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RP: While Conservatives Fear God (therefore they act hatefully), Liberals Are the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES EVER!!!

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1. While it is TRUE, I actually believed the story in the most previous blog posting, which I posted many hours ago, it was ONLY BECAUSE I WANTED TO!!!

As soon as posting and emailing it to nearly 500 (and several hundred having found it on this blog since then as well), I researched and it is NOT TRUE, but a JOKE. I decided to leave it to see how many would CALL ME ON THAT (by blog comment or email) -- but no one did.

2. There are many reasons to make fun of the fools in the Catholic Church -- and I wanted all through junior high to be a Jesuit priest, so I took Catholicism seriously then. I left because of its TOTAL HYPOCRISY, which is easily seen in the FACT that throughout the 1960s and 70s and before, the Catholic Mass had a part where the priest made mention of Jesus's GORY and GRUESOME suffering and death. The response was a THREE-FOLD (repeating something three times with feeling is a form of MIND CONTROL -- disclaimer: My mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan ran Proctor and Gambles Skin Research Labs and worked with Dr. Mengele's research on Concentration Camp Jews, both physical and MIND CONTROL, which she used EFFECTIVELY on my siblings and I, and it worked best on the GIRLS), -- a three-fold repeating of "Through MY fault. Through MY fault. Through my MOST GRIEVOUS fault," -- all while BEATING ONE'S BREAST!!!

Any idea, you psychologists, WHAT this does to a child's self-worth???

Sets kids up to feel like worthless shit so they get sexually molested by the ONLY ONE the Catholic Church says can get God's forgiveness for you -- a Catholic priest!!!

>>> AND HERE IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF LIBERAL HYPOCRISY -- they equate wasting all day masturbating by spreading Liberal Truth (and it is usually actually TRUE), on Facebook and such, but only PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, and REFUSING to take a stand or CONFRONT ANYONE AT ALL, which allows the HATERS to get more practical and WIN. (Hello gun control!!! -- especially Dems in the South!!!)

Conservatives are ALWAYS PRACTICAL, regardless their lies.

Armed militiamen around Cliven Bundy's ranch in Nevada have set up road checkpoints and are asking passersby for proof of residency, according to a...
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  • Michael Leo Gorecki Why are the police in this area allowing this?
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  • Scott Kenan Because people on Facebook ask ME (the poster of this) instead of googling for the local police phone number and them calling THEM to ask, silly!!!
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  • Michael Leo Gorecki Ha ha. I looked into this before asking the question. I was more or less wondering if I was the only person concerned by a lack of local or even state police presence.
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  • Scott Kenan I'm SURE that helped solve the problem (if it exists) -- so what was the PRACTICAL RESULT of all your wonderin', typin', etc.??? In MY experience (if you follow my blog at all, you know I DO pick up the phone here in Mexico and call top legislators (usually speaking then to a top aide), so I DO call all these people. 

  • Bottom LineTHERE ARE NO BIGGER HYPOCRITES THAN LIBERALS -- EVER -- THEY ARE WHO ALLOWS THESE PEOPLE TO GET AWAY WITH ALL THESE THINGS. They say HA-HA -- just wondering, but NO ACTION from MY hypocritical ass -- I'd rather look cool on Facebook!!!

  • Michael Leo Gorecki I live nowhere near that area and can affect nothing with my calls. I doubt you can either calling from Mexico.
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  • Scott Kenan Talking to people makes them THINK -- FUCK YOU, asshole if thinking is too much for you to consider.
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  • Michael Leo Gorecki Blow it out your ass. You are asking politicians and officials to think? I work for the Fed Govt and know that to be a fools errand. So fuck you, too, asshole.
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  • Scott Kenan You just defined yourself as one of the Cliven Bundy haters of government because you just explained why you don't believe government CAN work. I DOUBT you accept his racist views, though. I for one FORCED The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach (for years the by far the LARGEST advertiser on Fox News online), to STOP ADVERTISING THERE by calling and badgering the hotel president -- as well as blogging about it. This TOO from Mexico.

Mr. Gorecki then UN-FRIENDED (but did not block) me.


Paul Leone, President of THE BREAKERS HOTEL, and now my BUD, because he STOPPED advertising on -- after our discussions!!!

(CLICK ME, honey -- to see MORE!!!)

Some scenes from Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan-owned THE BREAKERS. Here are a couple more:

Me, too, bitch (just kidding!!!)!!!

The (wealthy branch of the) Kenan Family have one of the largest art collections in the world. About a half dozen or so of their collection of Medieval Flemish Tapestries hang high in one hall (that I can't show you now). But MORE important to me, is MODERN GLASS, which the Kenan Family ALSO collects. Here is some on display at their THE BREAKERS HOTEL:

Mr. Gorecki then UN-FRIENDED me from Facebook (but did not block) me.



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