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RP: Let's at Least START This One Nicely, Shall We???

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Alex Nicely, who lives on Wrightsville Beach  near Wilmington and runs -- and perhaps flexes on the beach nearly NEKKID, is the HOTTEST ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY who ever lived.

Unfortunately, Robert "Robbie" Arnold Trayhan (or Trahan), always claimed to me that Alex did him legal favors in exchange for spying on me for Ben David, the D.A.

Robbie Trahan Mug Shot from intake at NHCDC -- the jail.

Robbie and I BOTH used to have considerable online records of our having stayed in the New Hanover County Detention Center -- but BOTH of us have been ERASED!!! Robbie split for Texas to shake down some Indian Casinos over the border in Oklahoma in late 2011, and has probably been killed since -- or at least he stopped sending me emails.


1. The News:
Oh boy -- do AYE have some "deep, deep background" on this one, which I will blog about soon or soonish. Actually, I've blogged about this many times (so I don't have to "fear for my life", like if it were actually much NEW), but some new info means I can produce better writing!!!

As readers know, Kevin Maurer, who actually wrote NO EASY DAY  about Bin Laden's murder, was interviewing ME (for the CIAbest I can tell from how he treats me NOW -- LOL!!!), in summer 2012 -- until this book was announced. At that time, he ran the City Desk at THE WILMINGTON STAR NEWS.

Fox News will air a two-part documentary in November featuring an exclusive interview with the Navy SEAL who says he shot and killed Osama Bin Laden, the...
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And lets ALSO not forget this:

FOX NEWS and CNN Long-Time Contributor IMRAN ANWAR CONFIRMS (to me, personally) That ALL US NEWS PEOPLE KNOW That the Bush and Bin Laden Families PLANNED 9/11 TOGETHER!!!

2. I have decided NOT to go to any of the Del Shores program this Saturday night. I've caught his stand-up act, met him, told him all that is truly important, and his new film SOUTHERN BAPTISTS SISSIES should soon be out DVD, so rather than possibly distract in a cozy space with my giant body, voice, and "general presence", if we are meant further contact we will chance meet on the street or similar.

Saturday night is HIS TIME and that's what everyone expects.



Dear Undisclosed Email-Writer: I shall assume you are female since the great majority working at Dekalb Community Service Board (the re-named "Mental Health Services" -- renamed so no one knows what the hell you are up to), the twelve or so years I used your services were physical women. If not -- then maybe you should be.

First of all, I have no "MPotter" on my list at all (often, an address like "info" is split out by the receiver's email into other addresses -- so that must be how she got emails). And secondly, are you saying that you are shutting down your "INFO DESK", so to speak???

I doubt it. I bet you are just too COWARDLY to simply say to stop emailing whomever now gets those. The good news is that I am going to do that. I'm not angry at your institution at all, now. In fact, I'd like to tell you a story of Dr. Edward O. Nix, my mother, and me that landed in a politician's lap -- but he dismissed it. You see, in 1990, when Judge Linda Warren Hunter FINALLY tried me for simple Trespass -- after holding me a total of about 15 weeks in jail without bond, so I filed Writ of Habeus Corpus against Sheriff Jarvis to force her to move, she accepted my Nolo plea, and stipulated the serum Lithium level I needed to be tested weekly for, and falling short I would spend another YEAR in jail for simple trespass that included no arguments or raised voices, even.

And of course I had "Enhanced Probation" for a YEAR -- which is actually house arrest, me not allowed out of doors between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM, a tetch draconian for such a simple, non-dramatic offense, but perhaps you would disagree. Two years ago, the Dekalb Courts database online was SCRUBBED of the many entries about those actions in 1990, and later listings were changed (American Express had won a $25,000.00 judgement against me in absentia  in August 2010, but it was back-changed to Dismissed, but don't worry -- I have lots of screen captures, original paper records, etc.).

This was during the time my father, William Scott Kenan lived in my house while I was in jail -- and then for another half year after that. Dad got to work with Lee Gosney and former Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I soon visited twice in his apartment in Atlanta with others associated with my next employer, Patrick Stansbury of -- to get all THEIR crimes, just google in this blog), setting up the giant Stone Mountain Drug Ring, and my real problems began when Dekalb County Commissioner Bob Lanier ended up steering me to Newt Gingrich.

Well, I refuse to detail this again now. Google for it. It is all connected with the operation that Bill Clinton brought a HUGE CIA contingent to Stone Mountain City to protect, and wouldn't you know it, although I met ANOTHER Cali Cartel boss who with help of City Officials all but STOLE the blue house on W. Mountain Street across from the post office and up hill a couple of lots. I knew two people prepared to bid much higher at the EXPECTED auction -- but when the MAFIA wants something from the Mayor of Stone Mountain -- the MAYOR GETS IT DONE!!! 

But what I meant to say is that Arturo, the lover of Thomas Elliot Keith, an esteemed Tennessee Williams scholar who actually edited my memoir for Alyson Books (and whom I am ALSO no longer angry with), comes from Stone Mountain, too, his whole family remaining in Smoke Rise, and THEY are big in the Cali Cartel, and Arturo does business with the Episcopal Church -- possibly in Atlanta area, but definitely in New York City, and I would bet my bottom dollar, certainly with the Bishop (in 2009, anyway), at Cathedral Church St. John the Divine, where Tennessee Williams' Poet's Stone lies.

I apologize -- I have gotten distracted.

So, after my Nolo conviction, I soon reported to your offices, then on the highway close in to Decatur. Although my father remained in the waiting room, Dr. Nix allowed my mother to enter with me without asking what I even thought of that -- HIGHLY IRREGULAR for a 40+ year old adult!!! In any case, my six-foot, football-player-build mother stormed in like the Staten Island Ferry coming to dock, and TOLD Dr. Nix that I was manic, manic, manic, and am bad, bad, bad, and needed to be on 1,500 mg Lithuim to achieve the court-ordered 0.7 Lithium blood level (900 mg proved enough to make it -- but I was afraid to tell anyone how little I actually needed and was taking, years later -- having already had my life nearly destroyed.

And then Mom mentioned something about my being or thinking I am gay, and Dr. Nix said that I then should have asked for a gay-sensitive doctor, but we might as well continue. About half a year later, I saw that not only is Nix gay himself, but he was leading gay mental health groups -- LOL!!!

I think he TOO, was afraid of my mother -- can't blame him.

Well, he prescribed 1,500 mg Lithium to be taken at once, once per day, an amount which could kill a person under certain circumstances (believe it or not, the first time Mom tried to kill me, I was on a sailing yacht in a storm with a radio beacon that phantom ship would have sliced in half, had I not acted at the wheel quickly -- 1974 -- less than a year after Mom found out I was gay).

Well, I contacted Bob Barr's office -- he then the US Attorney, Stone Mountain District, and when he called Mom (whom I had blamed for it -- a murder attempt), he called my Mom and she said she told him I was manic as hell and telling lies to everyone. He believed her and dismissed it.

Bob Barr, who ran for President in 2008 on the Libertarian ticket (like my former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney ran that year on the Green Party ticket), is on my email list now, too!!! I have recently been in touch personally with Cynthia -- but she's a bit far out there for me right now. She taught me to NARROW MY FOCUS.

And I see Dr. Nix is still in practice. If you see him, would you please tell him that research proves that the two psychiatrists most responsible for taking Homosexuality OFF the DSM were both descended from the three Kenan Brothers who landed in Wilmington in the 1730s -- neither of them surnamed Kenan, and I have blogged more extensively about this elsewhere.

Now, whether you have put up with reading this or not, I will (next blogging), take you off the emails.

You're welcome,

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 6:41 AM, DeKalb CSB Information <> wrote:

There are no replacements at this time.  We’ll leave that decision to individual discretion. 
Thank you.

DeKalb Community Service Board
Community Relations Department
O: 404.508.7875
F:  404.508.7877

From: Scott Kenan
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 5:06 PM
To: DeKalb CSB Information
Subject: Re: CORE 500: Dearest Lord Quetzalcoatl, please make this the LAST I have to blog, today!!!

Thanks!!! To do that, I will need two of your email addresses of responsible people to replace these two addresses. Please send!!!

And ALL BEST in next Tuesday's election -- I will be watching VERY closely!!!

Dekalb County, Georgia;s Pal of many, many years,
Scott David Kenan

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 3:00 PM, DeKalb CSB Information <> wrote:

Can you please remove Michelle Potter from your distribution list.  She is no longer an employee here.

Thank you.

DeKalb Community Service Board
Community Relations Department
O: 404.508.7875
F:  404.508.7877


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