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RP: Additional Conversation with Ryan Burriss of Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

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>>> BUT FIRST, forgotten items that belong in the LAST posting about Georgia:

Bob Barr, 2008 Libertarian candidate for US President!!!

See what he's up to NOW!!! Toward the bottom of this:

1. In 1990, I tried to get the Dekalb County US Attorney, stationed in Decatur, Mr. Bob Barr, to investigate my motherRuth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- now of Raleigh, NC -- and Dr. Edward O. Nix, who together in the offices of Dekalb Mental Health Services (later called Dekalb Community Service Board), came up with my mandatory (part of my sentence in 1990), Lithium Carbonate dose: 1,500 mg., TAKEN ALL AT ONE TIMEonce per day!!!

I found that in psychiatric literature, a single dose of 1,500 mg. (rather than taken spread over three doses per day, as is usually prescribed), CAN result even in DEATH!!! (and later,  learned that 900 mg./day put me in the therapeutic range of 0.7 - 1.0 serum Lithium by blood test).

So I went to Mr. Barr and he DID call my mother about it, Mom ALREADY working -- through my father who lived in my house the whole time I was in jail, and then for six months afterward, with John Ehrlichman, Newt Gingrich, and Patrick Stansbury, now of, who DISTRIBUTES the illegal drugs coming in on US Air Force planes to Maxwell AFB in Alabama. And YES, I was already working for Patrick at Collegiate Concepts). But Mom told him I had been MANIC and off my meds, so was saying ALL KINDS of ridiculous things -- and Bob Barr felt that was a good enough investigation -- unless this ALSO had to do with HIS narco-trafficking with those OTHER "strong Republicans" -- LOL!!!

My father, working especially with Lee Gosney (possibly now deceased, but identified by Evan Fish and others in Wilmington as the BIGGEST supplier of cocaine not only to Wilmington, NC, but the State of Maine where Evan had been the LARGEST cocaine distributor before moving to Wilmington to GET OUT OF IT, but ended up being murdered by Wilmington Police with help of New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies.



Cynthia McKinney was my NEXT Congressperson after Ben Jones.

She is the MOST COURAGEOUS POLITICIAN I have ever heard of (and YES, I met her)!!! She always dressed in SCARLET, and made a BIG SCENE for the TV cameras of KISSING President George W. Bush as he walked to the podium to give EACH AND EVERY State of the Union Address -- making them worth watching -- LOL!!!

Cynthia McKinney ran as the Green Party candidate for US President in 2008.

"She supported anti-war legislation and introduced articles of impeachment against President BushVice President Dick Cheney, and Secretary of State ..."

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  • Ryan Lee Burris
    Ryan Lee Burris

    thank you for sharing that
  • Ryan Lee Burris

    wow, you e-mailed that to art pope? like the koch brothers need more ammunition
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    If it is ammo for Koch and Pope, then you have admitted to your actions somehow being criminal. Worse, I emailed it to Koch and Pope's boss, Thomas S. Kenan III -- and all 13 Trustees of UNC Chapel Hill, but the criminal element in ILM has you so caught in their web (especially that probation), that you don't know which way is up anymore. The importance of secrecy in ILM in a system where government and mafia (actually the same people), TOTALLY SPY ON EVERYONE and know all the dirt so they blackmail good people into crimes, has everyone freaking out to keep secrets that everyone already knows. And they have to keep up appearances -- especially worshipping the Graven Idol, Jesus.

    Your org is called Equality, right??? But Wilmington being nearly half black, what proportion of members are black -- and what does that mean about a commitment to equality.

    I still see you as the good guy, but one who was given a virtual half-lobotomy by the System, and they did it so well, you are not aware of it. same is true of Jen Harjo, Public Defender, the ONLY Republican in ILM that I would trust. You are in good company!!!
  • Don't worry, things will get a lot better, but regardless how much they have screwed you, you allowed them to do it -- because you did not know better. But you still did it and are seeking your way out, but blindly.
  • You'll make it, but there are difficulties on the road.
  • Scott


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