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RP: A Few Kind Words about Ted Druch (and Maria Ruiz)

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In the 1960s, Ted Druch was a disciple of Timothy Leary for 1.5 years, living on the notorious Millbrook, Connecticut EstateRichard Nixon even declared Leary the most dangerous man on earth, and the CIA was known to have many times infiltrated the crowd living (in three groups that did NOT get along with each other -- but the estate was vast), on the estate.

Articles on this can be found all over the internet, but here is one: 

Timothy Leary’s liberation, and the CIA’s experiments! LSD’s amazing, psychedelic history

The U.S. psychedelic drug scene was kickstarted by spies and spooks, just as much as Timothy Leary and Jerry Garcia

I have no idea why Ted wrote a novel instead of a non-fiction book -- I guess he wanted to include a lot of fiction.


Since this is "AND" the Madmen of Millbrook, Ted is apparently including himself -- LOL!!!


1. Frankly, I had forgotten that Ted had been a disciple of Timothy Leary, although I heard that when I met him in 2010 at the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, always -- it seems to me now -- full of criminals and adventurers. One of the leaders back then was a yacht captain, who got into it with ME when I tried to expose his carrying drugs secreted in the boats he took to the USA (the owners unaware of the drugs going in their boats). That was via long distance from Wilmington, NC -- after I left Puerto Vallarta the first time.

Capt. Doug Danielson -- and his book:

Strip bar in Puerto Vallarta where "Fernando Merino" worked as a stripper/prostitute AFTER he had troubles with ME -- HA!!!

Jim Wilson of Oregon,

Another was Jim Wilson, who attended writers meetings sometimes in 2010. He not only helped me at first when I was homeless, but LATER forced me to lose much money and goods. He ran a philosophy discussion group at La Cuiza bar/art gallery, dedicated to promoting FORCE, as opposed to POWER, and hung out with the owners of the Boutique Theatre, who have recently had significant troubles.

Jim Wilson and his "boob-perfect" wife KimberlyBRAGGED to me several times that Jim was the largest importer of bales of pot into Oregon.

2. I need to stop right now and declare that I don't want to speculate much here about Ted Druch -- I have NOT done sufficient research, but more importantly, MY having been brought up by a mother who was the top NAZI in the USA -- then also greatly influenced by Tennessee Williams and his friends and associates, MIGHT BE LESS PECULIAR than what Ted Druch had to deal with, so I have a lot of empathy.

3. After his stint with Leary, Ted was a very successful rehabber of Victorian houses in San Francisco, so he at least had a legitimate way that he made enough money to not work now -- and selling books provides little food!!!

4. The FUNNY THING -- my entire life, actually -- is that guys who are CRAZED for women's breasts, are the ones who have ALWAYS put me down the most -- often becoming violent. I have NO IDEA why that is, but above is a present to them.

You see, I just spent twenty-five minutes getting my computer to work right -- the problem NOT being my computer, but that I COULD NOT BLOG!!! My connection was excellent, but my blog was taken down so I could not get into it, yet I WAS into it on another browser, and everything I had seen posted of this posting that I first found posted WAS GONE -- leaving only every OLDER posting, proving that the CIA or NSA does NOT want me posting about these people: DruchWilson"Captain Doug", etc.

But after 25 minutes of working work-arounds -- and a re-booting -- everything seems working FINE now, especially since I already got up the MOST DAMAGING INFORMATION.

5. And just because of this INTERNET SKIRMISH with those who manipulate Blogger/Google, I am going to remind my readers that while I worked for Tennessee Williams, three of his friends from his generation, including writer Gavin LambertLOVED TO TELL how they and others used the Dallas Cowboys as their CALL-BOY service, paying players for sexual services.

This was in the mid-1960s and before -- BEFORE football and other players made HUGE sums of money -- and IN FACT the Dallas football team had such a bad reputation for being "homosexual whores", that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were trotted out like a bunch of fancy sluts, to take everyone's mind off that -- those cheerleaders seen on posters on Denison University frat house walls -- and telling me NOT to talk to THOSE people. They were VERY anti-gay!!!

>>>THIS JUST IN @ 6:03 PM, CDT: 

According to TWO readers who have emailed, congratulating me for telling the TRUTH about the NFL (and similar)Roger Staubach was the TEAM CAPTAIN during the PEAK of the GAY WHORING.

That doesn't mean Staubach was part of it. 

Email me with names of Dallas Cowboys YOU know were selling it to guys, and I'll post them if I get enough!!!

* * *

Maria Ruiz

6. And I DO want to say that Maria Ruiz always struck me as a very well intended person -- and a helpful teacher. I don't remember her ever reading (and Ted Druch's readings were mostly "long-winded"), but I liked her, although she always seemed very down-trodden as a woman, by Ted, and that in THIS day and age she is posting his cheese-cake You-Tube promo videos, is BEYOND PATHETIC!!!

I doubt any other women, today, in Writers Group would stoop to such a thing.


No WONDER I'm a writernow!!!


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