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RP: Can an Old God Be Taught NEW TRICKS???

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Well, I'm not certain if he can or cannot. He never converses with ME!!!

But apparently American Politicians, having "cemented their bases", are now competing to honor a PROGRESSIVE GOD, which is actually ANATHEMA to Republican Philosophy and Actions -- GO FIGURE:

WASHINGTON -- While the GOP has effectively locked down the campaign for the House and is in a good place to win control of the Senate, the contours of the...
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1. First a quick note to Dekalb County CSB: I had not looked at your domain earlier except to see it was Dekalb County, Georgia -- and had assumed it was one of the addresses I got related to the Chief of Police, whom I fairly recently added. Now I get it and I will respond NEXT to you -- as well as fulfill your request.

2. The biggest blessing in years, is that my cable TV service, which I thought my Mexican landlord had said was a splitting off of service from his near relative next door, was actually contracted by the person here before me -- and Telecable didn't get around to turning it off until a week ago, giving me free cable for a year and nine months. I had been waiting for it to come back on or be "locally repaired" by the family -- but we got THAT straightened out, but something has kept me from bothering to get service again, so far.

It is MUCH better that I cannot watch CNN until AFTER this election -- really!!!

3. Some smartypants mailed me a "care package" from the USA that includes a "Deutchland Uber Alles" t-shirt (or one quite similar) -- so with the pumpkin-colored cargo shorts he recently sent I am ALL READY FOR HALLOWEEN (and the candy has been bought).

4. The Progressive Media in the USA is finally catching on -- and Progessives are more likely now to CRITICIZE Barack Obama (and the Clintons, for that matter), more and more effectively than any of the Lying Republicans.

I really NEVER thought I would see THIS DAY, but as I said, I am BLESSED!!!

Besides backing away from prosecuting Big Bankers for their crimes, increasing deportations -- especially of Latinos who have SERVED in the US Military in the Middle East Wars, redacting reports on US Torture (and spying on Americans), to oblivion, he's come down in SUPPORT of dumbing down education for the profit of his Republican Bosses.

Barack Obama -- a blackmailed homosexual -- PROVES, yet again, that he is REALLY the Ultimate Republican -- by backing down from serious regulation!!!

Final rules drop a key accountability metric from a draft version earlier this year. A previous attempt to crack down on the industry was thrown out by the courts.
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Anyone who knows anything about my Kenan Family, knows that WE ARE INTO EDUCATION-PROMOTION -- even the die-hard Republicans who are richer than Croesus.

I WILL take this asshole out with WORDS -- I have never been violent, although many rumors have claimed that, no victim has EVER appeared to accuse me.

WASHINGTON -- It's a little unusual to see the Obama administration singing the praises of Doctors Without Borders, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning nonprofit that is...
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5. Now it is TRUE that in 2012, Dr. Carrie S. C. Menke -- I can't find a photo of her, but what popped up is hooty:

For the record, Carrie Menke is a "menopausal, Christian White Woman" -- the kind that continues that stage indefinitely.

Anyway, Dr. Menke interviewed me by command of District Attorney Benjamin R. David, to see if I was stable enough for trial. I had ALREADY been approved for trial by Mr. David's FIRST examiner -- but he wasn't satisfied and my Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo (Republican -- but I already realized she was a rare GOOD ONE, like the guy now cleaning up Mercy House Homeless Shelter), recommended I allow it.

I won't describe again the whole LONG interview, but after everything had completed and she actually reported that I was essentially sane and OK, she then took the fact that I had simply and calmly stated that if she LIED in her report, I would do what I could through courts, etc., to REMOVE HER LICENCE, and we waited 2.5 weeks for her report, which should have taken no more than a day or so, and she TWISTED IT (completely unconvincingly -- the actual report was scanned and posted on this blog, so you can google to find it), to say that my "watch-dog warning" was ACTUALLY a threat of physical violence toward her -- and she recommended I be IMMEDIATELY COMMITTED to Cherry Hospital, straight-jacketed if necessary, and injected with drugs until I was fit for court!!!

And Cherry Hospital is the the place in North Carolina where political enemies are consigned to be eventually murdered.

But Ms. Harjo was EXACTLY RIGHT, because it was ALL so preposterous, that not only the judge, but all the Court Officers -- and all the attorneys present HAD A GOOD LAUGH before ENTIRELY dismissing it -- HA!!!

And this obviously sets Ben David up for the most STRENUOUS prosecution by ME (and huge monetary award -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

Carrie Menke CONTINUES to work out of Ben David's TWIN BROTHER'S, Jon David, District Attorney for the neighboring counties, actual office. Here is her contact info: 

Superior Court Mental Health Treatment Court Coordinator
Dr. Carrie S.C. Menke910 253-4353

And here is something I wrote about it earlier

Jon and Ben David -- Rev. Ernie Thompson made Ben David a DEACON at First Presbyterian, Wilmington because of his STERLING MORAL CHARACTER!!!

Read the above to see how Ben's long-term boyfriend (caused to get a free, newish pick-up truck -- no doubt bought with DRUG GRAFT -- to leave town permanently, right after I began blogging about him), and Lee, in front of me, told Ben David to "shoot yourself in the HAID!!!"

Something similar -- from the World of Entertainment!!!

>>> ALSO FOR THE RECORD: Next Tuesday, Ben David, Democrat, will be re-elected. He is UNOPPOSED by the Republican Party because he does such a good job PROTECTING THE REPUBLICAN NARCO-TRAFFICKING (first set up by my own parents in the 1980s and 90s), and his prosecutions of drug criminals are only of those DEFYING the Republicans -- or too stupid NOT to get caught.

5. Well, the other thing from yesterday, is that I found a restaurant run by Mexicans who lived in the USA since age three -- and whose entire family are now US Citizens, but these two guys are NOT. One served in the US Military in Iraq, but as all SHOULD know, President Obama does everything the OPPOSITE of what he promises -- WHY blackmailed FAGGOTS are so dangerous.

In any case, they were recently deported here, and we had a GREAT discussion because both are also college-educated in the USA, and know basically everything I claim from their OWN experience.

And then I ran into four expat gringos outside -- who were BEYOND THRILLED to hear my stories and what I do on this blog. Unfortunately, they were all shirtless, youngish, and hot and sweaty (one ginger) -- and I nearly passed out in the simple PLEASURE OF THEIR COMPANY (which will be ongoing -- but I doubt sexual).



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