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RP: Is YOUR Political or Personal Philosophy Running out of TONER???

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Do you agree? Guys, gals?
Do you agree? Guys, gals?
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I SENT THE FOLLOWING EMAIL TO ABOUT NINE IN WRITERS GROUP, last night, and in today's digital world that was AGES AGO!!! But our group often acts like nothing but "Old Folks Farting" -- even GINGER admonished me for saying "vagina" twice while reading last Saturday. What did she want want me to use, "pussy"???

Colin, and or others, should have responded in some way by now, but old as most are, it is NO WONDER the average age in the group is about 74. Young people have NO TIME for hateful Gringos who even if disavowing Christianity, still live for its hate -- and Frank Meyer, DDS actually BRAGGED that Conchita is his FIFTH wife, I called her number four so as not to fully disclose his sex games with women. Conchita is in it for his money, and who can blame her (although I would NEVER think of entering Frank's bed).

My plan last night, was if Colin did NOT forward my email to the other members whose email addresses I don't have by high noon today, I would publish it in toto, so that any members who hit my blog independently can see what sad condition Puerto Vallarta Writers Group has gotten into today -- and only due to cowardice.

My previous blogging on how I respond to silence -- posted in 2012 -- has SURGED to one of the most popular of the last two months:

So here is the email I sent out last night:

Hi Colin -- and I'm copying all whose email addresses I have, so maybe we can think about them and make a decision without spending undo time on the first, nothing but some thinking is required about the second:

1. It seems to me, that if we want to find a different venue to meet, we should appoint a person or a few people to explore that, but NOT act on our own. That said, those who have acted on their own trying to do this in the past (Charles and Frank -- and maybe others), were never effectively discouraged, so I think it fair to give this new attempt to move us to Los Mangos Library consideration, but then make clear this is not to happen again, and if some are displeased, they should bring it up to group first to see if the group agrees, before proceeding.

Now, I did talk with Charles a bit about this after Saturday's meeting, and his main point is the long flight of stairs is discouraging or impossible for some with mobility issues. That is understandable, but I've heard no complaints about it from anyone else or before, and then Charles got more emphatic and said every step up a stairs is so many days of his life being reduced, due to a heart condition, but since he had no problem going to Wyoming camping and hunting antelope for two weeks, it struck me as false as HIS argument -- but I don't have a condition like that and might not really understand his health situation.

The two other things not yet resolved, are lighting and voice amplification. Colin has said he'd talk to Danny several times, but I don't remember him reporting what Danny said or will do. And the reason may be that the management is so difficult to get hold of or speak with. I alerted them to the fact that the two links on their Facebook page going to their main website where the most info and ticket sales are, were misspelled (missing the "ii" for "two" in their name), and to hit it takes you to nothing-their-theater, which anyone would immediately and easily fix, but it was Elizabeth Ensor I dealt with, Danny's business partner, and even after she clearly understood what was the problem, they still haven't fixed it nearly a month later -- although they've posted there as recently as Nov. 13. I guess in Mexico, everything and everyone is quirky, but maybe we should simply buy an inexpensive floor lamp and our own amplifier. I'd be happy to kick in an extra 10 or twenty dollars -- or even more, if necessary.

But given the time only Colin, Frank, and I were present before a meeting in the Boutique Theatre, and Frank insisted on rearranging the inner room for what HE wanted to do, when the previous week we decided we needed the outer room for a certain presentation, and Frank was loud and yelling and I tried to calm things between him and Colin, both, then, yelling at full throttle, but it only got Frank more angry and he punched me, -- but caught himself in the middle of it and it was just a tap. About a minute later, someone else arrived and Frank immediately sat down and acted as if nothing at all had happened. What HAD also happened was that Colin first warned him a few times then actually told him to leave and never come back. I'd never seen Colin pushed that far, and at the time, I thought it was warranted -- but it was never followed through on, and that contributes to people thinking they can act out like that -- or find us a new venue independently.

2. The other thing was the odd, planned "religious conversion attempt" of me this last meeting. (It seemed to me that Frank had the attention of only half the room, so if you missed it, I blogged about it here -- the meat of the story is at the end of the posting:  I thought and still think that Frank was serious as well as having some fun -- and really, I'm game for almost anything. Had I been nearly any other homosexual, it would have been SERIOUS religious-abuse type harassment, but I don't believe Frank would have done that to anyone else. I thought I handled it very calmly (although I was immediately deeply shocked and felt nothing but hate and aggression from him) -- this is the kind of thing Christians feel VERY allowed to do to people in the USA, in fact evangelical churches RECOMMEND it -- and that, perhaps, being the advice of his own church, he probably has never thought out what he was really doing. So, we could all (and in some ways especially me), try to be a little more thoughtful, as we begin swelling in ranks.

Funniest, though, was that although I had plenty of copies of BOTH the major Tennessee Williams play and the New Testament that Frank demanded I had to choose between, he immediately found a taker for the play -- but none for the Bible.

>>> THIS JUST IN: Pictorial evidence of Charles's trip to Wyoming -- perhaps he was on a construction crew -- or just shooting holes in everything . . . the biggest always get away -- as any fisher or hunter will confirm.

See y'all soon . . .


Mrs. Pena Nieto has conspired to destroy Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto's presidency:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Peña Nieto's wife responds to accusers: "I have nothing to hide. I am an independent woman."

Promises to sell part of $7 million family residence in Mexico City
BUT, there is hope for Enrique making it with the "Queen of Hopers"no???

After all, President Obama gave political asylum to one of Pena Nieto's many male lovers, after the guy escaped Mexico after getting out of jail for talking about it -- back when Enrique was still Governor of the State of Mexico.

This is one of the EASIEST scandals to find info on by googling.


Mexico is lovely and delightful -- mostly because of the character of her people, but Mexico DOES have some "DRAW-BUGS", as they say:

I'm reporting -- not necessarily recommending!!!

Huitlacoche is a grey fungus that grows on corn. Mmm…tempted yet?
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White, Gringo, Christian bitches, like to look SHARP to "whore for Jesus", getting men into their religious organizations -- something nearly entirely against the nature of a REAL man, who is thoughtful, courteous, clean, etc., -- but NOT into hate and lies or the grief of screaming "ussy-pays", like this one:

But look what Sigourney Weaver is up to NOW:



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