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RP: Relax Today -- Have Some Fun -- and Then I'll Tell You about My NEW CONNECTION!!!

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Even the Deli Llama can't spell "judgment" correctly -- WHAT is the world coming to??? 

Apparently "Merry Old England", where the "e" is optional.


1. Checking my accounts on Bank of America online this morning, the HOLD on my accounts still is in place, so whatever is happening, BoA has NOT been confident about the communication they have received from Rishi Nair, CEO Law, or WHOEVER actually put the hold on my accounts. And I have gotten no calls from Patricia, who promised to call me back, like she seemed to mean in a couple of hours at most.

I didn't mention it to Patricia yesterday, but ANOTHER peculiarity of this HOLD is that even though I had used my debit card to pay many hundreds of dollars in medical bills BEFORE the hold was put on, UNLIKE if I tried to withdraw cash or pay for something with my card, Bank of America held those many hundreds of dollars ALREADY SPENT BY ME, which is why "the legal petitioner" got nearly $700.00 held, rather than the $100.00 or so that ACTUALLY was then in my account.

I will deal with this SECONDARY issue with BoA, later -- right now, we need to figure out WHO actually served the papers to the bank, WHY BoA lied about that repeatedly to me, and even YESTERDAY they still showed CEO Law as the entity that did this.

Rishi Nair remains SILENT on things he knows he could lose his Law Licence over -- HA!!!

I'll give Bank of America another day to figure their story, at least, out, before following up -- and you never know, Patricia might call me today . . .


Too bad my "enemies" don't yet see things this way -- but they WILL!!!

"When a man loves his enemies, he knows that God has done a tremendous work in him, and everyone else knows it too." --Oswald Chambers (from Studies in the Sermon on the Mount)

I'm not angry with ANYONE (although I frequently posture on blog and in emails TO MAKE POLITICAL POINTS).

3. Jim Buchan graduated high school with me in Columbus, Ohio, in 1969, and lived across the hall from me freshman year at Denison University for one semester -- until he transferred to Bob Jones University, where he earned his degree. We had TONS of philosophical and spiritual discussions, rarely seeing eye-to-eye, but we ALWAYS respected each other, and I've always believed that even though I don't understand his Evangelical Language and Culture, we play for the same Spiritual Team (same with Father Bob Kus of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Wilmington, NC -- but differently).

Jim Buchan
2 hours ago via Twitter
  • “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?” Ps 42:2
  • Scott Kenan I find God to always be within me -- as the Bible says, we are all made IN God's image -- so cozy in the Grace of God, I seek the best way to express Love to make the manifest world more godly -- but I sure know how to make mistakes as well -- LOL!!!

4. The biggest, baddest Sheriff 'round these parts!


"By our unpaid labor and suffering, we have earned the right to the soil, many times over and over, and now we are determined to have it."

— Anonymous, 1861

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Isn't it about TIME that America squarely faced our "LEFT-OVER SLAVERY PROBLEMS"???


Scott Kenan
3 hours ago via The Huffington Post

  • Uh-oh . . . Trouble in hypocritical Liberal-Land??? LOL!!!
    Larry Kramer and Barbra Streisand's saga over "The Normal Heart" has been publicized for decades, with Kramer criticizing Streisand's failure to bring his story to the silver screen. His latest jab at the star reignites the saga, this time ...

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7. Conversation started Wednesday
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan

    Friend of Caroline Kennedy: I am the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis told him and me that the Episcopal Church with Republicans and CIA were going to murder Tennessee because he planned to change his will to leave his estate to Harvard instead of Sewanee. Tennessee's brother Dakin insisted the Episcopal Church murdered Tenn until the day he died, as did others as well. I can prove it. 

    I know you are friends with Caroline Kennedy -- I'M JEALOUS!!! I never met Jackie's kids, but I promised her I would one day get President Kennedy's REVENGE -- HA!!! My story, especially of the last four years is nearly impossible to believe, but if I had NOT acted like it is true I would be dead or incarcerated today.

    I am ENTIRELY at your -- and REAL Democrats' -- service. My blog has over 2,200 essay length postings documenting my discovery of corruption in both the USA and here in Mexico, where I must for now live in Political Exile. You might start with this one:

    My blog main address is and if you google my name in quotes followed by any other name or subject, you can mine it -- newer postings are more clear and possibly corrected from older.
    Please don't hesitate (and I include all real Democrats), to FB message or email me to ask any questions. I published TONS OF DIRT on corruption in North Carolina, and especially Wilmington.
    Please tell my friend "Arnold Ziffle" hello when you next see him.
    Thanks and GODSPEED!!!
  • This was actually paragraph TWO, but Facebook or CIA HACKERS, perhaps, are playing games with my formatting -- AGAIN!!!:
  • And my distant Cousin, Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill is now one of my biggest political enemies, because while the Kenan Charities are generally GREAT, the wealthy Kenans give all their money to the Episcopal Church and Republican Party.


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