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RP: Some Clarification/Expansion for UNC Chapel Hill Trustees and Community:

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I found this image and the note below on Facebook, and since UNC's football program, especially, is currently under serious scrutiny, thought this would be a good place to start, this morning:

For the straight holier than thou religious assholes now complaining that they don't want to have to explain Michael Sam being gay to their kids while watching football: 

Why don't you worry about trying to explain the half naked painted hookers dancing around like rabid whores in heat on the sidelines during the games?? 

Where do these putas fit in your bible? Double standard much?

* * *

>>> AND I TRUST this will be the last blog post I email UNC Trustees, responding to any inquiries privately from now on.

1. First of all, it might have been a stretch for me to claim that any of the Kenans gave the order to recruit "stupid" minority athletes and shuttle them into "Mickey-Mouse courses" to get worthless degrees so the UNC can enrich its coffers. If you want to see "income disparity", consider the disparity of Coach Larry Fedora's $2,000,000.00 salary with what his players get for salary while bringing in TONS OF DOUGH for the school, but Larry's salary is #56 of college coaches, so not particularly excessive. However, to recruit those unqualified for a university education -- and UNC has not been alone in this -- makes perfect business sense, since many competing schools don't touch the uneducated, so less competition signing some TOP BEEFALO TALENT.

When I was a member of First Presbyterian in Wilmington, where Pastor Ernie Thompson explained to me that he got rid of interested black folk by telling them he had voted FOR gay marriage to be allowed in the Presbyterian Church -- black Christians typically being RABID against homosexuality -- and he ran off a retired Army Colonel and his wife who had befriended me, every Old Dowager bragged to me how they knew and just LOVED "Squirty" Kenan (I never heard which troublesome part of Sterling Kenan, Sr., widow of Tom Kenan's brother Owen, earned her that nickname, but it sure was funny listening to Old Dowagers after church exclaiming things like "Well, Squirty did THIS . . . " and "Squirty did THAT crazy thing," and then always cracking up -- Squirty Kenan must be quite the humorist, but she's hardly head of the Kenan Family, in fact she has no Kenan blood.

Sterling "Squirty" Kenan with her daughter Sterling (Kenan) McCracken

But I DID get some insight into Kenan mentality with the help of James Graham Kenan (Uncle Jimmy -- brother of Frank Hawkins Kenan) of Andrews Drive, Atlanta, in 1990, when seeing him listed as a lawyer, I called his office who said he'd retired, but gave me his home number which he promptly answered and recommended the nephew of his wife, Anne (Clay -- as in Kentucky) Kenan, Gregg Loomis.

And the ONLY reason I had called Mr. Kenan (in 1990, I had no idea Kenans were much in Georgia -- I thought all the moneyed ones were around Chapel Hill), was because when I was first arrested for trespass after trying to report the narco-operation in Stone Mountain Park, the Magistrate who booked me and released me on my own recognizance, casually asked me at the end, "Do you happen to be related to these Georgia Kenans?", and remembering that the first edition of THE KENAN FAMILY had been published by Kenan Print Shop in Statesboro, GA, I replied, "I'm sure I am!" He then laughed and said, "Well, you will NEVER have a problem with the Law in Georgia -- whoever had you arrested is likely to learn a lesson!!!"

So when I got home, I found James G. Kenan in the phone book, and at his recommend, I then met Gregg Loomis in his office. I mentioned to him that Kenan being an Old Testament name, perhaps we have Jewish roots, Gregg literally CHOKED, and then said, "NEVER say that around the Kenans -- I've never met anyone who hated Jews more than them!!!"

I could not find an image of "Kenan in the Bible", but this is Kenan's father, Enosh (aka Anosh).

Gregg then referred me to his son Kenan Loomis, who had just begun his law practice in Decatur, GA in a small bungalow, but Kenan didn't do the type work I needed, either.

My research on these two was in two parts, the first being right then. I found their home phone numbers in the Atlanta White Pages and tracked down their addresses (not to stalk, but out of curiosity). Gregg's address was an abandoned mansion in derelict condition a few blocks from the Piedmont Driving Club, and Kenan's was the empty block around which I always parked when visiting my favorite gay bars, like Backstreet and Bulldogs. Later, The Dakota condominiums was built there.

The Dakota condominiums and town-homes were built in 1999 as the first mid-rise condo project for Wood Partners in Atlanta.

But odder still -- and I had had no access to THE KENAN FAMILY then at all, but when I studied a copy in 2009, I discovered that not only were James Graham Kenan's five children only listed by birth dates in the 1940s, but Tom Kenan's brother Owen's three children are listed WITHOUT birth dates -- and neither Uncle Jimmy's nor Owen's children are mentioned again in the book AT ALL!!! I figured you had to have WORLD CLASS WEALTH to go so far into hiding like that. This was published in 1999, not today.

But I crossed paths with Gregg Loomis twice, and much later, when in 2008 and 2009, he spoke at the two writers' groups I belonged to in Atlanta -- turned out he is not only a lawyer, but a published writer of note, race-car driver, and stunt pilot as well. (Live Life to the Fullest, no???)

The second time he was featured speaker, was at the meeting at Georgia Perimeter College, Decatur, and he was terrible, grown fat and clearly drunk and unable to keep his place in his talk. It was the biggest speaker-embarrassment I've seen in my life by far, and I spoke with him afterwords, he remembering our 1990 visit well -- and he was very friendly and encouraging about my Tennessee Williams project (this, right before Don Weise of Alyson Books said he'd sign a contract to publish my book), but assuming he was just in a bad time and it was temporary, UNC Trustees checking out my claims could contact him through his website.

2. And the personal friends of the UNC Kenans I spoke with at First Presbyterian, made it very CLEAR that those Kenans are NOT AT ALL KEEN ON CATHOLICS (Supreme Court Justices, and Boehner, Gingrich, Santorem, Hannity, etc., excepted).

The traditional Protestant/Catholic split.

3. Now in my blog, I have made much ado about my pressuring THE BREAKERS HOTEL, owned primarily by Thomas S. Kenan III and his step-mother Betty, out of being THE huge advertiser on Fox News online -- with vacillating results. The last few days -- since right after I made a BIG DEAL of the fact that Mary Lilly (Kenan) Flagler, Bingham began showing signs of tertiary syphilis soon after marrying Flagler, something that makes rich Kenan blood both boil and turn to ice -- they have ratcheted way back with only occasional ads on Fox. And that is fine with me, as long as they spread it around, and in fact I found them recently ALL OVER

But Fox News has taken to RIDICULING Pope Francis the last few days: 

Pope Francis should stick to doctrine, stay away from economic 'redistribution'

So I would advise that REGARDLESS their opinion of Catholics and the Church, they NOT ASSOCIATE with a fake news organization that is likely alienating TONS of BOTH Catholics and non-Catholics who LOVE POPE PANCHO!!!


James R. Venable, Imperial Wizzard.

The town of Stone Mountain, Ga., holds the distinction of being the birthplace of the 20th Century revival of the Ku Klux Klan.

My house at 903 Second Street, Stone Mountain, clearly showing Mr. Venable's Hangman's Tree.

And finally, I would like to say that when I put the contract on the lot to build my house in Stone Mountain, I ONLY knew of the UNC HERO, James Venable's moonshine stills formerly being there, which I thought was pretty cool. It was about five years later that I got the news that the tree in my front yard had been where UNC HERO and founder of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan had actually LYNCHED so many black folk in my yard. 

At least while AYE  lived there, that would not happen AGAIN!!!



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