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RP: NO EASY DAY -- but Remember: Peter Did It TOO!!!

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Compliments of Mrs. Betty Bowers"America's Best Christian"

From Betty"Goodness, what an unseemly spectacle! Navy Seals jostling for attention like Kardashians in front of a live camera. What next? Daiquiris splashed in camouflaged-faces on Bravo?"…/seal-bin-laden-shooter-iden…/index.html


1. KNOW CIA operative Kevin Maurer, who while heading the City Desk of the WILMINGTON STAR NEWS was actually in the process of interviewing me, supposedly for a book -- until his book NO EASY DAY was announced, and since then he refuses to talk to me. But I learned a thing or two in that process.

Osama Bin Laden could have been captured but was assassinated on orders from President Obama -- to protect the Bush and Cheney Families, who had planned the 9/11 attack with the bin Ladens and the Saudi Royals (business partners, all, in the Carlyle Group then, although the Saudis and Bin Ladens may have sold their portions since then). Intelligence was that if Bin Laden ever was captured alive and brought to trial that he planned to PROVE THIS. They had no choice but to murder him.

Another problem from having a blackmailed homosexual for President.


Rob O'Neill, dark ginger

I just saw Rob O'Niell, on CNN, and after a break from reading the above, I also see I need to make an IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION (it reads different than I meant it), and truly for US national security reasons, to clear someoneKevin Maurer did NOT tell me those things about bin Laden -- those came from a number of sources, but most importantly Imran Anwar, who for ten years until I caught him (disappeared since then), was a talking head on BOTH CNN and FOX NEWS, and eight or so of his Facebook friends in Iran, Afghanistan and a couple of other countries. Kevin Maurer NEVER discussed any of this and I didn't know about that work until I saw his book was to be released and asked him if it was his. We discussed no details then or later, either.

>>> ADDED 9 NOVEMBER: Yesterday, I saw more of this interview, and ADMITTING their mission was to assassinate Bin Laden rather than capture him for trial, Mr. O'Neill clearly stated that if they had wanted to capture him alive, they would have sent Delta ForceNOT the Navy Seals

Here is a direct quote I made note of at the time: "They wanted him DEAD."

Imran Anwar denied all the stories his friends had been telling me for months. I have no idea how I first friended him, but his friends soon began contacting me.

On Imran Anwar (there are other blog postings on him too -- if still there:

* * *

I think it will take a while for this story to develop, so I'll leave it now, except for these closing comments: Because of the way Scott Pickey WWAY TV News Director., Wilmington very vigorously defended Kevin Maurer to me -- even saying he is a closest personal friend, I think we have to assume that Scott Pickey is also CIA -- as are ALL the "news directors" in Wilmington, North Carolina -- to protect the CIA narco-trafficking in the port.

And of course these stories that I've referred to many times:

CNN, yesterday, reported that Matt Bissonette (Kevin Maurer's "source"), is now being PROSECUTED by the US GovernmentI wonder what Kevin Maurer is up to today . . . 

Kevin Maurer at his former City Desk at the WILMINGTON, NC STAR NEWS. I think Kevin is as cute as a "bug-in-a-rug" (with copious chest hair and an understated manly aroma), don't you???

2. Last Night in Puerto Vallarta:

Another stellar photo from Puerto Vallarta Daily News, which reminded me of Jesuswalking on water -- PETER DID IT TOO!!!

OK, I'm not going to debate the literal worth of the Bible, but this story is VERY revealing of the Mind of God which Jesus so admirably took on -- usually.

There are accounts of it TWICE in the Gospels, but only in one is it told that Peter also walked on water. Now traditionalists will tell you he did it because he believed in JESUS, but the fact remains that Jesus ENCOURAGED Peter to believe in his own God-within power to do it on his own -- and he did. Not for long, and not very well, but it was his first time.

BUT FRANKLY, walking on water is a great attention-getter, but has little practical value. The moral of that story is that God Within ALL of us will "save us" (from our fears, primarily), if we surrender to the LOVE and REASON of the One True God (however you care to call it -- even "nothingness").


Pastor Rick Lehman and his wife, Joy, are much loved in Puerto Vallarta, but something happened and Rick lost the lease for Paradise Community Center, which he sublet part of to CIA Luis Melgoza and his, some other narco-trafficking types, and some "regular people".

I say "regular", because as ALL AGREE, the sausage-makers who sold their goods there smoked TOO MUCH POT, and so their spicing was ALWAYS overdone, inconsistent, and too garlicky -- even for me.

Of course the BIGGEST problem, is this idea -- VERY popular with WHITE RACISTSREPUBLICANS, and NARCO-TRAFFICKERS -- of "no rules", which BY DEFINITION means anarchyfreedom, and "dog-eat-dog".

I mean even ATHEISTS will tell you that "God's Law" of Gravity should be respected, no???

Anyway, I only mean to say that the tension that has been apparent at Act II Stages since they allowed Rick's Church to hold services there has been PALPABLE. I think they agreed to it before deeply looking at what kind of people this Church has as members or attendees, and the tension just came to a head in my exchange with Elizabeth Ensor, recently. I do NOT take it personally.

BOTTOM LINE: That theater building and its operation is TOO PROFESSIONAL (despite my admittedly overly-dramatic teasing them about their Facebook page -- for which I apologize), to be in any real way into drug-associated business. Bringing this Christian Church in is like if you were Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and in a moment of thoughtlessness, had signed a contract for Sarah Palin or Drug-Rush Limbaugh to move into your house -- IMAGINE!!! 

5. It's FRIDAYend of a week -- perhaps the best in my life -- because my sister Jane and I found understanding, which I believe I also share with my brother Mike, although there is probably some confusion for Julie, still.

Let's now TAKE A BREAK, and enjoy the scenery:

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