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RP: ONE Devil Thinks Reading Ayn Rand Makes him MORAL!!!

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Gary Kivett, Spruce Pine, North Carolina


And even today, Julie REFUSES to answer questions about her rosary that she claimed turned to PURE GOLD at Medjugorje, a site of Visions of Mary in what was once Yugoslavia, that the Catholic Church has since CONDEMNED as a hoax. My parents went there THREE times, making contact with both Muslim Jihadists and Communists (frankly, this is speculation on my part, but HOW MANY TIMES does a smart woman like my Mom WORSHIP A HOAX???) -- some of them (I mean Bosnians from Medjugorje), ending up living in several houses in my neighborhood in Stone Mountain, GA, having illegal "chop shops" and bristling with electronic communications -- all protected by the huge CIA contingent that Bill Clinton originally stationed in my town.

>>> ADDED LATER: When my parents visited me in Stone Mountain, they talked at GREAT LENGTH with Nedzad "Ned" Pilzak, since the ENTIRE PILZAK FAMILY was from MEDJUGORJE!!! And when the Pilzaks FINALLY MOVED to Gwinett County, the Bell South/AT&T and Comcast cable technicians who came to the neighborhood had to REWIRE IT COMPLETELY due to unauthorized and extensive REWIRING of the neighborhood of those systems. BOTH houses had at least FIVE satellite dishes atop their roofs as well.

The Pilzak children all attended Baptist Bible Camp and wore "Jesus" T-shirts, but the day I bought them all a treat, they spontaneously began yelling "Allah is GREAT -- and Muhammad is his PROPHET!!!"

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We were talking about this last night. Anybody live thru this remedy lol?
We were talking about this last night. Anybody live thru this remedy lol?
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  • Sarah Dewfall All we got was salt!
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  • Deborah Kate Gaskill Walker I was always red. Sometimes head to toe.
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  • BettyAnn Rodriguez This was the fix all as a kid.
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  • Gary Kivett Johnson and Johnson...
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  • Gary Kivett still a great company and a great stock
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  • Loretta Keeler And the other 68% was pure FIRE!
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  • Scott Kenan My mother, a nurse during those years, promoted painting the throat with Mercurochrome when sore -- which always stopped a sore throat before it got bad. Also gave slight mercury poisoning. Mr. Kivett may have no morals about stocks (other than their making money), but the days of his devil type are coming to a close. My mother was Dick Cheney's, John Boehner's, Coach Lou Holtz's, and Sean Hannity's liaison with the most previous three Catholic Popes and we had swastikas on our dinner plates. More is in my blog: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx .

  • Gary Kivett Also like Philp Morris, Anheuser Busch InBev, Pepsico, McDonalds. WalMart, Diageo, and Beam as well as GE and Exxon. Bwt you hate them too, huh.
  • Gary Kivett Oh yeah i forgot about proctor and gamble and pfizer
  • Gary Kivett You need to go read you some Ayn Rand in the worst way buddy. Or at least watch the two Atlas Shrugged movies. She came from a communist country. We dont need or want one here.
  • Scott Kenan My family OWNS Exxon-Mobil, silly!!! (and Chevron, Coca-Cola almost, Bank of America and the world's largest trucking company Kenan Advantage Group. Never heard of us??? We founded UNC Chapel Hill, simultaneously inventing the world's first Public University. Today, for 101 years, the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust is the largest private financial support of University Education in the world. I worked for playwright Tennessee Williams and knew most of the Kennedys as well as Frank Sinatra's heirs who SOLD Bank of America to Kenan-owned NationsBank -- and admitted to me they got the Gambino Family to stuff boxes in Chicago after Joe Kennedy asked them to flip the election. My mother was head of Proctor and Gamble's Skin Research Labs after WWII, working with Dr. Josef Mengele's notes from his experimentation on Jews in concentration camps, so I DO know a lot of PRIMARY sources. That you didn't consider what a Kenan would know shows you are a very SHALLOW researcher!!!

FROM HERE: http://badlawyernyc.blogspot.mx/2011/06/nc-lawyer-gary-b-kivetts-quite.html

MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011

NC Lawyer Gary B. Kivett's Quite a Character

The guy in the picture holding the rattlesnake is North Carolina attorney Gary B. Kivett.

He's also the respondent to a North Carolina Bar Complaint  for getting all touchy, feely, and intercourse-y with a number of his female clients.  In other words a real snake in the grass.

A colorful blawg item by Mike Frisch at the Legal Profession reports  that the NC bar authorities are a little tired of Kivett's inappropriate relations with his female clients and in one case, the wife of a client  One charge relates to sex Kivett had with a client on Grandfather Mountain.

I've said it over and over again:  Do not have sex with the client.  The client comes to a lawyer because they seek independent professional help while the client is in a legally vulnerable position of some sort.  Sex with the clients so completely compromises everything important about the trust relationship comprising the lawyer-client contract.



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