Tuesday, November 25, 2014

RP: Answered Prayers (includes a salute to Canadians!!!)

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Canadians, at least the expats and snowbirds I have met here in Puerto Vallarta, are a practical people, and the FIRST to tell you they RESENT the Episcopal Church, USA and its well-known-to-Canadians international narco-trafficking.

Their own Canadian brand of Anglican Church is NOT involved in narco-trafficking, which gives the WHOLE ANGLICAN COMMUNITY a very ugly reputation -- and that before disclosure that the Episcopal Church USA actually murdered Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard University.

I am working in PRACTICAL ways to correct this through the US Legal Systemhttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/11/email-just-sent-to-center-for-justice.html

So what do Americans do to compensate for having less ability to drive on snow???

Because if you ASK for anything for yourself or others, you are telling God he is too STUPID or UNCARINGor you would already have it. And with prayer being MOST popular in the "Old South", this is the REAL RESULT of prayer!!!:

You see, prayer that asks for things is actually an AFFIRMATION of the lack of them, and God giving you what you believe you HAVE -- that lack -- things actually get WORSE.

Always pray affirmatively, being thankful that you have what you want. You see, everything exists FIRST in spirit (mental energy), so you can CLAIM possession of the thing spiritually, couch yourself in the emotional comfort and joy of its possession, and it in fact is yours. Its manifestation in the physical world is then lubricated by your BELIEVING.

And the BEST lubricant is to in any practical way that you can, think and act as if it is already true -- but don't talk that way or ya might get COMMITTED!!!

Don't be a "fabulist", and think God works "miracles", typically -- you praying for fixed teeth. God invented a way to fix teeth already, so don't deny the importance of a good dentist -- pray that you have the money and choose the right one.

The fairy tale of God miraculously materializing anything outside the Rules of Nature (Nature, here, only means God, so Its Nature), was for a less evolved type of human. Today, we must co-create our world with God and do what it takes in the physical world -- we are the working arms and legs (and minds), of God (who actually experiences the physical and emotional fun of sex through us, so keep having it appropriately!!!)

Yeshua-bar-Yosef, the Jewish Prophet commonly called Jesus of Nazareth, made this clear, and don't get hung up on the lingo here, if you can "ask" and simultaneously believe you have, then more power to you!!!

Shout some Hosannas that you have it, and that God is GREAT!!!


Or perhaps


Krishna is great!!!

He/She goes by many names.

This graphic relates to the Abrahamic religions, which are not getting on together very well now -- DUE TO INAPPROPRIATE PRAYING of their members.

Other world religions are just as much a part of this, but those who share looking to Abraham as a progenitor of Faith, must heal their own ONE house, first, they sharing the greatest temporal powers in the world, now.

Now, take two aspirin, and you will be FINE by morning!!!



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