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RP: The Fruits of My Labor (this blog and all those damn emails) -- a Celebration of American Labor Day!!!

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So sez the Cuban-Canadian!!!



Natalie Wood

In early 2010, I contacted first Natalie Wood's family's attorney, and then the Los Angeles County Detectives to let them know that Gavin Lambert had reported to Tennessee Williams and me in late December 1981, that Natalie had told him in a panic that she had seen her husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken in the middle of hot, passionate sex -- but they had not seen her. This only a week before she was murdered. She feared they would kill her if they found out.
The Los Angeles D.A. has RE-OPENED the case, although no conclusive evidence is found yet to indict either or both of them.

In most areas -- including the story that Wood's family was asking anyone to come forward -- I have gotten far more info from Huffington Post, which under Jimmy Soni as Managing Editor, became what it is today -- Jimmy ALSO sits on the Board at the KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS at Duke University


Engineering, Technology, and Science
Private Enterprise

MAJOR KENAN PHILANTHROPIES are too numerous to list, but include the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, which continues the Kenan Family tradition of being the LARGEST private support of University Education in the world for nearly 102 years now. And the Thomas S. Kenan III Charitable Trust has been preserving native languages and cultures in Latin America.

William R. Kenan, Jr., who ran Henry Flagler's Florida Enterprises, continuing after Flagler died and left them (and the largest block of Standard Oil stock, as well as about 40% ownership in the railroads in the USA), all to Will's sister, Mary Lily.

PERSONAL NOTE: Kenan men tend to be gay, which is why we have so few who bear our name. Prominent gay Kenans include William R. Kenan, Jr. (who married a nice, "horsey" Yankee woman, but when she died -- childlessly -- he moved in permanently with his lifelong male secretary, Scotty), Thomas S. Kenan III, and me.

Also, both the head of the American Psychiatric Association and the doctor who coordinated all the studies on which it was based, BOTH KENANS BY BLOOD (if not name),oversaw the dropping of Homosexuality from the DSM as a mental illness.

If you don't like that Western Society no longer sees gays as mentally ill -- BLAME MY FAMILY!!!

2. Of course, the Kenan Family appears to be TOTALLY BIPOLAR, because on the giving/philanthropy side they cannot be beaten -- but they also give TONS to the narco-trafficking Episcopal Church as well as Republican Party.

Ready for Christmas at The Breakers

Tom and his step-mother, Betty, own THE BREAKERS HOTEL, Palm Beach, recently pulled over $240 million out of their pockets to pay for some renovations.

I used this blog to shame then into ending their advertising support of, where FOR YEARS The Breakers Hotel had bought about 90% of the advertising:

3. This blog caused NC Sen. Thom GoolsbyRepublican, one of the most powerful Senators in the North Carolina Legislature, to not run for re-election -- then resign early. His most noted legislation was to pass a bill that was signed into law, allowing concealed weapons to be carried to church services, making North Carolina Churches into Armories for the Republican Party planned RACE WAR, not that all of them have done that.

The Goolsbys have produced peculiar-looking younger children, no???

4. And the DESTRUCTION of Saper Law, LLC, Chicago:

I hope to take tomorrow off . . .

Cincinnatus Retorno


RP: Nobody Knows de Trouble I've Seen (but now, they can read about it -- LOL!!!)

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funny how a rainbow can change everything | The Pilbara, WA
Incredible capture of an outback storm.
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Of the FOUR lawyers + owner Daliah Saper (her employer, Fox News, misspelled her name, not me -- LOL!!!), only ONE remains:

Chris Mcelwain is the ONLY lawyer of FOUR SUBORDINATE LAWYERS (two months ago), who remains at Saper Law -- a man with the look of "Confidence and Integrity"!!!

And Matt Grothouse is the NEW GUY at Saper -- WELCOME HIM!!!

1. In the matter of Alcoholics Anonymous, learning that Daliah Saper and Saper Law, LLC, Chicago have been RAVAGED, presumably by my blogging to so much US Press and others in authority, I celebrated with some pot smoking that night that rather exceeded what I needed to relax, so I decided that I could NOT speak Saturday at AA -- and did not.

But since about 15 members spoke with me variously -- all saying that many people (some included themselves), do NOT consider marijuana a drug to be concerned with and even smoke it for years while responsibly managing their AA Program, I decided it is NOT an issue -- except for those particularly sensitive to it, and to NOT encourage those people, it is best NOT TALKED ABOUT AT AA MEETINGS.

2. I DID speak at today's meeting, saying that I must have been "sick and tired of being sick and tired," and for THAT reason, quitting alcohol eight days ago was no more work than releasing a cork under water. It can't help bobbing to the surface and jumping out of the water for joy, before returning to float without effort.

THAT is how much energy and will power it took for me to stop drinking, so NO real kudos to me except to come to my senses.

3. And I am CELEBRATING the release of John Lahr's:

Although the publication date is September 22, Amazon emailed my friend who ordered me a copy that he should receive them THIS FRIDAY, Sept. 5 -- although it then has to be shipped to me in Puerto Vallarta.

So I will soon know how Lahr has treated me and what I have claimed about the murder of Tennessee and the theft of his estate from Harvard University by Sewanee, aka the University of the South, which has the ONLY Episcopal Seminary in the Old South -- although until 2005, the Episcopal Church's Symbol of Power was Sewanee's Confederate Mace. You will understand that best if you understand the BIGOTRY AND HATRED of my wealthy Kenan relatives, who are the NEXT biggest financial supports of Sewanee (as well as of the Republican Party).

>>> QUICK SIDE NOTE: My Georgia-Guy computer-man, just emailed me asking to borrow Lahr's bio after I've read it -- he had told me how he had SUED US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O in Georgia Courts to DO HER GOVERNMENT DUTY, and he WON!!!

More on that:

He FORCED Kelly to do her job!!!

Kelly Trainor de O, in her Nuevo Vallarta office, was the Bill Clinton appointee, who when my mother called her to recommend a doctor here to try to medicate me into silence, recommended Dr. John Mabry Crouch, who about 25 years ago headed the main American Hospital, but as he told me, he had married a Mexican woman who was then the TOP cocaine exporter to the USA, inadvertently, and then his life was SUNK.

Crouch is a cool guy whom I like personally, although he was living in his cheap office behind a dirty hung-up blanket to separate the one room -- and was evicted from that after he pulled his alleged girlfriend's taco stand apart with his pick-up truck and she sued him for that as well as SEXUAL HARASSMENT -- LOL!!!

That was in 2010, but when I returned after 1.5 years in the States, Kelly told me he had fled to elsewhere in Mexico and she was still in touch with him -- but would not even tell me the state he's hiding in.

So much for the company EITHER of them keeps, no???





Friday, August 29, 2014

RP: An Ambush at Alcoholics Anonymous, Puerto Vallarta!!!

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1. Last night, I was thinking over my generally wonderful experience with AA, so far, and something that has floated around in the background came to mind that I had not thought about before: one is prohibited from speaking at AA meetings if one has consumed any drugs or alcohol in the last 24 hours. They do say it at the opening of each meeting, sandwiched among a lot of other things, and I have always known a lot of people who pretty much ignored the drugs part of it if smoking marijuana, taking prescribed medications, etc.

And what is newer, is that marijuana, now, in all of Mexico is LEGAL to possess and smoke in reasonable quantities -- but then so is alcohol, so that makes no real difference. But marijuana as a prescribed or doctor-recommended drug is new. My cardiologist recommended that I continue with marijuana for stress-relaxation.

So thinking this would be a great topic to start our meeting -- and wanting to hear what the others thought about it all, I spoke first, saying I had realized overnight that maybe I should NOT be allowed to speak at meetings because of smoking pot (only after the day's work is done -- usually a little for the last few hours before bed).

"NO, YOU CAN'T SPEAK!!!" was the answer several gave loudly in unison -- nearly jumping from their seats in their vehemence. I truly was shocked -- not by their answer, but by the thrill-of-attack they exhibited. The other meetings I had attended were entirely characterized by reasonable discussion and had NOTHING like this display of aggression. 

And I went into "defensive mode" automatically, saying that I had been around this whole philosophy (AA in 1990 and Science of Mind since about 1986), and if they felt that rigid about it, then I didn't know if or when I would be allowed to speak, so there certainly was NO REASON for me to continue with AA, and I left.

Several people followed me out to stop me, nicely, and I stopped outside on the sidewalk and talked with them for about twenty minutes. They actually kept coming in waves, all of the ones speaking with me telling of many abuses of that regulation -- but mostly to say that it was MY business and no one else's. One woman told how her two daughters were both Lesbian and bipolar, taking Lithium and other drugs, but THEY defied AA rules and still go despite the Lithium, because the rule is that not even aspirin is acceptable (or ONLY aspirin -- I forget which).

My response was that I am compulsively honest, and that the real disappointment to ME was not their response, but their CRAZED ADAMANCY.

Everyone tried to get me to return to the meeting, because a situation like this is often an excuse to get stinking drunk -- and I know they were mostly trying to prevent that -- but I didn't want a drink at all (or pot). I even admitted I intend to go to meeting tomorrow, but today, I had too much stuff from that running around in my head and would have no presence there.

Half a block away, I ran into "Toro":

Toro, who still has his now METH house at 1690 Calle Costa Rico, but it was a CRACK HOUSE when I was held hostage there in 2010, got many of his marching orders from Luis Melgoza of both Gay Guide Vallarta (, and his own company,, who had been the top lawyer for the PRI Party in the Mexican Senate during Presidente Salinas's term, and whose business card info traces back to his actual "ArdiNet" and "Lumel Company", the parent operation NOT being in Los Angeles, as Luis claimed (which when I checked in 2012 had only an answering service in California), but actual home office in a Virginia bungalow, a short way from CIA Headquarters.

Luis Melgoza

And it was Luis and his business partner Salvador Fuentes (a tall red-head who looks totally gringo and speaks American English), who in 2010, convinced me that Sal and a woman pretending to be his mother, were my fourth Kenan cousins sent by Thomas S. Kenan III with a 60 MINUTES producer to GET MY STORY, which they recorded for 45 minutes, and said 60 MINUTES would do at least two segments on it.

I actually believed that non-sense for two years. They were CIA and wanted to get all I know.

In any case, Toro claims to have started his own business doing what no one else likes to do (he named cleaning out a sewer -- that sort of thing), and that his house is now a HALF-WAY HOUSE to help others get off drugs, which he has now done. He claimed to be REALLY horny and listed all the sexual things he would like to do with me -- even pulling coins out of his pocket to say he did NOT want money for sex since he has money.

I explained that while I was happy he was doing so well, I just could not have anything to do with him but to talk a little on the street. He didn't want to accept that, but finally did, and then as I was leaving, he asked if I had 50 pesos so he could pay his water bill.


I did give it to him ($3.79 USD) -- since I had not lasted long enough to donate to AA, today.

Returning home, I got hold of my Georgia, USA, computer man, he came out, and we spent most of the afternoon on my computers, fixing this one enough to run well, and the other, he took as it is loaded with viruses, despite strong anti-virus, but he, too, first came to Mexico to escape persecution in the USA many years ago -- AND GOT THE AMERICAN LAW OFF HIS ASS, SINCE THEN, another GOOD SIGN FOR ME!!! 

But you see he GETS IT -- he too knowing that available anti-virus only protects "normal people" from normal threats -- but does NOTHING to stop the US Government and REAL criminals from corrupting computers.

We had some SERIOUS conversations. 


1. The people who were so aggressive did not know me personally, so it was not personal. The ONLY thing people get strongly emotional about are things they FIND INSIDE THEMSELVES. I found some serious empathy for them.

2. Although this AA does brew coffee (I bring my own, so never tasted it), I do not know if the drug caffeine is in it, but no one asks if anyone has had caffeine within 24 hours.

3. Many of the people who get away with speaking participate in the HARDEST drug addiction to break -- nicotine.

The hypocrisy of this is probably beyond their ability to reason, perhaps due to alcohol deterioration of their brains. I will point this out to them, after telling them I did not smoke pot for 24 hours (which I'm sure I can handle -- just to legally be able to speak tomorrow), and then suggest that since I'm 6' 11" and afraid of nothing, why don't they keep their objections to me to themselves -- and I in turn will not bring up the subject again.

I completely forgot that I'm on three "water pills" for blood-pressure issues -- so I'll divulge that as well, but leave the marijuana to between me and my doctor. I only smoke late at night anyway -- since I can't write on the stuff.

* * *

I had HOPED to get off a letter to an attorney who can help me find the right one to SUE and PRESS CHARGES against Jamie Lee Sutherland of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago (and Wells Fargo as well), and Daliah Saper and Jeff Duncan (who had interned with D.A. Benjamin R. David in New Hanover County, NC while I was charged on the EIGHT false charges, now dropped, but moved to work for Dalia Saper while SHE brought LIBEL charges against me WITHOUT LEGALLY SERVING ME, and knowing I was too broke to get to Chicago, tried and convicted me IN ABSENTIA without proving injuries, but got TEN TIMES the asked for $50K, or HALF A MILLION DOLLARS -- as well as my copyright to WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, which can now be read for free here: all postings on my blog (they were foiled because Google/Blogger owns copyright to all their blogs -- NOT the writer, so Google refused to take my blog down), and ALL EMAILS pastpresent, and FUTUREhaving anything to do with these subjects.

Jamie Lee SutherlandManaging Director of Investments

I just checked there have been some CHANGES THERE:

Saper Law has been GUTTED OF LAWYERS!!! Three have left, including Jeff Duncan on far right.

But I bet Law Enforcement can FIND HIMno???