Thursday, November 20, 2014

RP: Mexico Has Gone into COMPLETE CRISIS -- Ahead of the United States, Slightly!!!

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Early Sunset last night in Puerto Vallarta

>>> BUT FIRST A WORD FROM TONY BLAIR (whom I disagree with much, but he's right about this):

I only remember it from last night or early this morning, so in paraphrase: "In the end, a country's leader has to do what he knows is right for the country, and then let the chips fly where they may."

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HOLY S-H-I-T!!! The Mexican Feds CANCELLED Revolution Day Parades NATIONWIDE!!! 

That is the equivalent of Fourth of July parades in the USA!!!

This really IS the Fourth Mexican Revolution (or the Thirdcontinuing) -- just beginning!!!

There was no parade celebrating Revolutionary Day in Puerto Vallarta, and many other municipalities around Mexico, ordered cancelled by the federal military.
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Late sunset last night in Puerto Vallarta


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