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RP: Because of REFUSING to Deal with President Obama as the Blackmailed Homosexual That He Is, Democrats Went Down BIG TIME!!!

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Mexico Ranks as the Happiest Place on Earth

In a recent report, the Pew Research Center has named Mexico as "The Happiest Place on Earth" based on the overall happiness of people around the world when asked. - See more at:


For decades, J. Howard Pew led Sun Oil Company (Sunoco), with a rock-ribbed Republican and Presbyterian fist. Generally, he was hated by all his employees -- except my father, William Scott Kenan, who lionized him, and who spent his career with Sun Oil (as did my brother Mike, until recently -- and I spent the summer after graduating Denison University working for them). My Dad loved Mr. Pew so much, that when the boardroom furniture was changed out at the Walnut Street HQ, Dad managed to make off with a boardroom table and some chairs -- all walnut of course.

William Scott Kenan (1918 - 2014), in 2009.

I wrote the first nine of twelve drafts of WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, while sitting in one of Mr. Pew's armed walnut chairs.

And SUNOCO was a BIG DEAL in mid-Twentieth Century America, with the highest octane gasoline (grade 260), as well as the lowest (190), that were custom blended at the pump -- and REVERED by race-car drivers worldwide. I even met the host of Mexico's most popular "car-talk" TV shows on a beach with his wife, and he claimed that he and other racers in Mexico smuggled in Sunoco gas -- really!!!

And in many ways, J. Howard was ahead of the pack:

In 1967, Pew's Suncor subsidiary opened The Great Canadian Oil Sands plant -- decades ahead of the rest of the industry (although not even modest profit was seen until 1975).

And I met one of the Pew heirs at Denison when I was a student, and he claimed that J. Howard, who had recently died (1971), hated, hated, HATED the "liberal" tack of the Pew Foundations and Research org that he had endowed, but charities have boards that make decisions, and his relatives (also on it), were rather educated and logical thinkers.

The same is true about the Kenan Family charities (founded primarily on Standard Oil money), although the Kenans have dominated many of their boards more effectively. And readers will recall, that Walter Moore, who actually was most instrumental in Patrick Stansbury STEALING Collegiate Concepts, Inc., the company I worked for that Patrick led for Russell and Eileen Smith the first two years after I got out of jail in 1990 for trying to expose my parents (with Gingrich, Cheney, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, etc.), for leading the Stone Mountain, GA narco-trafficking ring, and making it, was from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and always bragged to me that he was tight with all the top executives of Sun Oil.

And one of the things that Jake Tapper mentioned last night on CNN, is that although he grew up in Philly, he often traveled to North Carolina growing up to visit relatives -- and he mentioned that was during the Sen. Jesse Helms era.

Sen. Helms, Republican of North Carolina

And perhaps the most SHOCKING revelation my parents ever accidentally said -- other than how my mother had Dad's boyfriend murdered, then blackmailed him into marrying her to hide her Catholic/Republican Swastikas behind the Kenan name (police report shows "Russian Roulette suicide"), my father -- not realizing I was in the room out of his field of view -- got angry at Helms for something reported on Fox News, and declared to my mother that he (Dad), had PUT JESSIE HELMS IN POWER, and he sure as hell could remove him -- which he swore to do and then did (complicated health issues were the public excuse -- or method!!!).

My original blog report is here, halfway down: (and NO, Sen. Kay Hagan REFUSED to deal with me too!!! Added: and Elizabeth Redenbaugh, who had received the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award two years ago, ran her campaign like a stupid little Christian Garden Party, also refusing to communicate with me. They all LOST -- HA!!!)

Readers should remember too, that my parents, rabid Nixon fans, were associated with the Louisville Courier Journal when we lived in Louisville, 1957 - 1963, while the Bingham family who had murdered Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, then Bingham still owned it, so it IS complicated!!!

* * *


NOBODY IN AMERICA is talking about it, but those in the know -- and certainly far more foreigners, given how it DOES get reported occasionally in the foreign press, is talking about Barack Obama's homosexual life.

He was blackmailed by Bush/Cheney/CIA over it, mostly to support lowering taxes for the wealthy and protecting the CIA-led hard-drugs trafficking, that the CIA owns most of worldwide, now. In an article in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL published right after the first of the year, 2012 (or 13)John Boehner CROWED that they got more of the first one from Obama than they ever did from George W. Bush. Yes, you can look that up.

So talking about it or not, Americans -- especially Democrats -- KNOW they can't trust Barack Obama on ANYTHING. The first two years of his administration, he won so many victories yet withdrew, not making his victories into Law, that the saying was "Obama snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, again!!!", but Americans are far too DRUG-ADDLED to remember that.

Can YOU remember that just in the last week or two he had victories in moving forward to prosecute Bankers as well as to toughen standards on the Republican-owned universities-for-profit industry -- but BACKED DOWN AGAIN???

The danger here is that the Republicans who hate Obama out of their racism -- and I include the Episcopal Church who murdered Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard, supported PRIMARY by Thomas S. Kenan III and his close family associated with Chapel Hill, will be EMPOWERED NOW to remove minorities from voter rolls and life.

Another danger is that Republican Conservative Christians -- including the NAZI-style Catholics of my mother and the last three Popes, from whom she got her orders about packing the Supreme Court with their style Catholics, will take this as ORDERS FROM JESUS to murder ALL minorities -- as they are now armed to the teeth to do, thanks largely to the hate-supporting money of the KENAN FAMILY!!!

We shall see what happens.


An "Oldie-but-Goody".


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