Tuesday, May 6, 2014

If that English gal, Liz Taylor, has been correctly identified as the Reigning Queen of Mismaloya -- The Land of Love -- (and she has. She EARNED it, the old-fashioned way), what does that make Michael Jackson?

The Lamb of God.

It is the Will of God that Mismaloya now expands rapidly to enrapture the entire World. I have told my readers time and time again that it is the End of the World, which is NO end of the Earth. My primary purpose in life is to pull back the curtain and reveal the positions everyone has chosen for him- or her- self in this New Order of Post Humans.

The Last Judgement is now complete. Those who have chosen darkness, fear, lack, and worse: attempted domination of others and their enslavement, especially through drugs -- legal or not -- have consigned themselves to the Fires of Hell.

But God has not judged you -- YOU have. And so you can also heal yourselves of judgement. That will include making amends to all you have wronged: people, places, and things. You will return our wealth. You will labor to clean up the planet and restore it to its glory. After that --and only after that -- will you be allowed to earn full citizenship by the demonstrating to all the purity of your hearts.

There will be much futile resistance -- especially at first. Many do not yet even believe that I have broken the back of the Republican Party/ Mexican PRI Party illegal drug-trafficking ring. Suffer to try to hold it in place if you feel you must, but know that you harm no one now but yourselves. You guarantee multiplication exponentially of the Fires you are already suffering.

So be it.

I am no one special. I am the humble servant of my (and your) Great Father. I have also served as the Demon Spawn of Tennessee Williams. Today, he has released me from his service and promoted me to serve as First Knight in the Court of Queen Elizabeth-the-Only. I intuit that I will have many and diverse duties that will include serving as her Avenging Angel, should there ever be that need.

Here is our palace. It is the first house up the hill from the entrance to the Iguana movie set ruins, on Av. Eva Gardner. Allegedly, Cathy Griffin lives next-door, or pretty damn close. Currently, it is owned by a major narco-trafficker, Jed Clampon in Chicago. He contracted with me (sealed by the downpayment of a small poster of TW’s play A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND, that was personalized and presented to me by Gregory Mosher after the play opened at the Goodman Theater in Chicago, late April, 1982.

The poster’s value has not yet been determined, so I do not yet know how much cash will be needed to complete the transaction, but the full contract price is in the mid-$700,000.00s USD, details are in my notes.

The house: www.casavistalosarcos.com .

We might need a yacht captain. Please pass this message on to Don Gallery. I could send it through the writers' site, but don't yet have his email address. I doubt the site allows attachments. I hope all can expand the photo to read it's message. I took the photo (as well as many others) in February, when I talked the guard into letting me enter the property for 30 minutes.

Much still remains of the Park John Huston built and gave the people of Mismaloya/Puerto Vallarta. How public land came to now be owned by Mr. Claudio Leone -- wealthiest (or second wealthiest) man in Guadalajara, according to Hector-the-Engineer's godson, Fernando Merino. Fernando also said that Mr. Leone works WITH Hector and intends to redevelop the property for ultra-high-end residences, with a "fantasy hotel" on an island (Los Arcos????) just offshore.

I do not know if this is the best idea or not and do not pass judgement on it. But I do think that all transactions MUST be delayed for a thorough examination of the legalities of how Mr. Leone came to possess this publicly-owned property. And the plans themselves must me considered. In the last few days, someone has machete-ed the undergrowth from much of the peninsula, indicating they plan to act soon. I CANNOT get email through to Mr. Leone -- I am blocked -- but his email address is cleone@realdelmar.com .

Would someone please throw a temporary spoke in this wheel ASAP???

(Special shout-out of thanks to Senor Vasco.)

Now, let's have a GREAT Bicentennial here in Mexico 15 September, (and continue the Third Mexican Revolution), while hitting the gas on the Second American Revolution.

Many thanks, and Best to ALL!!!
Vive ut Vivas


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