Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Just Offered Sen. Kay Hagan (Dem, NC), to Testify to Congress About NSA and CIA!!!

Earlier today, after giving a young man in Sen. Kay Hagan's Washington office a twenty minute explanation, I offered to cooperate with her and TESTIFY to CONGRESS on what the CIA/NSA has done to try to murder me -- and having failed THAT to destroy my communications.

I loved that when I asked him if the call was being recorded and if not to TURN ON recording, he replied, " We're not the NSA, Mr. Kenan!!!"

In any case, I told him I would prefer to work with a Senator from the state I'm registered to vote in --and Mr. Burr is pathetic. That is why Sen. Hagan's office has until coming Monday, noon, to contact me -- otherwise I'll find someone with more PATRIOTIC "BALLS".


No Working Computer, NOW!!!

The HACKERS have destroyed my Windows 7 computer beyond what I can repair, and if a computer doctor can't fix it, "Falconer St. just assures me that he will buy me a new one -- THANK GOD for such friends, no???

So I will blog less until I have a full-size keyboard again.

Completing yesterday's posting, I was bumped when I GOOGLED (gave CIA/NSA direct contact -- see the mainstream news on how that works), to find some of the slutty pics of Erin Burnett that are all over the Internets. Most important to add was that early afternoon, CNN debunked a Republican claim of a BREACH of Obamacare website -- clearing up that ONLY a potential problem was found and there never was a breach. Piers Morgan MANY HOURS LATER claimed that IT HAD been breached, DESPITE his own network correcting the story HOURS before.

Piers Morgan is the ONLY person I heard of IN YEARS to claim Oswald murdered Kennedy ALL ALONE. He's NAZI propagandist.

Obama got his pals to make tons of money off unworkable software because Bush Cheney blackmailed Obama's FAGGOT ASS. Obama's deal with the narco-trafficking NSA/CIA Republican NAZIs was to CAVE a few weeks ago, but REAL Patriots forced him to defy my mother (Bush/Cheney's NAZI Boss), and NOW the shit is HITTING the MEGA FAN!!!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Remaining HITLERIAN Question!!!/ CNN QUADRUPLES DOWN as Total NAZI!!!

>>> ADDED @ 6:23 PM, CDT: Tonight, NAZI Wolf Blitzer allowed Michelle Bachman-Pretzel-Twist-of-Logic to get away with ALL her lies, in a situation even NAZI LASS, Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt would have GONE FOR BACHMAN'S JUGULAR (just because she's s TRUE CUNT FER JESUS!!!).

THEN, Erin Burnett actually came off as NUETRAL -- perhaps she's felling some of my PRESSURE, no??? But I'll say THIS: I watched the DVD of a Trevor Horn-produced musical reunion in 2008, SLAVES TO THE RHYTHM, and Erin Burnett is standing up cheering like the drug-addled party girl she still WAS back then -- right before the pet shop Boy's first number. Let's see if I can find a pic of her from back then . . .

>>> The problem is that the NAZI Government is HIGHER than our "elected government" -- and REFUSES to give up ENSLAVING the world as much as possible.

AGAIN, the CIA/NSA has totally RE-CORRUPTED my Window7 computer -- despite my proving ALWAYS that I soon beat them by finding work-a rounds.

Silly NAZI Republicans!!!


1. I tend to believe President Obama -- just a tendency -- that he did NOT know about "website failure" in advance, but it is SO BAD it appears to be deliberate on SOMEONE'S part -- and so HUGE it would need to be a conspiracy.

2. Diane Feinstein was SHOCKED that NEITHER the President nor TOP-cleared Congressional leaders were briefed on the MOST INVASIVE spying they do, and she was quickly SHUT UP!!!

Remember, US Spying is with FAR more strength than other countries CAN DO, so shut the F up about "they spy on us". True, but we took it to a FAR higher level -- and told NO CONGRESSIONAL Oversight -- and try to MURDER ME as well!!!

3. Something is VERY SCREWY about the Intelligence surrounding Benghazi -- Obama, Clinton, and Republicans ALL having differing info!!!

I would bet my bottom dollar that my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh whom I TRAPPED into admitting being in communication with Boehner, Dick Cheney, and Coach Lou Holtz (Boehner's closest friend and our former NEIGHBOR from the late 1960s), at EXACTLY the time Republicans met with Obama and agreed to re-open the US Government!!!

Obama REMAINS the blackmailed homosexual enslaved to Bush/Cheney.

That's all.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RACKETEERING Charges for ALL Officials in Wilmington, NC -- (except Bill Saffo), ASAP -- UPDATED Oct. 30!!!

And MIRACULOUSLY my computer is suddenly WORKIN' RIGHT with NO NEW efforts on MY part.
More on all of this SOON (computer, holding steady!!!)!!!
* * *

>>> UPDATE Wednesday 30 October 2013: My Windows 7 computer is UNABLE to download and install Windows Defender updates and my anti-virus DID finally install for the FOURTH time in about two months -- that AFTER I un-installed Rapport, a program that Windows said I installed a week ago.

I had to think hard, but remember now that it was Bank of America's IT Department that recommended this security program in early 2012 after I got the account there and had problems with computer access of BoA. I did NOT install it a week ago!!! And while it might be a bad program NOW, it seemed good back then.

But this has NOT helped

1. Rapport was NOT listed in my programs list in Control Panel, so I could NOT un-install it.

2. After using Windows Restore back to BEFORE hackers or whomever actually installed "Rapport", nothing improves and BOTH Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers freeze, Task Manager will NOT load, and Windows will NOT shut down except for holding the Power button for 5 seconds.


I did discover that under Federal RACKETEERING LAW that the Law Enforcement, Courts, and Sen Goolsby will easily be charged under the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE parts.
Obstruction of Justice
A criminal offense that involves interference, through words or actions, with the proper operations of a court or officers of the court.

The integrity of the judicial system depends on the participants' acting honestly and without fear of reprisals. Threatening a judge, trying to bribe a witness, or encouraging the destruction of evidence are examples of obstruction of justice. Federal and state laws make it a crime to obstruct justice.


* * *

After THREE HOURS of corruption of my computer by THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, I doubt I will be allowed to continue long, now.

Details and Explanations coming soon . . .


Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Duper "WALK ON WATER" Cool -- Praise JESUS!!! !!! !!!

"Just Captured" (via the Internets)!!!

SURELY everyone got tired of my using the following picture of me with Jesus (the Original -- not much aged), and the


Well, on Facebook THIS pic showed up in my feed -- and I KNEW IT HAD TO BE HIM!!! I had seen NOTHING of him on Facebook since late 2009 -- and he posts ALL THE TIME:
Jonathan Andreoli (actually born in Uruguay -- I dated an "illegal" Uruguayan in Atlanta in 2009 -- his foreskin WOULD NOT RETRACT!!!), with his girlfriend -- THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!

>>> AND JUST NOW, Jonathan "liked" my comment that I am the 2 meters 10 CRAZY GRINGO he met in Parity Brazil in September of 2009 -- and I'm THRILLED to see him so happy!!!

You can SEE why I got a tad "aggressive" -- but Jonathan is a LATINO -- and NOBODY SOUTH OF THE US - MEXICAN BORDER gives a HOOT if ya make an unwanted pass -- they TAKE IT AS A COMPLIMENT!!!

And MOST Straight People are COOL!!!

Feeling Literary, I Wrote a Short Story and PUBLISHED IT!!!

The New York skyline in November of 1981.
RATED: "Four-minute read"


After she left, he turned to me.

“You should call me Tom,” he said. “It’s my given name, you know. Friends call me Tom.”

I had heard him addressed as Tennessee, Tenn, and Tom, and seen no pattern as to who called him what or why. I was glad that was settled—all week I had avoided addressing him by name.

Over dinner, we discussed the plan for arrival: where we would meet the driver, and the business obligations of the next day. Afterward, I sipped Courvoisier, watching as we crept past luminescent colonies far below, and then soon stood up and stepped carefully past Tennessee, heading to the forward lavatory.

Passengers stopped me.

“That’s Tennessee Williams, isn’t it?”

“Excuse me, is that Tennessee Williams?”

Of course, I knew that Tennessee was a public figure, but I had only known him in Key West—in his modest home and as just another islander. I was entering a different world now -- a world where he would have a certain stature and be recognized for it. New York would never be the same.

* * *




>>> And DON'T MISS yet ANOTHER freeing offering from me:



Meanwhile, Back at THIS BLOG . . .

As you can SEE, with two and a half days still to go this month, we are erecting a "BLOGGER'S PINGA" of EXCITEMENT, nes pas???

(This growth is PRIMARILY due to absolutely SURGING interest from countries NOT the USA or Mexico -- leading ones TODAY are United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Germany -- some could hit TRIPLE DIGITS AGAIN today!!!)


The latest posting of my NUTBALL NEPHEW Connor has this note attached: "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!"

That said, according to his Facebook page, Connor "Likes" women. It's SO HARD TODAY to know who is ACTUALLY gay or straight!!! My nephew Max claimed he was "domestic partners" with his college roommate on Facebook for a couple of years -- and I don't think he's gay AT ALL!!!

1. It has now been FOUR DAYS and STILL REFUSES to deal with me. They stopped sales of my Tennessee Williams memoir because Jed Clampon sued me IN ABSENTIA in Judge William Maddux's Cook County District Court in Chicago WITHOUT EVER LEGALLY SERVING ME, and (he only asked for $50K and a few blog posts to be removed but WON copyright ownership of my memoir, copyright ownership of ALL MY BLOG POSTS on -- AS WELL AS THE DOMAIN, and copyright ownership of ALL EMAILS I have, am, or will write UNTIL THE DAY I DIE on ANY OF THESE SUBJECTS!!!


Jed Clampon, Rahm Emanuel, and Barack Obama ALSO WON: HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!!!
(TEN TIMES what the suit asked for -- IN ABSENTIA -- and the SUIT WAS NEVER LEGALLY SERVED TO ME!!!)

Jed Clampon is short -- but has a HUGE PINGA!!!

THAT is what the Rahm Emanuel/Barack Obama DRUG MAFIA of CHICAGO (the biggest US Mafia trading through the CIA/NSA in Puerto Vallarta), did to me -- because Jed SAW Barack Obama in his private Gay Bathhouse in Chicago while Obama was still a Senator -- and I REPORTED IT ON THIS BLOG!!!.

TRUE, the Kenan Family controls BANK OF AMERICA and Jed was a Senior Vice President for Windy City Wazoos until he got demoted to "salesman" due to the TRUTH of what I published in this blog, but this is NOT over the banking rivalry -- I don't believe.

DISCLOSURE: FOX NEWS ONLINE is nearly ENTIRELY SUPPORTED by advertising by THE BREAKERS HOTEL in Palm Beach, which is ENTIRELY OWNED by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty Kenan of North Carolina!!!

2. If ANYONE believes that NO DEAL was made between Barack Obama (the blackmailed "Nigger-Fag"), and my mother's people to TANK OBAMACARE in Congress a few weeks ago, then YOU explain to us all why:

A. The technical glitches are SO OVERWHELMING it is CLEAR AS A BELL that the makers DID NOT EXPECT IT TO EVER GO UP!!!

B. That's why a LOT OF POLITICAL INSIDERS got TONS OF MONEY to PRETEND to produce working websites. They had to have SOME EVIDENCE that they worked for all the millions and millions they STOLE FROM TAXPAYERS.

C. But the AMERICAN PEOPLE stood up to the REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS and FORCED Obama NOT to cave.

D. And NOW Obama has to explain WHY he isn't just a pathetic sniveling black-mailed homosexual in service to narco-trafficking Dick Cheney, the Bush Family, AND the SUPPER narcotics peddlers, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Ask ANYONE in Mexico and they will tell you that CLINTON expanded the Bush Family's narco-ops (run by the CIA/NSA) in Mexico FASTER THAN THE BUSHES -- one of Bill Clinton's most STRATEGIC APPOINTMENTS was of Kelly Trainor de O, here in Puerto Vallarta.

To end on a more PLEASANT note, I learned that Tyler Perry lives in DEAN GARDENS in Atlanta, the largest house in TOWN (until very recently):

Some interiors of Dean Gardens See also: .
And if you want to STOP THE DESTRUCTION of Dean Gardens by Tyler Perry so he can BUILD SOMETHING BIGGER AND BETTER on the property, please see: .

A Dios!!!



What on EARTH -- My "Spiritual Heir" Has left His Job for CAVORTING WITH ELEPHANTS in an ELECTION YEAR!!!

Phone-Confirmed by my sister Jane, my nephew Connor Michael Kenan has left his job at Epic Systems (they ONLY donate to Democrats!!!), to "travel whilest he can".
Here is another shot of him:
1. Yes, that's right, I had a very nice (if brief -- she's at work), conversation with Jane this morning. She hasn't read that last posting yet, but seems to be of an "agreeable mind".
2. Yesterday, I got an email from Jim Morgan, Chair of 7th Congressional Democratic Party in North Carolina (Wilmington area), asking to be taken off my email list. While the answer is a resounding NO (I'm happy to take those off who are NOT involved in any of my "issues"), but then I looked at the Republican Party of New Hanover County's website -- and it's AS BAD AS THE DEMOCRATS'!!!:
A WHOLE SLATE OF CANDIDATES -- but ONLY Skip Watkins' listing links to INFO ON HIS POSITIONS!!!
So Skip (Republican), and Kevin O'Grady (Democrat), are the ONLY TWO who cared enough to post their positions -- and APPARENTLY BOTH of the Parties and ALL OF WILMINGTON are COOL WITH THAT!!!
Well, you can't call me a PARTISAN on this!!!
And I am NOT going to pester Wilmington about this election in terms of PERSONALITIES. My concerns about Wilmington are about its CORRUPT SYSTEMS, something we have to wait until after the election to begin addressing them THOROUGHLY.
I did not know this, did YOU???
3. Although it is annoying, I stay in my house and FIGHT WITH the CIA/NSA HACKERS -- but in the last several days I get NO INTERFERENCE with my Internets Connection unless I am POSTING TO BLOG and googling for info -- or emailing.
This morning I had to reset my modem EIGHT TIMES so far in trying to write this post. It's either the CIA/NSA or Carlos "Slim" Salim Helu -- the Arab Mexican that Presidente Carlos Salinas of Mexico HELPED CONTROL ALL MEXICAN MEDIA -- a BIG REASON why so many Mexicans DO NOT TRUST THE PRI PARTY AT ALL!!!
That said, it was Presidente Carlos Salinas's BEST FRIEND Dr. Waldemar Salazar who inspired me to KICK OUT the CIA/NSA narco-traffickers from Puerto Vallarta -- starting with Kelly Trainor de O, US Consular Agent!!!
And as ALL MEXICANS KNOW, Carlos 'Slim" MADE MOST OF HIS MONEY narco-trafficking with the BUSH FAMILY of the US of A!!!
Kelly Trainor de O
And you can read more about Martin Lamb, who thinking I had KENAN MONEY, disclosed to me that George W. Bush REGULARLY flies to visit him off-shore Panama in small jets LOADED WITH BUSH FAMILY NARCO-CASH!!!
I just discovered that the CIA/NSA/Carlos Slim have for the FOURTH TIME IN THREE MONTHS, disabled my Anti-Virus -- and even made it believe I have NO LICENSE when I try to re-activate it, so I guess I'll blog the rest later and take the time to RE-INSTALL!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What on EARTH Am I Gonna DO ABOUT THIS???

Top result of image googling "what on earth am I gonna do about this" -- I was really hoping to FIND OUT!!!

>>> EMAIL RECIPIENTS might not have SEEN my addition at the bottom of this from here: :

"I publicly THANK:

Countess Rose (Fitzgerald) Kennedy!!!
Edwina (Dakin) Williams!!!


Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan is STILL ALIVE and nearly 91 years old!!!

We didn't KILL EACH OTHER, and . . .



On a Sunday -- Two Days after the Rainy Season STOPS Each Year Because It Is Lena Ludwig Lapper's Londonish Birthday - -- --- ----

1. I began by watching Candy Crowley and Fareed Zacharia on CNN, and there I learned that I seem UNABLE to learn what the Conservatives/Republicans are TRYING TO SAY. I KNOW they have at least some important points, but absolutely REFUSING TO ANSWER  direct questions -- at one point causing Candy to paraphrase what the Republican was ACTUALLY SAYING (it was a ZOO!!!), and toss it back in his face. And then he kept interrupting the Dem, giving him NO RESPECT (which the Dem gave HIM) -- CLAIMING THE DEM WAS FILIBUSTERING!!!
Lies just do NOT make it, and I hope SOME Republicans come to their senses before they TOTALLY DESTROY the Republican Party!!!
I know and have known some TRUE REPUBLICANS and I ENCOURAGE them to take back the Party!!!
The other interesting thing was seeing how WEAK the USA is seen abroad -- and few countries trusting us any more after the six-weeks or whatever of dickering over Aid to Egypt (and then withdrawing much of it), as well as that "red line" in Syria -- followed by A CHANGE OF SUBJECT.
This is a very REAL change in the ENTIRE WORLD (and in many ways I think it is GOOD to get past America as the BIG BEHEMOTH). But it ALSO means it is a very DANGEROUS TIME.
For more on the Saudi Royal Family (now AGGRESSIVELY funding both Al-Quaeda and Jihadists), and how they trained the pilots for 9/11 in concert with the Bush and Cheney Families: .

This even goes for ME!!!

2. As you might or might not have imagined, I get TONS of people finding this blog who are looking for NEKKID CELEBRITIES and NONE more than Adam Kokesh
Adam Kokesh posted this pic of himself to ENFLAME his closet-case fag supporters.
Of course the OTHER BIG DESIRE of people is seeking to see Prince Harry's "Red-Nested, English FLORIDIAN PENINSULA!!!".

Quite frankly, I once DID have a photo or two of that (a quite nice one!!!), but they seem to have disappeared. I DO think you will find this posting that has NO X-RATED photos (or SUPER FOWL Scott Language) if you click this link:

* * *

Recent hijinks at the HIGHLAND GAMES FESTIVAL in Stone Mountain Park!!!


By chance this morning, I ran into "origin of Keenan family" info (yes, the two-e version is preferred, that being the Irish, while Kenan like me is filtered through Scotland -- the country that RESPECTS the Rules of Phonics and SPELLS IT RIGHT!!!). It agrees PRECISELY with what I learned at a booth at the HIGHLAND GAMES festival in Stone Mountain Park in fall of 1989 -- and NOT ONCE seen since.

From here: .


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Keenan (Cianán) is a male Irish name which means "ancient, distant" . (According to the METAPHYSICAL BIBLE DICTIONARY, published by Unity Church, I WAS WRONG in memory, and one-E Kenan means: Kenan (mbd) Kenan, ke'-nan (Heb.)-- self-centered one; acquisitive; fixed; ownership; central ...  Search online here!!!: . And don't forget that Kenan is in the Judeo-Christian Bible, Chronicals I, early.) Keenan is an Anglicisation of the Irish name Cianán which is a diminutive of Cian. The Ó Cianáin clan (Keenan) were the traditional historians to the McGuire clan.

Recorded as O'Keenan and more usually Keenan, this is an Irish surname. Found mainly in the Ulster and northern counties of Fermanagh and Monaghan, it originates from the ancient pre 10th century Gaelic name O' Cianain meaning "The descendant of the faithful one" or similar. It may not have been entirely coincidence that the clan was famous throughout the Medieval Period for producing both high-ranking members of the church, and early historians, in several cases the same thing.

The first recorded scribe was Adam O' Caianain, who was also the canon of Lisgool in Fermanagh. He is mentioned in the annals known as the "Four Masters" as being the historian to the famous Maguires of County Fermanagh. It is said that in 1659 in Petty's Census of Ireland that the spelling was found as MacKeenan, but if so this spelling is now completely extinct and research suggests that the original recording may have been a clerical mistake.

Interesting that the Irish think Lions are as black as "sub-Saharans" , no???
In FACT, the first Keenans to come to America were Patrick, Thomas, and William, who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about the time of the Civil War.

"Live Life to the Fullest"
But ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, we're all just one big happy(?), bi-spellin'bi-sexual, BIPOLAR FAMILY!!!

Now, let's work on the HAPPINESS!!!