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RP: On a Day for Non-Catholic (less Pagan) Christians to UBER-VOMIT!!!

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Although I cannot yet find the new image released by the actual Catholic Church of Popes John XXIII, John Paul II, Benedict, and Francis mimicking the famous Beatles cover of Abbey Road (I just saw it on both CBS and CNN), here is an earlier image with just Benedict.

I'm sure John Lennon would have gotten a KICK out of this -- the Catholic Church hoping to gain status by comparing themselves to the Beatles!!!


1. According to the Catholic Church, a Saint is anyone who has gone to heaven, which means they have GOD'S EAR and can be your PERSONAL LOBBYIST and CHANGE GOD's MIND to conform to YOUR wishes -- if you pray hard enough and (preferably) make a DONATION to the Church or one of its Charities.

The Catholic Church can't put ANYONE in heaven, but can certify (canonize) those it deems have been proven to go there and are EFFECTIVE lobbyists.

The EXTRAORDINARY wealth brought into the Catholic Church whose Popes were known for raping not only boys but women and producing many children (certainly not all of them, but quite a few), by people paying Saints (via the Catholic Church), to change God's Mind over the Centuries is one the the TOP causes of the Protestant Reformation.

I believe it was Pope John XXIII who authorized a MASSIVE study of the over 10,000 canonized Catholic Saints to sort the historically real and saintly from the mythological or indeterminate ones. It was common practice as the Church spread across Europe that if the local people had a dog diety, to invent a Catholic Saint who always was seen with or carrying a dog. The study eventually showed that the majority of saints were clearly manufactured myths or the evidence was incomplete. The mythical ones were CUT from the roster of saints, but included some of Catholicism's most popular and venerated saints, so a BACKLASH developed of Catholics DEMANDING that myths be reinstated as real. Eventually, the whole matter was swept under the rug.

After all, the Catholic Church -- like ALL churches -- is PRIMARILY a business, and it made NO SENSE to cut off streams of income from fools.

2. And there is the matter of WHO was "sainted" today. Pope John XXIII was much loved as a reformer of the Church with his Ecumenical Council. Certainly, the case can easily be made that he should be at least venerated. But what about Pope John Paul II, who had THREE private audiences with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan in her role as liaison with Dick Cheney, Coach Lou Holtz, and eventually John Boehner and Sean Hannity:

No evidence that Nancy Reagan actually BLEW John Paul II, but it would be MUCH IN LINE with one traditional role of Popes: sexual philandering.

And Nancy's husband Ronald was QUITE THE CHARACTER, too!!!

So while the Catholic Church celebrates NEW INCOME STREAMS of donations to get these newly designated Heavenly Lobbyists to badger God for everyone's selfish interests, Pope Francis, who like the SUPER PUBLIC RELATIONS GUY that he is, talks real good -- but after more than a year STILL has achieved NOTHING to compensate the victims of CHILD-ABUSING CATHOLIC CLERGY. He has only appointed yet ANOTHER committee to look into it, as if that STOPS IT or HELPS in any real way.

The Vatican should be FORCED to sell off ALL its art treasures and maybe its architectural ones as well, to compensate these victims and others who have suffered the CRIMES OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. And Vatican City as a sovereign nation should be dissolved into Italy. NO POPE should also be a Head of State.

So while I completely respect all claiming Christianity who actually follow the teachings of Jesus, I could not more HEARTILY CONDEMN all Christian Churches who fall short of this effort. As was predicted many times by many people, the worship of Jesus as an idol (literal "Son of God"), has brought more misery and suffering to humankind than the worship of any other false god.

That's really all there is to it!!!

But also, please remember this:



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