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RP: Sadly, THOUSANDS OF MEN Are Slated to Die of This -- THIS YEAR (but I will die "otherly" -- I expect)!!!

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Well, I guess we can't ALL be enthused about it . . .

But here is today's most ALARMING development:

The END OF THEATER is here!!!

>>> BREAKING NEWS!!!TWO real estate professionals in Wilmington, North Carolina asked to join my LINKED-IN network within HOURS of my last blogging. Both white and in their "Middle Age", one female, one male.

GUESS I've been adequately entertaining the HOMETOWN TROOPS!!!

Well, haven't heard much about THIS ONE in a while!!!

And I take this as a SIGN FROM GOD that I need to make Charles an HONORARY NORTH CAROLINIAN post haste -- so I hereby DO!!!

And I also realize that the most succinct definition of a North Carolinian is "a rascal", and googling for an image, only "Rascal Flatts" comes up:

Well, it's stamped "NRA approved", so Charles should like that!!!

>>> WHILE I AM NEVER KNOWN TO BE STUBBORN, I have JUST DISCOVERED a personality problem that I believe will be easy (easy-ish), to correct. In the disappointment of finding that the neighborhood kids have stolen a bunch of lights off my NEW Christmas lights on the front porch (this is the THIRD string they have ruined in nearly two years -- they being specialty lights with no replacement bulbs but the four they came with).

And no one around who spoke English, so I got frustrated and hollered like a BANSHEE at them all -- even slamming the metal gate of the fencing around my front porch, for emphasis.

But I certainly then felt like a FOOLkids being kids, and me acting more childish than they!!!

Now, I have realized all this yelling and anti-social behavior on my part is left-over programming from my mother, who raised us constantly yelling at us kids about our ABJECT WORTHLESSNESS (not ALL Catholic homes are like this -- and we had daily beatings and those pastel swastikas rimming our plates). 

And being relaxed, recently, from resolving how to proceed on several LEGAL FRONTS, I am no longer in a hurry, but my guard has been down, so I easily FLEW OFF THE HANDLE at both writers group and the Mexican kids, yesterday (actually, I was yelling at the parents -- not the kids).

And in RECENT MONTHS, Mom and I are getting along just SWELL, so I need to adjust my "Mom-influenced parts" to act swell TOO -- that's all!!!

>>> NOW ANOTHER WRITERS GROUP MATTER, not previously discussed, is that Leader Colin sent out a sort of marketing thang in the weekly email, this past week, from Ted, a member who with his wife Maria, has moved to an undisclosed location (even Ted's Facebook page shows him STILL in Puerto Vallarta)Ted and Maria have led writing classes, and Ted is the person who in front of "class", once demanded to know if I was "back on my psychiatric medications" -- and who even hollered unpleasantly about the same in the town of Chacala as I entered the restaurant where he and his wife and two others were eating -- BEFORE I EVEN NOTICED THEM!!!

Ted has published a new crime novel about his serial hero and private dickNick Gold(OK, his name is "Joe Gold", but I've changed it for "literary purposes"), a Jewish guy with a FETISH for gals in (or out of) tight sweaters. And come to think of it, that sounds EXACTLY like Allen Rosen of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (and my part-time roommate of about 12 years)!!!

Allen and Linda Rosen, circa 2004.

NOTHING is worse in my book than a "Jew gone bad" -- and I say that as an "Honorary Jew", which Jonathan Reiner of the Hollywood Reiners made me in early 2010, when I FIRST blogged that my parents had been revealed in 1990, to be America's Top NAZIS -- by two top Atlanta business leaders who were Jewish.

Here are two screen captures from Ted's You-Tube promo -- posted by his WIFEMaria Ruiz -- MODERN wives would be TOO ASHAMED to post a thing like this!!!:

Well, Ted is also working on an historical novel, KING DAVID'S HARP -- which ONE wag in writers group likes to call King David's TRUMPET -- although judging by the Gold promo, perhaps it should be STRUMPET!!!

>>> WELL ALL THE STORIES TO SCORE HAVE ARRIVED, -- SHOCKING TO SEE that 32 of about 70 submitted were NOT scored by more than two, when FIVE agreed to score EACH!!! -- so I'd better go and get to them. I leave you with an ALTERNATIVE NICK GOLD, a friend of mine from Facebook:

Nick Gold, PR and Media Director for Eau Palm Beach resort, and Bram Majtlis, of the Lake Worth (Florida) Playhouse actually MET at the Hague (its a European thing -- look it up), exactly 24 years ago today -- although they are not legally married.


Nick -- I don't actually know you, but I've BORROWED you and Bram for "literary purposes" on my blog, today. It should be OK -- I'm from Atlanta, my family founded UNC Chapel Hill, and later inherited Henry Flagler's entire estate. Also, I was Tennessee Williams's last assistant:…/well-i-guess-we-ca…
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