Friday, November 28, 2014

RP: Email Just Successfully Sent to Marc Lamont Hill (and Don and LZ by extension), of Huffington Post and CNN!!!

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Marc Lamont Hill

Dear Mr. Hill,

My name is Scott Kenan and I am writing not only to say that you are the first black journalist I have paid strict attention to in many years -- followed now by your buddies, Don Lemon and LZ Granderson -- but as the “shirttail scion” of one of America’s secretly wealthiest families who not only founded UNC Chapel Hill, but caused the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 which led to the Jim Crow Laws all being passed in the following two years, but also of the Kenan Institute of Ethics where HuffPost’s Jimmy Soni sits on the Board – as did Stacey Abrams (said to be the only Democrat who could possibly win statewide election in Georgia), now replaced by Alisa Worth, Exec Dir of Nevada Democrats, I have had a LOT of political difficulties in the USA and now live in exile in Puerto Vallarta, trying to make public the crimes of my family, both distant and close.

We had pastel swastikas on the dinner china and daily beatings growing up. My parents counted Coach Lou Holtz as their best friend (he and his family lived across the street from us in Columbus 1968 – 1970), and for his help to Mom, she got him his dream job coaching at Notre Dame, and her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS, the position of official dentist to the Fighting Irish – until Uncle Bob allowed my cousin to marry a Jew, and Mom saw that his wealth was removed, he was forced to move to Dothan, AL and use a Veterans Hospital, where Mom regularly visited him and coached the doctors in giving him double-strength Lithium, and I possess Mom’s earlier hand-written note that that all but guarantees chemically-induced Diabetes, which is what he died of very slowly and painfully.

I also caught Mom on secured comm with Republicans exactly when Obama negotiated re-opening government a year ago. Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, whom I’ve met twice, also worked with my parents and my former employer of 18 years,

I have tried getting this message to Drew Griffin in MANY ways, but CNN’s secure forms have NEVER worked for me, and I posted it on blog here: I have had MANY problems with CNN spreading lies to pump up associates of Sean Hannity, Cheney, and Boehner, etc., but let bygones be bygones, as the present and future are the important thing. Currently, I have appealed to the Center for Justice and Accountability to overturn a LIBEL conviction of me from 1.5 years ago:

I was never legally served, and then tried in absentia, they getting ten times what the plaintiff asked for PLUS copyright to not only my PUBLISHED memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, but ALL my blog postings and emails until I die on related subjects – this because I blogged about the plaintiff, an exec of Wells Fargo, Chicago, narco-trafficking for his bank (my wealthy relatives bought control of Bank of America from Frank Sinatra’s heirs some years ago – and I have gotten to know the Sinatras – they even admitted to me they had the ballot boxes stuffed in Chicago to steal the election from Nixon for JFK at Joe Kennedy’s request). That sentence got away from me, but I also blogged about Jamie Sutherland seeing Sen. Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse in Chicago several times, and I think that is the real problem – the Republicans blackmailed the gay Prez, and that is why he acts so strangely.

But, perhaps of greatest interest to CNN people, is that in 1990, when I chanced on a HUGE narco operation through Stone Mountain Park and tried to report it through Congressman Gingrich – I soon ended up in Dekalb County Jail, thanks to Judge Linda Warren Hunter, for 15 weeks without bond on a trumped up case of Trespass.

 I filed Writ of Habeus Corpus to force a trial at which I pled Nolo. Two years ago, the Dekalb online database was changed to DELETE all of that, except Habeus Corpus against Sheriff Jarvis. I retain all original, signed judge documents – in fact I hoard lots of evidence. Although this narco-operation was run by Republicans, Bill Clinton later sent a very large contingent of CIA to Stone Mountain to protect it. I was sentenced to time served plus “house arrest” probation and FORCED to take Lithium or go to jail for a year. My doctor took me OFF Lithium in 2009 – because in my eight years with her I’d shown no signs of Bipolar Illness.

I apologize for not organizing this better, but today, despite the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust being the backbone of the Kenan Family being the largest private support of University Education in the world for 101 years now, the Kenans personally give GOBS of money to Republicans, especially through, and from reading published books on my family’s history, I see they gave the Episcopal Church, especially in Atlanta and to Sewanee, nearly $100,000,000.00 over the last 90 years (many with Kenan money but different surnames), and Sewanee used the Confederate Mace as their symbol of power all the way until 2005).

I can prove that Sewanee and the Episcopal Church with help of the FBI, CIA, and Republican Party murdered Tennessee Williams and then stole his estate from Harvard, exactly as Jackie Kennedy Onassis told Tennessee (I was his last assistant), they would do – and I have confession of one conspirator that a high Republican in the state of Tennessee paid for their luxury lifestyles until their deaths in the 1990s.

Perhaps most peculiar might be that in Tennessee’s last full length play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere (never totally completed), he based the character Mac on me, a tall, silent, observing black guy. Tennessee always cried when he got fan mail because so many blacks thought he was black – a higher compliment to him than the Pulitzers, etc. I’m mostly white, but 1/16 Cherokee.

I hope you find some worth in my writing and share it with your friends – if appropriate. I have over 2,500 essay length postings in my blogs (one mirroring the other since the beginning of this year for caution if they COULD take down my original blog). You can google my name in quotes followed by any other or concept to see what I had to say. Most recent is best clarified and possibly corrected. And I am at your service to answer any and all questions. My blog is written with “literary” language – for how I would say things in Court, just ask – and I apologize for my anger and vulgarity which can also be found there.

Thank you for your consideration,
Scott David Kenan

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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