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REPRINT: Holy Mama of CRAPA-COLA -- the Puerto Vallarta Writers Club Meets at the BASE of My HILL!!!

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This is actually Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, two days ago. The copyright to this photo is owned by Lumina News and if Pat Bradford requests it, I will remove the photo. Here is the original article: .

And here is where the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group meets -- at the Boutique Theater:

No TELLIN' what kind of trouble I can get into with a REAL LIVE THEATER only three blocks from home!!!

(Volunteer work, 7-foot giant wearing sandwich-board advertising amongst the mini-Mexicans, one man show that can play setlessly at unused times to raise money -- or even some for me if I get a visa that allows work. Maybe do it at SEVERAL theaters to raise money all around town for theaters, etc. -- I just TREMBLE to imagine . . . )

Let's face it: I DO tend to get "carried away" -- but there are so MANY possibilities of WHERE things might go . . .


1. "'Dear Einstein, Do Scientists Pray?' Asks Sixth Grader -- See His Amazing Response" from Kenan-Family-Associated, here is the letter exchange and the entire article can be read here: .

January 19, 1936
My dear Dr. Einstein,
We have brought up the question: Do scientists pray? in our Sunday school class. It began by asking whether we could believe in both science and religion. We are writing to scientists and other important men to try and have our own question answered.
We will feel greatly honored if you will answer our question: Do scientists pray, and what do they pray for?
We are in the sixth grade, Miss Ellis's class.
Respectfully yours,
He replied a mere five days later, sharing with her his thoughts on faith and science:
January 24, 1936
Dear Phyllis,
I will attempt to reply to your question as simply as I can. Here is my answer:
Scientists believe that every occurrence, including the affairs of human beings, is due to the laws of nature. Therefore a scientist cannot be inclined to believe that the course of events can be influenced by prayer, that is, by a supernaturally manifested wish.
However, we must concede that our actual knowledge of these forces is imperfect, so that in the end the belief in the existence of a final, ultimate spirit rests on a kind of faith. Such belief remains widespread even with the current achievements in science.
But also, everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that some spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe, one that is vastly superior to that of man. In this way the pursuit of science leads to a religious feeling of a special sort, which is surely quite different from the religiosity of someone more naive.
With cordial greetings,
your A. Einstein

2. That's right folks -- DESPITE "separation of Church and State", religious orgs in the USA spend nearly $400,000,000.00 in POLITICAL ACTIVITY each year:

3. Another cause of "The American Problem":

4. And now I must return to the doctora to see what she thinks of my foot's healing process . . .



Thursday, January 30, 2014

REPRINT: My Day Began at Mismaloya, Mexico, home of BOTH The Night of the Iguana and the ENTIRE "Predator" Film Franchise

REPRINTED from here

Looking to the mouth of Rio Mismaloya, this morning, from the footbridge at the center of village.

1. Pedro, or as I call him: the Pope of Mismaloya, is going to Colorado soon to help his gringo girlfriend who has a health challenge -- fortunately Pedro has had a US Green Card for many years, now. Teo's, the palapa bar/restaurant that stands where the palapa bar was in the movie THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, is owned by Pedro, and has LOST its entire beach at high tide, but has a huge raised and covered platform seating about 60 diners and strong WiFi -- and Pedro has his fingers in many business pies, so will do fine. And the beach is returning at this time of year.

I had an early lunch there today, and also sniffed around to discover that currently, Mota de Mismaloya (a pungent herb, often smoked in pipes or joints), in grande-bud form is going for 420 pesos for a bag of about 1.5 ounces, which works out to $21.21 per ounce USD. This means that there is PLENTY of economic pressure to import it even to Colorado. That said, it is the natural strength like we knew in college in the 1970s -- which quite frankly is ALL YOU NEED if you don't need to get completely BLOTTO.

2. A gringo couple, there, reminded me of something -- and I even found an image of it on Face the Book:

Of COURSE one could raise TONS of employees' wages to at least semi-decency if TOP corporate wages were kept to about 25 times that of their LOWEST paid employees -- like was the case, generally, about the time I graduated college in 1973 -- perhaps topping out at a million or two per year, and no one in Corporate America getting paid MORE, like it was when I was in my twenties.

Consider a company paying a minimum of $10.00/hour. The CEO could make no more than $520,000.00 per year -- and this would be like it was under Richard Nixon (Bebe Rebozo's long time homosexual lover).

2. I met a man -- a native of Puerto Vallarta and a little younger than me -- whose uncle was Richard Burton's water-taxi driver during that filming and afterward, he and Elizabeth Taylor as well as John Huston LONG keeping residences in PV. He agreed with me that Presidente Salinas, often called by Mexicans "the Richard Nixon of Mexico", was their WORST -- and that Bill Clinton was the most DESTRUCTIVE American President to Mexican Society and Families BECAUSE he advanced CIA narco-trafficking in Mexico so enormously -- FAR more than either Bush President, whose family got the BULK of Clinton's efforts' profits.

But the US Press never publishes a BIT of this -- since it is completely CIA-controlled. Pity.


Nothin' more to say about hypocrisy -- or the Official Response of Republicans to Obama's State of the Union Address. 

4. I discovered that the Writers' Group I had belonged to in 2010 has recently regrouped under the leadership of Colin, former Censor for the BBC -- who is NOT an old prude, so I will check that out this Saturday -- especially since they now meet in a THEATER.

5. Having home Internet is like having a passport and lots of money. It is taking me a while to get used to it after a month or so of not having it!!!


My nephew Connor Kenan is now paddling on the Mekong River, which leads to this morning's view of Rio Mismaloya, looking upriver from the same bridge at top of this posting. You see how the narrow river emerges from the jungle and widens before flowing into the sea:

Mountains are behind this, but don't show due to contrast and how it registers in my camera.



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

REPRINT: WARNING!!! WARNING!!!: CNN Women Heat Up on the Icy “Ag-ray” – Atlanta Men-Folk: HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!! (Includes bonus parallel non-mobility situation in Tropical Puerto Vallarta.)

Re-printed from here:

This is Eduardo Lalo, and the photo that came up when, still with no home Internet, I searched my photos for CNN images. In 2008 or 09, Eduardo, who is from Chile, was an intern at CNN International in Atlanta – and I dated him. He once road out an ice storm in my bed. That’s all (except Larry King agrees with me: if CNN keeps avoiding reporting actual NEWS, they should just run old cartoons to improve their ratings).

>>> LATE ADDED NOTE: My home internet is now repaired and working, so YES, VIRGINIA, tomorrow IS another day (code scarlett). And I just learned that even though Google and other search engines claim to PICK UP new internet content within a week at most so people can search for it, then, Google, Bing, etc. DID THIS for my first blog but NO ONE finds this new blog using US-based search engines, although foreign ones DO find it.

I might have to keep MASS EMAILING until this is resolved and the CIA allows me to be FOUND.

1.      At 12:15 PM, yesterday, Atlanta Interstates were flowing normally – and at 12:39 PM, the Interstate Highways all showed to be clogged. The storm had been predicted to hit worse farther south, but when it came, precipitation fell far more quickly than any similar event (Atlanta getting usually 1 – 4 ice storms per year, most years I lived there 1983 – 2010), than any that I remember – and TYPICALLY, ice storms in Atlanta don’t get highway-icy until late afternoon, which everyone just assumes will happen – despite yesterday’s colder temps.

Atlanta is as auto-dependent as Los Angeles – with similar traffic problems, many living 20 – 30 miles outside the city, so the low number of accidents with serious injuries is amazing, and the rest of the troubles of getting people home gave all a chance to ENJOY AND HELP THEIR NEIGHBORS.

The event was just MAGNIFIED, but very typical for that part of Georgia.

2.      The female Heads on CNN are MAD AS HELL, and are NOT going to let this pass until SOMEONE GOES TO THE GUILOTINE!!! The reporter-type females and generally all the males (and the people who called with stories of being/having been stuck), are taking it in normal stride – despite the extent of the mayhem.

3.      MY digestion:

A.    This situation was in “full crazies” by 2:00 or 3:00 PM, but CNN gave it little but cursory coverage up until AFTER the President spoke at 9:00 PM, and I don’t know when they actually switched from digestion of the Prez’s speech to coverage of Atlanta. So CNN is guilty of giving it little attention THEN, and HYPER-MAD-WIMIN OFF-WITH-THEIR-HEADS coverage NOW, completely IGNORING all other stories of note, even morning-after digestion of Obama’s words – their specialty.

B.     ‘Nuff said – this is a COMPLETE FAIL on CNN’s part, and an exceptional convergence of things that has temporarily paralyzed Atlanta – mostly due to it being so AUTO-DEPENDENT.

This TOO will pass.


4.      Down here in the tropical rain-forest of Puerto Vallarta, now dry for the winter, the weather truly could not be more lovely, BUT, this mostly humid weather causes the tiny thin wires of land-line phone connections (exact same type as in the USA), to corrode ALL THE TIME, but not KNOWING THAT, I assumed it was “the Hackers”, who DO also give me problems -- and this wiring problem having been fixed in my house 11 months ago, without correct explanation to me so I understood how lines deteriorate here, is what is mostly behind my deteriorated-until-completely-gone Internet connection, the interior wires now checked by my landlord’s tech, the problem is outside with TelMex’s wires.

So easy enough to solve, but COMMUNICATION with the TELEPHONE COMPANY has been the NEW problem – due to the fact that there is virtually NO WAY to call the land-line company except on a land line, telephone dialing in Mexico (especially on land-lines), requires a PhD to perform. My neighbors-whom-I-know have only cell phones, so I got my landlord to call – and I have been waiting for service since noon yesterday, a second call placed by landlord this morning due to TelMex usually taking care of repair calls the same day.

TelMex has my cell number now and landlord said they would call within a few minutes – but that was two hours ago, now – LOL – Mexican Time!!! But God Bless CNN, I just turned them on and FINALLY they found some other news to report (however, this lasted only a couple of minutes).

5.      I called Mom today to see how Raleigh did (two inches of fine snow and deep cold), but we had a lot of fun reminiscing about how much fun snow and Southern ice storms can be – and how it brings out the best in everyone, Mom’s neighbors having come over and shoveled my parents’ steep drive.

6.      The President made his case well last night, and he seemed ENCOURAGED about moving forward. He said nothing meaningful about the CIA/NSA problem, but as I’ve said, something of this size and type (including protection of rogue Government running Worldwide Hard-Drug Trafficking), cannot be publicly talked about – especially with four living Presidents having facilitated it. Only now are reports beginning to surface of the NSA/CIA having harassed anyone like they have harassed me.

And as I’ve said, I am laying off all this stuff unless I have more attacks, so I do NOT expect to be mass emailing anymore except to announce major events in my progress forward to law suits and/or writing. I leave you with the first photo taken with my new camera of last night’s sunset – not spectacular, but I’m STUCK WAITING FOR THE PHONE COMPANY, so my photography SHOULD get more interesting as my mobility imporves or improves, depending.



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

REPRINT: What’s UP, Daddy-O???

RE-PRINTED from here

1.      First, I must say that having gotten key points of my experience to Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I seem to have been rid of nearly all tension – in fact the last couple of nights, I drank less than 2/3 a bottle of red wine – because that is all that interested me. Otherwise, for the last half year, most nights I would not only down a complete bottle of wine, but four or five cocktails as well -- while my neighbors burned piles of pot so I had to inhale that too. It is a MIRACLE that I ever wrote all these blog posts – nearly all of them in the morning – even though with no home Internet they went out mostly mid-afternoon. You might not like my politics, but despite typos and other errors I’ve become a damn good writer – and with sense of HUMOR intact!!!

You see,  when I last visited Liberty Hall in Kenansville, NC (and was allowed IN – I twice tried to visit in early 2011, and was turned away, the first time by the entire staff simply disappearing and doors all locked – after I had PAID, but gotten some lunch first elsewhere because no one could guide me for half an hour, the second, a week or so later when the Sheriff of Duplin County pulled in shortly after me and in a very kindly and friendly way explained that some “females” there had had a CONNIPTION OF FEAR and it would be best for me to wait a week or two and all would be fine), I never tried again.

But the time BEFORE those, a kindly older lady who took me around actually let me open some of the very old books in the library, and the ones I looked at about spirituality might have been THE SCIENCE OF MIND written in 17th or 18th Century language, and since Kenans then were all Presbyterian, I KNEW that must be the church for me (of Christianity), and if the Kenans later got into the Episcopal Church, they HAD to still have those Ancient Kenan Values – so all HAD TO work out eventually.

2.      I suppose I seemed HARD on Tom Kenan in my last posting, but if you play at the top, you have to be able to CONFRONT REALITY and ACT ACCORDINGLY. And I really do believe that Tom Kenan was born and raised in a BUBBLE of UNREALITY, possibly maintained for him by women, the Episcopal Church, and assorted Greed-Bots of various descriptions. You see, throughout the 1970s and 1980s, I continued to get to Wilmington every couple of years at least, and this was when Wilmington had at least FIVE VERY SUCCESSFUL GAY BARS, each one at least as large as Ibiza is today.

“Where Have All the Faggots Gone???” ~ with apologies to the late, great Pete Seeger.

Of course, I met a LOT of gay North Carolinians back then, and ALL of them knew Tom Kenan, who must have been the toast of gay NC – they all partied with him frequently, and in fact, I dated his old boyfriend Robbie, in 1985, Robbie having only the nicest things to say about Tom. But what Robbie said that I liked BEST, was that he accompanied Tom to many Society Functions, where people frequently asked Tom for a piano or organ for their school or church and Tom was always happy to help out.

You see, this was the continuation of policy of Henry Flagler, who had ALWAYS given any church, school, or philosophical society a piece of land and choice of piano or organ as he developed Florida – and Kenans were ALWAYS fans of music, especially.

But in 2010 when I began researching on Tom online, I found absolutely NOTHING if I searched for his name and gay or homosexual together – WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??? Even today, he has a male lover in his twenties despite Tom being about 74. If this is a REAL May/November romance, Tom would PROUDLY have Christopher (Jonathan???) at his side socially as well – like the Pembroke Joneses always socialized with Pembroke’s male lover, and who were such close friends to Mary Lily.

And I had been sort of “captured and controlled” by “the Truman Capote of North Carolina”, Rafael Cherry of Durham – a TOTAL SHILL of his alma mater, Sewanee/The University of the South – then a respected artist, now completely addicted to pain meds he gets from his Czech physician boyfriend, who is head of R&D at a major pharmaceuticals company in the Research Triangle – and Rafael ADMITTED TO ME his drug addictions about a year and a half ago.

Such is the EVIL of much of the Episcopal Church.

3.      As I have tried to make clear, my intention is NOT to try to get Tom Kenan to do ANYTHING – but to follow his “still small voice”, now that he has the info I sent him. He is a KENAN, and our family has a LONG TRADITION of serving God, Country, and Family IN THAT ORDER.

4.      As to more immediate and practical matters, trying to sort out the difficulty of my DSL home Internet connection, I have discovered that my TelMex land-line phone (which I have not used at all), has ALSO stopped working. Readers will recall that neither worked beginning a week or so after installation, and that my landlord discovered something had deteriorated in the in-house wiring, his technician sort of gerry-rigging things so that three of six outlets then worked – but NOT the others that had all previously worked. So there appears to be NEW deterioration which should soon be fixed again – the hacking problems continued on most other WiFi connections after I was online for 45 minutes or so, so that TOO has been a real problem (except when I used the WiFi downstairs from the US Consulate in Nuevo Vallarta where my computer was ATTACKED FEROCIOUSLY even as it was booting up.

So, YES, I will pursue suing/bringing charges against the City of Wilmington, NC, North Carolina Courts, Dekalb County Courts in Georgia – and Cook County, Illinois Courts and individuals as well. I hope to get the aid of at least one of the orgs protecting the rights of bloggers. In the meantime, I expect to begin working on a book or books detailing my experience with the identity of minor characters protected, and I will NOT be blogging much politics, my case already having been THOROUGHLY MADE.

Although I would have happily REMOVED my old/other blog, had Tom Kenan responded AT ALL and asked that, SOONER, his slowness to even let me know he will look into these matters PROVES TO ME he is living like an OLD DINOSAUR who has no idea that the world actually moves now at the speed of lightening, so my hopes for him have not improved – nor have they been abandoned. And as I’ve said, the Age of Kenan (“Kenan” meaning “sadness” or “over acquisitiveness” – depending on which Bible Dictionary you consult), DOES LEAD to the Age of Mahalalel, or The Prince of Peace. Tom and his relatives’ ACTIONS from now on will determine the role of Kenans in this new Age of the Artist – but I ASSURE YOU that no Kenan (including me), is necessary to completing GOD’S PLAN.

God always WINS, regardless.



Sunday, January 26, 2014

REPRINT: Barack Obama to Channel Dwight Eisenhower???

Re-Printed from here

“Why not???” ~ Miss Coco Peru, who was BRILLIANT (like a young Tori Spelling), in the romantic comedy TRICK, will be appearing at The Palm Cabaret and Bar in Puerto Vallarta February 1 – 13, The Palm being the bar I had lent several dance-club-friendly DVDs to play on their big screen in 2010 – but they REFUSED to return them to me. Water over, under, or through the damn, now.

Readers all know I met The Lady Chablis in her dressing room in Savannah after her show the day Lady Diana was murdered (and have recently communicated with her now that she’s moved to Atlanta), as well as Curtis, Wilmington, NC’s reigning drag queen who had a LOT TO SAY about the secret sex lives of the town’s PROMINENT People. Police have LONG known that if you want to know the TRUTH – ASK A DRAG QUEEN!!!


1.      First, the MOST important thing about me sending so much information to Thomas S. Kenan III via his employee Steve Armstrong is that EVERY decision or action Tom Kenan takes (including going to church), from now on is based in his KNOWING all these things. He can NEVER play stupid until the day he dies. So he will be judged accordingly.

And in private communication with “Dagwood”, I learned he had facilitated a strong business move by Frank Hawkins Kenan many years ago, but alarmingly, he wrote me I had “served my sentence admirably” – of staying out of North Carolina for a year, so he figures Tom will – or at least SHOULD -- allow me to return to the USA, and he, Dagwood, had already alerted a couple people high in the CIA to get this word out. FIRST, one must remember that something is LESS THAN STABLE about Dagwood so he might be “talking through his hat” – and the impression I got from this is that Tom Kenan is NOT the person who controls CIA – but that Dagwood (who is proud of his connection to Dick Cheney), has already been working on them.

And FYI, if you carefully examine the trucking companies owned by Kenan Advantage Group, you see they are VERY involved in trucking not only in the USA, but in Canada and Mexico as well (mostly under other names), and I would not be surprised at all that the legislation signed by President GW Bush to facilitate a major truck-way connecting the three countries was indeed formulated and passed to benefit KAG, especially – so naturally, all associated with the company have been HUGE supporters of Republican Candidates and PACs.

2.      Yesterday, I had a great day in Zona Romantica (aka Old Town or Gay City), spending an hour at the Gringo Market sponsored by the International Friendship Club. Even having spent nearly no time in that area since returning to Mexico nearly two years ago, I am amazed how many people know me as I just walked around – and in that market. I even saw Luis Melgoza of the CIA,, and the most popular GAY RAG here – as well as the guy who was a Christian minister and cheap jewelry street-seller in 2010, who mysteriously came to work for Mailboxes, Etc., and was assigned by the PARENT company to work in the local office here right after I arrived back in spring 2012. At that time, he used to come to my apartment on the clock to explain things about Mexican Immigration Law – and get his manly fluids expressed as well. Yesterday, I saw he has grown fatter, uglier, and is now showing a touch of gray – he sitting fifteen feet from me with a totally mean-faced fat old man as I ate lunch – my point being that Puerto Vallarta is big enough for ALL of us to live in Peace.


Benjamin Shield’s apartment building where he held me hostage in 2010 until I got the assistance of the Police Chief of Puerto Vallarta, has fallen into disrepair.

Salvador Fuentes, who had claimed in 2010 to be my fourth cousin and introduced me to a FAKE 60 MINUTES investigator allegedly sent by Thomas S. Kenan III to get my story and PROMISED 60 MINUTES would run at least two segments on it, was not there – but usually is, still. Sal and Luis worked and work together, and have been PROVEN to be associated with not only rogue US Special Forces Agent Benjamin Shields (who with his wife Adrianna have since disappeared), but “Toro” once stopped into Luis’s office to GET ORDERS, which he asked for before noticing me. Maybe they AREN’T all CIA – but they are DEFINITELY unsavory characters (my fave types in the “literary sense”).

The best part was seeing how my friend Peter of BagelVallarta, or similar, has GROWN HIS BUSINESS (and finding good Italian sausages with FENNEL SEED), and I found out about a GOOD Writers Group and expect to soon join it. I will no longer play hermit, fighting corruption, only.

And tomorrow, I will first try to re-establish home Internet – then contact the organizations protecting BLOGGER’S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

4.      With all the talk of the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles first coming to the USA, I remind readers that I had a NEAR MISS with them on their SECOND visit, when to shield them from all the INSANITY, my then girlfriend, Marlowe Schaefer, was THRILLED that because her brother Bruce was head of marketing for a big Philadelphia radio station, arrangements had been made for the Beatles to hide out at Marlowe’s parents’ house in West Chester, PA, but it didn’t work because the Beatles simply couldn’t get out of Philly due to MAYHEM.

How much of this was youthful fantasy and how much real, I do not know – but Marlowe was certainly convinced of it!!! And I much later ended up with TONS of connections to Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono as described in old and new blogs.

5.      And this brings me to my nephew Connor Kenan, who in 2010 escaped a planned marriage to a young woman from a multiply-yachted family who lived next door to Bebe Rebozo’s old place in Key Biscayne, Florida. Bebe, of course, recently PROVED to have been Richard Nixon’s LONG TERM sexual lover – and previously the lover of Howard Hughes, whose Dad founded TOOLCO originally with the FATHER of “Texas” Kate (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, later McNamara’s FIRST husband, Dudley Sharp, Jr. as the Sharp-Hughes Tool Company, Dudley I becoming Eisenhower’s Secretary of the Air Force who wrote the United States’ FIRST laws governing nuclear warfare in Outer Space – as well as Eisenhower’s chief ally (late in his term), in fighting the Military-Industrial Complex (Dudley later recanting after threats were made to his family).

Sifting through all of this, these things are true:

A.    Kate Schweppe grew up in Atlanta, her family very close to the families of BOTH Frank Hawkins Kenan (before he moved to Durham, NC), and his brother, James G. Kenan – which is where she learned to act like THE WEALTHIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD, and was as admitted by Tenn to her and me, the model for the central character in his last full-length play, IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE (the silent, tall, black character, Mac, is based on me). That play is about the End of the World, and BABE, the wealthiest woman, is held in a movie-set world and manipulated by Gideons (Episcopalians???), so knows little of what is real. (Could this be true of Tom Kenan???)


Tom Kenan (in red tie), at UNCW

C.     Kate’s eldest, Dudley Sharp III, now of Houston, Texas, and a rabid racist Republican, is the ONLY KNOWN literal Godson of Tennessee Williams, and Episcopal. As I’ve said many times, despite the crimes of the Episcopal Church, I’ve known TONS of fine Episcopalians.

D.    President Obama could “pull an Eisenhower” and abandon his promises to bankers and Wall Street to PRIMARILY look after their interests – as well as his being blackmailed over his profligate gay past to protect CIA/NSA/US Military involvement in narco-trafficking for the Bush/Cheneys. We will get some indication from his State of the Union Address, I reckon.

E.     And best of all, my nephew Connor has found a TRUE LOVE in Cambodia, this new picture being the proof of that:



Friday, January 24, 2014

REPRINT: “You Will Be ENTIRELY Translated by the Heavenly Zithers.”


>>> GUESSING GAME: WHICH established religious congregation in Wilmington, North Carolina did I call while there, asking what their services were like, and the minister said this FIRST??? I’ll get back to that in a minute.

1.      I guess I SHOULD say that I never attended their services – but HAD I (and thus been “properly translated”), I might not now have such a peculiar life – but that is all water over (under???) the bridge, now – I guess.

2.      Not having mentioned this in a fair while, I should remind all that I would FAR RATHER I was proved WRONG about most things – and even suffer consequences of jail or nut-house commitment – than be RIGHT about it or major parts. HELL, I’d suffer something as excruciatingly painful as nailed crucifixion if that could CHANGE major parts of what I know – but that is not how REALITY WORKS, and I AM convinced that if I hadn’t ACTED like what I know is true, I would NEVER have survived this long – and I believe I’m on the cusp of THRIVING (not that the evidence so far proves this to many).

And to think that unlike Edward Snowden, whom I’ve always called my “spiritual twin”, I never had access to ANY government secrets – I got all my info just carefully observing my own FAMILY – and their associates.

3.      Let me clean up a couple of things. “Dagwood” is a genuinely nice guy with the best of intentions – our only differences have to do with our belief systems and understanding of reality – most of those stemming from our Spiritual Beliefs. He has no problem with gay people at all – but I wonder how many openly gay people attend his Fundamentalist church – or what would be preached to them about that, there.

This might not be FAIR, but in my experience most men attend church (or at least the ONE they attend), because of the influence of WOMEN, typically a spouse -- but sometimes to please their mothers, aunts, etc. And one thing NO Christian of any stripe denies, is that Jesus OUTLAWED women playing significant roles in the lives of his closest circle of twelve. This has less to do with anyone’s specific sexuality than with the fact that people were ANIMALS back then (compared to most people now – although this can be hard to believe), and animal woman is CRAZED for security for her young, animal man humping nearly anything that moves – and then often running off. It is entirely NATURAL for un-evolved women to become TOTAL CONTROLLERS, but if you actually FOLLOW the Teachings of Jesus – you EVOLVE!!!

Of course, this explains why Catholic clergy are not allowed sexual relationships – the personal can really DISTRACT, especially if clergy takes an unpopular but courageous stand, and either a man OR a woman doing THAT gets un-evolved women into HYPER-TIZZY.

And that quote that forms today’s title, was by the wife of a husband and wife minister pair at the Spiritual Living Center of Cape Fear (or similar), “Spiritual Living Centers” being what most Churches of Religious Science or Science of Mind BECAME in recent years, and MOST of them have come to emphasize one’s FEELINGS (female aspect), over RATIONAL THOUGHT (male aspect), which they PREVIOUSLY emphasized. And that female minister was referring to their opening meditation, and seemed QUITE PROUD to have folks playing ZITHERS, which I think is a traditional small, horizontal harp that is hammered, strummed, and plucked (but having no home INTERNET, I can’t check), she only wanted to share her excitement about the FEELING the instrument’s sounds evokes.

Evolved men and women know the importance of BOTH (and also know we ALL contain both, regardless our equipment or sexual habits), but RATIONAL THOUGHT must always LEAD with FEELINGS being God’s gift of a FEEDBACK SYSTEM to steer us right. We have ALL gotten ideas that sounded very good – only to be slapped in the face by our conscience, so hopefully we don’t DO THAT. This is the proper alignment of male and female aspects in ANY individual.

4.      It was only the accident of Dagwood’s friending me before he sought job-help from Tom Kenan – and, Dagwood being mysterious to me and telling me he had mentioned me to Tom, so I felt AYE should define myself to Mr. Kenan first – and indeed, when I spoke with Tom’s associate a few days ago, I BROUGHT UP that the Kenans have NEVER defined themselves or their goals to the Public, and if they DON’T SOON, their enemies WILL.

I need to disclose two things: the reason I had originally misunderstood Dagwood (thinking he somehow represented Tom Kenan), was his work history and Kenans he has known or worked for in the distant past. But he quickly suggested that I (knowledge/love of both history and art), would be perfect to head up the Kenan Collections at UNC, organizing even traveling themed shows of parts of their extensive collections that are all OVER the place, including in many universities and places like The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.

The obvious problem with that is WHAT IF I OPEN MY MOUTH??? I mean, like religion, Art and History are for EVERYONE, so I would have to be the CONSUMMATE DIPLOMAT – which is NOT my quality I’ve been lately demonstrating – although that is VERY MUCH a part of my usual personality, which I’ve been TRYING to FREE.

So I have set aside THAT idea, but admit I would LOVE to sit around with Tom Kenan and some of his “inner circle” – hyena laughter being a prime result (I think).

And Dagwood DID send me his letter to Tom, which I received after writing my most previous posting. In it, he mentions some of his own connections (including to Dick Cheney – who with his wife were two of the LARGEST donors to the restoration of the Flagler Museum – but polar opposite of people I would choose to mention as personal connections), and gingerly requests consideration for jobs FIRST FOR OTHERS in his family – and then himself as well. Absolutely nothing wrong with that and that order indicates more good about Dagwood. I’m just not sure that Tom, who is not likely involved in day-to-day business decisions, is the person he should have contacted for this.

So whether or not Tom Kenan replies to me is of far less importance than that he carefully considers what I’ve written him – I mean to put no pressure on him, otherwise.

5.      I think this should CONCLUDE my discussion of distant Kenans – at least for now, and I will take Tom’s business OFF my email list.

6.      So having made myself as clear as I possibly can, it is NOW TIME for me to get serious and contact those orgs that protect the RIGHTS OF BLOGGERS/JOURNALISTS, no???

No TELLING what might come of THAT.

I remain . . .



Thursday, January 23, 2014

REPRINT: After Writing Tom Kenan Yesterday, DRUG TRASH Attacked My House at Exactly 8:43 PM, Local!!!

Reprinted from here: .

This is “Toro” who has not only held me captive for 5 – 6 weeks in his then Crack House-now-a-Meth House at 1690 Calle Costa Rica in 2010, but tried to kill me a couple of times a few months ago. I have no idea the identity of who “paid me a call” last night, actually.

I should first make clear that Tom Kenan had absolutely nothing to do with this – it was the same NSA/CIA Wells Fargo Bank Chicago/Emanuel/Obama Drug Mafia so closely associated with the Bush/Cheneys and Episcopal Church. Readers will recall that when I witnessed my landlady in Chacala, Nayarit just over a year ago loading the 24 two-or-more kilos bags of powder drugs into her car from the Oregon state American trafficker, that I knew plenty of THAT bunch too – and they were ALL Episcopalian, and their wives loved to brag about all the lovely work they do in an Episcopalian homeless soup kitchen in Tijuana – the problem being that they said it was in the center of a truly lovely, gated community.

Of course Bush was referring to DOMESTIC oil production which FELL every year of his presidency – like the Kenan Companies descended from Standard Oil, and after the Obamas left Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s various THANGS, they became EPISCOPALIANS in the White House – until they just stopped going to church anymore much at all.


HOW MANY homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and similar do YOU know of in upscale gated communities??? The FACT IS that narco-trafficking is a HUGE BUSINESS for the Episcopal Church, and it MAKES SENSE!!! Every other Protestant Church that I ever heard of began with a REFORMER, whether YOU or I agree with his/her new idea. The Church of England began because a petulant, obese, gouty guy needed an heir, so the Anglican/Episcopal Church BEGAN by covering King Henry VIII’s crimes against both God’s Laws and Man’s.


1.      My HUGEST SHOUT OUT to Mr. Piers Morgan for his show last night (and the night before), for so brilliantly facilitating the absolute self-immolation of Ann Coulter (aka, “The Uniter!!!”)!!! She (Ann) couldn’t have done it better or more completely, but in the heat of her dying, I think even Piers might have missed her most DAMNING RACIST THING. I immediately wrote down the quote so I would be accurate, she talking about civilization in the USA in general and said, “In the first 200 years after humans first arrived . . .” In context, she meant WHITE PEOPLE.

Now of COURSE many or most Protestants now believe that Native Americans and even BLACK PEOPLE are human beings, but they DID claim Jesus wanted them to murder Native Americans and claim their “Whitey Manifest Destiny” as well as kidnap and enslave black Africans – and then Adolf Hitler always claimed that the American Protestants were his TOP INSPIRATION for genocide during der THIRD REICH.

While I’m on the subject of WHITEY NUTBALLS, Glenn Beck appears to be heading the “re-messaging” of the Republican Bunch. As I’ve said many, many times: they will GIVE US ANYTHING THEY HAVE TO – as long as no one messes with the Republican Party’s narco-trafficking. It is currently the biggest business in the United States and TAX FREE!!!

Glenn’s new TV Network, The Blaze, is peopled with some of the most hate-spewing people on the Republican Party planet – check it out for a LOAD OF HOOTS!!! And typing of HOOTS, I’ve ALWAYS loved this blog post title:

And since this is partially about the Chicago Lawsuit, here is a scan of the actual fake judgment:

Click image to see fully.

2.      I have decided to go ahead and disclose the name of “Dagwood”, since he has only asked me not to disclose the CONTENT of our conversations – and he is found on the Internet easily and is not hiding: Gin Bog-Down of what I always like to call McDonut, Georgia. We finally were able to be friended on Facebook (although I can’t respond to his call on LINKED-IN – or not yet), and I see his Facebook page is ALL ABOUT deep Fundamentalist Christian belief. And while I mixed up a couple of things of little importance that he had said to me, I have become especially concerned that his rant a few days ago set off by a comment by a black store manager at Aldi’s and getting into asking ME to contact Tom Kenan to STOP the GBI from harassing him (later he admitted that had happened many years ago), so he was on his “Pity Pot” nursing resentments and since I have never heard a “dry drunk” get THAT out of sorts, I SUSPECT he must have been drinking when he wrote/sent it – so naturally, I wonder what he sent about me and other things in the letter he snail-mailed that should reach Tom Kenan today.

Gin had ALSO claimed that his letter to Tom would change Tom’s ATTITUDE COMPLETELY, and I have NO IDEA what Tom’s attitude is or WHY Gin feels this influential.

The only other explanation is that he is just caught in all the typical “Christian” hatred of those who refuse to follow Jesus’s actual Teachings – arguing legal points mostly from the Old Testament, instead. And I should REMIND ALL that of the Christian sects I’ve been decently exposed to, Presbyterianism seems most accurate – Metaphysics wrapped in a veneer of Jesus-ism. Plenty of hypocrites there, too, but the BEST philosophical discussions I’ve had in my entire life were with the completely open-minded members of my Discovery Class at First Presbyterian, Wilmington, NC.

President Drew Gilpin Faust of Harvard University

3.      Every time I make a major move, like calling President Faust of Harvard or confronting my mother by phone, SOMETHING HAPPENS within a few hours – usually an attempt on my life or my tires get knifed or have the air let out of them, but since I thought finally WRITING Tom Kenan so that he UNDERSTANDS where I’m coming from regardless his opinion of that, would be like a crowning achievement, so NOT subject to reprisals. NOT SO, it turned out, and the person who rapped very loudly at my open window (all my windows are pebbled so you only see shapes vaguely through them) absolutely REFUSED to answer my request for a name – and the physics of the situation allowed me to run over and close that window without seeing or being seen.

You see, my neighbors all start calling to me even BEFORE they knock, so I knew it wasn’t any of them. Who knows the level of threat it actually was – Toro or Sonny or Martin Jacobo hoping I’d open and they could murder me – or just someone trying to UNNERVE me. It didn’t work very well, but I DID call Gin Bog-Down about it, leaving a message on his voicemail, and then I called Claude Cadillihopper/Falconer de St. Just, who immediately thought I should check outside for a NOTE.

I took this for PURE CHANNELING of Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), since even if my visitor had no tongue and this would then make sense, he would NOT have so quickly run. In any case, ONCE AGAIN, Xxxxxx X. Xxxxx, Jr. of Manhattan from his mouse-ridden, filthy apartment where he loves his Testosterone injections for various reasons (and other prescription drugs as well), has AGAIN tried to get me to jump into the arms of my intending murderers.

I will REMOVE his name from this blog tomorrow, so Xxxxxx, don’t get into too much panic, OK???


“Live Life to the Fullest!!!”