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RP: What on Earth???

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My former Congressman Cooter (Ben Jones), apparently DOES get a lot of credit for unseating Eric Cantor, perhaps the NASTIEST-TEMPERED GOP leader (and "killing" the ONLY elected Republican Jew, exposes all OTHER Republicans as PURIFIED, claimed Christians -- like all NAZIs had to be.

On Erin Burnett of CNN last night, Cooter was nearly inarticulate (due to his capitalizing on his Cooter role all these years, he AUTOMATICALLY reverted to the character on camera -- rather than the individual, Ben Jones), but he did NOT claim credit HIMSELF for the unseatment -- rather a coalition of DISGUSTED Republicans, Democrats, and independents, but that said, I'm sure his pushing the issue is what led to its success.

And while I have Cooter in the HOT SEAT, it is time to discuss the various Confederate flags. TODAY, because those who support the GOOD aspects of the Confederacy have allowed the RACISTS to co-opt the Confederate Battle Flag

 . . . it represents the WORST of Southern History, today. In fact, this applies to ALL who love that flag who are my age (63 in a few days), and younger. Confusion reigns among older folks (I say this because Cooter got into a flap over the Confederate Battle Flag about twelve years ago -- causing him to be called a racist, which I do not believe he is), and may I remind you that my Great-Grandfather Murphy Kenan saved up for a few years just to buy and immediately free two slaves -- before being one of the first in his county to enlist to fight for the South.

You see, Southern Society was patterned on that of Classic Greek and Roman Society -- both of which were bisexual. It was common for Southern men to have wives or girlfriends as well as male lovers -- often "Big Black Bucks" -- and there is TONS of evidence of this in the historical record, although the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals don't want you to know that.

Fighting for both male and female lovers made Southerners FIERCER than Yankee soldiers -- no wonder the South with fewer people or resources won nearly every battle until near the end of the War.

The "Stars and Bars" is appropriate for those who today honor the BETTER aspects of the Confederacy. The number of stars grew in the field as more states seceded.

2. In perhaps the BIGGEST HOOT OF MY LIFERyan Burris of Cape Fear Equality sent this article to me overnight:


New Hanover County Commissioner, Republican, Brian Berger, in his NEW "Mug Shot".

While I never had a problem with Brian Berger, in his LATEST arrest, Brian was staying (con permisso!!!), at Justin LaNasa's vacation house in Western North Carolina, when shots were heard and police were called to the house. The story is TRULY bizarre, so you should read it here: .

Here is ONE highlight:

As a result, police officers from Beech Mountain and Banner Elk along with state probation officers went to the home where Berger was staying. When they got to the home, officers say they looked through a window and saw Berger on a sofa.
"Several weapons were observed in easy reach of Mr. Berger," Turbyfill said in the release. "He was ordered to open the door multiple times, and he refused to open the door. At that time, while he was distracted, officers forced open the rear door of the residence and were able to take him into custody without further incident. He did not resist, he displayed no violence and did not try to reach for a weapon."
Officers found air guns, rifles with high capacity ammunition drums, pistols, various knives, including a switch blade and a sword, a crossbow and a 37mm launcher in the home Turbyfill said. He said the homeowner, a friend of Berger and former federal agent, said the weapons had been securely locked in another part of the house, which Berger had gotten access to without the owner's permission. Turbyfill said the homeowner, who was not at the house during all this, had agreed to let Berger stay for a couple of weeks, but had no knowledge of Berger's problems and "just felt he was down on his luck, and was trying to help him out."
LaNasa told WWAY today he let Berger stay at the house because the commissioner wanted to get away. He said he did not know about the terms of Berger's probation that may prevent him from being there.

Justin LaNasa, a common Tattoo Parlorist (Hardwire Tattoo on Front Street), ran for mayor of Wilmington, North Carolina in 2011 on the Republican Ticket.

He actually got about a third of the vote!!!

And the following year, Judge Sandra Ray Criner (Republican), got the MOST votes as an incumbent New Hanover County District Judge, Sandra-Baby, having been the Judge who "done me the most wrong" in Wilmington!!!

Her HUSBANDSherman Lee Criner, having MOLESTED A SHE-CHILD in Thalian Hall a few years ago -- and Wilmington Police intimidating the girl's father into NOT pressing charges. So the Criners have held LEADERSHIP roles in the New Hanover County Republican Party and Wilmington Azalea Festival since then!!!

Sherman Lee Criner: the SOUL of the Republican Party in North Carolina, today!!!


Frank Delia owns the Italian Market on Front Street, and Frank (with help from the drug-nuts who worked the bank of computers in Justin LaNasa's Hardwire Tattoo, just up the street), CAT-CALLED me a "Child Molester" in front of large crowds on the street many times.

When I confronted those who claimed I had molested THEIR OWN YOUNG BOYS, demanding that they have me charged and arrested, they all laughed and said NOthey had ideas for MORE FUN THAN THAT with me.

And now I have WON!!!

(Lawsuits not yet filed.)


Liked · June 8 

Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, lived in Wilmington from 1874 to 1882 at the Presbyterian Manse while his father served as the minister of the city’s First Presbyterian Church. He was a known racist. One of his quotes... “Self-preservation forced whites to rid themselves, by fair means or foul, of the intolerable burden of governments sustained by the votes of ignorant negroes." Spending some of his childhood in Wilmington, NC, I guess he got it honest. | "Wilmington on Fire" (coming soon)

Yes, that is First PresbyterianWilmington, showing Kenan Steeple (not seen: The Six-Foot Kenan Cock, atop it -- "Don't ask; don't TELL!!!), Kenan Chapel containing Kenan Organ (pipe), runs to the left. Not only did the Pastor in 1898 with William Rand Kenan, SENIOR, cause the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection . . .


And this was only the BEGINNING!!!

. . . TODAY'S PastorErnie Thompson, explained how he used black Christians' prejudices against gays (Ernie had voted to ALLOW gays to be married in the Presbyterian Church), to run off the ONLY black couple who tried to join during the nine months I worshiped there (a retired US Army Colonel and his wife -- who had befriended me).

Rev. Ernest Trice Thompson III, his wife to the right; son and daughter to left.

NEVER saw Ernie Thompson's family worshiping at First Prez.

Ernie told us in New Member Orientation, that he NEVER wanted to be a minister, but being the fifth or seventh "Eldest son becomes Presbyterian Minister" in an UNBROKEN LINE, he eventually felt compelled to study for it.

Ernie and I often discussed philosophy and religion -- having MUCH in common (theoretically), and while my GAYDAR went off when I first met him, I do NOT mess with "known married men." Therefore, I was SURPRISED the day Ernie announced to me, "Scott, I'm sorry, I can't do that."

At least he was HONEST for once.

It was now deceased First Presbyterian minister Jim Holderness, who ACKNOWLEDGED TO ME that he and Ernie Thompson were PROUD to protect the narco-trafficking Benjamin R. David, District Attorney for New Hanover County, by making him a DEACON in 2012.

Benjamin R. David, D.A.

See how Ben David is a CLOSET-CASE HOMOSEXUAL as well:

>>> FACEBOOK MESSAGE I just sent Pastor Ernie Thompson (successfully sent):

Ernie: I will NOT sue First Prez nor will I try to have you de-frocked. I DO think you need to change your congregation's name to "First Satanist, Wilmington" -- and will do all I can to have that accomplished when I get to town to SUE THE CRAP out of many Wilmington government agencies, politicians, etc.

That said, I thank you again for the financial support you once gave me.


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