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RP: Bernie Marcus of Home Depot's Friends SORELY Needed a Grammar Lesson!!!

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Inside the tunnel at the Georgia Aquarium in  Atlanta, that Bernie Marcus paid for IN FULL as a gift to the city.


Scott Kenan OK fellas, as a published author, I'll give a grade school grammar lesson here -- see if that gets people to calling me names and demanding Bernie Marcus remove me again!!! 

The way to spell offensive words so that everyone can read them but the superstitions about using them (or actual rules in some places), won't git ya like goblins in the night, is to substitute an asterisk replacing one of more letters, like sh*t, c*nt, G*d, etc. Placing a dash between a G and a D has always meant "God damn" or "God-damned". 

Also, if you think "God" is anything's name, then you probably named your dog Dog. God is the word for the concept of the Almighty, and those who ACTUALLY read the Bible know God's name is actually YHWH, often written and pronounced "Yahweh" , and this is actually an acronym for something foreign-language meaning, "The great I am", or "I am that I am"

And to take a name in vain (dis it), is to put a negative after it, like, "I am a Democrat" (for the people in this thread, I mean -- most of you -- for me it would be "ignorance lover", which is not political per se). 

This has been my Public Service of the day!!!

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And then the comments began to roll in: 

  • Albert Amato You are the one with mental illness , please take tour venom and unhappiness elsewhere .
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  • Albert Amato And to borrow a trite phrase ... Get a life!
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  • Albert Amato Ok you guys are both loveless losers ... Go troll somewhere else as I and others will never engage your pathetic and sad commentary👹
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  • Scott Kenan Mr. Amato, I think you are entirely out of place and mind -- not that I'm qualified to diagnose mental conditions like you claim YOU are. I have been MOST respectful (today, anyway), and would have more honestly said the negative that breaks the Commandments would be "I am a Republican". Some people just cannot be pleased. Glad to see your latest comment about engagement -- I'd bet your wife or husband regrets his or hers to YOU (but I'm resisting the exclamation marks).
    Albert Amato I know your pathetic history Scott and I wish you the best life you can manage... Goodbye and good luck,
  • Scott Kenan Why THANK yew, Senor Dentist -- being from Atlanta, I know a couple of your personal friends, and perhaps I'll include one or two when I email this to 500, mostly in the press. I'll add more subjects before completing, but you can see what we have CO-CREATED (so far), here:

  • Albert Amato PS .. If you check your misogynist and lurid comments about women( understandable 
    Considering your sexual preferences but TOTALLY inappropriate ... We ALL dismiss you.... And forgive👹
  • Scott Kenan Don't piss into the wind -- it's unbecoming of a dentist.
    • Albert Amato I studied your mental illness ... You so fell for it!!!
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    • Albert Amato I beg you and your comrades to read your depraved comments towards women.... Sucks to be in your living hell.., pray you get help.
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    • Scott Kenan Recently, I've found Albert Amato, DDS's comments "most hooty", and am glad Mr. Marcus has such an amusing friend.
      • Albert Amato Scott goodbye and live on your personal hell
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        • Scott Kenan Farewell, my darling Albert!!!
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        • Scott Kenan (I was tempted to google for Albert's office phone number and leave him a goofy message, but I think he's finally seeing the humor in all this.)
        • Albert Amato Yes Scott humor and gave been retired since 2001
        • Albert Amato But please come visit!
        • Albert Amato I know has been years since I have encountered such douchebags.
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        • Scott Kenan OH DEAR -- I just researched Albert Amato, who claims to have retired from dentistry about ten years ago and to currently be on the Board at CORNERSTONE BANK in Atlanta, but they don't list him (I DO actually know W. Scott Hudgins who is ON the Board). Perhaps I'll call Scott Hudgins Monday -- since I can't find Mr. Amato on their site AT ALL!!! Apparently, he's a TOTAL FAKE!!!
        • Tom Tatum Oh -- I get it, regarding your use of G-D. Tourette's! The source of your personality disorder would require intensive therapy, though. Pretty sure this is old information to you.
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        • Scott Kenan Mr. Tom Tatum, I am SHOCKED that I didn't think of that first -- OF COURSE!!!
        • Albert Amato Oh please do.. You pathetic excuse for a human being.... I know your history of mental illness and do show everyone your @ss 😛
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        • Albert Amato I know ,George but I have known people like him and some I have helped and others are just dead... Sad really.
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        • Scott Kenan Well, call me what you want -- I PROVED you are a God-hating white racist Republican and you did NOT insist or prove by link to some kind of listing (except LINKED IN, which YOU wrote), that you are on that board. I ASSUME you actually used to do TEETH, or is that fake, too???
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        • Scott Kenan "George" blocked me, so I don't get to see his intelligent additions -- pity!!!
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        • Albert Amato Scott .. Can u spell INSANITY? Really man ... Chill out... Cannot believe u have not been take off
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        • Scott Kenan Lick itSister!!!
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Nancy Babcock was my closest friend in Atlanta in the mid-oughts, and taught me to "GRAMMAR GROUSE". But now she lives in California.

And this just in from the woman I had a ninth grade crush on:

Susan Lattomus added 2 new photos — in Liberty, Washington.
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Gorgeous lichens on a beautiful fall day with the Washington Native Plant Society

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