Friday, June 6, 2014

RP: Shock of SHOCKS!!! North Carolina State Senator Thom Goolsby (Republican), Has Claimed the ENTIRE NC SENATE fer Jesus!!!

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snipped this OFFICIALNEW North Carolina CHRISTIAN Senate logo from the email from Sen. Thom Goolsby that I received today from this address: "Alex Ramsey (Sen. Thom Goolsby) Goolsbyin@ncleg.netSen. Thom Goolsby Newsletter".

Imagine my surprise.

1. I searched EVERYWHERE and can find this Christian Senate Logo NOWHERE, so I assume the NC Senate has not actually adopted a Christian logo (yet).

2. I searched Thom Goolsby's Facebook Page, and it is not there -- but I DID find THIS:

Thom Goolsby shared a link.
Ever wonder why "Chicken Little" Liberals and their lackeys in the Mainstream Press are always attacking me? Maybe my NUMBER ONE RATING in the General Assembly and my effectiveness as a senator has a little something to do with it. I wear my target like a badge of honor! As Teddy Roosevelt wrote: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." 

In red, was NOT part of the actual quotation -- LOL!!!

3. Now GOD KNOWS few people have more or stronger disagreements about politics, philosophy, or almost anything else than Thom Goolsby and me. But before I list negative, I'd like to list some things I HONESTLY like about Thom and company:

A. When I first moved to Wilmington in early 2011, I was walking on Dock Street, and a group of very friendly people were about to load into a van behind the green house on the southwest corner of Dock and Fifth Streets:

Yes, right here!!!

And I have to say, they were EXTREMELY friendly -- and I believe GENUINELY SO. Most friendly of them was Thom Goolsby's Dad (who has since passed away), Thom's Mom, and his wife, Rachel. The three kids were there as well.

The Goolsby Family (several years ago).

And when I introduced myself as Scott Kenan, they got REALLY EXCITED and said that although Thom was not there then, he was a TOTAL FAN of the late Frank Hawkins Kenan and Frank's philosophy of governing North Carolina (Frank was the leader of the "Raleigh Five", which according to the book THE KENAN FAMILY1999, was a think tank dedicated to TOTAL REPUBLICAN PARTY TAKEOVER of North Carolina).

And they all made over me like SYCOPHANTS -- since they made assumptions about me, a Kenan. They even invited me to come to the house to meet Sen. Goolsby anytime -- I should just knock at the back door, which was not an insult -- it was clearly the door they used.

B. My account of the ONE TIME I knocked on Thom Goolsby's back door STRANGELY includes reference to my former Congresswoman in GeorgiaCynthia McKinney, too!!!:

C. And of course, there is the time I tried to say hello to Thom at his office

D. And the time I caught Thom and Rachel Goolsby RUNNING DOWN DOCK STREET to the Oyster Bar -- screaming and having genuine fun!!! (halfway down here)


"Thom Goolsby: Riding the WAVE!!!"

The time Thom Goolsby got into a Facebook argument with me -- AND HE PRETENDED TO BE A KINDLY GRANDMOTHER, who lived near the Goolsbys -- LOL!!!

So if this NC Senate emblem is NOT official and Thom just made it up (in his email, he suggests the reader "share" it with friends), would that be a FELONY -- or just a Misdemeanor???



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