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RP: In Response to Many Questions I Have Received . . .

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1. First of all, I can say that I've been aware of some very LIKELY errors in my identification of people involved in the "Chicago Legal Matter", (about half of them), so I am working to correct some names, etc. in this blog and it is slow, tedious work. Currently, I am waiting guidance from Chicago on how to proceed further. Here is an example of one posting I have already changed: .

2. The timing of what Facebook brings forward to me on my page is BEYOND BIZARRE -- often as if they are TRUE PATRIOTS, although this first of two oddities of last night was not directed by Facebook itself, but one of my closest political friends there -- and the FIRST straight guy to acknowledge to me that HE believes that 60 - 80% of married men in the USA have more sexual interest in men than in women:

en Ingles:

  • J.G. Sandom
    J.G. Sandom

    If you have a mastery of Spanish and have read The God Machine, you may wish to do the first review of La Maquina de Dios @ But only if you feel like it! Seems so naked without any reviews!
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    I haven't read the book and I don't know nearly enough Spanish -- but I like how you think (marketing -- as well as in other ways)!!!

    This past week I discovered that a law student interned with the D.A in Wilmington, NC WHILE he was prosecuting me on eight false charges and got me committed to the nut-house twice, then when I moved back to Puerto Vallarta, spring 2012 and was soon sued for LIBEL and tried in Cook County, IL in absentia after NO legal service and they got a half million from a recently homeless guy -- plus copyright to nearly ALL my important writing, stopping my book's sale on Amazon, etc.. Well, that sentence got away from me, but this intern got his first job at the SAME Chicago law firm before they sued me. To be coincidence is nearly impossible odds, so NOW we have opened a new negotiation -- and I'm sure I'll win.

    Your comment on that image of the cross crashed into a den of sin, inspired this title:
  • Scott Kenan
  • Scott Kenan

    I forgot to mention that the guy who originally sued me was not the problem, nor is the lawyer sub-contracted to enforce the judgement, so I changed their names already in some of the posts, and now will wait, having shown good faith, to see what we can agree to.
  • J.G. Sandom

    Good for you. I hope you make a fortune!

Well, collecting a LARGE FINANCIAL PENALTY from wanton abuse of me by violation of both US Constitution and several levels of Law had NOT really crossed my mind, but as most readers know, Mr. Sandom is considered the "Father of Interactive Internet Marketing/Advertising" and owner of about the third largest advertising agency of its type in the world -- as well as being a BEST SELLING AUTHOR!!!

In fact, Sandom'La Maquina de Dios is already running as the BEST SELLER in three countries!!! Pretty good for having no reviews on the Amazon page in Spain, no???

>>> And my Writers Group with its many US lawyers and retired business execs must have meant SUE!!! when they advised that I squeeze the Chicago people's balls until they HOLLAR!!!

THE SECOND THING LAST NIGHT was that one of the daughter's of Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt was for the first time in at least a year, prominent on my FACEBOOK page, so I let her know that her Dad's story as a very casual lover of Tennessee Williams -- and CO-CONSPIRATOR not only in his MURDER, but in helping Sewanee steal Tennessee's estate from Harvard, will in fact be told FAIRLY by me -- most easily when I get my copyright to WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS back from the Chicago thieves.

Skye's two daughters first contacted me while I was writing the first draft of my book, about ten years ago. Their father had abandoned his legal wife and two infant daughters without a trace shortly before I met him with Gary Tucker in Key West in 1981. I had had NO IDEA of this until I heard from the daughters, and THEY had been told by their grandmother that thier father had been Tennessee's lover, but their mother denied it absolutely.

The girls had contacted me after reading my Amazon review of someone else's Tennessee Williams memoir -- COOL, no???

I ended up talking with all three of them back then, and straightened it out for them -- and now they can be honest with their mother -- THANK GOD!!!

3. This morning, Chris Cuomo was struttin' his shitty little self all over early CNN news. A week ago, CNN blasted a HUGE headline all over TV and Internet, claiming VLADIMIR PUTIN WANTS WORLD WAR III, and this morning, he was interviewing retired Army General James "Spider" Marks who was AGAIN rattling the sabers and claiming WE MUST FIGHT WITH TROOPS IN UKRAINE.

I am NO FRIEND of Putin, but I KNOW Gen. Marks from when I sold him advertising in military books we repped at in the early oughts (his company became "Global Linguistic Solutions", and he provided the LARGEST NUMBER of interpreters to the US Military in Iraq/Afghanistan. -- most contracts were "NO BID!!!" He now is Managing Director of ). 

He's an ass and he made TONS OF MONEY in private industry off the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. ALSO, anyone in their 60s or older should know that "Spider Marks" is what G.I.s called the swastikas painted on walls, etc., by retreating NAZIs in WWII.

An APPROPRIATE nickname for the General, no???

And Chris Cuomo, brother of Andrew, perhaps the most corrupted Democrat now in power -- and HATED by Progressives and Liberals, was BRAGGING about his son's First Communion this past Saturday. Of course many still attend traditional services of many stripes -- some for political necessity, some to appease BITCH WIVES -- but no educated honest man eats the LITERAL FLESH of Jesus (or any other prophet), like the Catholic and Episcopal Churches claim THEIR communion is through a process called Transubstantiation.

CERTAINLY, anyone believing such mumbo-jumbo non-sense, could NOT be clear-thinking enough to report news!!! CNN needs to DUMP CUOMO like they did Piers Morgan -- another slave to the Catholic Church and their goal of WORLD DOMINATION under the swastika, which my own mother has been so instrumental in bringing to fruition.

Chris DOES have nice nips, though . . .

4. And then THIS story came in overnight -- bringing me RIGHT BACK AGAIN to Tennessee Williams and those I knew then:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
about an hour ago near Puerto Vallarta

Extra bizarre to me because when Tennessee Williams got his eye lift in Houston in early 1982, we retreated with "Texas" Kate (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, later McNamara to her family's ranch outside Boerne, TX where this is. Kate grew up inAtlanta knowing the WEALTHIEST of my Kenan relatives, and her son, Dudley Sharp IIITENNESEE WILLIAMS' ONLY KNOWN GODSON (Episcopal), was the leader of the LARGEST lobbying group to PROMOTE Texas's death penalty until recently:

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