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RP: My History with Mental Health Care Providers/A Drug Mafiosa Shows up at My Door at 1:00 PM Local Today!!!

REPRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/04/my-history-with-mental-health-care.html

Martin (sometimes "Marco") Jacobo and "Sonny", summer of 2012.


As the NBA news conference was about to begin (I REALLY like the style of the new commissioner -- he cut right to each point, allowed no "BS distractions", was clear and cogent -- EXACTLY what we need from our politicians TODAY!!!), I heard someone calling at my door (large center pebbled-glass panels were open), and got up to see it was Martin Jacobo with an unassuming Mexican woman (of the "meek" type), about 25 - 30 years old. I saw Martin had a slip of paper in his hand and I could read my name at top, a handwritten note.

I said loudly and clearly, "You cannot be here -- leave immediately or I'll call the Police." I did not listen to any argument, but closed and locked the glass panels, and then secured the rest of the house as well. They apparently left quickly, leaving the note wedged under the corner of a planter box where I was sure to see it:


This is Martin. Please call me 322-200-7551 (Mexican cell). I have to talk with you A.S.A.P.


I actually tried to call Martin (and it is the same phone number he had from over a year ago when I last saw him) -- phone calls never hurt anyone -- but no answer, and as is ALWAYS THE CASE (in my experience), drug mafia do NOT have voice-mail. Ten minutes later, I got a text message from him which I will add shortly.

By FAR, the most suspicious thing about it all is THE TIMING, especially because of my finding that Jeff Duncan worked as an intern for D.A. Ben David in Wilmington, NC while Ben had me in jail five times on eight false charges (now all dropped), then Jeff got a job with Saper Law, LLC in Chicago about the time they began suing me -- nominally on behalf Jed Clampon, Sales Director for Windy City Wazoos, Chicago  -- and Wells Fargo BANK (whom they do business with), Chicago was fined about $200,000,000.00 in about June of 2010 (shortly after I met Jed) the LARGEST FINE EVER by the US Government for LAUNDERING DRUG MONEY.

This might be some Windy City Wazoos . . .

And even MORE DAMNING (or just peculiar), is that my out-going Gmail (main email address), has been SHUT DOWN since I sent that last blog post out, early this morning. This has not happened in over a year, and according to the rules Gmail sent me back then, it happens when over a certain number (trial and error back then determined that to be about 50), of emails are RETURNED AS BLOCKED in a 24 hour period. Since I recently purged my list of blocked addresses, I had only TWO per each of the four emails I sent out over the previous 24 hours.

Clearly, the NSA/CIA is MAD AT ME!!! -- This had NOTHING to do with Google's rules.

HERE IS WHY the Chicago Emanuel/Obama - Puerto Vallarta Drug Mafia sent Martin Jacobo today:

1. The two times Martin surprised me about a year ago, by presenting himself for sex, it was AWESOME!!! He's got the cutest little body with sparse chest hair, but DELIGHTFULLY hairy abdomen. His fun stick is HUGE, un-kosherized, and delicious. They KNOW I really appreciate THAT!!!

2. Martin is by all appearances to me a fairly well educated guy and always cheerful and helpful (45 - 50 years old). He has little trouble getting handyman jobs and from what I've seen, he does good work.

3. The DOWN side is that Sonny had told me many times before Martin and I had sex, that Martin sells himself to white guys all the time -- and has girlfriends as well (white, usually -- at least the American I met). However, after having sex with Martin and mentioning that to Sonny, Sonny said he has never heard nor spoken to anyone about Martin having sex with guys -- and that he has NO KNOWLEDGE that has ever happened.

Martin DID actually bring two porno DVDs the first time he surprised me with sex. One was a normal straight one (showing mostly hot cocks, spurting and not -- as I have since learned is what ALL straight guys get off on: visuals of hot cocks, and I even confirmed this with the straight guys in my writers group, all over 65!!! -- they are the coolest, most honest guys I've ever met!!! But the second was of white wimin, sucking or being vagina-entered by large dogs and horses. It was so disgusting, I nearly vomited, skipped through it quickly to see it was ALL the same theme, and even destroyed it.

WHY did Martin bring such a thing to my house??? Everyone knows that while a very few get off on that stuff, the rest of us think it is BEYOND DISGUSTING!!!

So, when Martin saw I had called and called me back, I answered and asked what was up -- he said he wants to be friends. I told him that that had not gone so well before, but if he wanted to do that, he would first need to compensate me for the new iPod Touch (large memory), and several expensive colognes -- as well as ALL my computer memory sticks and cards (my external hard-drives well hidden, they were far more important and not stolen when he and Sonny helped me move from Chacala to my current residence in Puerto Vallarta early February 2013). I said it would be $400.00 USD compensation (discounted, considerably), and then hung up. Here is the text message he later sent in reply:

Scott: truly I did nothing wrong. All what was stolen from u was Sonny, I can tell u this in front of god. I'm like u. Don't have many friends, but I a good person and never take nothing from u just my mistake was take the charger for the iPod but never took ur things. I am so sorry for all. I want 2 be ur friend and I missing u. Truly missing u. Please let me tell u everything. The way all happens please give me the opportunity to show u who really I am. Have a nice day, xoxo.

Since Martin has no iPod, I assume he stole my charger to make things difficult for me. And we never got to really know each other, really, at all, so why was he missing for a year and now shows up FULL OF LOVE AND CONTRITION???

Well Sonny told me Martin had been arrested by US Border Guards in Laredo, Texas, late last spring, was convicted of illegal entry (although Martin had told me he has a green card or similar, so can enter the US at any time). He got a year in jail, but was expected as is custom, to get out in half a year on good behavior.

But Martin had ALSO told me that his family in Texas (not sure if blood or mafia), owns much land surrounding the HUGE and SERIOUS checkpoint about 20 miles north of the border -- and they use small backpacks to ferry drugs around it, keeping all in small lots and taking wandering routes to avoid suspicion of US Agents in airplanes and satellites.

So, in any case, I will text him back to check my answer on this blog, but not for now block him on my phone. Perhaps he has something to say that includes my recovery of $400.00. The boys worked TOGETHER!!!

Martin Jacobo, me, Sonny's common-law wife, Tanya Castro originally from San Miguel de Ellende, and their child Jeretzi (meaning "She who is Loved"), summer 2012.

>>> I FINALLY REACHED MY MOTHER BY PHONE (I'd forgotten this is her "Duplicate Bridge" Day -- or political meetings -- WHO KNOWS, any more!!!). She's holding up quite well after Dad's death Easter Sunday, and was in a good mood. I told her I had made progress -- finding the CONNECTION between D.A. Ben David in Wilmington, NC and Saper Law in Chicago to be JEFF DUNCAN.

Mom IMMEDIATELY GOT ANGRY and said that was enough talking for today, so I pleasantly said good-bye but pointedly did NOT tell her I love her!!!

Details on the hideous sex crimes by Mom's "retarded" uncle as well as other crimes against her -- ALL at age six -- by the KU KLUX KLAN that eventually caused Mom to go PSYCHOTIC and at least SOCIOPATH, soon, but I'm tired and promised to tell my OWN mental health history, so ANYONE can investigate these, my former providers that I remember:


1. Harry Waggenheim, MD, Ardmore, PA for three sessions, late spring 1978, until he said, without diagnosing me, that I needed mostly to TALK about the swastikas, etc. in my parents' home and the daily beatings, but Mom got angry and found:

2. Dr. Wallace Hussong of Cherry Hill, NJ, whose office was about 50 miles away and across ALL of Metro Philadelphia -- but he promised to medicate me, which Mom had declared needed to be done. On the first of several sessions, Dr. Hussong dramatically filled a HUGE "horse syringe" from a clear vial as I was speaking -- but I decided it must be some kind of "stress test", so paid it no mind. He did NOT inject me, but diagnosed me BIPOLAR and put me on 1,500 mg Lithium (he told me the target was 1.0 - 1.5 serum Lithium, but I would need close to the higher -- today, 0.7 - 1.0 is considered therapeutic, and 1.5 to be toxic). After a couple of weeks I was so uncomfortable in my skin (some Thorazine was also prescribed), that I abandoned it all, left my parents' house in West Chester, PA, and returned to Cape May.

3. Commitment to Anchora State Mental Hospital in New Jersey -- but WITHOUT my first seeing either a judge or a physician, as NJ Law then required, late summer 1978 in Cape May, NJ.

4. Transfer after two nights to The Institute, part of the University of Pennsylvania, and the oldest mental hospital then in America -- founded by BEN FRANKLIN!!! (Chuck, Hilary, and I had bought GREAT insurance for www.whalestalecapemay.com when we founded it in 1974 -- and it paid nearly ALL the huge bill for a 3.5 weeks stay in the private hospital.)

I was FORCED OUT of Whale's Tale and Chuck and Hilary paid me only $20,000.00 over five years for my 25% ownership -- PLUS I would only pay wholesale for anything I bought there for life, but soon discovered they would NEVER give me a discount higher than 30%.

And for the next several years, I saw Dr. George Layne, who had been my doctor at The Institute, until I moved to Key West in 1980, and abandoned Lithium completely.

5. After landing in Atlanta in early 1983, I was convinced to go back to treatment by parents, and saw Dr. Stephen Schostal -- until he moved with his boyfriend to Florida and set up practice there.

6. After a couple of years without treatment, I tried to report the Drug Mafia operation I witnessed in Stone Mountain Park, but ended up in jail. No record now exists of this in Dekalb County Court database -- it having been GUTTED about 1.5 years ago to save now Superior Court Judge Linda Warren Hunter's ASS, but I still have all the judge-signed original papers.

7. I was FORCED in final judgment to a year of HOUSE ARREST PROBATION (allowed off your property 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM, daily, only, deputies coming usually after !:00AM to check with breathalyzer that you have not snuck some mouthwash -- or greater), with weekly blood test for Lithium, and if I FAILED ONE, I would spend a year in jail for SIMPLE TRESPASS!!!

8. So from mid-1990 when I got out of Dekalb County Jail after a total of 15 weeks IN JAIL -- I even had to do HABEUS CORPUS against Sheriff Jarvis, which is the ONE THING still on the database!!! -- until early 2009, I was RELIGIOUS about taking LITHIUM at least in time to show good blood results, and never had a problem.

I used the Dekalb Mental Health Services (later name-changed to Dekalb Community Service Board, whatever THAT means), and my last shrink nurse there, Alexandra Whiddon:

Alex Whiddon

 . . . got a job around 2000, at PACT Atlanta (http://www.pactatl.com/PACT_ATLANTA_LLC/PACT_ATLANTA_LLC___Psychiatry_and_Therapy_and_Counseling___Home.html), and I followed her there where she only felt she needed to see me twice per year since I was SO STABLE and DOING WELL.

In 2009, early, I was taken OFF Lithium, because as Alex said, it is VERY DESTRUCTIVE to many organs. Call her for details!!! Also, owner Todd M. Antin, MD never even MET ME for the first several years -- and the LAW requires him to have oversight!!!

Enough for now,



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