Friday, October 17, 2014

RP: Signs That America REALLY IS Evolving (slowly, but surely)!!!

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In GEORGIA, no less, my old state that is SOLID Republican in statewide elections!!!

Great news! We’re leading by THREE points in a new poll released by 11Alive this morning. But we can't slow down now. We’ve got 20 days left to win this. Help us keep up the momentum, contribute now:

Many don't know this, but former Indiana Senator (Republican) Richard Lugar, a Trustee Emeritus of my alma mater, Denison University (where he founded a "balanced" Political School), used his PAC to give Michelle Nunn the seed money to start her campaign.

Not quite sure what to make of this -- but they have a SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

2. Michael Thomas Ford of Houston was annoyed with my crack against Christians that I posted under this image, and erased it, then wrote me:

  • Michael Thomas Ford
    Michael Thomas Ford
    Scott, my sister posted that photo as a joke because I'm currently taking the Praxis. She happens to be a math teacher. Please don't post comments like that on my page again.
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan
    Hey Michael -- thanks, and you are right, although I had to google just now to see what "praxis" is, algebra and logic actually are the same, and typically only Republicans diss algebra. 
  • And also true is that God seems to have given Christians a sense of self-importance to replace their lack of sense of humor. But I LOVE Texas!!! First spent time there with my then boss, playwright Tennessee Williams in Houston and on a ranch near Boerne in 1982. 
  • My relatives, who founded UNC Chapel Hill, established in Texas LONG before they inherited more of Standard Oil from Henry Flagler than Rockefeller ever owned -- they ensured that Texas and many other states seceded from the union. 
  • And a week from tonight, I will meet Del Shores here in Puerto Vallarta where I live in political exile after Gen. Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer told me the CIA and Republicans would kill me if I stayed in the USA -- I know how my parents assisted them with narco-trafficking, info I freely give the Mexican military, now. 
  • Del wrote the play/movie SORDID LIVES, set in Texas, but PERFECT about some of my trailer-trash, near relatives. I hope your praxis goes well!!!

Wouldn't you know -- Michael Thomas Ford is a PROLIFIC writer!!!


While I worked for Tennessee Williams (1981 - 82), his favorite writer was Joan Didion -- we even sharing a book of hers, which is discussed (not continually), in these two continuous chapters:


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The president must force Congress to vote on his military powers.
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A federal judge has slammed both the state GOP and NOM, allowing them to appeal the North Carolina marriage ruling but making clear it's merely an "academic"...
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And FINALLY, bringing it all back to NORTH CAROLINA!!!

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — LIVING in a purple state can be exhausting, but it’s never boring. What we lack in entertainment value — it would be hard to beat our southern neighbor, where Representative Mark...
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