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RP: I NEEDED This (and humor, compliments of Bernie Marcus of Home Depot/Georgia Aquarium)!!!

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Sunset in Puerto Vallarta last night. I took shots not as good as this one from "Puerto Vallarta Daily News", and it was so cool last night, that I slept soundly without air conditioning, for the first time this season.

And here is a little something from my friend DEL SHORES, this is hooty:

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I want this in a t-shirt!  I'm told this is a cooking apron.  I think Roger could make the hair even higher! (thanks Paul for sharing)
I want this in a t-shirt! I'm told this is a cooking apron. I think Roger could make the hair even higher! (thanks Paul for sharing)
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  • Scott Kenan

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The reason I like this so much, is it is an excuse to tell my six-foot sister Jane, that her "high North Carolina hair" works perfectly for her, but she should stop trying to save money with only TWO colors in it, and go back to THREE, which always looks perfect and CONFIDENT!!!

Jane with two colors -- and two pair of GLASSES, as well!!! 2008.


Hi Jane,

First of all, I apologize for not getting to you sooner, but although gmail shows you sent this at 5:17 PM yesterday, your time, I did not receive it by the time I went to bed at 11:15 PM last night -- but it had arrived this morning. ONLY emails that I would like to receive are typically delayed -- up to 2.5 days -- and the nut-balls calling me names get theirs right through every time -- LOL!!!

And then I had a long comedy of things needing attention that delayed me further, but nothing remarkable -- and THAT (the boring-ness of the things needing attention), is a sign of progress in MY life, as I bet you would agree.

Anyway, I'm not sure what got me on the subject yesterday -- perhaps the election which ran redder than I had imagined in my worst scenario (but also has silver lining to its dark, dark cloud -- the Republicans now have to PROVE they can govern responsibly, as the likely-voting public in the 2016 PRESIDENTIAL election cycle will guarantee the near END of that party if they don't), but even though I had pretty much gotten past blaming you, Mike, or Julie, even, for any of my difficulties (which all of you contributed to, but NOT with malice), the ONE THING I had gotten NONE of from any of you is empathy of any kind. 

That's all I have ever wanted and I don't think any of you owe me an apology, amends, or similar -- we were ALL victims of our upbringing, and I took the lead to really explore it, so naturally, the rest of you must be or have been a bit shocked -- to say nothing of sometimes embarrassed or inconvenienced, but NOTHING like the complete loss of my wealth, attempts on my life and freedom AT ALL -- or that I had to flee the United States to take cover under Mama Mexico's skirts -- just to NOT be murdered by the US Government, so I never understood why you had no empathy to express to me. I trust none of you had to live under a bridge with real criminals, all armed and some of them REALLY mentally unstable. Miraculously, while those idiots peed in the space people slept in, they had the sense to go away a bit to defecate -- LOL!!!

I would also like to say that I think YOU have a basic understanding of many of these things -- you used to report how Mom and Dad sat around in their early 90s bitching about being poor as children, and how mean and nasty Mom typically was toward Dad. YOU always loved J. Kennedy Schultz's talks at Atlanta Church of Religious Science in the 1980s. And Mike has (since about two years after he was mad about my causing Connor's marriage to not happen), always been encouraging by his tone of voice, but never, ever, ever his words.

Julie is the "caboose", five years younger than Mike, and left to deal with those two on her own. That said is enough to call for a moratorium on ANY kind of criticism of Julie -- and to blanket her with unconditional love, letting her develop from that as she may. Some of the most fun I've had in recent years was the time I got stuck in New York, due to the blizzard of 2009, when I had gone to Mark Beard's Christmas Party after delivering final manuscript to Don Weise of Alyson Books (and before I returned home to find my computer TOTALLY HACKED and ALL files regarding my book and its drafts (safely hidden elsewhere), had been removed -- and nothing else. I took the train to Philly, and spent Christmas there at Mike's, before returning to Atlanta.

Only Allen Rosen was in the house to turn on my computer so it could be hacked by outsiders -- or he did the actual work, himself. I don't have time to tell you his wife Linda Rosen's connections to Republican top operatives and judges in Alabama, and the HATEFUL Christianity she actually espoused. 

And after that tornado in Tuscaloosa (2011 or 12 -- even a bunch of people I knew at First Presbyterian, Wilmington went to Tuscaloosa to help with that mess), and I kept writing him asking if they were OK, he wrote to YOU to tell me they were OK -- his not EMAILING (not calling on phone, which could be difficult), PROOF to me of his GUILT!!! I was SUPER-SHOCKED that when you passed that info along, you didn't YOURSELF say that proves he was one of those trying to murder me -- although not by his own hand. 

And he DID lie to you claiming I was needing commitment, I assume because his friend Patrick Stansbury of had called Allen and told him to ACTIVATE THAT PRE-PLANNED PLAN of manipulating my gullible sister!!!

Sorry, but so many people are NOT what they claim -- AT ALL!!!

But one evening that December 2009, we ate at Julie's house with several of her and Joel's friends -- and I really liked hearing their stories of hunting with bows and arrows. I thought that was totally cool, if not my thing. This is the closest I've felt to Julie in years -- and to Joel, ever.

So I'm just going to ignore myself-of-yesterday, and continue on.

I think that Mom is such a big presence, that the rest of us won't fully relax and be able to be candid until after she dies -- which could easily take ten years. I was talking to Testosteroni about this this morning, and how I had at first wanted to CONDEMN the three of you for NOT offering to buy me a plane ticket for Dad's funeral, but later realized that I was still too crazed to be trusted in public, so I THANK all of you for not offering. I expect to have my own earned money by the time Mom dies, but if not, I hope you can each kick in a couple of hundred dollars for me.

Naturally, I am copying dear Mike and Julie (BTW: I have ALWAYS loved Gail and her family -- I hope that has come through, perhaps Joel has been more different than me, so it has taken more time for me to warm up to him), and will post this as a follow-up to yesterday's posting. And if you didn't check it, I late-added a cool shot of Connor in Asia with a monkey at the very bottom. Connor posted a LOT of cool pix of that trip, first on Pinterest, some also on Facebook, and I could send you some of the other best if you want.


On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 4:17 AM, Jane Kenan wrote:

I'm sorry u feel that way Scott but I certainly understand. Jane

On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, Scott Kenan wrote:

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I have been asked to repost this from yesterday...

I woke up this morning to a bright sky with a beautiful sun. More importantly, the angry clouds have disappeared in the distance. The Republicans had an overwhelming victory and I thank all of you who went out there, did your part, participated, and voted. Perhaps we can turn this ship around. I hope that politics does not get in the way of good policy and that this president understands that America needs a change and he will be willing to cooperate. Good things can happen if good people give it a shot. 

I’m more optimistic than I was two days ago and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a new tone in Washington. With Reid out of the Senate, we can look for bills to be passed to get this economy going forward. But we still have the veto of the president to deal with. 

Come on Obama. Straighten out your act.
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  • Christine St. Onge Glavine instead he seems to be digging in those heels, fine, won't reflect very positively in 2016
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  • Sandy Capparell From an old foot soldier that worked as hard as she could in the trenches for this "win," know that many Republicans actually shed tears of gratitude for the outcomes on Tuesday! George C Trader, is it true that the President "must" sign a bill when it appears on his desk a second time? I am so concerned about what this man will do in the next two months.
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  • Sandy Capparell He promised, yesterday, that his immigration plan will become law by executive order. What can be done about that?
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  • Christopher John Mcdaniel Amen. Mr. Marcus. It's so obvious it's time for a change. Even the President in his heart of hearts knows it. He's a smart man but he was never capable of being a President in any area. I have faith we'll turn things around for the better as Americans!
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  • Tom Tatum The President will veto any bills that he's already promised he will veto. The votes are not there for an override. What would be reasonable is not what historically, the GOP has done - compromise. The ACA is not in play and he will veto any attempts to take healthcare away from millions and return to the day of being excluded for pre-existing conditions (AKA "having been sick before"). In play is the Keystone Pipeline, John Boehner's/Koch Brothers pet project that essentially provides free transportation costs to refineries, saving big oil billions, if not trillions over the life of the pipeline. Both sides are posturing and throwing their spaghetti-initiatives against the wall to see what'll stick.
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  • Bill Whitley Maybe if this country was run like a big business the results might be better.
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  • Scott Kenan First of all, the economy is doing pretty well -- if you consider how the deficit has been SLASHED during the Obama years, and the the USA economy is growing FASTER than the countries who employed austerity measures like Republicans say will FIX THINGS. Right there proves they are DEVIL WORSHIPERS!!! And although Bernie now knows my Kenan family who not only founded UNC Chapel Hill, but now control Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Bank of America, much of Coca-Cola, and is FAR wealthier than his little billions, the Kenans have also given far MORE to charity than has Bernie -- but he gives more than most rich people. Kenan heirs (named Lewis), also founded Flagler College and for 101 years have been the largest private support of University Education in the world. I hope that Bernie can CATCH UP with the Kenan Family, but I ESPECIALLY ADMIRE Bernie's having worked his way up from living in a tenement!!!

    Kenan Advantage Group is North America's largest...
  • Ruthie Smith Amen , get the job done right .
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  • Sandy Capparell Scott Kenan, I will research YOUR contributions and report back here. I do not see anything on your FB wall that supports YOUR claim to fame. Are you perhaps the black sheep of the family? I will find out. Till then, I highly recommend that Mr. Bernie Marcus delete you from this group. We do NOT need to tout our own accomplishments, nor those of our forefathers. We are ALL about giving privately. Just as G-d commands us to do.
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  • Scott Kenan Ruthie Smith: Is it not at least IGNORANT to answer a practicing Jew, "Amen", when that is a response to CHRISTIAN PRAYERS???
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  • Tom Tatum Yes, Scott, I agree! The LAST thing that we want to do is to return to the "no oversight, no regulations" paradigm that got us into the worst recession since the Great Depression! We know what happens when big business is left to its own brand of morality (which is soley based on profitability) - They will do ANYTHING to achieve greater profits, including things that are both unethical and illegal, if they think that they can get away with it. That was the mantra of the Bush years - "It's not illegal if you don't get caught!" We need SOMEBODY who will do right by the declining middle class, the backbone of the economy and our society.
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  • Scott Kenan Dearest Sandy Capparell: Bernie Marcus has been made WELL AWARE of me from previous comments, and while he is a practicing Jew (I am an "Honorary Jew" -- made so by the Reiners of Hollywood, who studies Metaphysics), but hoodwinked by God-Hating, white, fake Christians, he has chosen to allow me to continue, which I hope to do responsibly. Please see on my blog that gets 600 - 700 hits on a typiocal day, what I did with my last argument with Bernie's friends (the ones who pretend to be "Christians"). Remember, Coach Lou Holtz (currently John Boehner's top friend and political strategist), lived across the street from us in the late 1960s, and for his help with my mother's spreading of both literal swastikas and NAZI PRINCIPLES, Mom got Lou his job at Notre Dame. Incidentally, this posting has gone VIRAL as well as being my most popular in about eight months:

  • Tom Tatum Sandy -- Why are you saying G.D.? I think that there's no call for such language! And why are you threatening another poster for contributing his ideas? One more thing -- how is it that you don't know how government works and what goes into a bill becoming law? Before you go to researching "Scott", why don't you research how bills become law? That information is available in -- The Constitution of the United States.
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  • Cory Jo Pearson Killorin I think he will have to approve some bills. It would be unfavorable towards his party in the next election and show that the Democrats are unwilling to work together with the Republicans, and that is one of many items that caused them to lose seats and become the minority this past Tuesday. And I am sure he doesn't want a bunch of extremely nagging calls from Hillary at 2am telling him he's marring her campaign. So he's going to have to put on a good show. All of this in my opinion, of course.
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  • Sandy Capparell Mr. Bernie Marcus, while I learn from differing opinions, I truly believe Tom Tatum and Scott Kenan have been accepted into your group to disrupt and defame. Their opinions seem to be "fixed" and that helps no one. You are the most admirable man on planet earth today! Treasured for what you have accomplished and quietly shared. Please remove these two from this site.
  • Scott Kenan Sandy Capparell cracks me up!!! Her mind seems as CRAB-RIDDEN as her crotch (or armpits if she doesn't shave), must be so for her to be so down-right CRANKY!!! Please do NOT remove her from this list -- she amuses me!!! Thanks, Scott
  • Sandy Capparell You have personally answered my question, Scott Kenan. I'm sure you are the black sheep of the family. I will pray for you, and your family. In the event that you are unaware, that is the very best gift any human can give another. Be blessed, be loved, and embrace the faith of your forefathers.
  • Tom Tatum Who is disrupting (I'm talking about the subject) or defaming (where's the defamation)? There's no call for vindictiveness or personal attacks. Whatever is going on in your personal life, why don't you try to keep that separate from substantive discussions about the issues of the day. You brought up the fact that you didn't know how bills become law. I think that it's WAY more important that people brush up on their 8th grade civics lessons than to try to remove people from having real discussions. You already know (presumably) what you think. How can you broaden your own scope without broadening the discussion to include other points of view?
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  • Scott Kenan Sandy, stick your hatred right back up your putrid XXXX. My mother, who advised Cheney, Boehner, Hannity, etc. on HOW to make the USA NAZI via the Catholic Church and drug addictions -- starting with packing the Supreme Court with NAZI-style Catholics (the good ones are good), would like your prayer response -- since you don't actually pray -- and prayers improperly made have no effect at all. My Mom is for people getting stupider and stupider (often on unnecessary "Old Age" drugs, and I'm sure you remember that several news companies filed suit against FOX NEWS about ten years ago -- because they got the proof FROM FOX NEWS, that they tuned the tones on TV to cause EUPHORIA in people taking old age drugs. The US Government (under GW Bush, then), decided to JOIN in suing Fox, and Fox stopped it, rather than go to court. This was my mother's idea (she had been Head of Proctor and Gamble's Skin Research Labs following WWII, using info the research of Dr. Mengele of Germany, not only for skin matters, but for MIND CONTROL. No WONDER my own mother was the BRILLIANT person who caused Fox to get the "Old Farts Audience", no???
  • Sandy Capparell Be blessed, Scott Kenan. Bernie Marcus is one of the greatest humans ever. I do not attempt to fight satanic wars. There is no need. You only get one mother in life and I am saddened that you have such low respect for yours.
  • Scott Kenan Sandy, your hatred knows no bounds. Were it not for my mother being a total and literal "NAZI BITCH", I would have not had the challenges that drove me to overcome her hate through Love and Reason (aka God) -- the opposite of today's Republicans and "Christians", and Mom and I get along GREAT today!!! I just don't rub it in that I discovered her TREASON, and she LOVES that I have been so effective in spreading the word of truth -- when she forgets much is about her crimes. THAT is how a NAZI lives with herself -- TOTAL DENIAL. I still love her -- she's my MOM!!! (and got me the BEST education, hallmark of the Kenan Family -- what is the Sandy Capparell family's achievement -- BOTTLE BLONDNESS??? Well, this has devolved to silliness, and I apologize for my part in it.
  • Scott Kenan I see from her FB page that Sandy Capparell is a "Stephen Minister". Is that Presbyterian -- the church the Kenan Family as the Stuart monarchs of Scotland authorized??? The Kenans searched the line person by person to an early monarch in northern Italy right after the Roman Empire fell, and the Sinatras, whose name means Senator and who are descended from Roman Senators, then ruled Sicily and Southern Italy, but when they sold my family control of Bank of America, it was like reuniting Italy!!! Funny thing, not only does one's lineage NOT matter, really, the Kenans FAKED it and don't have that line, like my sister-in-law, niece and nephews do. Go figure!!!

John Lahr not only wrote TENNESSEE WILLIAMS: MAD PILGRIMAGE OF THE FLESH -- and gave MY memoir of working for Mr. Williams a RAVE REVIEW, he wrote a book on Frank Sinatra -- whose dentist and good friend from Palm Springs, Frank K. Meyer, DDS, is in my PUERTO VALLARTA WRITERS GROUP.

Fancy that!!!


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