Tuesday, April 15, 2014

RP: My Deep Ties to Mexico and Her People Go Back a LONG WAY(S)!!!

I recommend following the link above -- the text WRAPS correctly there!!!

I am 1/16 Cherokee "Indian", so FIRST COUSIN to native MEXICANOS (giant-sized, though I be)!!!


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  Catherwood Travels That's a great story! Thanks for sharing!
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  Rob Jordan  Rob Jordan Seems funny to cross the border bringing weed SOUTH, haha. Plenty of good cheap weed to be had here, but I digress....
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  • Scott Kenan I was the most uptight TWIT back then imaginable, and Ed Catherwood grew POUNDS of pot in his very upscale Atlanta neighborhood, so we snuck it on the plane cross-country as well. Ed's neighbors, including the founder of The Pleasant Peasant and Peasant Restaurant Group who FAKED GOING STRAIGHT in the 1990s to get more Christians to patronize their many iconic Atlanta restaurants -- all having CLOTH NAPKINS and LIVE PIANISTS, also grew pot for Ed. He had a bedroom in his mammoth house that had one bedroom that was as packed as a tobacco-drying warehouse, but more pungent. Ed had been a Vice President of H&R Block, so TODAY, April 15, was always a Day of High Profit to Ed!!!
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