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RP: Progress ALL AROUND!!!

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Yesterday would have been Harvey Milk's 84th birthday, and to celebrate, I watched the film MILK. More on that, later.


1. This morning, I DID get back to Bank of America to find out what is happening with the HOLD on my accounts. Last write up on that:

Then I sent Rishi Nair of Nair Law, Chicago the following email that sums it up:

Hi Rishi,

I just got off the phone with Bank of America and learned these things:

1.They now show Nair Law/Rishi Nair as who filed for the hold on my accounts -- rather than CEO Law, Chicago, as they STILL had in their records two days ago.

2.They have NOT received the Legal Order from you that you emailed me you sent on May 9, 2014, and ask that you send either a Release Document or a Pay Order by FAX to Bank of America Legal Department: (617) 310-XXXX, ASAP.

3. They refuse to explain why they held funds I had already spent for medical bills earlier in the day than when they applied the hold, causing me to show about $600.00 overdrawn now (they should have only held a little over $100.00, all I had after paying those bills).

4. And as you know, I was unaware I had to tell Bank of America that the account was primarily to transfer SSI Disability money to me, so that was my fault and you got money, $650.00 of which was my next month's $500.00 rent and $150.00 "pocket money" from SSI Disability via Benefits Management in Wilmington, NC, that check clearing BoA about two days before you placed the hold.

5. If you do NOT send them either a Release Document or a Pay Order, the hold will continue on my accounts until the year 2050 (yes, really), so why not finish up this mess now?

Let me know if you have any other interesting negotiations any of you might be interested in.




Gayer than a VILLAGE PEOPLE concert -- and brought to you by the US Navy!!!

Naval Academy Freshmen Climb Greased Herndon Monument (PHOTOS)


Within eighteen hours of my getting this email to Drew Griffin of CNN (and my 500 email contacts -- mostly in the US Press):, CNN and several elected politicians speaking on CNN, as well, began talking about how NEW REVELATIONS will make the wait times scandal at Veteran Administration Hospitals look like MINOR STUFF!!!

I don't claim they are referring to MY charges, as my mother being Dick Cheney's (et al's), BOSS, she is very protected, but my making a PUBLIC STINK probably will help other similar allegations of the CIA and other NAZIs using the VA hospitals to MURDER POLITICAL ENEMIES come out in the news soon.



WOW-- serious legal ramifications for the Catholic Church worldwide. Meanwhile Pope Francis continues his excellent charm offensive, but rather than compensate victims of priests, he appointed ANOTHER committee to study it for a few years . . .

Today, the United Nations Committee Against Torture found that the widespread sexual violence within the Catholic Church amounted to torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment prohibited by the UN Convention Against Torture

This is an important recognition of the gravity of these offenses that have been minimized by the Church, places responsibility where it belongs – with the hierarchy in the Church, not the victims – and could help open new avenues for redress. 

The committee further found that the Vatican’s obligations under the Convention reach beyond the Vatican City State to all those acting under the Church’s effective authority and control. Here's our press release on the committee's observations:


I called Testosteroni/Testo also this morning, mostly wanting to thank him for getting me so angry at the beginning of this week. Being an "ALCHEMIST" of sorts, I transformed that anger into the energy of WRITING some especially good blog posts and emails this week.

At one point I asked him how he was doing, and he said he was pissed off, but since he showed no emotion about that nor said it was directed at me, I figured something in his neighborhood must have gotten his goat. During the twenty-minute call, he never elaborated.

And not only did he AGAIN claim I had said or written something I never have, I suggested that might be the confusion from his addiction to Testosterone injections for Depression, but a couple of times when he would have ACCURATELY said "I think (something from thinking, logic, etc.)", he said "I feel (meant to express emotion or intuition)". I did NOT mention to him that two days ago I read a report on how to spot DEPRESSION, that said one of the leading symptoms of people with no confidence or low self esteem or Depression, is to say "I feel," when "I think" is called for.

And then, as if trying to PROVE he works for my adversaries, he encouraged me to be certain to take a copy of Rishi Nair's draft proposal of terms for us to end the Chicago Legal Matter to writers group tomorrow, and try to talk a lawyer into reading it and explaining it in strictly legal terms -- with a view to my signing it.

That HAD been my plan -- until Rishi sent the draft, and it stipulates that if I use the words "Chicago" or "Kenan" ANYWHERE on the internet where I have control of content (my blog or Facebook page are two examples), then I am in violation of the proposed agreementWell, that means effectively that I could NOT post anything online except under a pseudonym, and I could NOT mention my Kenan relatives or the City of Chicago for ANY REASON -- LOL!!!

That would SEEM to prove that Thomas S. Kenan III really IS in contact with Saper Law/Nair Law -- probably through Saper Law employee Jeff Duncan, who had interned for D.A. Benjamin R. David in Wilmington, NC before working for Daliah Saper -- BOTH places during the time the other two concocted FALSE CHARGES against me, no???

GOD, they think I am STUPID -- and so did Testosteroni, by thinking I needed a lawyer to explain THAT clear language:

"B. Removal of Internet Postings.  Kenan will take all reasonable steps in good faith to cause the removal of any internet posting related to Sutherland or his attorneys, within two (2) weeks from the Effective Date of this Agreement.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Agreement shall require Kenan to incur any out-of-pocket expense relating to the removal of the internet posting.

"C. Test for Removal The Parties agree that the test for successful removal is a Google search for the terms “Jamie Sutherland”, “Rishi Nair”, “Nair Law LLC”, “Daliah Saper”, “Saper Law”, “Chicago”, “Kenan” and/or other associated terms, do not bring up results that manifest in webpages with content controlled by Kenan.  The presence of such searchable content through represents a breach of this Agreement."




Paul Colichman is in center.

In 2009, Paul Colichman and Stephen P. Jarchow founded what was to become HERE MEDIA, having purchased MOST gay media, including THE ADVOCATE and ALYSON BOOKS.

According to the movie MILK, the THEN owners of THE ADVOCATE (longest in-print serious gay newspaper/magazine), were two of Harvey Milk's BIGGEST POLITICAL ENEMIES in San Francisco -- IN FACT, they likely had a hand in his murder. But look what I found JUST NOW on HERE MEDIA's website concerning their "Here Media App" -- an image of Harvey Milk, who the previous owners of THE ADVOCATE had so vigorously OPPOSED!!!:

And after then-Alyson-Publisher Don Weise cancelled my contract to publish WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS -- which they had SAID was to be their FEATURED HARD COVER RELEASE of spring 2010, a release of over 30 books, and I had rave reviews from John Lahr, as well as Williams scholars Thomas Elliot Keith and Kenneth Holditch, yet they had NOT PAID even a cent of my advance, half due on signing early August 2009, and they cancelled mid-January 2010, I soon discovered that the WEBPAGE on Alyson Book's site specifically for my book and its listing as part of the spring release was GONE -- but ONLY on MY computers, computers belonging to most of my friends -- but NOT GONE on public ones at the library or on anyone else's computers AT ALL!!!

Thomas Elliot Keith on left, Don Weise on right.

Weise now owns Magnus Books, having taken most of Alyson's authors with him when he left. See how Don Weise conspired with iconic 1980s Gay Rights Leader and noted memoirist and Marcel Proust scholar Edmund White to FRAUDULENTLY pay Edmund a half-million dollar advance on a book they both knew would be a SALES DOG, causing publisher Carroll and Graf to be so broke it had to be SOLD!!!

The listing for my book REMAINED up on Alyson's website as a RELEASE until the END of April, 2010 (except for me and my friends).


After HERE MEDIA's Legal Department sent me an email cancelling my contract and returning my rights, one of Colichman's TOP LAWYERS (his claim to me), called me on the phone and said they would do EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to see that my book -- and ME in any OTHER writing -- would NEVER BE PUBLISHED.

1. I think this PROVES that Jamie Lee Sutherland, of Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago (who reported seeing Senator Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse several times)FOX NEWS employee Daliah Saper and her Saper Law, LLC in Chicago, Jeff Duncan, and Richi Nair and Nair Law, LLC are ALL "in bed" with Sewanee (The University of the South), the Episcopal Church and the Republican Party/CIA/NSA.

2. I don't think that Alyson/HERE MEDIA could have pulled the "multiple internets" scheme without the participation of the CIA/NSA.

3. They KNEW I could prove how the Episcopal Church with the Republican Party had murdered Tennessee Williams (just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis told Tennessee and me they planned to do), and PAID OFF Tennessee's maid, Leoncia McGee, as well as Gary Tucker and Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt -- putting them into a LIFE OF LUXURY until they had all died by the mid 1990s -- and Skye Wyatt told not only ME, but John Uecker (who murdered Tennessee Williams), that it was a "top Republican Legislator in the Tennessee State Legislature" who had given them all the money.

Now, available for FREE, here:



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