Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Letter to Kenneth, Tennessee Williams' cousin

Subject: I've resumed reading. . . .
From: Scott Kenan
Date: August 24, 2010 2:05:17 PM CDT
To: Kenneth Holditch
Cc: Allean Hale
Bcc: 91 People, assorted

Dear Kenneth,

Now that I'm FINALLY sitting down to write you, properly, I realize I have always (since I first met you), wanted to do this, but it is only now that I can do so unguardedly. And I thank GOD for that!!!

Your presence on my mind has been growing exponentially lately, and just in the last two days, I've picked up one of the only 12 books I selected to bring with me to Mexico (space-in-the-car concerns caused me to give away or sell cheap an absolute TON of treasures). I've got several dozen others stored with a friend in Stone Mountain that I hope to pick up one day (exactly one Pontiac Vibe load, leaving room for pilot and co-pilot) -- including all of TWs works that I own and books about him. Bibles. Deep family history. The best metaphysical digestions. Others.

I'd bought your book Tennessee Williams and the South shortly before moving here, but ever since have been far too busy in various battles to even THINK of cracking it open. I knew intuitively that a simple peek would be insufficient, and I would become prey to my enemies if I succumbed to temptation too soon while my concentration was still so there-demanded.

And then of course once I'd opened it (night before last), I was entirely blown away. It immediately confirmed that you are the only person I have met so far who seems to have the same -- or quite similar in type and scope -- understanding of our great friend: your cousin, my employer. Gracias Senor, although I dare say you were first, and I, Johnny-come-lately.

But come, I have.

In fact, from the very first keystroke of writing my memoir, Tom has been constantly with me, often as real as the computer I typed on, but never in a way that could be proven in court. And the others followed as well. Texas Kate was always the most fun, but also, of course, Jane Smith, Vasillis Voglis, and eventually even Gary Tucker and Schuyler Wyatt. They all led me in mind to places i might not have accessed without their help. And they are all absolute friends and co-partiers in "heaven." They know the difference between a great play and reality: THERE IS NONE!!!

And we are all players. You and I, among the players graced by God to have personally known and worked with and for Mr. Tennessee Williams. He's truly The Master, and although he died after the formal completion of A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND, as you know only too well, he never stopped tinkering with the plays, and from a distance, continued to create what I call THE EXTENDED VERSION. And in it, you and I have had two of the very best roles -- if not the best.

Shameless of me to claim that, but then "Shameless" has become my middle name as I've embraced the rapture of language -- language that he and Science of Mind (aka Religious Science) taught me to appreciate -- and I now bandy (or flaunt) even the perjoratives in ways I like to think have, on occasion, snatched away the breath of some people (in the sense of shocking! ).

Why not???

It was clear to me (even in those days) that The Puritan was killing Tennessee. So I had to purge myself of that Self-Righteous Devil, and that has been QUITE the task. But I completed it, and with that completion has come freedom. Then, through the teaching and example of my distant Kenan relatives, I learned, before suffering too greatly from ignorance, that freedom is chaos and anarchy of mind, body, and spirit, but that LIBERTY (freedom with an acceptance of responsibility) is the true key to heaven.

And whadaya know -- I've actually, now, literally, arrived. Praise Jesus!!!

I look forward to the day when you and I can sit and entertain each other with stories. I'll return to New Orleans before too long, although I doubt I'll be doing that PEPSICO Festival ever again! More likely, I'll want to check out Brad Pitt's work -- his and Angelina's. In my opinion they are the Newmans (can't believe I'm blanking on her name!) of their generation -- without a whiff of an imitative intention. I read some things about them immediately before I left Georgia (his foundation, her tattoo), that made me realize what important roles they are playing, and I immediately sent his foundation a small gift, though it was about 20% of my then remaining cash and credit. I sent the foundation a note as well, asking them to pass it along.

Then yesterday, I received a sign -- intentional or not, I do not know: Brad has declared that BP should receive the death penalty, something he's long eschewed, but has now had cause to think again. Indeed, Brad is a man of my heart!!! But, I'm still betting it's Cheney. Halliburton had contracts to do the drilling on that well -- something. . . .

It seems it would take an eternity to tell you all I'd like to tell you specifically -- and Allean, especially, as well. She is the queen of my and Tennessee's hearts -- and Heavens! I remember the first time I attended the NO Festival. The first thing I heard her say on the podium, was to introduce a panel of co-scholars, adding that "Tennessee always HATED scholars, you know." And she was right -- I'd witnessed his contempt for them. Little did he know then that they would save him -- despite the actions of Sewanee.

The first thing she asked me when I introduced myself was "Do you think Tennessee was bipolar?" I hadn't actually given it a single thought until then, but immediately knew that by the standards of American medicine (which is to say NO STANDARDS), he definitely was. Allean replied that I should work on a book about bipolar first. That was what the world REALLY needed to know the truth about. (hold this thought a minute.) She continued that THAT book would be more important than anything I could write about Tennessee, and she knew I would have a boatload to say about both.

God, I want to see Allean again. . . . But you know, Paul Willis threw me out of participation in the 2010 Festival. OPENLY declaring WITH PRIDE that the only reason they had EVER invited me in the first place was because my book was to be published. Implying with Sue-Lyon-on-a-spree glee that this was EXACTLY what I deserved.

Well, Thomas Keith had bragged to me more than one time that he had given Paul numerous prescription-quality drugs -- that was why their rooming together had calmed Paul so much (not sex -- if you can imagine THAT -- as I had at first misunderstood). Thomas is so ruled by his drugs that he gives away SOOOOOO much info to me and others that he shouldn't, including how problematic it was for him to manage John Lahr's comments about Tennessee. Called Lahr a closet-case homo many a time, and seemed to think he could leverage John based on that allegation.

But John's of a different mettle -- something Thomas's drug-addled mind can't conceive of. John Lahr may have been through more hell than me, though less than John Uecker!!! !!! !!! I predict that John Lahr will complete the second half of Lyle's project brilliantly -- and with gusto!

But not today.

John Uecker, although seemingly possessed with the ghost of Maria Britneva, has endured more than the unendurable. He is my total and absolute hero, and had it not been for his example, I could never have found the courage to continue my own work -- not that I feel courageous at all. Knowing that God is Life, Love, and Truth frees one from needing courage. Frees one from needing anything else at all, really.

But John has not yet been released by Maria, but there is GREAT news to report on that! Several days ago, in the palapa beach bar/restaurant on Playa Mismaloya known as Teo's, I was invited by a family of Russian-Americans to join them in a repast of the fresh fish (including barracuda!) that they had caught that morning and "Jose Cuervo" had grilled and was presenting. I don't even remember their names, mostly. The parents and son-and-GF-or-wife were exceptionally handsome and bright-eyed, the men so attractive I knew I'd have to begin considering white men again!

The younger woman turned out to be a Keenan from the west coast. That's the Irish spelling of the original Cainan, and there have been many variations, including, Dear Miss Cynthia MCKINNEY!!! (Second likely -- but more distant -- black blood-relative identified -- first was Randall Kenan). Cainans originated as scholars and clerics to the land-owning Maguires in the Middle Ages. What mixed so nicely with that later, was the Johnstone blood. I don't have it.

The brother of my ancestor, one of three Kenan brothers who emigrated from Scotland after a temporary stay of 30 years in Ireland (the term for this large group of immigrants is Ulster Scots.) married one, and that union produced the Kenans of noted patriotic and educational service. The Johnstones trace their blood through much European royalty, including Charlemagne and the Carolingian line, etc. (I don't really buy Dan Brown's conjecture about the lineage of Jesus (Jeshua-the-Jew), but it does make for a compelling story!)

Anyway, that line seems to have come to a stop with Tommy -- or at least I don't know of an heir-in-grooming. But what is fascinating to me is that my sister-in-law (nee: Gail Godley) 's (HOW THE HELL DO YOU CORRECTLY STYLE/PUNCTUATE THIS???) mother traced her own roots to find that she is descended from the same Johnstones. So my nephews (Connor and Max) and niece (Taylor) are of a new combining of those same bloodlines. How encouraging a blood-news can one ponder???

Well, blood does not really mean so much. Study, rather, the Truth. It sets you free. I digress. . . .

The Russians. The father, a pre-End-of-Cold-War immigrant, IMMEDIATELY seized on the name Britneva, and discussed quite a lot in Russian (unfortunately) and without translating for me. I had somehow caused him to have a Eureka! moment, and he did make clear to me (by placing my fist on his own heart which hid behind his fabulous and blonde-hairy chest, and holding it there for at least two minutes -- in front of his wife and the others), that he knew EXACTLY what to do to expose what has happened to the Williams royalties that remained trapped in the Soviet Union -- until they were no longer trapped.


I KNEW that someone knew, and it wasn't any of the scholars. Remer and John Eastman have never spoken/typed to me (directly), but with this revelation, all hell will soon break loose. Fasten yer seatbelts -- it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!! (But not for anyone I send this email to, although there might be a few exceptions.) I deliberately waited until I intuitively knew THE RUSSIAN had completed his work past the Point-o-No-Return before mentioning any of these details.

Seems like there are other things I wanted to mention this morning, but I'm afraid I've run out of time, and my information is going all unruly on me -- once again. So I'd better stop for now. I dare say, though, that book contracts are zooming toward me quite rapidly now. Anyone have a recommendation whom I might contact?

OH! I nearly forgot, and I must now make concise. Anyone need elaboration, just ask: Bipolarity is the principle that makes the physical (time and space) possible. This self-existant thing we call God could first be defined as "I am." (Buddhists make the ironic -- in New Jersey, "ironical" -- error of thinking this is the "desired" place to get back to. OK, maybe it would be fun for them, but I need more ACTION!!!). I AM existed first as pure energy and consciousness. And being intelligent, it came to play around and add a modifier, which, because Perfection-and-All cannot be one thing without being everything else as well that is NOT that thing, twin ideas, through the power of THE WORD became "flesh," so to speak. (Light requires dark to be complete, etc. etc.).

Hence the Big Bang and explosion into reality of eventually everything we call physical. Positive and Negative particles (and ideas) were created in perfect one-to-one balance out of "thin air," but really, out of the power (energy) of an idea. Their bipolarity holds them in existence. (Mono-polar depression is just a Republican Party mis-idea as ridiculous as HOT!!! warnings on McDonalds coffee cups!)

If all matter were to match up with anti-matter, annihilation would occur, and with a HUGE release of energy, we'd be back to I AM. Time came into existence since no two physical objects can exist in the same place at the same time, but then there is probably a higher truth to this that I don't yet know, and to tell you the truth, I haven't sussed out where Neutrons came from yet, so my theory is a work in progress.

But then, that's why God invented Scientists -- Praise Jesus!!!

Now I need to scare up some cash -- I'm down to 1.5 pesos! Anyone have any PRACTICAL ideas???

Yours, like a Giant!

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