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RP: Alisyn Camerota of Fox News Was Hired by CNN to Promote FOX POLITICAL BUSINESS!!!

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Alisyn Camerota got on great with Bill Hemmer of Fox.

She is NOT getting on so well with co-hosts of New Day on CNN:

And today (not pictured), Chris Cuomo and Michaela Pereira BOTH looked like they wanted to kill Alisyn.


My biggest gripe with Chris Cuomo is that he's a big-personality showboat -- rather like myself -- and dominates his co-hosts, and they usually being women, that makes it look bad, especially since Chris often acts like a 1950s male in his attitudes toward women, and he brags about his kid's First Catholic Communion. But then that is SO like the superstitious brand of Catholicism we found when we moved to the northeast, dominated by Italian and Irish Catholics who did not have the get up and go to move further west (in the mid-1900s, Catholics still produced huge families, tended to poverty, and were less educated -- considered a "blue-collar" church back then) -- compared to the more "German/scientific" Catholicism we had known in Louisville, KY in the mid-1960s.

-- unless he didn't. There are now TWO published accounts with DIFFERENT shooters of Bin Laden!!!

But here is what seemed to horrify Chris Cuomo and Michaela Periera this morning -- Alisyn had an interview with Rob O'Neill, who seems more and more to me like a slimeball -- partly because of that Code of Silence of Navy Seals thing (I have no problem with the real reasons for having a CIA -- and some things should be done secretly), but WHAT did Rob break that tradition FOR???

Rob O'Neill has taken it on himself to "provide closure" to those who were affected closely by 9/11. Sounds good so far, but to him that means letting everyone know that Osama Bin Laden died, as he put it, like a "pussy", scared to death and KNOWING he would die. Anyone in that position would have died scared, so that has NO MEANING.-- except to Conservative Christians, who are into "An Eye for an Eye" -- the exact OPPOSITE of what Jesus taught.

Real "men" would have captured Bin Laden (all accounts make it sound like that was quite possible), but that was NOT what President Obama ordered -- Obama needed an ASSASSINATION to keep Bin Laden out of courts where he could PROVE he planned it with the Bush and Cheney Families -- as well as the Saudi Royals (all then partners in The Carlyle Group), the Saudis providing all but one of the pilots.

And this assassination when capture was possible, is a violation of International Law and President Obama should be prosecuted to the max for it.

But you WON'T hear about this on Fox or sister network, CNN.

I remember being shocked in the year 2000, when the Pew organization reported that only 50% of western Europeans believed in the existence of God -- so opposite what one finds in the USA -- or at least such "lip service". But today, a new report is out, not changing those figures much, but adding info. Now a majority in the UK think religion causes more harm than good.

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British people don't seem very into religion anymore, according to a recent Huffington Post UK survey. More than half of Britons think that religion "does more harm than...
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Now, when you consider that the English Church was founded by a grumpy old gout-sufferer desparate for an heir -- AND that the top English Prelate swears fealty to the monarch, WHAT kind of religion can THAT be???

I mean, agree with them or not, EVERY other Christian Church I ever heard of was founded on break-away beliefs of a reformer, and the Church of Scotland (Presbyterianism), was authorized by Stuart monarchs, but not FORMULATED by them for their own political purposes.

So I hope someone ships Ms. Alisyn Camerota to a WHITE-BITCH Christian Church if she wants to promote REVENGE, and I also want to say that I've seen good work, recently, by the famous one-percenter, Goldman Sachs alum, and promoter of the Iraq War:

Since back from maternity leave, Erin Burnett seems to have significantly changed, and in the last week I twice saw her interviewing Republicans -- whom she let run on spewing lies -- then casually asked a single question that got BOTH interviewees tripping all over their lies, and stuttering!!! Erin didn't have to say another word!!!

In fact, in celebration, I've found the spot on a DVD, SLAVES TO THE RHYTHM, a concert in London of acts Trevor Horn had produced, in which the bouncy boogier, Erin, is up at the beginning of a Pet Shop Boys' song:

Well, this week should show the election results' change to the political climate -- and things should begin clarifying. It SHALL be interesting  . . .


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One election where a Democratic seat was flipped red was Montana's District 32 State House race. The Republican, Gilbert Bruce Meyers, was convicted of assault...
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The impact of North Carolina's voter ID law has already been felt. This impact will only grow more marked as it will be even tougher for minorities to vote come 2016.
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No wonder so many took this railroad to South Florida and the Florida Keys. The FEC railroad (as well as those hotels, Florida utilities, etc.), was owned by the Kenan Family since Henry Flagler's death in 1913.


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