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RP: Response from a Chicago Lawyer -- and Tennessee Williams' Episcopal Godson, Dudley Crawford Sharp, III, HEADS the Org Promoting the Texas Death Penalty -- and Castration for Sexual Offenders!!!

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Tennessee Williams rising to accept his Kennedy Center Honors in 1979. That is "Texas" Kate (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, eventually McNamara to his side. Tennessee told us BOTH that Kate was the inspiration for the character "Babe" in his last play (the character Mac being based on me), nearly completed before he died, IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE.

Kate grew up in Atlanta, good friends with my wealthiest Kenan relatives -- from whom she LEARNED how to act like the Wealthiest Woman on Earth, which the character Babe is meant to be.

Tennessee always claimed that Andy Warhol had TWICE published interviews of Kate in his INTERVIEW magazine, but I have only found and read ONE of them -- and that was back then.

The tall gentleman, behind, is Tennessee's second cousin Jim, who is about 6' 6" tall, and often fed the animals and checked Tennessee Williams' home when Tennessee and I traveled -- in the first months, before Gary Tucker and Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt moved in. His sister is named Claire (both homosexuals -- according to Tennessee).

Next to him, is Tennessee's sister Rose Williams, who had had the second-ever pre-frontal lobotomy performed in the United States -- because the mother, Edwina (Dakin) Williams was upset by Rose's sexual precociousness, the SAME REASON Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy had HER daughter Rosemary lobotomized (both told a different story than this to HIDE the fact that an Episcopal mother and certified hysteric -- and a Roman Catholic mother (given the Title "Countess of the Catholic Church" by Pope Pius, which is rarely given, for her and her husband's FIERCE SUPPORT of ADOLPH HITLER -- of the rich and powerful, only Henry Ford was a bigger supporter of NAZI GERMANY than Ol' Joe Kennedy!!!), hated God so much they ruined their daughters' lives -- thinking they could just cut that stuff right out those girls' haids).

Today, chemicals are used to effectively lobotomize -- and I should know, they had me under for most of THIRTY-ONE YEARS.

NEVERTHELESS, this is why Tennessee Williams was so CLOSE to the Kennedys.

(Photo taken off my TV-viewing of A&E BIOGRAPHY last night: Tennessee Williams: Wounded Genius, copyright date NOT shown on DVD box.)

MORE on Texas Kate here:

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1. I had NO TROUBLE calling the American Civil Liberties Union in Chicago, this morning, and learned from the receptionist that Denise in Intake has been out ill for some time, returning only NOW, and that they HAVE found my emails sent to them (although I don't know if they got them all).

The recept said that Denise has NOT YET had a chance to read my email(s), but should respond to me next week.

And THAT is all I know about thatnow.

* * *

Dudley Sharp III (on right) has appeared on MANY TV news programs and networks promoting his views about the FAIRNESS of Texas' current DEATH PENALTY LAWS, as well as the SUCCESS of castration as punishment for sex crimes.

His organization, JUSTICE FOR ALL, also seeks to STOP abortions, one person at a time, and because of more than one org with the same name -- be sure you find the RIGHT ONE!!!

2. In the matter of Tennessee Williams' ONLY KNOWN LITERAL GODSON (Episcopal), DUDLEY CRAWFORD SHARP, III, google "Dudley Sharp III" with "justice for all" to find many reports of his active support of the Texas Death Penalty and his arguing FOR castration of sex offenders -- or try THIS link: .

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FIRSTscreen captures of the PDF letter attached to the email shown at bottom:

(Document redacted)

Rather than comment further, I'll paste in the email and my response un-edited. If I decide to clarify or add anything, I will CLEARLY do that in RED:

Dear Mr. Breck:

Thank you for this information -- I find it quite helpful in getting a clearer picture of what actually happened.

As we discussed in our original call, my case is very complicated by politics, so I assume you DID explore these matters to the best of your ability, but you have come up wanting. I am NOT a lawyer, nor do I know much about Illinois Law, except that it must pass the tests of Illinois and US Constitutions.

I had seen in the news some months ago, but several months after Saper Law initiated the lawsuit and claim to have properly served me, that email service began to be allowed in Illinois. While that MIGHT apply properly to cases already in motion (legal service of the amended suit, in my case), I doubt it was RETRO-ACTIVE, which it would have to be to claim ANY service previous to the law going into effect. As the record shows, I let Saper Law know several times that I had NOT IN FACT been properly served and I would cooperate to BE SO SERVED, as I had no plans of being out of the country (Mexico), again, etc., and could receive papers in time despite the slowdown of going through Mexican Customs.

Did Saper Law SHOW YOU my email that I received original service on time? That would be impossible because Mailboxes, Etc. emailed me in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico (where I then lived, a three hour round trip to Puerto Vallarta -- or at least to MBE, which is on the south or far side of the city), when THEY signed for the package from Saper, telling me only that I had something from Saper Law, Chicago. I was preparing to drive to the Atlanta, GA area to pick up stored belongings there, so I emailed Saper Law ASKING what it was. THEY DID NOT REPLY (alternate possibility: I did not receive their reply due to the continuing communications problems I have had due to hackers).

In any case, this was before email service was legally Service, and getting no response, I did NOT go out of my way to pick it up before leaving for the USA, and on my return (checking the day after I got home to Chacala), I DID get the Service, but it was a few days PAST the 30 day window of being active.

I understand that the judge, for whatever reason, accepted service -- but that does NOT make it legal or constitutional.

Anyone paying attention to the news knows that several high courts have ruled in the past year that one CANNOT try a person for LIBEL or LIBELOUS SPEACH without proving the LIBEL in court and the defendant able to THERE defend himself. THIS is actually a bigger problem.

Here is another potential problem: Of the money taken from my Bank of America accounts, $625.00 was from my SSI Disability (which I had just received), which cannot be taken (as I understand law). A little over $100.00 of what was then in my accounts was "possibly take-able", and by that, I mean that a friend who had sent me a little money had done so in a way that it DID end up in my BoA checking account, so it is impossible to know which specific dollars, pennies, etc. of that near $100.00 came from my pension -- and which from a friend -- but EVERY BIT of the core $625.00 WAS Disability money.

And in the case where HALF A MILLION DOLLARS is awarded, what kind of FREAK would sue someone they know has begged on the street for food, recently, for his Disability Pension, Rent, or $125.00/week Living Allowance???

Considering Jed Clampon's LEGAL COSTS of this action to grab my rent and food money from a "broke" person, there is NO REWARD FOR HIM -- except to confound my life -- and since it was ILLEGALLY DONE, I will sue him soon enough and EVERYONE I can who turned a BLIND EYE (whether they are bribed or otherwise "squeezed" to do it or not can be determined in courts, eventually, if necessary).

Ignorance is said to be bliss, but you can no longer claim to be ignorant.

That Saper Law, who through BOTH Jed Clampon and the original lawyer in charge of this, Emerson Oertel, had stated to me via phone and in Emerson's case, via email, that the suit was NOT about the money -- they knowing I was then barely past my 1.5 year homeless period and near penniless. STILL Jed was awarded TEN TIMES what the suit asked for, and copyright not only to things only GENERALLY described, but FUTURE writing of mine ON RELATED SUBJECTS.

And Emerson Oertel LEFT Saper Law (or is no longer shown on their roster of lawyers) since about January 2013 -- he having the SMARTS to get OUT of this before he, too, could be held criminally liable.

Anyone with a shred of gumption knows that this strategy is IDENTICAL to the Republican Party's recent record of SUING, without actual cause, many Progressive action groups and think tanks with the plan of being able to spend nearly unlimited funds to BLEED them of their money fighting bogus claims in court, and INDEED, in spring of 2010, it was Amy Fortenberry who FIRST and nearly successfully poisoned me in Stone Mountain, GA -- all this well documented on my old blog, , Amy having run a secret group of 20 lawyers for Wal-Mart who FILED FALSE and HARASSING lawsuits against anyone publishing negative things against Wal-Mart -- or at least that is what she claimed. Today, Amy remains near comatose and unable to communicate -- and her Mom tells me that doctors having NO IDEA what is wrong with her, but she was NO LONGER USEFUL to Wal-Mart and Republican Party and KNEW TOO MUCH. I suspect high-tech poisoning, but then I might just be a little paranoid.

But this gets into the whole big picture and is bigger than you and I need to consider.

My final point-of-the-moment is HOW did Saper Law know to sue me for an amount roughly equal to my average balance in Bank of America for the half year prior to that grab of my funds (and the reason my average balance is so high is that the organization that distributes my funds has been sending the following month's rent nearly a month early, giving me an available pad of funds before rent is due, if I need it in emergency)? Does Illinois Law provide a legal way for them to monitor the balance of my (and other people's) bank balances?

I will post our correspondence on my blog,, so I am as TRANSPARENT as possible. As I believe I have mentioned before, ALL my blog posts get emailed to an ever-changing list of 500, largely in the press. Google to find a recently posted COMPLETE LIST of them on my blogs, so you know who gets the blog by email. Currently, I am getting 500 - 600 hits to my two blogs per day, with little overlap with the email recipients, I presume.

The obvious thing here -- especially since I DID removed Jed's identity from my blog BEFORE Daliah Saper pressed on with this, getting Jamie's OK that that was enough for him -- and I would do it TODAY, although it would be a lot more work now, due to my blogging so much about these continuing outrages.

But higher crooks are trying to SHUT ME UP about Jed's seeing Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse -- something Jed himself did not care whether I published or not.

I may add to these points on blog, so do check it. I could go either way on this (discernment on whether or not YOU are consciously complicit in these crimes against me), but for the moment, I am seeing your INCOMPLETE investigation as coming more from being used to ROUTINE cases, rather than patently political ones.

I trust you will COMPLETE your investigation, which will save YOU from problems relating to now knowing the further truth of what happened.

I regret that I am unable (at this time), to put you in contact with the ACLU lawyers, reason being that I DID speak with the recept there this morning, and Denise in Intake HAS now somehow gotten my emails which they previously told me they had no record of getting -- and I got right through on my cell phone, which had been blocked to their number, but NOT by them. Denise has been out sick for some time and has not yet read my email(s), but the recept, who knows only so much, said I should get a reply from Denise next week. There are many reasons NOT to take a case, regardless its worthiness, so if the ACLU cannot take it, I will continue until I find an individual or organization that will.

Thanks again for your reply, and I hope you will investigate the variables you have NOT yet looked into, and get back to me again.

All best,
Scott David Kenan 

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 7:29 AM, Bob Breck wrote:

Dear Mr. Kenan,

In response to your phone call, I have investigated your assertion that service of process was invalid in the underlying court case.  I have found that contrary to your assertions, Illinois law was properly followed and therefore the judgment is valid.  As the letter states, I am amenable to discussing this further with your legal representatives. Please let me know their contact information and I will follow up with them regarding this matter.

Best Regards,

Bob Breck


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RP: An Email Exchange with My Brother/The End of Mama Mia's POWER???

REPRINTED from here

Well thanks, and it IS all that, but it's been an amazing PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT, me not having changed homes from 1988 - 2010 (and never living anywhere -- previous to that -- longer than 4.5 years), and then fleeing place to place: good, bad, and downright EVIL

That said, I seem to have been BUILT to handle it and NO ONE should feel sorry for me. 

I remember NONE of the pain -- except that I had it, so I REALLY DO thank everyone who supported, "oppressed", or outright ignored me: Such a STORY, I have GOT. I'll make a lot of money off it one day soon enough.

But certain legal things need to be straightened out, and I might benefit handsomely from that, sooner (for less), or later.

Check all the news of my killing off Mom's worst, but keeping her best. Now THAT is a miracle ONLY "God" could pull OFF!!! So I thank Him.


On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Michael Kenan wrote:

Great picture. Nice life! 

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On Mar 27, 2014, at 11:58 AM, Scott Kenan wrote:
Mike: I sent this by my other email address which you blocked a few years ago -- but thought you might get a KICK from it -- LOL!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Them's the BREAKS!!!

Going toward sunset last night, the Pacific reflects the sun, about to break free of the clouds (later, actual sunset was not very colorful). Photo taken from my living room window.


RP: Portions of My Missive to a Doctor, PRESUMABLY in North America!!!

REPRINTED from here

Puerto Vallarta from my front porch, last night.


Dear Doctor o Doctora:

I LOVE your attitude!!!

Friday night, I had the most realistic dream, that when I awoke due to a nature call at 2:20 AM, it took two full minutes to realize I was home in my Mexican bed -- and NOT in a US jail cell -- PRAISE JESUS!!! 

This being really peculiar because I've remembered dreams and dreaming very little since I left Georgia in 2010, and I have not been plagued AT ALL by nightmares since 2003, about three months after I began writing seriously -- that is when I began my first of twelve major drafts (I had SO MUCH to learn about writing), of the Tennessee Williams memoir.

Falling into a PSYCHO PIT -- supposedly a DREAM!!!

Not only that, but going back even to college, during bad dreams something in me ALWAYS remembers -- soon enough -- that I'm asleep and dreaming, so NO NEED to be freaked out no matter how bad the dream. This was NOT the situation the night before last, I dreamt that I was on a high floor of a skyscraper, trying to talk some sense into, NOT my mother, but a woman who represented Mom's POV and emotional blackmailing, etc. On a sudden whim, I simply pushed her off the no-railing balcony to her death.

I instantly felt STUPID and remorseful to have harmed ANYONE -- yet that I had done myself and the World a HUGE favor. Nevertheless, I knew there would be legal consequences, and in my life-long habit, I had to cooperate, so I immediately turned myself in, confessed, and was jailed.

During the day, yesterday, I realized I had, perhapsfinally disconnected the emotional pull, not of Mom and all her BEST or good partsbut of her worst

I like this, and am sticking to it!!!

And noticing also, last we met, your full-throttled belly laughter, which is perhaps the most PURE laughter I've ever heard from a woman (which you, that day, appeared to be), and then your sneaky-sneaky interest in the adventure of securing some (SORRY!!! Information Interruptus) . . . I went into something like a revelry, even prowling downtown Romantic Zone after dark, and running into friends from my 2010 adventure here, who had gone out of their way to help me -- to THANK THEM again, and spread good cheergenerally.

Now, although knowing you have LOTS TO DO to prepare for your "bird imitation", I assume yer thang, now,  is more like my DELIBERATE actions, something I have not PLANNED to do since I (SorryInformation Interruptus #2)

 . . . also every action involved MORE LOSS of physical wealth -- teaching me, eventually, that smarts and knowledge is more powerful than money

My Georgia house, spring 2010, with my FORMER 2008 Pontiac Vibe, most RUDELY (but appropriately/legally) repossessed in late spring 2011 in Wilmington, North Carolina -- perhaps with the help of my mother -- I now own the 2009 model OUTRIGHT.

And even though my Georgia house was nearly paid off and I had to sell all at fire-sale prices, I had a nice cushion of about $50,000.00, net, which was within TWO MONTHS nearly all tricked out of me by a fake-amorous, Mexican husband-to-be, who turned out to have so many warrants for his Drug Mafia CRIMES in Estado Jalisco, he did not DARE show his face in this state in daylight.

Later, I learned that his tattoo of "Lady Death", a "deity" worshiped by MANY of the Mexican Drug Mafiosa whom I met, is partially visible above his left teet.

His Mexican Driver's Licence (probably Estado Colima)/ID said "CORNELIO PRADA DIAZ"

Nicknamed "Alfredo" for his copious and delicious "creamy white sauce" -- well verified by me -- his ID showed his first name as Cornelio (Cornelius was Tennessee Williams' father, as well as bulldog I had cared for), and his birth date, March 26, was THE SAME AS TENNESSEE WILLIAMS', but the SAME YEAR Tennessee Williams DIED, 1983. 

ANOTHER PERFECT EXAMPLE of all the trouble the CIA went to SEDUCE ME. And it took a LOT of work and planning to set this all up in advance and with the seemingly-real FAKE ID!!!

Enough for now!!!

Some Mexican games of chance for prizes (for children), at Plaza Caracol in Puerto Vallarta, yesterday.



Friday, March 28, 2014

RP: My Reply to Marc Benson, Sheriff Wannabe for New Hanover County, Norte Caro-LEEN-uh (down Wilmington way)!!!

REPRINTED from here

Mark Benson was a Wilmington, North Carolina cop, founded Benson Agency Investigations, is a Talking Head on law-enforcement-themed Blue Line Radiosmartened-up his appeal to both homos and straight women, and NOW is running for Sheriff of New Hanover County, Republican!!!:

Yer lookin' GOOD, Marc!!!


from marc benson 

6:40 PM (1 hour ago)
to meJamesThom.GoolsbysandraraycrinerbreakingnewswilmjourninfoCharles.Oswald

Mr. Kenan,

Please remove my email contact information from any further emails that you may send out in the future. It is my request that you cease sending, forwarding or otherwise transmitting any email correspondence from the sending address of this email or any other email address that you may use to my email that is the email listed in this reply.

The content of your email is not of any particular interest to me and I would appreciate you discontinuing any and all correspondence with no exceptions.

Your email is considered an electronic communication by statute, it has no legitimate purpose to me. (Does ANYONE understand what THIS means??? Ideas are Ideas, and Truth is Truth -- makes no-nevermind what FORM language takes!!! ~ Scott)

Thank you in advance for your compliance to my request. No reply is needed nor required.

(no signature AT ALL!!!)

Scott Kenan HAD WRITTEN:

Friday, March 28, 2014

BIG WIN for North Carolinians -- and ALL Americans, Soon ENOUGH!!!

* * *



Apparently, Marc and current Sheriff Ed McMahon already got into it:

But MORE are running if ya don't fancy either of them.

2. Marc Benson's campaign does NOT yet have a website -- although he gets LOTS OF RADIO!!!:


In the hands of someone that knows how to "play the song" of the people that are capable (mostly the BLR crew type), this is by far, the best home 'defense weapon". ~Marc Benson

Like ·  · 

* * *


Dear Mr. Benson:

Thank you for realizing you are only in a position to make a request. That being the case, I cannot take you (or any other Republican Candidate), off my email list until "Armageddon" (as those ding-dong "Christinas" call it) is over, by MY appraisal.

In the future, please avoid PUFFERY in your prose, expository, or depositions. It makes you look foolish and hiding behind a smoke-screen.

Thanks, and BEST OF LUCK!!!

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico