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RP: Bank of America DOUBLES DOWN on Their Lies to Me!!!/Dudley Crawford Sharp III Has Been CONTACTED for a RESPONSE!!!

Last night's sunset in Puerto Vallarta, from my living room window.

>>> ADDED LATERBy secured email to Bank of America Corporate:

As records of my accounts should show, I know and am related to Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, NC and his family, who with their Charitable Trusts CONTROL Bank of America -- as well as many of Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold control to NationsBank. I worked for Tennessee Williams and got to know all the Kennedys, particularly Jackie Onassis.

THIS BANK has screwed me ILLEGALLY, and I will destroy you legally and in PR battles, eventually, if you don't make good. Please see what I just blogged about this and know my blog goes to 500 in the press and others, the blog itself getting 500 - 600 hits of others per day.

Thank you. I DO expect a RESPONSE!!!

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta (via Miami, FL in your records)

* * *


This morning, I received a snail-mail report on what Bank of America is HOLDING (or has given away), in my checking and savings accounts. I understand that the Bank must comply with legal demands and that the demand appears to be legal. It is NOW disclosed that lawyer Bob Breck (subcontracted by Daliah Saper of Saper Law, LLC, Chicago), actually first ASKED what was in my accounts so they could take it.

Here is the problem: BEFORE BoA received this inquiry, the Bank ALREADY had approved two uses of my debit card: $72.10 Tuesday evening 12 March 2014 for a physician, and $284.29 at "door opening" about 8:00 AM 13 March 2014 for lab work (time and date PROVEN by email from the lab with results, later on 13 March -- earlier than expected):

Click image to see fully.

The photo-copy of the order from lawyer Bob Breck reached BoA AFTER BoA had approved the two debit card uses, which means I could not have withdrawn or spent that money -- and BoA's system of setting the money aside ALWAYS WORKS. This is NOT a credit card and I have NO balance-overdraw insurance or arrangement with Bank of America.

Bank of America KNEW that money was as good as gone, but GAVE it to the outside lawyer ANYWAY.

And then they show the charges (the first one late-in-day, so BOTH legally 14 March), as on the 17th, and then BoA shows the holds originating on 14 March as well -- the debit card use for medical was BEFORE the legal order was processed, so my account would show that much LESS available, but Bank of America chose to PAY the debit card uses AND act like I had more money in my account than I did.

Some of these dates will not match the image above -- because BANK OF AMERICA has CHANGED my bank statement/accounts dates ONLINE, since then. That should be a CAPITAL OFFENSE -- executions by Dudley Crawford Sharp III!!!

The ACTUAL balance on my account should be ZERO after they put a hold on what was left, but also with the bank charges for this operation, so somewhat negative. If $356.39 (combination of the two medical debits previously deducted from my balance -- but ALSO promised by BoA to the law firm -- and they apparently have paid BOTH, now), is deducted from the amount they promised and held and maybe have now sent that lawyer, I should have been PENALIZED only $326.42 to lawyer Bob Breck by BOGUS order of the Court, but proper for BoA to pay (for now).

Bank of America would NEVER let YOU or I use a debit card and then LATER use ANY other means to calculate remaining balance -- and TAKE IT OUT AGAIN!!!

BoA ERRED either DELIBERATELY or simply humanly, but THEY OWE ME that money, although they should GET it from Rishi Nair -- assuming he is honorable enough to see BoA's mistake.

And it was nearly ALL money from SSI Disability, in any case.

And WHY, since I have a preponderance of PHYSICAL evidence that the doctor debits were on March 13 and 14, then the Legal Matter was decided LATER on March 14, does Bank of LYING America show ALL these transactions ON LATER DATES (no actual time-of-day stamps on ANYTHING, which would also be helpful)???


See http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/03/this-morning-emanuelobamafox-news.html for the THREE TIMES Bank of America INSISTED that CEO Law in Chicago gave them the legal order, yet the OWNER of that law firm never heard of me or the order -- and in fact said my call (to the phone number that Bank of America GAVE ME), was ACTUALLY a number in an abandoned building near CEO Law that someone forwarded to CEO Law, an annoyance they were SICK of. They never heard of me.

But ONLY after I insisted on my THIRD try with BoA that day, that CEO Law was NOT involved, did BoA put me on a long hold -- then change their story ENTIRELY and claim it came from Bob Breck.

WTF, BoA???

Then, today, I called BoA customer service using the number on my card and spoke with several associates who ALL were polite again (as they were NOT the earlier day AT ALL), but simply kept restating what I told THEM, but not putting me through to anyone helpful AT ALL, so after wasting half an hour on a couple of calls, I researched and found their Corp HQ in Charlotte, NC, number(704) 386-5681, called it and after some menu choosings, a young woman answered the phone, "Office of the Bank of America CEO and Executive Offices", leaving me to believe I was where I wanted to be -- where someone could listen, we work together to straighten this out, and I was greatly relieved.

But she got my information and looked at my account -- and then began repeating to me each of my sentences, rephrased as questions. Clearly I was getting nowhere, so I gave up and asked her name, which she even spelled: Yesenia. And I said, "You ARE in Charlotte, right -- executive offices?"

Her reply: "No sir, I'm in FLORIDA." 

I thanked her for all her lies and hung up, after PROMISING her that if the money BoA deliberately held for my legitimate debit card use, but LATER promised was available to the Legal Claim was not gotten BACK from Rishi Nair or simply COVERED by BoA, I would do ALL IN MY POWER to be the BIGGEST HEADACHE Bank of America ever had. She was ALREADY aware that BoA is controlled by Thomas S. Kenan IIIBetty Kenan, other Kenans -- and their Charitable Trusts (due to my informing her just a few minutes before).

* * *

Dudley Crawford Sharp III in 2010.

His mother, one of Tennessee Williams' LONGEST friends and confidants (Tennessee was Dudley's Episcopal godfather, so even WAY BACK THEN he was very tight with "Texas Kate", Kate (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, later McNamara.

Texas Kate would RISE FROM HER GRAVE if she knew how hateful her son is today -- and how much harm he has ALREADY done to society -- especially in Texas and Houston.

Texas Kate was Tennessee Williams's CHOICE to accompany him to the 1979 Kennedy Center Awards to receive his -- a VERY HIGH HONOR!!!

Well, rather than belabor things, THIS is what I sent to Dudley this morning (no reply yet) -- in comments to a website Dudley Sharp OWNS and posted comments on in support of the DEATH PENALTY as recently as January of this year. I provided in the secured comment form ALL info Dudley needs to CONTACT ME.

For the record, Dudley FOUNDED the Houston "Justice for All" org in 1996, but recently its phone was DISCONNECTEDhttp://www.jfa.net/contact.html


Dudley Sharp is not only the ONLY godson (Episcopal), of playwright Tennessee Williams, but his grandfather, Dudley Crawford Sharp I, was Eisenhower's TOP ALLY in fighting the corruption of the Military Industrial Complex, which Eisenhower fought valiantly late in his term.

Dudley #I had threats to his family and had to RECANT -- something that Dudley III -- in our discussion three years ago -- didn't even know about -- yet it is all over the Internet. Today, Dudley has supported the hateful practices of corrupted Republicans, which my mother is in charge of -- Mom being the boss Dick Cheney, now deceased former Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I got to know when he, my father, and Newt Gingrich set up a big narcotics-trafficking operation in Stone Mountain, GA where I lived, and then Bill Clinton brought in a HUGE CIA presence to my town to protect it -- this in the early 1990s), Sean Hannity, and Coach Lou Holtz (lived across the street from us 1968 - 1970, and he promoted Mom's Swastikas which decorated our dinner china, so well Mom GOT him the job coaching Notre Dame, and TODAY Lou Holtz is John Boehner's closest personal friend and co-strategist.

My mother, at 91, is still alive and active, so I am attempting to have her arrested and tried. Perhaps SHE will suffer Mr. Dudley Sharp's beloved death penalty -- and with LUCK, it will be SLOW AND PAINFUL.

Sad to have to condemn one's NAZI mother, but I am a PATRIOT!!!

Please have Mr. Sharp contact me via email -- I have important matters to discuss with him about my good friend "Texas Kate", his mother, -- and her descendants.

Scott David Kenan

* * *

Can you make out the sliver of moon after the sun disappeared last night over Puerto Vallarta???

It wasn't mine.



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