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Pastor Scott Dodson of "Grace" Methodist Church GETS MAD AT ME!!!

Pastor Scott Dodson has even supported GUN-BUY-BACK programs, yet when WILMINGTON IS IN DRUG-CRISIS he chooses to support
Fucking HONKY!!!

Scott Dodson
2:34 PM (4 hours ago)
to me, bill.saffo, council
Please take me off this distribution list.  Scott Dodson

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Always keep a MILD MANNER!!! Always CONDEMN OTHERS for "naughty language", unkempt clothing!!! , nervousness, difficulty in expression, etc.


No fuckin' NIGGER BITCHES or those "AFRO-Dicked" WHITE-WOMEN-FUCKERS allowed at Grace Methodist -- EVER!!!

Heavens to Murgatroyd: Please Come In!!!

I have NO IDEA what "Mergatroyd" is, but perhaps it would provide some COOLING RELIEF for this Madonna wannabe.
STRANGELY ENOUGH, the expression "Heavens to Mergatroyd" was FIRST publicly uttered by Bert Lahr (Lion in THE WIZARD OF OZ), in the 1944 film MEET THE PEOPLE, and Bert (a VERY ABUSIVE father, BTW), sired John Lahr:
And John Lahr is COMPLETING a MONUMENTAL biography of the SECOND half of Tennessee Williams' life (a continuation of Lyle Leverich's TOM: THE UNKNOWN TENNESSEE WILLIAMS),  and I would like to PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE to Mr. Lahr for COMPLICATIONS TO HIS JOB!!!

For ONE THING, if you google for info on Tennessee Williams, now, THIS BLOG almost ALWAYS pops up on or near top.

Ditto for the CROOKS IN WILMINGTON, NC -- except for Sen. Thom Goolsby, whom the CIA/NSA protects by my blog NOT SHOWING HIGH AT ALL).

Before Sen. Goolsby was given PROTECTION FROM ME, this blog turned up TOPS in google-searching for the little devil.

And John Lahr wrote the following review of my book, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS (now in "ownership limbo", due to Jed Clampon having SUED ME FOR LIBEL IN ABSENTIA, never bothering to LEGALLY SERVE ME.

They DID THIS with FULL AUTHORIZATION of the Rahm Emanuel/Barack Obama Chicago Drug Mafia which SERVES DICK CHENEY, THE BUSH FAMILY and all their BELOVED SWASTIKAS.

Ain't that nice.

My readers will recall that Jill Krementz (who photographed Mr. Lahr, above) allowed Jeff Work (also Denison University 1973), and me to use her and Kurt Vonnegut's apartment in spring of 1973.

Here is Lahr's review of MY book:

John Lahr, The New Yorker: "I wasn't intending to read every word of your memoir; but it says something about how well you wrote it, that I did . . . you've found a very crisp and compelling style. And you come through vividly in it."

>>> I guess I'd better write something to Amazon so they don't think I DON'T CARE about the ILLEGAL THEFT OF MY BOOK by President Obama, Dick Cheney, etc.

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>>> THIS TIME, let's move ELSEWHERE!!! :

1. I think those who know little about "Life in Wilmington, NC" would think me CRAZY to have reacted so BALLISTICALLY to Jack Stein's communication to me that was prompted by Mayor Saffo. It seems quite reasonable.

It is only reasonable to a POINT!!!

THE ENTIRE STRATEGY of the Wilmington Narco-Traffickers was to KICK MY FEET out from under me, then BLAME ME!!! Wilmington Beat Police downtown played this CONSTANTLY, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I complained to one that this person or that one (and yes, I can still name some names), had threatened me with fists, had actually ACCOSTED ME (I took TONS of punches, kicks, trips -- but NO BITES!!! -- with no real damages, so I rarely complained about those), or drawn a knife, switch-blade, or razor on me.

NO ONE has drawn a gun on me since 1990, in the DISPLAY ROOM of STONE MOUNTAIN LINCOLN MERCURY, when two thugs came in to collect some money and got "a little nervous" seeing me there. Jim Wickline, a good customer with his wife, then, in Mama Mia's Pasta & Pizza in Stone Mountain that I managed 1987 - 1990. Jim told me that with the rough economy, they had had NO CHOICE but to sell the dealership to the DRUG MAFIA, and he helped me get out unmolested.

When I was delivering all my evidence of the drugs brought by train into Stone Mountain Park on what is now a walk-in trail (and presumably from Mexico), I KNEW my mother was part of it -- but I did NOT YET KNOW that Newt Gingrich was IN CHARGE of it. In my several visits to his Congressional Office south of Atlanta, ALL EXPENSIVE CARS were ALWAYS "Stone Mountain Lincoln Mercury" badged.


In EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE, Wilmington Police said that I was at fault and I had to TALK FAST to keep from being arrested myself.

In Court the first time, I had asked my earlier defense attorney, Ms. Zvejnieks, to call John Mann of the GAY HOUSE on Fifth Street near "the bridge" as MY witness, since he is the guy who TOLD ME DAVID NASH IS IN NARCO-TRAFFICKING -- as well as that Sen. Thom Goolsby attended MANY of his GAY PARTIES (and THIS I found confirmation in the WILMINGTON STAR NEWS.


>>> ADDED LATER: Emily Zvejnieks had NOT discussed my case with ME in any real detail NOR DID WE DISCUSS anything like "a strategy" before that court appearance. And while I was taking my seat at the Defense Table, Emily said, "OH!!! Mr. Mann is actually going to testify FOR Mr. Nash -- sorry!!!"

I looked up, and there he was, swaggerin' into court in his suit n' tie.

WORSE!!!: In 1990, when I was in Judge Linda Warren Hunter's Court in DeKalb County, GA, I had been assigned the LAST LAWYER ALPHABETICALLY TOO!!! The TRICK is that cases go by LAWYER's LAST NAME, so being LAST means the COURT IS CLEARED and the CRIMES CAN BEGIN!!!

I NEVER trusted Emily Zvejnieks after that -- not for ONE MINUTE!!!

She did NOT protest the prosecutor (Ms. Coca Leaf -- Lindsey Roberson), calling my 1990 Nolo Conviction of "Trespass" as "STALKING", did NOT protest their claiming that Christal Presley (my Atlanta NEMESIS and best friends with Sean Hannity and his wife), actually HAD A FELONY STALKING WARRANT out for me (that "mysteriously" the DeKalb Sheriff did NOT want me extradited for to Georgia -- AND THEY CLAIMED THEY HAD CALLED HIM AT LEAST TWICE!!!

>>> 2:26 PM, CDT: I just realized:

This actually PROVES that all the now-deleted info on my being in Judge Linda Warren Hunter's court WAS on the DeKalb database THEN -- by their citing THE WRONG CRIME (but CRIME, none the less).

And I DOUBT a Prosecutor would claim FELONY WARRANT if it was NOT ACTUALLY THERE, as I'd been told TWICE before by Wilmington Cops who had stopped me for BULL SHIT claims of crimes I easily talked my way out of. BOTH times they had kept me in "temp arrest" until they reached the DeKalb County Sheriff -- and both times THEN TOO, they were surprised to discover he did NOT want me extradited.

Now this proves NOTHING -- for certain -- so as soon as I got gift of her old computer from my sister Jane about two weeks after I got out of jail, I did NOT think to search for an online database, but got phone numbers and called DeKalb Sheriff's Office and ASKED if they had any warrants our for me.

The gentleman said, "Oh, we can't discuss that over the phone -- you just have to stop by and ask." So I said, "Well that being such a CUTE answer, if I DO do that -- I'll suck yer dick AS WELL!!! "

We both fell out laughing for about two minutes, but he would NOT answer the question -- none the less.

There exists NO RECORD of this in DeKalb Court database -- but then on AT LEAST  three occasions in the last two years, DeKalb's database has been RETROACTIVELY CHANGED so that NONE of the several listings of actions in Judge Hunter's Court are still there (although I DO still possess all that paperwork -- SIGNED IN JUDGE HUNTER'S HAND!!!

How the HELL could I -- or CAN I -- trust ANY Court in the United States of America???

And NOW, Mayor Larry-the-Lunkhead (or whatever), wants SPECIFICS like info from me when THE WHOLE OFFICIAL CITY OF WILMINGTON was actually TERRORIZING ME -- with Mayor Saffo's APPROVAL AND ENCOURAGEMENT.

It was Wilmington City Detective Mark Beguhl's business card that was front and center in Cindy Beatty and Christopher Wright Rogers' things when I had to put them OUT of my apartment -- and Cindy and Chris TOLD ME they gave MOST EVIDENCE to Detective Beguhl -- rather than working DIRECTLY with Ben David.

Cindy was GOOD FRIENDS with George Padezanin, across the street from my S. Eight Street apartment, then, George driving his "HAND-BUILT HOMES" (or similarly-logoed) pick-up truck all around town pretending to do estimates but delivering drugs. And Christopher Wright Rogers was best friends with Mark Bryant (who then had a high-end flooring store on Market Street in the block before the river -- really a front for narco-trafficking), as well as a special relationship with a priest at St. Andrews CORRECTED: St. James Episcopal Church who ALSO was the local Episcopal Church Narco-Trafficker.

St. James Episcopal Church, Market and Third, Wilmington, NC (The first American-born, WHITE, dramatist is buried in their "back boneyard" only a FEW FEET AWAY from Mary Baker Eddy's husband!!!)

And the BEST PLACE to "watch bones from" is directly across the street on the steps of North Carolina's OLDEST JEWISH SYNOGOGUE, Temple Israel, whose congregation was ALWAYS KIND to me:

Later, Mark Bryant (a handsome, articulate black guy about 42 years old), all but BROKE DOWN the door of Peter and Jess Demaria -- the side "B" of my shotgun apartment -- because they had made him some BAD DRUGS. They had a lab making either Crack or Meth -- but they were forced to MOVE THAT off-site after I BLOGGED ABOUT IT.


So NO, I do NOT TRUST MAYOR SAFFO AT ALL!!! His family could be HARMED if he cooperates with me IN ANY WAY.

And THIS explains why I was CONCERNED about North Carolina's CRIME LAB, which had been cited not long before that for MANUFACTURING FALSE EVIDENCE so NC District Attorneys could WIN FALSE CASES!!!

The citing was reported by the Press to have NOT STOPPED THE PRACTICE!!!: .

So the City of Wilmington is going to have to COME UP WITH A DIFFERENT REQUEST OF ME.

I do NOT trust them or the Courts in New Hanover County AT ALL!!!


The ONLY thing that matters in Wilmington, NC, which is BOTH the RICHEST CITY IN AMERICA and the GAYEST CITY IN AMERICA.
Google in this blog for SPECIFICS on "how and why" for BOTH those claims.


Friday, August 30, 2013

My Email to 88 Clergy in the Wilmington, NC FAITH COMMUNITY!!!

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Wilmington, was built in the Byzantine style with NO fasteners WHATSOEVER (nails, screws, etc.) in the main body of the building!!!

>>> I would like to express DEEP GRATITUDE to the entire Faith Community of Wilmington, NC (includes Muslims, Jews, and "others" -- from MY perspective, regardless yours) Bcc to 88 clergy in Wilmington, NC

Dear Ministers, Priests, Rabbis, Imams, and others:

My name is Scott David Kenan and I lived in Wilmington from about 1/1/2011 - 5/1/2012, and was homeless most of that time. Although I found 88 recipients for this email, there are many more churches I could have found email addresses for, but I got tired of searching. 

I would FIRST like to thank the Northside Baptist Church congregation (which I have not before), for their gifts of three VISA cash cards -- and again thank First Presbyterian, which I was a member of for half a year and they gave me CONSIDERABLE financial support. So did Sister Isaac (who needs no introduction), and Father Bob, also at St. Mary's Catholic. And MANY of you provided food, clothing, and other comforts. 

I will ALWAYS remember the GENEROSITY of Wilmingtonians -- especially from the Faith Community.

Those of you who know me know that at 6' 11" I'm easy to spot -- and given what I discovered about the HUGE narco-trafficking in Wilmington (really aided in its growth by my parents, William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne Kenan who lived on Villas Place East in the 1980s and 1990s). As difficult as it might be to believe, my mother actually blackmailed my Dad into marriage in 1950 -- to hide behind the iconic "Kenan" name, Mom admitting to me finally that my blog, CAUSED Pope Alexander and her to retire simultaneously. Mom was Dick Cheney's CHIEF LIAISON with Popes Paul VI, John-Paul II, and Alexander, ALL Nazis. Pope Francis I seems godly to me.
We had swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings growing up.

In any case, Wilmington has become the LARGEST SEA-PORT point of entry of illegal drugs (beating Miami and Los Angeles, even -- whether hidden in coffee shipments to Port City Java (one of the biggest narco-companies in Wilmington, or the Italian Market on Front, where Frank Delia is not only involved, but allowed several "drug street trash" to falsely claim in front of many customers that I am a Pedophile -- the UGLIEST OF ALL SINS!!!

MOST drugs come in hidden inside shipped appliances and such COMMERCIALLY -- or in private yachts in back-waters, like the ones my former employer Rusty Hooks of Arbor Advantage works with.

This FALSE ACCUSING ME OF PEDOPHILIA happened a lot to me -- especially by the people who congregated at Justine LaNassa's Tattoo Parlor, with Justin leading all that personally. It is now fairly well known in town that Sen. Thom Goolsby LEADS the narco-trafficking for the Republican Party and D.A. Ben David protects it -- with help of Sheriff Ed McMahon and Police Chief Evangelous (who smoked crack daily in a house owned by the uncle of one of my friends). Mayor Saffo HAS NO CHOICE -- with his wife or kids likely to quickly BE HARMED if he tried to clear out the Drug Mafia, he has NO REAL CHOICE, and even though I have called him on this, I do ALSO empathize with him -- but my point is this:

I am trying to make a settlement with the City of Wilmington over the GROSS VIOLATION of my CIVIL RIGHTS. I was jailed FIVE times on EIGHT false charges that Ben David ADMITTED (directly or through his assistants), to my attorney Jennifer Harjo he had NO EVIDENCE to support ANY of the charges, and indeed we made a deal that if I stayed OUT of Wilmington for a YEAR, they would ALL BE DROPPED, and they were. While these are CRIMES OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA (who I WILL soon sue for MEGA BUCKS soon -- one of my college close friends, Dean Hansell, was Police Commissioner of Los Angeles -- and later in private practice won the LARGEST award anyone has won for Michael Jackson's family. Jeffrey Toobin of CNN/THE NEW YORKER has been an occasional correspondent of mine for 2.5 years, and Gloria Allred's people have advised me on this as well (although her firm is NOT licensed in NC).

I'm considering hiring former NC Senator John Edwards -- as he was considered the MOST EFFECTIVE at winning this kind of suit in the ENTIRE COUNTRY before he became Senator -- and he is a friend of my relatives, Betty and Thomas S. Kenan III, the latter, I know and once dated the same guy HE dated (at different times). The Kennedy Family (whom I met while working for Tennessee Williams), and the heirs of Frank Sinatra who sold control of Bank of America to my Kenan relatives (them I actually met in Wilmington and they told me TONS of stuff -- even admitting they "pulled a fast one" to put President Kennedy in office at Joe Kennedy's request (stuffed ballot boxes in Chicago)!!!

But should ANYONE need to leave the state to have FALSE CHARGES dropped??? And i was TWICE involuntarily committed to THE OAKS mental ward -- and Dr. Martin (its Head), released me as soon as was possible -- knowing I was committed on lies, via Judge Sandra Ray Criner (who SERIOUSLY violated my rights in other instances as well. As you ALL certainly remember, her husband, Sherman Lee Criner was caught molesting a young girl in Thalian Hall about 2006, and the Wilmington Police TALKED THE PARENTS OUT OF ANY CHARGES. The Criners went on to take leadership roles in the Republican Party and the Azalea Festival judging YOUNG GIRLS, of course.

Wilmington's CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY let these two DEVILS ride high -- re-electing Judge Criner the last time with the HIGHEST number of votes of any judge.

So I am trying to make a deal with the City of Wilmington for $4,000,000,00, and separately have offered the City a SHARE of the royalties from the series of books I will soon publish on the CORRUPTION of Wilmington's Political Elite -- and my experience as an "iconic North Carolina Kenan" who had SCRIPTED and was prepared to get PERMITTED to begin a new walking tour including my Family's History, the influence of Tennessee Williams -- as well as Mary Baker Eddy and her Wilmington husband (I studied Science of Mind -- related to Christian Science -- with the President of the parent organization for many years, although raised devout Catholic, I now find Presbyterianism to be the CLOSEST TO ME of all Christian denominations, although I'm Jewish in the sense of seeing Jesus as the BEST PROPHET EVER (and was made an Honorary Jew in 2010 by the Reiner Family of Hollywood, right after I FIRST blogged that my parents are the TOP NAZIs in the USA, first confirmed by two TOP business leaders in Atlanta in 1990.

>>>THAT WALKING TOUR was to be a company EQUALLY OWNED by my friend Evan fish, whom Wilmington Police ENCOURAGED (by their admission to me), Evan to jump to his death from the top of the parking deck next to the Downtown Library on about September 2, 2011, after Sheriff's Negotiator (she told me this story HERSELF!!!), talked Evan back.

When the Negotiator radioed City Police that the climax had PASSED and NO JUMP, they immediately released Evan's former girlfriend whom he told me he HATED because she kept trying to force him back into narco-trafficking. Before Wilmington, he had been the LARGEST cocaine distributor in Maine, but GOT OUT OF IT.

>>> ADDED 31 August 2013: I can't believe I forgot to complete THIS thought!!! When the Sheriff's Negotiator radioed that the crisis had passed and Even stepped back and calmed down, the cops one floor below IMMEDIATELY RELEASED Ellie Schwaner, who ran up and whispererd something in Evan's ear.

Evan turned as he ran to the edge and yelled back as he jumped, "There's NO WAY OUT!!!"

Thoughtfully, Wilmington Police had had the powerlines on the block cut, so there were no sparks a-flyin' as the still conscious Evan Fish twisted and spun his way through about two dozen wires.

He died not long after in the hospital.

CIA/NSA Agents Kevin Maurer and Bob Gruber (who controlled the STAR NEWS so that no one in town had ANY IDEA how bad NARCO-TRAFFICKING CRIMES actually ARE in Wilmington, FOUR TIMES deleted my adding Evan's name -- the first thing commenters were asking then: "WHY is NO ONE releasing his name???"

Man dies after jumping from seventh floor of downtown parking deck

   Published: Saturday, September 3, 2011 at 12:30 a.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, September 3, 2011 at 3:55 p.m.
A person committed suicide early Saturday morning by jumping from the seventh floor of a county parking deck near the downtown library, said Sgt. Jerry Brewer, a spokesman for the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office.

Brewer said the victim was male but would not release his name. Brewer did say that law enforcement officers at the scene had negotiated with the victim before he jumped. Few other details about the incident were available Saturday afternoon.

In an interview Saturday afternoon, Dorothy Hodder, a senior librarian at the New Hanover County Public Library, said she could not park in the deck early Saturday because authorities had closed a block on Second Street between Chestnut and Grace streets.

The library normally opens at 9 a.m. Saturdays, but the street closure caused the library to open a half-hour later, she said. Hodder said she did not know why the street was closed.
- Julian March


Posting as Scott Kenan (Not you?)

  • Lynn Imhoff Bridger · Rittman High School
    This man that took his own life is my son. And before his heart and mind became troubled, he was a bright, funny, handsome, loving, sweet person. His loss in our lives leaves our hearts crushed. May you hold your loved ones tighter and say a prayer for mine.

  • Ben McCoy · · Top Commenter · Creative Services Manager at 101 Mobility
    Wow... how tragic. I too am sorry for this family's loss. As far as those who were present and yelled "jump", their names should be a matter of public record, and they should have to experience public outrage for the rest of their lives. There was a time where bystanders would try and assist someone hurting and in need; we have devolved as a society into barely more than savage animals, with no gauge of morality or what's important. Tragic, that...

  • Sandra Wall
    Very tragic to hear. What I found most disturbing is that there were onlookers who were cheering him on to jump. Why were these people not arrested for assisted suicide? My heart goes out to his family.

    • Elizabeth Lewis · Hampstead, North Carolina
      The law enforcement should be held responsible also, pretty sure they have these things called "NETS" for people who may need to jump from burning buildings, etc.

  • Ty Jacobus
    Ms. Bridger, I'm sorry about your loss. I am sure, without a doubt that your son was a hundred times the human being that any of the people that encouraged him to jump will ever be. I didn't know your son or you, but my thoughts go out to you.

  • Chris Allmond · Works at The U.S. Army
    Evan, I would have given anything to have been there with you to tell you that everything is going to be ok... you have no idea how much I miss you man... I know I'll see you one day soon, I hope you'll be there waiting for me ready to kick some tail in a swim meet, love you man.


Chris Allmond sometimes POLE-DANCED with hot men!!!
Chris in on the right.

Eleanor "Ellie" Schwaner was her name, and she FAKED "widow" at Evan's Ohio funeral. When I emailed the Pastor there, he never replied, but I got an AUTO-REPLY from the NRA and Republican Party about SAVING CHRISTIANITY BY ARMING YOURSELF!!!

Sen. Thom Goolsby SPONSORED the bill so that NOW NC people can carry CONCEALED WEAPONS in church -- Sen. Goolsby going to a GUN-SHOOTIN'-FER-JESUS's-LOVE kind of church, I guess . . .

Evan Fish ALSO knew my old co-seller at , Lee Gosney, who travels the USA FAKING IT as an AA and NA addiction speaker but ACTUALLY setting up distribution via Republican Politicians, of the MASSIVE QUANTITIES of illegal drugs brought into US Air Force bases on Air Force planes.

And Kevin Maurer, who co-wrote NO EASY DAY about Bin Laden's death (to give CIA perspective), worked head of City Desk at WILMINGTON STAR NEWS, and he and Bob Gruber FOUR TIMES took my comments (identifying Evan Fish), OFF in the last nearly two years, once a couple of months ago.

If I CANNOT work things out equitably with the City of Wilmington, I intend to sue for AT LEAST $100,000,000.00 -- and FORCE criminal charges as well. If we work it out -- BETTER!!! Regardless, i will give SOME PORTION of proceeds (including movie rights, etc.), to ILM regardless -- as so MANY Wilmingtonians will PLAY THEMSELVES, but if YOU are in my blog and do NOT want to be named in the book, please email me so I can disguise you!!!

Anyway, I invite you ALL to visit my blog. Each blog post goes to TOP contacts in Press, Politics, Law Enforcement, Religion, and Friends of Tennessee Williams in the USA, primarily. You can see an old list here that has changed a bit since then: . This email, too, will be posted soon.

You should know that HALF any award I receive in this matter from Wilmington will go to Tileson Outreach at St. Mary's Catholic -- in appreciation for their work and the GOOD HEARTS of the Catholic People. If Mayor Saffo and I cannot make a "deal", I will give a large portion of royalties from "blog-based books" to VARIOUS charities in Wilmington -- rather than directly to the City.

My blog uses FULL ADULT LANGUAGE and I express myself "dramatically" at times. This is called EFFECTIVE WRITING and does NOT necessarily reflect my actual attitude toward anyone or any concept. EVERYTHING is in context. it is here: .

SPECIAL NOTE to Episcopalians: YOU have a much better theology than my original Catholic Church -- I know TONS of fine Episcopalians and once worshiped in your churches. What I discovered about the Bishop of Cathedral St. John the Divine, the Episcopal Cathedral in Atlanta, and Sewanee (University of the South, an Episcopal Seminary and University) and how they CONSPIRED with the Republican Party to murder Tennessee Williams and then steal his estate from Harvard by bribing THREE FRIENDS OF MINE (one admitted they got paid by a "high-ranking Republican in the Tennessee state Legislature for LYING to overturn the Will Codicil that Jackie Kennedy Onassis first suggested to Tennessee in MY PRESENCE in 1982). 

I am in communication with the top three Anglican Prelate-types in England -- as well as some top Episcopalian bishops in the US about that (and Harvard, too, of course). this is being worked out.

Thank you,
Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mahalalel (The Prince of Peace), follows Kenan (Cainan) in the Judeo-Christian Bible, 1st Chronicles.