Monday, May 5, 2014

RP: Thomas S. Kenan III, His Stepmother Betty (Price) Kenan (the owners), and Hotel President of THE BREAKERS, Palm Beach, Paul Leone JUST RESUMED Advertising ENORMOUSLY on Fox News, Online!!!

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Unknown, Betty, and Tom Kenan at a Humble Episcopalian Charity Event in Durham, North Carolina, recently.

Betty and Tom Kenan are FAR MORE COMFORTABLE getting flattered by sycophants.


Since Tom and Betty Kenan ALSO own the most stock in BANK OF AMERICA, now the most DESPISED business in the USA, you'd think they'd try to FIX THAT instead.

They ALSO own one of the largest chucks of Coca-Cola stock (as well as the local bottlers in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Durham), and THAT is now going south, too!!!

Warren Buffett told shareholders that Berkshire abstained in a vote over Coca-Cola's controversial executive pay plan because he didn't "want to go to war" with the company but did want to express his unhappiness with a plan he called "excessive."

And here is the house Henry Flagler gave Mary Lily Kenan as a wedding present. Today it is The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum and is roughly across the street from The Breakers Hotel. While it nominally is headed by Flagler's blood heirs, since the Kenans got FAR MORE of Flagler's wealth, they and their charities contribute the MOST money to maintain it -- and it IS EXCELLENT!!!

Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler with her husband, Henry, looked old and tired because soon after their wedding, she began showing signs of TERTIARY SYPHILIS!!!

The Entrance Hall

According to the gratitude plaques I saw at the Flagler Museum, Dick and Lynne Cheney clearly donated the NEXT most money for the renovations.

The Cheney Family -- in an earlier day.



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