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RP: My Reply to My Sister's Birthday Greetings to Me . . .

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Hi Jane – and thanks for the email.

I will first answer it, and then explain – and I would bet my bottom dollar this is going to come to you as a shock – the way it hit me, not only as something I then became obsessed with and put a LOT of effort into understanding my reaction the rest of yesterday and through a very troubled last night. But don’t worry about that part (it is only about MY reception/perception and not necessarily what YOU put into it). So relax and I will do my best to explain without rancor.

True that I am a gardener before a dog fan – but I do love both. And yesterday, I went to my favorite restaurant, Montebello Restaurante in San Sebastian del Oeste, 90 minutes away, and stopped at Home Depot to buy Italian basil seed for owners Coco and Walter. Of course, it turned out they had their own, but you can only get Mexican basil anywhere else -- but Home Depot sells “Giant Basil” seed in Mexico. The Mexican variety tastes the same but has very small leaves. They appreciated the gesture and they ate with me too, having closed the restaurant to watch the US – Ghana soccer game, but I banged on their door since they should have been open and we had a great couple of hours, just us, talking, watching the game, and eating like kings. They gave me a liter of homemade limoncello for my birthday – and I got to taste some of Walter’s other liquors that he makes, and again, marveled at the building which is Coco’s family home and was built more than 300 years ago – with MOST parts still original!!! I blogged about this restaurant before: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/05/yesterdays-adventure-to-san-sebastian.html .

Glad you got a homemade ice-cream maker – but I wish you had shared more detail on the greatness of the ice cream you made. THAT is the real story, is it not???

Do you get a lot out of visiting Dad’s ashes? I have to say that when I was homeless and sometimes slept beneath Col. Fred Smith’s ashes in the First Presbyterian Columbarium, I was comforted. Don’t know if I told you this, but not only did he teach at three of the War Colleges that we repped at Pentagon Publishing, Inc., but when I was “WILD” in 1978 and visiting Wrightsville Beach, he made perfectly clear to me that HE had no problem with homosexuality and saw it was then rampant in the US Air Force, at least. He also did the BEST oyster roasts and encouraged EVERYONE. And he and Nell are the ONLY near Kenan relatives (not counting Lena Ludwig Lapper who is younger), who seem to have turned out decent – although Mom always loved to put Fred down as Dad’s worst relative, albeit by marriage.

But besides that, I sometimes feel Dad near – and LAUGHING, when I tell Mom off. He hasn’t come around as often as I have expected – certainly nowhere near as often as Tennessee Williams and his friends. I guess they are my true family. For the record, I don’t see or hear any of them – or even dream about them. I just sometimes am acutely aware of their presence and their emotional connection to me – sometimes seeming to get ideas from them as well.

I completely agree and I TOO am happy for both Mom and Dad that Dad is now gone. Let’s face it: when a bitch has your male lover shot in the head and then gives you the option to turn Catholic and marry her so she can hide her swastikas behind the shirt-tail cousin of the secretly wealthiest people in the Americas (I mean Mom had ALREADY gotten an award from Henry Ford – America’s most powerful Hitler-promoter – Joe Kennedy being number two) – the marriage is NO PICNIC (and the legal record says it was “Russian Roulette Suicide”), no matter HOW many Catholic Clergy approved. Of course Dad was primed to work with Mom for the Catholic Popes to advance NAZISM in the USA (and remember: Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was made a Countess of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius for TRYING to Nazi-influence the USA – a title not before then bestowed for a couple of hundred years – you see, our parents and Jack Kennedy’s parents were TOTALLY into the Catholic quest for World Catholic Domination, just like Jack and his and later Kennedy generations have chosen GOD instead of HATE) -- Dad having grown up so dirt-poor he was often shoeless – right when the wealthy Kenans were driving around town in their Norma Desmond limousines, lorgnettes, and solid-gold-headed walking sticks – and everyone in town made fun of Dad and Doris and the rest of the dirt-poor Kenans.

My car is doing fine, but I worry about all the cobble stone streets shaking it apart (which has not yet happened – and every other car has to deal with that too). It still looks new as I keep up with waxing, etc.

And now the difficult part of this. Everyone gets some leeway because no one was raised by perfect parents – BUT half of us Kenans are in our 60s, now, and that is about 30 years TOO OLD to not accept responsibility for our own consciousnesses and straighten our own lives out. I have tried to lead the way and to make it easier for everyone else, but only Mike has gotten married and RAISED A FAMILY, which got him started ahead of ALL the rest of us. I well remember all the strategies Mike and Gail employed so as to RISE ABOVE their own upbringings. Gail’s Dad let out some of the MOST asinine and racist rants I’ve ever heard – and all in the name of the PROTESTANT Jesus. But it seems to me that his son and Christian Missionary Andy knocking up a native Mexican girl in the Yucatan, marrying her – and it TURNED OUT GREAT – had to have had a good effect on the Godley Family – even the Dad. And Andy had the SENSE to abandon missionary work for something far more ethical – like banking, I think.

Mike never took Mom’s side against me in an aggressive way like you and Julie – although we had some misunderstandings. And I cannot accept your reply to me when I asked WHY you called the Stone Mountain Police to claim I was in danger of suicide or harming others and needed IMMEDIATE COMMITMENT, when you had had no contact with me for a week. I know you said that my occasional roommate Allen Rosen had called you to claim the same (although HE had not had contact with me in at least five days), so Allen must have heard from Patrick Stansbury – possibly through FOX NEWS Sean and Jill (Rhoades) Hannity’s BEST FRIEND, Christal Presley, who REALLY PISSED ME OFF by making fun of how she got you to pay so much extra for that stone globe for Mom and Dad, and you thought she was your FRIEND!!! I mean REALLY!!!

The net effect, was that you and Allen who BOTH had had no contact with me acted for these assholes so that the cops arrived to try to commit me within TWENTY MINUTES of Patrick Stansbury of www.pentagon-usa.com FIRING ME because I knew too much about his distributing the illegal drugs brought in on US Air Force planes – and Patrick ending the conversation by saying MY OWN FAMILY HATED ME and I probably had NO OTHER CHOICE but to commit suicide. You should have told Allen if he felt that way that HE should call the Police.

And I’m sorry to be so specific with YOU, when Julie was FAR MORE TO BLAME when she called them – her attempt had to be PRE-MEDITATED and deliberately EVIL (while you were partly just thoughtless) -- and tried to get Stone Mountain Police to commit me the final (fifth or sixth time within one month), and by that time, the cops didn’t take it seriously and just casually stopped me on the street and told me that ANOTHER woman had called to say I needed commitment, giving me Julie’s name when I asked who it was. These two cops even LAUGHED about it WITH ME.

So no, your telling me that my asking for your motivation in doing such a thing is for ME TO ABUSE YOU and you then cancelled a possible visit to Puerto Vallarta because of my asking you about a year ago, DOES NOT MAKE IT WITH ME AT ALL. Do you have ANY IDEA what it was like to be cat-called in Wilmington on the street – but even more so to be derided by the prosecutor in New Hanover County Courts TIME AND TIME AND TIME AGAIN, with your and Julie’s attempts to commit me thrown in my face??? PROOF that my family thought I was nuts (and they quoted Mom a lot too). Yes, you, Julie, and Mom, especially, MATERIALLY SUPPORTED THE PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO KILL, JAIL, OR NUTHOUSE COMMIT ME improperly. And with the exception of Mom who is so “GONE TO THE POPE AND THE DEVIL” I despair of her ever coming to her senses before death, so there is no point in my belaboring things with her.

Once that bitch dies, you and Julie not having someone to make sure you REMEMBER  how limited you are (which neither of you ARE, but believing your hateful upbringing, neither of you have approached your potentials AT ALL – except that you did for a while selling software, and then selling real estate, but even THEN you had so little self-confidence you, a straight person, worked with the lowest income people, Lesbians, and they ran out of money FIRST in the housing crunch and sent you back to Disability Determination – a career you had vaulted out of after getting disgusted with the security-crazed, petty-interest crowd that works it for peanuts), can reflect on how fulfilling your life choices have been. GOOD NEWS: Life now begins at 60, so like me, you can RE-INVENT YOURSELVES!!!

I had nightmare after nightmare last night trying to communicate this to you, so I knew I would have to try it today. I apologize for any discomfort, but then you have NOT had your life savings taken from you, FIVE poisonings, five jailings on eight false charges, TWO false nut-house commitments, FORCED to flee to another country for Political Asylum, been sued without being legally served for LIBEL because of blogging that a Wells Fargo executive friend admitted seeing the FAGGOT President Obama in his gay bathhouse in Chicago, having a trial in ABSENTIA, the cash award being half a MILLION dollars when only 50K was asked for (and me a recently homeless person with only Disability Pension) – and NO EVIDENCE was presented proving Libel OR harm, and the copyright to your MASTERPIECE of writing was also awarded them – AND every blog post you have ever written as well as all email past, present, and future on related subjects.

This is NAZISM RUN AMOK in America – and YOU and Julie SUPPORT IT STILL!!!

And I would be REMISS if I did not also say that Barack Obama seems to be weaseling out of being blackmailed by the CIA and Republicans into supporting CIA World Domination of heavy drug trafficking – except that while he has begun acting MORE like a real Democrat in most areas – just NOT YET backing away from supporting US Government narco-trafficking. I trust he will do THAT really soon!!!

When Mom is gone, you will pay the psychological price of your choices. Best to begin straightening yourself out now. THAT is what I will always support you in – and WHY my difficulties have been ENTIRELY WORTH IT TO ME: So that others can see that the Truth CAN be discovered and really DOES set you free.

Peace, Love, and Occasional Annoyances!!!


On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 5:26 PM, Jane Kenan wrote:

The reason I didn't send dogs is because you are not as big a fan of dogs as I am and you like flowers. So I thought flowers were the better choice for u!

Hope u had a good day. Mom said she had a really good talk with you so that is good!

I spent Sat afternoon and evening with Mom; bought an ice cream machine from Costco which makes great ice cream. Made ice cream for mom and a neighbor; it was great!

Thought about going to visit Dad yesterday but did not have time. Had a friend over to help make a platform to give baths to my dogs. It hurts my back to lean down to give baths so hopefully this will be better when we finish it.

I am happy for both mom and dad that he is gone. But the finality of it makes me sad if I think about it too much. I do have one of his hats! Mike took them all but he did give me one. I am not much of a hat person but since it is Dad's I might use it!

I keep thinking about getting a smart phone but haven't done it yet. It is a slow process for me as I am not sure I want one. So am moving slowly, It seems so rude to me that people use them all the time even when they are with people real time...

Hope you had a good day and have a good night! I'm jealous u can go to the beach so easily! 

HOW IS UR CAR DOING? I'm off to a meeting.



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