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RP: It Took More than TWO YEARS for Steve Bakunas to Answer an Email!!!

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Steve Bakunas and Linda Lavin performing on the Kenan Auditorium stage at UNC Wilmington.

While many in Wilmington claimed that Steve is just an aging homosexual, serving an older straight woman to inherit her moneyNO ONE I ever spoke with could name a single man Steve ever had sex with.

He keeps a "clean whistle".


Hi Steve -- good to hear from you, and glad you are honest!!!

Things are now going EXTREMELY well for me, and if anything, I and my allies have a lot of Drug Mafias (mostly associated with the US Government, especially the corrupted parts of the CIA), on the run now, although it looks like their shills will tend to win in tomorrow's election. In Wilmington, that means from BOTH Parties, but not all of them.

I'll be happy to fulfill your request, but expect to include you in emails if you or Linda Lavin are mentioned. I don't like to talk about people behind their backs.

I hope Linda got a good price for her house. Certainly moving to New York makes professional sense for Linda, and I've been happy to see her and Beth Grant (whom I had not heard of until I saw Del Shores' movie SORDID LIVES), palling around in New York. I finally met Del Shores a week ago here in Puerto Vallarta, and I even told him how I was instrumental in forcing NC state Senator Thom Goolsby (Republican), to resign.

William Rand Kenan, Sr. house

And I also felt bad that Anna Berry, who lived in the William Rand Kenan, Sr. house at 110 Nunn Street swore to me in 2011, that she was going to run Linda out of town. They had at least one top Drug Mafiosa in that house then, but he has since been jailed in South Carolina. And since you don't read my emails "since (I've) been sending them", that must explain why you never responded when I tried to warn you about Ms. Berry, back then.

Two houses in Wilmington that the Kenan Family renovated, filled with Antiques and Art, and gave UNC Wilmington:

Jessie (Kenan) Wise House

Just plain "Kenan House", next door to the above house on Market Street. They were owned by these sisters:

Jessie (Kenan) Wise in center, with her sister, Sarah Kenan on right.

Jessie (Kenan) Wise 1870 - 1968, dressy.

Sara Kenan married her first cousin, surnamed Kenan -- so didn't have to buy new stationary!!!

Kenans FREQUENTLY married first cousins -- including my own grandparents (to keep the wealth in the family). This, a LONG tradition of those who feel they are ROYAL BLOODED.

Well, neither you, Linda, nor I have actually been harmed through our various adventures, so at least I know you received the emails, and on that front I have MORE GOOD NEWS!!! For the first time -- just today -- I got an auto-response from Jack SteinRisk Manager for the City of Wilmington. Previously, he had verified that he does NOT receive my emails (and my calls to his office showed up coming through a number that is published to be one the NSA uses to channel calls), and I identified through research that Han Hills, a foreign national who owns had either by contract or hacking, blocked everyone on the City's domain from getting my emails. That is now apparently changed -- WHEW!!!
Han Hills not only caused me to LOSE my domain for my Tennessee Williams memoir, but he ran Atheist Discussion Groups in a now-deceased art gallery on Castle Street -- they NOT being about Atheism, actually, but about supporting DRUG NUTS -- LOL!!!

And I have a clear path to get all my copyrights back, including for WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, but you never expressed interest in that so I won't provide the link to where it can now be read for free. After that, I will sue many entities in Wilmington for extreme violations of my Civil Rights.

(Here is a link for other people:

Well carry on, and say hello to Linda for me -- and if you see Beth Grant, tell her I finally met Del ShoresOK???


On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 11:04 AM, Steve Bakunas wrote:

Scott, hope all is well. I haven't read one of
your emails since you've been sending them.
I'm in a place in my life where I'm getting less
Involved with people and issues. If you would
Please take me off your list, I would be grateful! 


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On Nov 3, 2014, at 11:59 AM, Scott Kenan wrote:

Monday, November 3, 2014

November: a BAD MONTH for Turkeys!!! 

 Spinning is now BANNED in Turkey.

That said, it survives elsewhere:



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