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RP: Recently, There Has Been Some Confusion (some of it age-related)!!!

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Five of us went to lunch after Puerto Vallarta Writers Group today -- up the Rio Cuale!!!

There was some confusion over the check . . .


1. There is little worse UNNECESSARY CONFUSION than that of all the Central American children landing in the USA, having crossed the US/Mexican border.

What kind of TURKEY TURD would try to blame this on President Obama -- or US Policies AT ALL -- when these children are travelling THROUGH Mexico, but NO ONE CLAIMS MEXICANS ARE FLOODING IN TOO???

This has to do with the recent spike in GUN VIOLENCE in Honduras, Guatemala, and other Central American countries (and is also evidence of IMPROVEMENT in Mexico's violent Drug Wars -- that Mexicans are not joining) -- but God-HatingWhite Supremacist"Christian" Republicans CAN'T FACE THE TRUTH (in the area of Guns or of Immigration Reality)!!!


This is kind of a HOOT, but in the picture at top, Roseangelica (upper-right in top photo, a perfect half-American, half-Mexican playwright writing on historical themes, and whose work is produced in Mexico), mentioned that she (like me), is a "Googling Fanatic", so when Fred Jacobs (which I have also seen as Jacobsen), read his piece a couple of weeks ago about having employed Maya Angelou as a DANCER in his Miami night club after WWII (which I reported here:, he had ALSO claimed to have employed Maya Angelou in his Manhattan Night Club -- without giving details.

Roseangelica reported to us at lunch today, that googling, she discovered that it was our FRED who had employed Maya as a PROSTITUTE -- the one of her many successful careers that no one was mentioning when Maya died.


I got ANOTHER broadcast email to constituents from NC State Senator Thom GoolsbyRepublican, of Wilmington yesterday -- again FEATURING MOST PROMINENTLY this new North Carolina Senate logo showing its "OFFICIAL ADOPTION OF CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY" as NC State POLICY!!!

And while Thom is showing his SUPPORT of organizations aiming to REDUCE IMPROPER SEXUAL CONTACT between adults and children -- which I TOTALLY SUPPORT -- he must have made a BREAK with former Wilmington Mayoral candidate (Republican) Justin LaNasa, a one-time US Special Agent, who with Frank Delia of THE ITALIAN MARKET AND CAFE, tried to SMEAR MEfalsely, with the label of Child Molester -- and it was LaNasa who allowed New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger -- Republican -- to stay at LaNasa's home in Western North Carolina, which was ALSO an arsenal of weapons for the "upcoming Race War".

And Thom Goolsby must have ALSO parted ways with Judge Sandra Ray Criner and her husband Sherman Lee Criner -- both of whom went on to Leadership positions not only in New Hanover County Republican Party, but in the Wilmington Azalea festivalwhich judges SOUTHERN WOMANHOOD -- AFTER Sherman Lee Criner was caught fingering a five-year-old girl's labia in Thalian Hall, and BOTH Wilmington Police and Wilmington Star News helped HUSH IT UP!!!

Wilmington "Azalea Belles", competing.

A week ago, Sen. Goolsby's mass emailing was sent from this address:

Alex Ramsey (Sen. Thom Goolsby)

Yesterday, Sen. Goolsby's mass emailing was sent by THIS address:

Joseph Kyzer (Sen. Thom Goolsby)


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