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RP: Catching Up Loose Ends, Again!!!

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"You've got to cut this hideous story out of her brain, Dr. Sugar."

Katherine Hepburn (here in the role of Violet Venable in SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER), would have turned 107 yesterday.

Tennessee Williams' work is TIMELESS.



CONSTANT problem for me on my IPad Ninny (but I cannot blame my errors in this blog on it -- unfortunately!!!).

2. In the matter of my "argument" with Alison Fraser as seen here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/05/my-latest-message-to-alison-fraser-and.html, the fact is that we resolved it totally right after I posted this.

Alison had been smokin' her smart-cell with me in moments off stage in Virginia with the play WICKED! What I had not realized is that her Facebook Page is her primary way of communicating with fans -- including kids -- so our discussion should not have been posted there.

And not only was she having a very thoughtful back-and-forth with ME, but tornado sirens sounded and everyone fled to the basement, and she was feeding blow-by-blows to her fans as well.

"In the bowels of the theater, waiting for the tornado to strike. #morriblestravels #wickedomaha#mmhadnothingtodowithit — with Adam R. McDonaldand Raymond Joel Matsamura."

And not only THAT, but at the exact same time, Connor Buckley, who had played Playboy, the demented son of Matron (played by Alison), in Tennessee Williams' IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE, was Facebook-Friending ME.

Connor Buckley studying a script.

Odder still, is that Alison was making a big CONGRATULATIONS to Connor for his signing to a STARRING ROLE in Fox Channel's TV hit SURVIVING JACK, Alison not knowing the show had been CANCELLED inexplicably by Fox only a short time after Connor was signed to contract, and HE was leading the charge to get people to sign a petition for Fox to UN-cancel it.

As you might imagine, CHAOS REIGNED, so I abandoned continuing with them after I quickly sorted it all out for us -- and we all remain friends. I now have TWO friends who premiered Tennessee Williams' last play, so I am BLESSED!!!

3. And I recently have gotten some good feedback from several people of note. The first was from the Director of the Vallarta Botanical Gardens -- AFTER I added the segue to Aunt Violet's Garden, and then on to James Venable , founder of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and my Stone Mountain connection to him -- AND then my letter to the Trustees of the University of North Carolinahttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/05/my-letter-to-trustees-and-community-at.html, that in the end, looped back to the piece on Vallarta's Garden!!!


Dear Scott,

Thanks for your positive feedback and for helping to promote Vallarta Botanical Garden throughout your social and professional network.  We are very grateful and hope you return again to visit us soon.


Bob Price
Vallarta Botanical Gardens AC

The New Conservatory of Mexican Orchids is under construction

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens have been declared as one of the, "Top 10 North American Gardens Worth Travelling For" by the Garden Tourism Council of Canada.

AND, then Bob wrote again to identify that red/gold-blooming vine as  Thunburgia mysorensis, native to India.

4. Last night, I got this from J.G. Sandom (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._G._Sandom), on Facebook:

FCC Chief Wheeler will revise his plan for regulating broadband, including offering assurances the agency won't let firms segregate...
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  • Ansley Kulp likes this. (Ansley is my FAVE living Episcopalian!!!)
  • J.G. Sandom Well, according to bgr, it's just a ruse to take pressure off Wheeler. See http://welsh.typepad.com/.../404-wheeler-pretends-to-back...
  • Scott Kenan Where there is a ruse, there is implicit admission of intended trickery. I hope enough people catch on and pressure the FCC until they come to some kind of fair decision. I've had so much on my plate in the recent past, that even though it is more CIVILIZED now, I'm still having to focus on asserting my right to stay out of jail, nut-house, etc., and TELL THE TRUTH about my own experience and immediate and distant family, that getting in a deep way into other areas (which I always like to monitor and throw simple support toward what seems right to me), puts me at risk of over-extension, and being effective in little or none of it. I'm VERY GRATEFUL for YOUR emphasis in this area!!!
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  • J.G. Sandom Scott: It is I who owe a debt to you. You always tell it as you see it. And in an age of duplicity and self-serving trumpeting, your cries ring true.
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  • Scott Kenan I am humbled, but since my brother lives in Devon, I might actually meet you in person one day when I get up to visit.
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>>> TODAY, it is reported that this whole "NET NEUTRALITY" thing has gone into TOTAL CHAOS -- which is a GOOD THING, since now it can IMPROVE!!!

* * *

>>> THE SAD TRUTH OF MY MOTHER Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, North Carolina:

My Mother's Day call to Mom went well for the most part, but broke down in the end, she claiming she didn't want to hear about how the Kenans have supported the Republican Party and the Episcopal Church, both some of the largest narco-traffickers in the world with support of the CIA, US Military, and "bad" Democrats like Obama, Emanuel, Cuomo, Gore, and Clinton, and I eventually "blessed her out" royal -- not that that has EVER bothered her much, before. 

Mom could stand to show me more respect -- remember, I have in Mom's own handwriting  from several years before Uncle Bob was put on it, that 1.5 Lithium Level produces Diabetes, and after Uncle Bob allowed Jan to marry a Jew (and it was Jan who told me Mom boycotted her wedding for that reason), Mom honed in on the VA hospital in Lower Mississippi to be sure Bob was on DOUBLE strength Lithium with a goal of 1.5 or higher (why his hands shook so much).

Uncle Bob (Robert J. Meyer, DDS), contracted chemically-induced diabetes, compliments of Mom and the VA Hospital System, and slowly had his various appendages removed in a VERY painful and slow, eventual death -- for the good of the NAZI Catholic Church -- praise JESUS!!!

The cooperation of that hospital to support "Miss Swastikas" will be a BIGGER scandal than VA hospitals are now experiencing over wait times, BUT with Mom's PROVEN association with people like Coach Lou Holtz (Boehner's closest personal friend and co-planner), Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, etc., it is too shocking to break news in the USA for at least five years -- and Mom will likely have died of natural causes by then.


My mother, a DEVOUT Catholic and Swastika-Lover.


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