today, so THAT is holding!!! I DID tell her (knowing she watches non-stop Fox News -- a network she had something to do with getting together), that Catholics NO LONGER watch Fox much because it is so Racist and Homophobic, so maybe she should CHANGE THE CHANNEL occasionally.
3. I have not as yet gotten any responses from any Senators or House-ators on the Homeland Security Committees. This is NORMAL, since they never do anything -- taking a LONG TIME even for THAT!!! -- but when a serious person with extraordinary experience and knowledge CLAIMS WITH MUCH PROOF rather SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS (and I DO have "Court Proof" that Mom MURDERED her brother -- with the help of the US Veterans Hospital in lower Mississippi), and giving many details that DO CHECK OUT, they DO need to learn more from me.
Tomorrow morning I will begin calling the Washington Offices of ALL OF THEM to find out if they GOT my email and their response. I will call each one once per day until I am satisfied and update everyone. Expect BLANK RESPONSES for at least the rest of this week.
Ditto the US Attorney in Chicago.
4.And tonight, Edward Snowden's father and his attorney showed NO BELIEF IN or RESPECT FOR Attorney General Eric Holder. they just don't TRUST him -- although they keep in close contact. I'm still holding out hope for Holder -- although I've always suspected that he's NOT really STRONG-WILLED enough or maybe not even SMART ENOUGH for his job. We'll see.
BTW: Bruce Fein is Snowden's MAIN ATTORNEY. He served Ronald Reagan in the Attorney General's Office -- but has CRITICIZED every President since then, calling for the censure and or impeachments of Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney (not an ELECTED President), Bill Clinton, and ESPECIALLY George W. Bush -- usually for violations of the US Constitution.
It was CLEAR tonight that Ed Snowden's TEAM is CONFIDENT and WELL PREPARED. Next REVELATIONS probably at Congressional Hearings this Wednesday. ALSO CNN's special on THE WATERGATE TAPES (featuring my old buddy John Ehrlichman who was DEEPLY CONNECTED to Pentagon Publishing, Inc, my former employer who distributes the illegal drugs imported using US Air Force planes. See I/4 the way down here: ) is Thursday night at 9:00 Eastern.
But I will try to contact the Chicago US Attorney ONCE DAILY as well.
5. Since Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina is CONTINUING to show he can work with his WHITE RACIST PROTESTANT REPUBLICANS to FURTHER take the state to HELL
I will INCREASE my push in North Carolina -- adding more phone calls and finding NEW contacts there as well as NATIONWIDE to email this blog to.
5. Mayor Bill Saffo STILL has not apologized so I will LIKELY sue the City of Wilmington as well (Police Department).
By the time I finish (several years from now), I will GET MY DUE from taxpayers as severely as possible. You elect them -- YOU pay for their DELIBERATE DISREGARD OF THE LAW AND CONSTITUTION!!! !!! !!!
6.. I'd better get my BEAUTY REST!!! Lots to do TOMORROW!!!