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RP: My "MANIFESTO", Just Published on "Stage 32"!!!

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>>> ALL FREQUENT READERS OF THIS BLOG (who have functioning memories), should SKIP to the paragraph near bottom, which is COLORIZED, please.

I would like to THANK all those who have requested to link to me, and I must say I have NO IDEA how I came to be on STAGE 32, except I have a vague memory of having signed up for it -- to discover it then did not look like a place where I would actually hang out, so I've paid it virtually no mind since, but I've had a flurry of requests, recently, and discovered ten more OLD requests, so I OK'ed all of them too.

NO ONE from STAGE 32 has written to me, personally, but promoted themselves on my "wall", instead , which is YOUR business, not mine.

I worked for playwright Tennessee Williams 1981 - 1982, wrote a memoir about it which was promised for hard-cover by Alyson Books spring 2010, but CANCELLED and I was PROMISED by their lawyers it, and I, would NEVER, EVER, EVER be published -- due to my knowing the details of Tennessee Williams' murder by hand of John Uecker (who also helped kill actor James Gandolfini, whom Uecker had admitted his crime to as well).

I lost copyright to my book, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, which got RAVE reviews by John Lahr of THE NEW YORKER and others, after blogging about my friend (a Wells Fargo executive from Chicago with house in Mismaloya, Mexico), had seen Senator Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse in Chicago several times. I was NOT legally served for LIBEL, and then I was tried and CONVICTED in absentia in Chicago with no opportunity for DEFENSE!!! -- all illegal and unconstitutional -- but THAT is how Daliah Saper of Saper Law (also a Talking Head on FOX NEWS), effectively muzzled me -- asking only for $50,000.00 and removal of a few blog posts, they were awarded HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, copyright ownership of my Tennessee Williams memoir, copyright ownership of EVERY BLOG POST I WRITE -- as well as every email past, present, and FUTURE on ALL RELATED SUBJECTS. Since then, they have BRAGGED (see correction below), every penny I had in the bank!!!

Welcome to the NAZI STATES OF AMERICA, and both Bill Clinton (total GREED), AND Barack Obama (BLACKMAILED homosexual), serve the CIA narco-traffickers who are led by Barbara Bush and Dick Cheney (and my mother and the Catholic and American Episcopal Churches).

And it was ALL coordinated by my mother, now 91, who with my Dad were first confirmed by top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta in 1990, to be America's TOP NAZIs, and later, Drug Mafia from Colombia (then holding me hostage in Puerto Vallarta in 2010), first told me that Mom was Dick Cheney's BOSS, Mom reporting to the last three Catholic Popes -- and Mom giving away to me that my political blog FORCED Pope Alexander (Ratzinger) to retire. Pope Francis says TONS of better things -- even doing a few symbolic things -- but even STILL, he has done NOTHING BUT WORDS to improve Catholicism or STOP pedophile priests!!!

I've been poisoned five times, including by a high operative of Wal-Mart Corporation, jailed five times on eight false charges in Wilmington, North Carolina -- as well as nut-house committed on lies twice and popping right out. My Kenan relatives working S.E, North Carolina pine forests by black slaves became the world's largest supplier of naval stores BEFORE the American Revolution and later inherited more of Standard Oil from Henry Flagler who founded it and was bigger IN its ownership than John D. Rockefeller, Later Kenans inherited one of the largest blocks of Coca-Cola, and then Kenan-owned NationsBank bought Bank of America from Frank Sinatra's heirs. They made Kenan Oil/Kenan Transport into Kenan Advantage Group, NOW the largest truck hauler in the USA and on track to be largest in Canada and Mexico soon.

But the wealthy Kenans give MORE MONEY to the Republican Party and Episcopal Church than perhaps anyone else, although the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust has been for 101 years, now the LARGEST private financial support of University Education in the entire world, Kenan Institute Asia, the largest governments/private collaboration in the world making amends for US War Crimes in S.E Asia, and the KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS at Duke University has as its "STAR" Jimmy Soni, who runs Huffington Post for Arriana.

And the American Episcopal Church with Republicans and CIA MURDERED Tennessee Williams to steal his estate from Harvard (which Jackie Kennedy Onassis told Tennessee at a party hosted by Jean Stein and George Plimpton, January 11, 1982, they PLANNED TO DO -- and then they did). I continue to work to END ALL THIS CORRUPTION, having bigger successes, now, every day!!! After posting this two days ago: , which hit a CORRUPTION JUGULAR, I have heard from BOTH a real investigator into the death of Tennessee Williams who is associated with a REAL ORGANIZATION (sorry, I can't give more details, now), as well as a POWERFUL US Senator on the Homeland Security Committee, regarding my parents' and distant RICH Kenan relatives' involvement in and LEADERSHIP OF the US CIA's worldwide control of HARD-DRUG NARCO-TRAFFICKING. (WHY the US wants to stay in Afghanistan: FOR THE OPIUM POPPIES!!!)

Today, I felt as if since I will REMAIN on STAGE 32, I should at least make a statement of what I am up to: writing my blog, -- AND NOW, a book detailing my amazing experience.

Thanks for reading this,
Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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They have not "BRAGGED", but used the illegal conviction to STEAL every penny I had in the bank -- leaving me nothing but the hundred dollars in my pocket -- PERIOD, and they EVEN tried to steal my US Government SSI Disability, which they KNEW they could not do under ANY circumstances (although they got the $625.00 in Bank of America that was Disability money -- ALSO A CRIME TO DO TO ME)!!!
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