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RP: English Speakers Should Pronounce It "wah-HEE-nuh", Like the Spanish -- More Lyrical and Poetic, Even. Wouldn't YOU Agree???

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Judge Paul Holcombe


Dear Judge Holcombe,

Yes, it's true you asked (nicely), to come off three days ago, and I then replied asking if you won your election for North Carolina Appeals Court Judge -- my intention was to take you off if you suffered the disappointment of loss, which I have since researched and seen you did, but you remain a District Court Judge. Now I've had another thought since then, that being that you might be able to advise me on how to proceed with  a North Carolina legal matter.

And just now, I remembered that ALL eight charges and CONVICTIONS against me in New Hanover District Court were DROPPED by deal between my Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo, and District Attorney Benjamin R. David, my having to leave the state for at least a year (which I did), and all charges were dropped -- even including CONVICTIONS (on appeal).

Sometimes, I forget that things got better, and feel like they never did, so no need to advise me on how to proceed. It's over. But what happened in one case in which I was DENIED APPEAL. I appealed to the correct authority in Raleigh on grounds of judicial error -- and for an unknown reason (Later remembered: Judge Criner DENIED me a public defender -- the only time a judge denied me, which seemed automatic after I first qualified, then tried me on the Restraining Order, which I fought since it was based on lies, but never ever crossing paths with Brenda McKnight, I never expected to have a problem), Ms. Harjo was not representing me in this trial. 

I hope you have a couple of moments to read this, and since you ran for an Appeals Court judgeship, it should be of interest.

Simply put, my roommate in Wilmington, Brenda McKnight, on orders of her drug dealer, Gerald Austin-Wynn (whom I also knew -- but did not know until later was her supplier -- or that she had a problem, I think it was crack), told Brenda how to get me committed to a mental hospital because he didn't like my "attitude", and Judge Sandra Ray Criner signed the papers to commit me.

Decade(s) old air-brushed photo that Judge Sandra Ray Criner still uses.

As anyone who reads either the Wilmington or Raleigh newspapers knows, Judge Criner's husband (about 2007 or so), was caught diddling a young girl's vagina in Thalian Hall Theater (easy stuff to find by googling), and the Wilmington cops talked the father into NOT prosecuting, they claiming the little girl would be harassed for life (by Wilmington cops if not "Christians", no doubt). Judge Criner and her husband Sherman Lee Criner went on to even head the Republican Party in the county, and the vagina-diddler even went on to be a judge in the Azalea Festival's "Azalea Belles" contest -- which I think is probably of 18 year olds and older -- THANK GOD!!!

Azalea Belles at Wilmington's Azalea Festival in April, all tend to be WHITE, if sometimes a bit "dumpy".

But here is the part that gets weird. When the docs released me from commitment almost immediately because I was not mentally ill, she did not want me in her house -- so with the help of Danny Sinatra (Frank's great-nephew, whose mother had told me how she had engineered the sale of Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives), I moved out, but she then filed for a restraining order, and then a claim that I had violated it.

Nobody messes with Danny Sinatra or his wife, Phoebe Dollar -- the reigning QUEEN of goth movies!!!

Brenda McKnight, a financial services rep for Verizon in Wilmington, NC: 

Gerald Austin-Wynnthen -- and now:

General Services Associate at Budget & Control Board State of South Carolina

Neither Brenda nor her scheduled witness Gerald Austin-Wynn were in court when Judge Criner called the case. She had the halls searched, and they could not be found, so she dismissed the case, and I was so amazed, I asked her to restate that, which she did. I left, and after speaking with a couple of people along the way, was off the property of the courthouse -- but only ten or so feet away smoking a (tobacco) cigarette to relax, when a bailiff came out and called me back to court.

Judge Criner called the case as if it had not been dismissed, and quickly tried me and I was basically steam-rolled to a conviction (without significant penalty, surprisingly -- but I had not broken the restraining order, actually). Because Judge Criner had clearly dismissed the case, they should have had to re-file it, but that was ignored. I wrote within the small window of time allowed to complain about judges, stating the facts and that the whole thing was recorded by both the Court Reporter and the audio-video surveillance of the courthouse, but they replied DENYING any appeal because I had absolutely no proof of my claims. True, I had not tried to obtain those records -- but figured I would do that when they decided to consider the matter -- there being only 10 days, as I remember, to file, so no time to get the materials first.

I think that is why this graphic so well describes North Carolina Courts, and I have no idea if Republicans or Democrats are more at fault, but you being a Republican must know that the consortium of elected and un-elected officials in Wilmington that protects the narco-trafficking -- said to be the greatest in all of the USA for entry ports, and set up by my own parents when they lived there for 20 years at the end of the Twentieth Century -- comes from both Parties -- although the operation is run by high Republicans, the Episcopal Church, etc.

I DO hope that in your work as a judge you are not persuaded by the abject white supremacy lies of my wealthy Kenan relatives, like Thomas S. Kenan III, (whom I've even shared a male lover with), and the NC Republican Party. The Kenan Family caused the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection and the Jim Crow Laws to be passed, and Tom's now deceased Uncle Jimmy (James G. Kenan) of Atlanta, sent me to his wife's nephew, Gregg Loomis, a lawyer, best-selling author, race-car driver, and stunt pilot, for legal advice in 1990, and he made it perfectly clear to me that the wealthy Kenans don't just hate blacks -- but hate Jews, even far MORE!!!

Well, it would be nice if you sent a comment in return. I will take you off the list very shortly, if not today.

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in political exile from the USA)

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