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RP: Continuing Conversation with an Episcopal Priest!!!

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As students of Catholic Schools in the 1960s, we were taught that the Old Testament is mostly allegory -- and that evolution was REAL. Also that "creationism" is ABSOLUTE CATHOLIC HERESY -- so WHAT is this COWARDLY (aka "Pussy-Style"), statement all about???

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis on Monday (Oct. 27) waded into the controversial debate over the origins of human life, saying the big bang theory did...
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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 18:14:36 -0600
Subject: My apologies!!!
From: Scott Kenan
To: Father, Episcopalian

I just got an email from a friend that I had missed it, and your name was still on my blog, so I just took it off. Also, a couple of identifying things were in the emails of blog post, but I caught them right after that and immediately removed them so they were only on blog a few minutes.

I sincerely apologize, I had NOT meant to give your identity away at all.



On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 8:14 AM, FATHER wrote:

Scott, I accept your apology - no harm done.  I appreciate your making sensitive changes to conceal my identity. I have nothing to hide, but I usually don't like to enter the public fray without careful consideration beforehand. :)

The only thing I wonder about in your blog's description of our encounter is your reference to any disparaging remark I may have made about University of the South/Sewanee. I've only visited Sewanee for a brief weekend some years ago and found it pretty pleasant.   However, as I mentioned earlier, I recognize that all human institutions (including religion) have their dark side. I can therefore entertain the possibility, however unpleasant, that the Episcopal Church's most esteemed institutions, like its members, can fall far short of grace.

Happily, however, because I believe that "grace is as universal as sin", I am sure that God's reconciliation and healing happens where it happens: not only within and through the Church, but everywhere (sometimes even in spite of the Church).

I pray that you experience a strong sense of God's reconciliation and grace. I'm not sure when I'll be returning to Puerto Vallarta, but perhaps we'll meet again and can continue the conversation.



Today, twenty minutes ago:

Oh Father -- I am writing this for blog, so that I don't screw up again. Usually, I re-read each posting, culling it of errors, etc., before shutting down the computer, but yesterday, I thought I had made all the changes and I shut down quickly to run errands for several hours. Those are the facts of what happened, but despite my extreme self-annoyance over it, I also have to say that "God works in mysterious ways," no???

I think that generally, you and I are on the same page -- except you believe Jesus was a god -- and I believe he was a prophet. I don't think the Almighty cares about anyone's theology -- just how they act like ADULTS and how they treat each other -- and treat God's PRECIOUS CREATION. Additionally, I think you are one of the warmest, well-intended people I've ever met, but as is so often the case for me, I have to make fine points by criticizing those who are MORE "evolved" that most people. 

PERFECT EXAMPLE: The members of the Spiritual Living Centers, worldwide, which are "female-security-worshiping"-corrupted versions of earlier Religious Science or Science of Mind churches. 

Please notice that I refer to female love of security and pleasantness over intelligence, reason, and TRUE love of the masculine component which we ALL have both of regardless our gender or sexuality. Evolved adults know this and find a balance within themselves. Ignorant religionists (Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc. -- but certainly not ALL of them), like to "play nice" and cover their sins by signs of mortal success. Witness the great Cathedrals and wealth of older religions -- built on the virtual slavery of the believing in the olden days, now more for political purposes. Even Episcopalians have to admit this -- the Catholics are "MEN" ENOUGH to admit it!!!

And THAT is what I respect about my church of beginnings -- Catholics ADMIT the Church is essentially EVIL -- even though Jesus was NOT!!! I have never met a Mexican who also claims to be Catholic (85% make that claim here), that even though they have crucifixes everywhere, cross themselves often out of pure superstition, and many attend mass frequently, but who ALSO will high-five me when I declare that the Catholic Church (but not Jesus), is the DEVIL INCARNATE.

Whether Pope Francis actually changes that is still to be seen. (President Obama is in a similar boat.)

But I NEVER hear of internal criticism of any of the Anglican Community -- a church begun by a gouty, petulant monarch, desperate for an heir -- and Anglicans swear FIRST FEALTY to the English monarch, rather than a church prelate!!!

Well, I leave it for YOU and your kind to look into all of that.

But I have to tell you what I often note in my blog: my blog is NOT meant to have "legal-testimony precision" -- it is a LITERARY blog. Anyone wanting to know how I would present things in court should simply ASK ME. And your comment about Sewanee was exactly as I stated -- BUT the circumstances were that you spontaneously cracked against Sewanee -- and we were BOTH laughing. Let the "World Audience" (most of my readers are no longer in the USA), decide for themselves what to make of it.

And what is most glaring about your latest email to me is that you mention finding Sewanee "pretty pleasant" in a sentence written as if you had a FROG in your voice (fingers)!!! An inadvertent admission that you were under POLITICAL PRESSURE. I don't want you to lose your job, EITHER -- which is why I disguised what I did (although in error -- possibly guided by God).

Let me cut to the chase: I will not be contacting the head office of the Episcopal Church, USA for at least a day or two -- to allow them time to look over this blog, their records, etc. -- and to find the people I spoke with at Sewanee and Church HQ in early 2013, to compare notes, impressions, etc.. It would not be fair otherwise, and that is WHY I sent our earlier communications to them -- including via Prelate Schori's Facebook page.

And let me also say, that I noticed that your emails to me do NOT accuse, state, or imply that I am anything but fairly stable psychologically -- if under considerable stress, now lessening. YOU not only have your degree in Theology -- but Psychology as well, and I have to say, that given your actual work history, I am AWED at your GREAT FORTUNE to comfort those in a very difficult time -- or to help them sort out certain confusions.

I hope to someday be as fortunate as only someone as loving and well-intended as YOU has no doubt made in so many lives -- so far. So yes, I hope as things resolve and after you take the time you need for your own health, that we can meet again here in Puerto Vallarta -- or perhaps somewhere else.

And FRANKLY, given all the Kenan Family and the Tennessee Williams Estate have done for the Episcopal Church, USA, I think the LEAST they could do is give me enough money to hire an attorney to overturn the illegal and unconstitutional conviction of me for LIBEL in Chicago by Jamie Lee Sutherland, a Wells Fargo narco-trafficker, and a small-time FOX-NEWS talking head -- Daliah Saper!!!

You and I remain "spiritually connected". Via con Dios!!!


Jamie Lee Sutherland

Daliah Saper of FOX NEWS and Saper Law, LLC, Chicago


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